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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Owshad,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
x3dy3(x3dy3)Hatchling (f)3,2818161
tDHhT(tDHhT)Hatchling (m)3,2107801
gxwwH(gxwwH)Hatchling (f)3,3277911
Psyhy(Psyhy)Hatchling (m)3,2917741
mw19g(mw19g)Hatchling (f)3,2487492
riYZK(riYZK)Hatchling (f)3,2088013
SaLzRVoid Two-Headed M PBg6 IAdult (m)2,8995754
OTTmJ(OTTmJ)Adult (m)3,3085640
S6uu8(S6uu8)Adult (f)5,9117851
SgBpG(SgBpG)Adult (m)4,6986271
b1p9x(b1p9x)Adult (m)5,1617251
6b9eO(6b9eO)Adult (m)4,1045921
sbbGh(sbbGh)Adult (m)5,0836752
oDMEb(oDMEb)Adult (m)4,0059121
G3RTlVoid AeonWyvern M MB IAdult (m)6,6608673
RQADY(RQADY)Adult (m)3,8976851
6FJ2S(6FJ2S)Adult (f)3,3948231
R0PFL(R0PFL)Adult (m)3,3788230
H3AOg(H3AOg)Adult (f)4,3419570
9s2Bx(9s2Bx)Adult (m)4,3191,0090
qW2QI(qW2QI)Adult (m)4,3969870
U3JhA(U3JhA)Adult (f)4,4299640
elvyN(elvyN)Adult (f)4,4619940
3nCfb(3nCfb)Adult (m)4,4699531
CeNE5(CeNE5)Adult (f)3,5178250
2N8oI(2N8oI)Adult (m)3,4098140
vG5CVoid Albino M MB IAdult (m)1,4235001
evsx5(evsx5)Adult (m)5,2907841
SDOyP(SDOyP)Adult (f)2,8456441
hV4XmVoid Almerald F MB IAdult (f)3,7545592
gdNTW(gdNTW)Adult (m)4,2695810
fD6e9(fD6e9)Adult (f)3,9978833
e2rAYVoid Anagallis F PBg2 IAdult (f)3,9287244
XuABKVoid Anagallis F MB IAdult (f)3,5666752
22OwgVoid Anagallis M MB IAdult (m)7,5129753
L0U59(L0U59)Adult (f)3,6077270
BMbNt(BMbNt)Adult (f)5,2847231
RrJ1G(RrJ1G)Adult (f)5,2869431
Gx8f9(Gx8f9)Adult (m)3,6707961
cX5esVoid Antarean F MB IAdult (f)2,3265481
yqWqt(yqWqt)Adult (m)3,8066376
k4FYH(k4FYH)Adult (f)6,3261,1101
ZBJN6(ZBJN6)Adult (f)3,4181,0530
8GolK(8GolK)Adult (m)3,5698450
clPoG(clPoG)Adult (f)3,8238282
Hplgt(Hplgt)Adult (m)4,3289401
KAFWvVoid Aria F MB IAdult (f)4,0747741
gSDzuVoid Aria F MB IIAdult (f)2,7476653
6DJNrVoid Aria M MB IAdult (m)4,6477053
88NKE(88NKE)Adult (m)3,6536951
GnjSg(GnjSg)Adult (m)3,8246732
fNa9e(fNa9e)Adult (f)3,9499660
0OTBY(0OTBY)Adult (m)5,0498490
6wGg2(6wGg2)Adult (m)3,3501,0031
FY3O3(FY3O3)Adult (f)5,7369871
0wpIY(0wpIY)Adult (f)5,2989550
6OIFA(6OIFA)Adult (m)4,2589851
KCnTP(KCnTP)Adult (m)4,3249962
oUIKH(oUIKH)Adult (f)4,4401,0051
XsSGW(XsSGW)Adult (m)4,5619760
G0ZtU(G0ZtU)Adult (m)3,6208000
H14NZ(H14NZ)Adult (f)3,2531,0120
9gSVOVoid AzureGlacewing F MB IAdult (f)3,5305372
