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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “OokamiRyuu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XbDGTOokamiRyuu's Hello and WelcomeAdult (m)6,8171,2282
mCDvCOokamiRyuu's Call Me DragonwolfAdult (f)6,1571,1984
y34rxOokamiRyuu's I'd Appreciate ItAdult (m)7,5721,0153
YYEOROokamiRyuu's So Very MuchAdult (f)7,2241,2543
GY7vbOokamiRyuu's If You Would AvoidAdult (m)5,9181,0941
RLWK2OokamiRyuu's Copying My PrefixAdult (f)6,7021,1363
fFeTyOokamiRyuu's When NamingAdult (m)7,1631,0921
rP822OokamiRyuu's Your DragonsAdult (f)8,9261,0582
gpC65OokamiRyuu's Thank YouEgg (F)
2zLZOOokamiRyuu's Changed ExpressionAdult (m)6,6481,2381
v8vDYOokamiRyuu's On the Large SideAdult (m)6,0511,2311
U5pNOOokamiRyuu's Uninvited SurpriseAdult (f)6,0381,1571
aDE4FOokamiRyuu's Rain DancerAdult (f)5,9141,0613
awsimOokamiRyuu's Perhaps a Bit MoreAdult (f)6,3231,0984
BJ4HLOokamiRyuu's Reve Danse DansAdult (m)6,5651,0962
fqoU8OokamiRyuu's Cobblestone RocksAdult (f)6,4271,2591
7zKMeOokamiRyuu's Awaiting FreedomAdult (m)7,0741,1583
d5viO(d5viO)Adult (m)7,1931,1793
czwHN(czwHN)Adult (f)6,8351,1142
L6kQb(L6kQb)Adult (f)6,8841,1412
uZs2c(uZs2c)Adult (f)7,6351,3111
Rctld(Rctld)Adult (f)4,7479132
QQ2PL(QQ2PL)Adult (m)4,9601,1142
pXgpn(pXgpn)Adult (m)5,3571,1044
WKtFV(WKtFV)Adult (m)5,2551,1193
Ekjfk(Ekjfk)Adult (f)5,6041,0656
UDlN8(UDlN8)Adult (f)6,2961,0841
mGBgj(mGBgj)Adult (m)6,4271,0752
bqGkr(bqGkr)Adult (m)3,2468191
lr8eQ(lr8eQ)Adult (f)4,9441,0441
OVCJOokamiRyuu's Close BehindAdult (f)10,7851,009218
ZRaKOokamiRyuu's EftertankeAdult (f)12,1232,198156
ILFgOokamiRyuu's Call From EarthAdult (m)8,2002,18411
4PCQOokamiRyuu's Green TeaAdult (f)2,6761,0536
Gl0uOokamiRyuu's Intention of DoomAdult (f)2,8151,2524
Q0c2OokamiRyuu's Wall of FrustrationAdult (m)2,6991,0234
ScQSOokamiRyuu's Slightly CrowdedAdult (f)1,9507303
PpqLOokamiRyuu's Scream and PanicAdult (m)3,63256510
8bE5OokamiRyuu's Trap of MadnessAdult (m)3,1021,1467
hhupOokamiRyuu's Killed HarmonyAdult (f)3,8021,0185
Z381LOokamiRyuu's Insolent LoudmouthAdult (f)5,3441,3297
peG5NOokamiRyuu's Stop FightingAdult (f)5,2351,5523
62daBOokamiRyuu's City NoiseAdult (m)5,4811,1452
NjB4gOokamiRyuu's Traditional StyleAdult (m)7,7901,6063
kArXUOokamiRyuu's Screaming in AgonyAdult (m)8,0171,3181
NJalBOokamiRyuu's Settling For SecondAdult (f)5,6971,4621
