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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “OrcaFreak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gGp0gA tree amongst DragonsEgg (F)
LNTegHanyi Jiari Faleaka DraconemAdult (m)3,3659104
37GtxHanyi Jiari Fychan DraconemAdult (m)3,0318361
QoBkiHanyi Jiari Fang DraconemAdult (m)3,1289033
ojGkIHanyi Jiari Feng DraconemAdult (m)3,1978441
gyXJTShijian Akeno DraconemAdult (m)3,4867621
NgBAmShijian Baako DraconemAdult (m)4,1626790
UEqv7Shijian Chang DraconemAdult (m)4,8436202
tjadwShijian Dabir DraconemAdult (m)7,4376202
CR2scShijian Eben DraconemAdult (m)6,0875981
claIRShijian Amaya DraconemAdult (f)3,6317801
y5ZMxShijian Buena DraconemAdult (f)5,4376451
zJj15Shijian Chiko DraconemAdult (f)4,4868975
OHQvOShijian Deylin DraconemAdult (f)3,8698033
lEzeuShijian Eileen DraconemAdult (f)5,8097781
ol7YlRongyao Akihiko DraconemAdult (m)3,8477860
9ogafRongyao Bacari DraconemAdult (m)3,6378070
dJ0KqRongyao Chao DraconemAdult (m)3,3657760
mWKYJRongyao Dae-Hyun DraconemAdult (m)3,0118051
iRGhPRongyao Ebisu DraconemAdult (m)2,9398462
WX9FKRongyao Aya DraconemAdult (f)3,4288832
lyvl3Rongyao Baibina DraconemAdult (f)2,9118111
7Z5ukRongyao Chinatsu DraconemAdult (f)3,1547491
y1YaRRongyao Dibba DraconemAdult (f)2,4827130
4SeDNRongyao Emiko DraconemAdult (f)2,8988040
E3VZlFeng Akihito DraconemAdult (m)3,0138090
KFFGMFeng Badut DraconemAdult (m)3,1808150
zVcInFeng Chen DraconemAdult (m)3,4168130
Fq6OwFeng Daiki DraconemAdult (m)3,3778280
kwyveFeng Edek DraconemAdult (m)3,4918021
X8STAFeng Alluriana DraconemAdult (f)3,0857911
GsbEzFeng Bysen DraconemAdult (f)3,1048301
ll1k6Feng Chiyo DraconemAdult (f)3,2168081
MZtxKFeng Den DraconemAdult (f)3,1587900
n5kSSFeng Ekana DraconemAdult (f)3,2428100
Yz7jLBaihua Akio DraconemAdult (m)3,7258141
69VeIBaihua Bae DraconemAdult (m)9,2211,1552
4DEE6Baihua Cheng DraconemAdult (m)5,0616681
jqIhaBaihua Daisuke DraconemAdult (m)5,1188410
1JKGPBaihua Ederki DraconemAdult (m)3,9326821
tfo02Baihua Aneko DraconemAdult (f)5,8365763
SNgFWBaihua Bika DraconemAdult (f)5,8096021
TuZz0Baihua Chitose DraconemAdult (f)4,4911,0452
1hPKoBaihua Da-Xia DraconemAdult (f)5,2476821
BLpkfBaihua Evika DraconemAdult (f)6,2551,2576
Y9mqOSudu Lan Akira DraconemAdult (m)3,6901,0011
lvo0dSudu Lan Bao DraconemAdult (m)3,4528862
JHcxuSudu Lan Cheung DraconemAdult (m)4,7931,0951
sryVaSudu Lan Dak-Ho DraconemAdult (m)2,9077410
mqXBHSudu Lan Egun DraconemAdult (m)3,0937602
4UJMCSudu Lan Ai DraconemAdult (f)3,3588461
WDQwPSudu Lan Bangga DraconemAdult (f)3,1518041
Zba2ZSudu Lan Cho DraconemAdult (f)3,7107662
ydQKgSudu Lan Dila DraconemAdult (f)5,6188981
IoTAUSudu Lan Eun-Kyung DraconemAdult (f)5,4168402
PbacRSudu Hong Akiro DraconemAdult (m)3,5049081
6vB5gSudu Hong Beamer DraconemAdult (m)3,4798991
LddhKSudu Hong Chieko DraconemAdult (m)3,3049510
LrPKmSudu Hong Danesh DraconemAdult (m)3,0387560
D5aEfSudu Hong Eijaz DraconemAdult (m)3,8899011
fRCm5Sudu Hong Azami DraconemAdult (f)2,5717510
6Q1O2Sudu Hong Bona-Dea DraconemAdult (f)3,5318580
HKZg5Sudu Hong Cai DraconemAdult (f)3,3729442
6XaVMSudu Hong Daivya DraconemAdult (f)3,7819312