bTNIj(bTNIj)Adult (m)3,8036441
3udJV(3udJV)Adult (m)2,8946610
WAvGn(WAvGn)Adult (f)5,2361,0071
AG8em(AG8em)Adult (m)4,5077311
CkCjs(CkCjs)Adult (m)4,5577862
Shaa4(Shaa4)Adult (f)3,5886530
PHYCQ(PHYCQ)Adult (f)4,4506462
eTkLf(eTkLf)Adult (m)4,2476570
tPoTD(tPoTD)Adult (f)8,1861,0360
WqCdy(WqCdy)Adult (m)3,3388080
UQEJE(UQEJE)Adult (m)4,4006702
oB0AVoid Balloon M MB IAdult (m)2,9864887
DBgk7Void Balloon F MB IAdult (f)6,5871,1233
8KPtC(8KPtC)Adult (f)4,2915901
BDEtF(BDEtF)Adult (m)4,5436461
55e7J(55e7J)Adult (f)4,9297061
3Pvb8(3Pvb8)Adult (f)7,6461,0031
ZZZ6c(ZZZ6c)Adult (m)4,4609410
QY24y(QY24y)Adult (m)5,4591,0613
BH3wn(BH3wn)Adult (m)4,9289742
Vwgtl(Vwgtl)Adult (m)3,8359802
afsjI(afsjI)Adult (m)3,6838380
btlSOBum Bum the UnwantedAdult (f)5,7443875
mAC5f(mAC5f)Adult (m)3,3866462
RjC9X(RjC9X)Adult (f)5,2961,0301
qcdtY(qcdtY)Adult (f)5,0857064
ZC6H1(ZC6H1)Adult (m)5,8049690
8anK2(8anK2)Adult (m)5,1819530
KfuAB(KfuAB)Adult (f)5,2829161
xi4Yv(xi4Yv)Adult (f)5,3071,0010
l39Uj(l39Uj)Adult (f)3,6718020
kixT8Void BlackTea M MB IAdult (m)4,2284692
9qtYxVoid BlackTea M CB IAdult (m)2,9425944
yLWG7(yLWG7)Adult (m)6,2931,0800
s7jSU(s7jSU)Adult (m)2,8956280
a8Pz9Void Blacktip F CB IAdult (f)2,7358411
IIXMN(IIXMN)Adult (m)4,3578441
4f5yb(4f5yb)Adult (m)4,2517621
WZppi(WZppi)Adult (m)3,0376410
FawvI(FawvI)Adult (m)5,2418921
0xamKVoid BleedingMoon F CB IAdult (f)3,1719873
uQSfxVoid BleedingMoon F MB IAdult (f)3,3156172
NnbnZVoid BleedingMoon F MB IIAdult (f)3,4426822
5GlCTVoid BleedingMoon M CB IAdult (m)5,5649524
enp2J(enp2J)Adult (m)5,3559930
IMehH(IMehH)Adult (m)3,5057980
uGHZ1Void GildedBloodscale M CB IAdult (m)7,5691,0205
eavaX(eavaX)Adult (f)3,7096580
p2tp2(p2tp2)Adult (f)5,2418000
N82ZG(N82ZG)Adult (m)4,7181,0703
kmvkn(kmvkn)Adult (f)4,7536710
2A4eO(2A4eO)Adult (f)2,9346681
7GxUJ(7GxUJ)Adult (m)8,1881,0230
WuVEb(WuVEb)Adult (m)5,1349710
bPVfUVoid Blue-Banded M CB IAdult (m)8,0661,3073
3ng8uVoid Blue-Banded F MB IAdult (f)7,1321,1803
u0X8p(u0X8p)Adult (f)5,3387741
1rT7g(1rT7g)Adult (m)3,2245520
G2GRvVoid SiniiKrai F CB IAdult (f)5,9558871
r2brIVoid SiniiKrai F CB IIAdult (f)5,4179721
jIyEVVoid SiniiKrai M CB IAdult (m)5,4689441
g92zCVoid SiniiKrai F CB IVAdult (f)4,1208611
HKUiMVoid SiniiKrai F CB IIIAdult (f)4,0718600
NAwqC(NAwqC)Adult (f)3,8926360