M5ss9OokamiRyuu's Several of ThemAdult (f)5,2971,1932
goYPHOokamiRyuu's The Heart Of LifeAdult (m)6,9231,4742
Z5LX8OokamiRyuu's Somebody to LoveAdult (f)6,1181,2692
p1HEYOokamiRyuu's Parked on a HillAdult (m)6,8111,2681
JUUjhOokamiRyuu's Earth PowerAdult (f)4,3941,2271
Kual5OokamiRyuu's Mob of KidsAdult (f)6,1811,0792
DQSu8OokamiRyuu's Door Slamming ShutAdult (m)6,2221,0422
6FV4kOokamiRyuu's Legal RightsAdult (m)6,2131,1964
uPvZ2OokamiRyuu's Country ClubAdult (f)6,1961,1922
d6Tn2OokamiRyuu's Another SubjectAdult (f)4,2681,1431
23GQWOokamiRyuu's Need Food and SleepAdult (f)4,0481,2883
nzyMjOokamiRyuu's Out of ControlAdult (f)3,8891,2252
9n6SQOokamiRyuu's Try To RelaxAdult (m)2,9511,1071
ncHqNOokamiRyuu's You Are Very LateAdult (m)4,5361,0753
NqepzOokamiRyuu's Never Gonna GiveAdult (f)3,4901,0602
JEovpOokamiRyuu's Pushing Me AwayAdult (m)5,3421,1032
9L0gQOokamiRyuu's Has To EndAdult (m)5,3531,1102
BVaMyOokamiRyuu's Next WeekAdult (m)6,2778812
aOqp4OokamiRyuu's A Familiar GestureAdult (f)7,8051,0573
rldVROokamiRyuu's In Our DirectionAdult (m)6,2288461
CxuFqOokamiRyuu's AdaraAdult (f)8,0719446
OHhvFOokamiRyuu's AjaxAdult (m)7,9469166
H0x3DOokamiRyuu's AquakeAdult (f)6,1731,0606
luUGXOokamiRyuu's AnotoAdult (m)5,8041,1681
yT7xuOokamiRyuu's ArilieAdult (f)6,5139431
VbHkuOokamiRyuu's AretliAdult (f)5,8931,0462
7BYveOokamiRyuu's AbyveAdult (m)8,3821,0195
7AvP0OokamiRyuu's AvpoAdult (m)7,6579832
3S4dmOokamiRyuu's AesadAdult (f)7,5281,2581
VO1FCOokamiRyuu's Avoid TacticsAdult (f)6,9341,0332
kPn0TOokamiRyuu's Crush the RebelsAdult (f)7,9819072
YSoUMOokamiRyuu's When It HappensAdult (m)6,9681,1944
hX0pROokamiRyuu's The Ground MovesAdult (m)7,2121,2235
hOdVxOokamiRyuu's Makes Them AwesomeAdult (f)8,0038743
q6kWrOokamiRyuu's Sympathetic EchoAdult (m)7,8451,2113
ZYvSWOokamiRyuu's Not a Bad MemoryAdult (f)7,1241,1093
5xvnLOokamiRyuu's This Was SeriousAdult (m)6,2957372
8RI44OokamiRyuu's Evade PunishmentAdult (f)7,2421,1383
CxG7jOokamiRyuu's AbocoxAdult (m)6,8539103
cKsUaOokamiRyuu's Live UndercoverAdult (f)7,7851,0365
srzqMOokamiRyuu's Piles of RubbleAdult (m)7,7059932
xa2y4OokamiRyuu's Come Crashing DownAdult (m)6,9111,0532
ad1bGOokamiRyuu's Attached to PebblesAdult (f)7,9439135
lyi8wOokamiRyuu's Ground EruptionAdult (m)6,7141,1403
JDIxSOokamiRyuu's First in LineAdult (f)8,9851,3215
lGYetOokamiRyuu's Launching BouldersAdult (m)8,9001,1752