5XfApSudu Hong Eneki DraconemAdult (f)3,6087252
YHmk1Feicui Akiyoshi DraconemAdult (m)4,5577060
f06mwFeicui Beaver DraconemAdult (m)4,6116840
Ug1vJFeicui Caer Llion DraconemAdult (m)5,1825250
erthPFeicui Danno DraconemAdult (m)5,2486010
WFcOuFeicui Eikki DraconemAdult (m)4,1987011
pax41Feicui Ayako DraconemAdult (f)4,3486640
kUwWDFeicui Blake DraconemAdult (f)6,2205952
mSCYsFeicui Chika DraconemAdult (f)4,4336841
7K0MGFeicui Daiyu DraconemAdult (f)4,4186741
gBN6cFeicui Ekualo DraconemAdult (f)4,7046381
0p6LEShexian Amen DraconemAdult (m)3,7531,0774
AI2bpShexian Benjiro DraconemAdult (m)2,8087976
zM084Shexian Chin DraconemAdult (m)3,0557943
ZvaFlShexian Deshi DraconemAdult (m)3,8041,0804
JT8JSShexian Enlai DraconemAdult (m)3,7811,0715
mOPPcShexian Anda DraconemAdult (f)3,1648004
VbUiOShexian Bik DraconemAdult (f)3,7571,0995
SskgRShexian Chyou DraconemAdult (f)3,7421,0914
3tuyTShexian Demiyah DraconemAdult (f)3,6421,0325
stYCjShexian Eriko DraconemAdult (f)3,0197903
3D1e9Huichen An DraconemAdult (m)4,7827271
FzavwHuichen Betung DraconemAdult (m)6,1717331
rCvf0Huichen Chin-Mae DraconemAdult (m)4,8477231
ljLxkHuichen Devil DraconemAdult (m)4,8957001
HdRRYHuichen Entzun DraconemAdult (m)5,2426662
NuircHuichen Aoi DraconemAdult (f)4,7457301
JH6w5Huichen Bella-Booh DraconemAdult (f)5,0106952
ZPuTCHuichen Cho-Hee DraconemAdult (f)5,9197361
qV7obHuichen Dhirai DraconemAdult (f)4,3287382
pJvr3Huichen Egia DraconemAdult (f)4,5137462
693twShuise Anthem DraconemAdult (m)3,4078261
ImyY0Shuise Biku DraconemAdult (m)3,7048491
gp1m8Shuise Chokichi DraconemAdult (m)3,5488391
5aqaVShuise Dewei DraconemAdult (m)3,4038340
AvCxpShuise Enyo DraconemAdult (m)3,2348691
xDIfQShuise Aiko DraconemAdult (f)3,5808814
huHXYShuise Bahira DraconemAdult (f)3,3038723
owjVfShuise Chikako DraconemAdult (f)3,0188282
0xEIuShuise Dan DraconemAdult (f)4,2658744
2XUn7Shuise Evelyn DraconemAdult (f)3,9788011
ojtT7Shuishou Artemis DraconemAdult (m)4,5577301
us7rZShuishou Bingo DraconemAdult (m)2,9517380
wqYN2Shuishou Chuku DraconemAdult (m)2,2216240
SSk8JShuishou Dingbang DraconemAdult (m)2,4506722
bJaSKShuishou Etsai DraconemAdult (m)2,4426692
cw7aFShuishou Akasuki DraconemAdult (f)4,2717262
1Ll1aShuishou Bahija DraconemAdult (f)4,8327340
mLjLxShuishou Ciqala DraconemAdult (f)4,6717421
7rftsShuishou Dong-Mei DraconemAdult (f)4,5707351
G8CU1Shuishou Eguzki DraconemAdult (f)4,6567671
9LLdvBaoshi Nangua Akeno DraconemAdult (m)3,1179121
DFaPhBaoshi Nangua Asphyx DraconemAdult (m)2,9209111
LXG84Baoshi Nangua Biku DraconemAdult (m)3,2069070
5zg2CBaoshi Nangua Chieko DraconemAdult (m)2,9299141
kOesDBaoshi Nangua Ai DraconemAdult (f)2,6749072
rWzkIBaoshi Nangua Ayako DraconemAdult (f)2,8679071
LsqvPBaoshi Nangua Bik DraconemAdult (f)2,9288702
esxqqBaoshi Nangua Chiko DraconemAdult (f)2,9328892
QE5FfBaoshi Nangua Dan DraconemAdult (f)3,0099261
NF3dYLiang Fen Asa DraconemAdult (m)5,6015670
IHxveLiang Fen Bishamon DraconemAdult (m)5,6805521
V7R6ILiang Fen Chul-Moo DraconemAdult (m)4,5026800
eaky1Liang Fen Dishi DraconemAdult (m)3,8987241
80SlZLiang Fen Eunji DraconemAdult (m)4,4809891
3oluVLiang Fen Ayame DraconemAdult (f)3,8927572
zd1uDLiang Fen Bandji DraconemAdult (f)3,8147381