x1wcM(x1wcM)Adult (m)4,9561,0003
jaP9bVoid Two-FinnedBluna F MB IAdult (f)3,3334983
htJmn(htJmn)Adult (f)5,2418471
BaOcNVoid Bolt M MB IAdult (m)6,3641,2135
GUeXKVoid Bolt M MB IIAdult (m)3,8607412
8XQMK(8XQMK)Adult (f)2,7666651
lHH0Y(lHH0Y)Adult (m)4,6031,0520
O57y4(O57y4)Adult (f)4,6631,0791
WEcIt(WEcIt)Adult (m)7,1569641
1oVA3(1oVA3)Adult (m)5,2729520
VbKIu(VbKIu)Adult (f)5,1879720
tK4je(tK4je)Adult (f)5,2079790
b4QlX(b4QlX)Adult (f)5,2431,1180
Lgzub(Lgzub)Adult (m)4,4859690
UXrNZ(UXrNZ)Adult (f)3,9178162
IJKnxVoid Bright-BrstdWyvern F MB IAdult (f)2,7826332
LgL2d(LgL2d)Adult (m)5,3919780
BOGgUVoid Brimstone M MB IAdult (m)6,3975668
WUoJE(WUoJE)Adult (m)4,6426452
GVjOp(GVjOp)Adult (m)4,7171,0550
7yN0n(7yN0n)Adult (f)5,2258761
aqRl3(aqRl3)Adult (m)4,5429811
QzbbY(QzbbY)Adult (m)4,6329250
0uChB(0uChB)Adult (f)6,3921,1010
XwZ0V(XwZ0V)Adult (m)5,5281,0380
Vjidt(Vjidt)Adult (m)5,7879742
ZIP05Void Brute F CB IAdult (f)2,8328905
VvuSgVoid Brute F CB IIAdult (f)6,25495716
Z61ss(Z61ss)Adult (m)6,1438001
oCZyO(oCZyO)Adult (f)7,6859770
8sKl4Void Candelabra F MB IAdult (f)3,1834813
VZ51P(VZ51P)Adult (m)3,4768360
kWInt(kWInt)Adult (f)4,2229321
APSO2Void Canopy M MB IAdult (m)2,9975052
FiPyy(FiPyy)Adult (f)3,5617411
afGwb(afGwb)Adult (f)3,1074791
7yGPg(7yGPg)Adult (f)4,5916410
3QG4Q(3QG4Q)Adult (m)4,5819621
qsxC5(qsxC5)Adult (f)3,9686730
pTTZe(pTTZe)Adult (f)8,0311,0200
XlJ7g(XlJ7g)Adult (f)3,6588212
I6fzaVoid Carmine F MB IAdult (f)3,4505352
w6kEo(w6kEo)Adult (f)2,7896571
gngOd(gngOd)Adult (f)5,3969292
mK3RXVoid Cassare F CB IAdult (f)5,2559090
oz0X3Void Cassare F CB IIAdult (f)8,3291,3400
LTna5(LTna5)Adult (m)3,9255850
rTCmlVoid Celestial F MB IAdult (f)2,8014946
BIHdBVoid Celestial M CB IAdult (m)4,9656822
zBu9SVoid Celestial F PBg2 IAdult (f)4,4917623
h3yAhVoid Celestial F CB IAdult (f)4,5406792
QoCKZ(QoCKZ)Adult (f)3,4416860
Cbbso(Cbbso)Adult (m)3,8166330
iW36a(iW36a)Adult (f)4,6808161
Oxv37(Oxv37)Adult (f)3,3305150
uh1ym(uh1ym)Adult (m)4,5761,0290
DPEWW(DPEWW)Adult (f)5,1661,1210
NFnK6(NFnK6)Adult (f)4,0269391
Oefth(Oefth)Adult (m)3,8339781
7GIcQ(7GIcQ)Adult (f)3,8659792
an0BH(an0BH)Adult (f)4,7841,0981
eBsOu(eBsOu)Adult (f)4,1627570
281uz(281uz)Adult (m)4,1477440
nmrUr(nmrUr)Adult (m)3,0497592
CNyjd(CNyjd)Adult (m)4,8491,1321
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