nEvYrOokamiRyuu's Sharpen Her ClawsAdult (f)7,3541,1244
Ay07zOokamiRyuu's Deceptively SmoothAdult (m)8,0261,0446
MiFdbOokamiRyuu's Offer a SacrificeAdult (m)6,3861,0953
3IzobOokamiRyuu's GaiaAdult (f)7,2881,0292
HCn3xOokamiRyuu's Cobblestone BoulesAdult (f)6,6451,0031
KAQjoOokamiRyuu's If You Say SoAdult (f)6,3051,1381
vtCj1OokamiRyuu's Playing RoughAdult (f)5,3901,0462
LeswNOokamiRyuu's TellusAdult (m)8,2231,0072
odv6jOokamiRyuu's Hard to BefriendAdult (m)6,9151,1331
ba1suOokamiRyuu's TerraAdult (m)7,3861,0443
D2g4wOokamiRyuu's Nesting RocksAdult (m)9,5671,0362
99asJOokamiRyuu's Solid GroundAdult (m)7,2371,0263
1xqHJOokamiRyuu's Slow To TrustAdult (m)6,5131,1451
6vu7BOokamiRyuu's Territorial NatureAdult (m)7,7631,0582
yjMJvOokamiRyuu's Weird RelationsAdult (m)7,6971,0952
5hRuUOokamiRyuu's Noise of NonsenseAdult (f)8,0641,0945
U2pyOokamiRyuu's ZemelinaAdult (f)10,7011,39958
YnhTOokamiRyuu's Call From MountainAdult (m)8,2211,4086
RFlaOokamiRyuu's Cheerful FutureAdult (f)4,4801,1655
4SshOokamiRyuu's KamelekaAdult (f)2,8288985
edfROokamiRyuu's Madness of DoomAdult (f)1,6006833
85IfOokamiRyuu's Killed EarthAdult (m)5,0011,2314
6LRZ1OokamiRyuu's Vicious GreenAdult (m)4,4901,3174
27gPnOokamiRyuu's After FrustrationAdult (m)8,2461,4122
1bjr0OokamiRyuu's Green PanicAdult (m)5,7079691
e67waOokamiRyuu's GholhinaAdult (f)2,5921,1461
vevyrOokamiRyuu's Kiwi Chiri OrionisAdult (f)4,6347691
4fIEKOokamiRyuu's Arrallpa OrionisAdult (f)4,6677691
kScZ2OokamiRyuu's Secret FrustrationAdult (m)5,4799611
ze6QsOokamiRyuu's Premeditation QueenAdult (f)10,5071,2085
hnaZlOokamiRyuu's Green TraditionAdult (f)10,6511,2641
kja6GOokamiRyuu's Don't Have a WallAdult (m)9,3969932
WikabOokamiRyuu's Screaming EarthAdult (m)7,1048341
8jkJUOokamiRyuu's Traditionally CloseAdult (m)9,6141,3984
8COTlOokamiRyuu's Ancient CountryAdult (f)9,5841,2563
eUFukOokamiRyuu's F'balaadAdult (m)8,1431,0362
R9hd0OokamiRyuu's Close SightAdult (f)9,1911,0974
X8KFDOokamiRyuu's Relaxed ControlAdult (f)7,9549691
I7PuOOokamiRyuu's Fighting LateAdult (f)7,8551,1261
lr0NTOokamiRyuu's Dawning NoiseAdult (m)8,3921,1351
loN8KOokamiRyuu's Crowded WritersAdult (f)9,1051,0452
Gf348OokamiRyuu's Trap ThingAdult (m)8,6391,1471
c9DwlOokamiRyuu's Slight NoiseAdult (m)8,3551,0953
XdP0nOokamiRyuu's Close to the FutureAdult (m)6,8781,1703
iKLFxOokamiRyuu's Killed Every HabitAdult (f)7,2531,3111