D3EgeLiang Fen Ceto DraconemAdult (f)4,1551,0061
XhagfLiang Fen Dae DraconemAdult (f)3,9416840
LfS6qLiang Fen Etsu DraconemAdult (f)3,6887400
HV72eFen Qingren Wabiba DraconemAdult (f)3,6299041
wnKfLFen Qingren Wafaa DraconemAdult (f)2,8809944
bkdycFen Qingren Wavuka DraconemAdult (f)4,7771,0360
UHzZkFen Qingren Wayan DraconemAdult (f)4,6679871
w30LXHui Asphyx DraconemAdult (m)5,0237921
JmzyAHui Bo DraconemAdult (m)4,5497760
g946oHui Chung-Hee DraconemAdult (m)4,0707941
MBKALHui Dong-Sun DraconemAdult (m)3,4907542
3Vqz9Hui Evyn DraconemAdult (m)3,5387181
YN6ynHui Akemi DraconemAdult (f)5,0828121
PK77fHui Berkah DraconemAdult (f)5,1818270
G64I6Hui Carna DraconemAdult (f)4,6837451
eI7luHui Dhriti DraconemAdult (f)3,3477121
SALuuHui Ebba DraconemAdult (f)3,4277321
m5YvNJinniuzuo Akeno DraconemAdult (m)3,7628240
2PV80Jinniuzuo Baako DraconemAdult (m)3,1228644
XKqktJinniuzuo Caer Llion DraconemAdult (m)3,0957350
xrlSpJinniuzuo Dabir DraconemAdult (m)3,4058161
4Y446Jinniuzuo Eben DraconemAdult (m)3,9477733
1yxFtJinniuzuo Ai DraconemAdult (f)3,94690112
oVEPBJinniuzuo Bahija DraconemAdult (f)3,0558424
NtzK5Jinniuzuo Cai DraconemAdult (f)3,1377440
Qg9ayJinniuzuo Dae DraconemAdult (f)3,0407543
EOAq2Jinniuzuo Ebba DraconemAdult (f)3,7697891
NGFsYFeixing Asrai DraconemAdult (m)2,9337220
zXbpCFeixing Bon-Hwa DraconemAdult (m)3,7066741
8lXnJFeixing Cong DraconemAdult (m)2,9866771
Iez1qFeixing Dong-Yul DraconemAdult (m)3,3477680
nt0RMFeixing Ezekiel DraconemAdult (m)3,1867310
N7zp1Feixing Aki DraconemAdult (f)3,6706813
vEotPFeixing Beely DraconemAdult (f)3,1007351
W4wmtFeixing Chan DraconemAdult (f)3,2547510
faIFuFeixing Dayla DraconemAdult (f)3,2567290
bEKWTFeixing Erdi DraconemAdult (f)3,1427550
EmrSHTianlan Athos DraconemAdult (m)3,4446192
MXQ62Tianlan Botan DraconemAdult (m)3,5576180
jdVXBTianlan Cong-Min DraconemAdult (m)3,6686121
Y5KTETianlan Duck-Young DraconemAdult (m)3,3196021
Ibx0VTianlan Ezki DraconemAdult (m)4,8695242
fPT2sTianlan Akina DraconemAdult (f)4,5516862
tkvY1Tianlan Baju DraconemAdult (f)3,3735900
Hel89Tianlan Chow DraconemAdult (f)4,6465591
ielNDTianlan Daracha DraconemAdult (f)4,7285201
LE5u9Tianlan Ekite DraconemAdult (f)4,7577031
57ThNLan Hai Fa DraconemAdult (m)4,9616471
V74wALan Hai Gaioz DraconemAdult (m)5,9545741
UCgVdLan Hai Hajime DraconemAdult (m)3,0736751
ewI5dLan Hai Igazi DraconemAdult (m)6,3826031
pvRkiLan Hai Jasno DraconemAdult (m)5,2336610
NgJI1Lan Hai Fujita DraconemAdult (f)3,2496911
dTWXcLan Hai Gaizka DraconemAdult (f)4,1186921
KxFfJLan Hai Hana DraconemAdult (f)2,9496570
DGxoBLan Hai Iluna DraconemAdult (f)3,2597011
7MtPKLan Hai Junta DraconemAdult (f)4,7708990
Z18ysLu Hai Faaiq DraconemAdult (m)4,2367302
0QncALu Hai Gandhar DraconemAdult (m)3,3827180
f8GexLu Hai Haneul DraconemAdult (m)4,2677482
No8AcLu Hai Igjarjuk DraconemAdult (m)4,2957571
sK5MWLu Hai Jedrek DraconemAdult (m)4,6748830
VZgxpLu Hai Fala DraconemAdult (f)4,3526910
wvc86Lu Hai Guo DraconemAdult (f)4,6179010
sRklhLu Hai Hitomi DraconemAdult (f)4,8598850
tqgRQLu Hai Isha DraconemAdult (f)3,2517091
1fMYOLu Hai Jindra DraconemAdult (f)4,3627032
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