tQVQrOokamiRyuu's Relax HereAdult (m)7,3841,3205
i2KVhOokamiRyuu's Slam Them ShutAdult (f)6,5261,3312
mQm8qOokamiRyuu's Familiar DirectionAdult (f)5,7399101
FrWA9OokamiRyuu's Earth SilenceAdult (m)7,2911,0913
6xxBrOokamiRyuu's Loudmouth of LifeAdult (m)7,7521,1791
NRrkMOokamiRyuu's Heric MossAdult (m)6,7301,1737
8pZ7WOokamiRyuu's Green GardenAdult (f)5,0741,1123
Cio11OokamiRyuu's After DominanceAdult (m)6,4331,0826
Soc3fOokamiRyuu's Settling on a HillAdult (f)6,7501,1364
XGm9JOokamiRyuu's Rights to LoveAdult (m)6,0999931
MBAzIOokamiRyuu's Pushing KidsAdult (m)5,7211,1223
A99eIOokamiRyuu's Forever BehindAdult (m)4,9519614
6DUZpOokamiRyuu's Next SubjectAdult (m)6,2569352
0k3HsOokamiRyuu's End to the CountryAdult (f)5,9589124
iZBydOokamiRyuu's Closest EverAdult (f)6,2731,1253
7HZELOokamiRyuu's Last ThrillAdult (f)6,3629763
ZVO1fOokamiRyuu's BaxeeAdult (f)6,7451,0003
LYCeaOokamiRyuu's BavtuAdult (f)8,3829193
gwCi2OokamiRyuu's BistafiAdult (f)6,6251,2381
FmYIHOokamiRyuu's Panic VolumeAdult (m)5,6941,0733
Ytll0OokamiRyuu's ByvdarAdult (m)5,7261,2491
C3xbMOokamiRyuu's BanotuakeAdult (f)7,5211,0331
guyZSOokamiRyuu's Mower FreakAdult (m)7,3599744
dg40UOokamiRyuu's CadanoAdult (m)7,7029602
d8SrnOokamiRyuu's Hel FoeldAdult (m)6,6361,1524
B7NLoOokamiRyuu's BilipoAdult (m)8,0198871
bdjPMOokamiRyuu's Bogza DaesuAdult (f)8,2681,0572
ikj8wOokamiRyuu's Avoid HappeningsAdult (m)6,8971,1912
g3DV8OokamiRyuu's Never Giving GroundAdult (m)6,7171,1741
AgpL7OokamiRyuu's BodilAdult (f)6,0857364
lv9K0OokamiRyuu's Earthly ChloraplastAdult (f)7,6801,0112
wCPnfOokamiRyuu's Familiar AsyelAdult (f)6,6281,1283
MRmHPOokamiRyuu's Wake Up Next WeekAdult (m)6,5711,0882
0PGE8OokamiRyuu's Sympathy for AretiAdult (f)8,7191,3782
FK9ePOokamiRyuu's HakkojuuAdult (m)7,4271,1512
PJdHIOokamiRyuu's HachunuAdult (f)7,5101,1672
hFj7EOokamiRyuu's AvutjaoAdult (f)7,0371,2321
bnmpcOokamiRyuu's Second CrashAdult (f)7,4081,3062
tWp8AOokamiRyuu's Bocox the RebelAdult (m)7,1581,1695
nc2fzOokamiRyuu's Biadra AgharamAdult (f)7,3901,0391
QjYMLOokamiRyuu's Thierry StevanyAdult (m)7,2931,0482
yw0coOokamiRyuu's Jade Tower LionAdult (f)6,7421,1523
kmmyrOokamiRyuu's Piles of AwesomeAdult (f)5,9431,1582
I6ucPOokamiRyuu's Basenji MakuboAdult (m)7,6361,0471
wZMFmOokamiRyuu's Seriously SadAdult (m)5,9891,0241
eq93wOokamiRyuu's I Was an Earth EggAdult (m)5,8491,0251
OyBAAOokamiRyuu's Memory EruptionAdult (m)5,8061,1324
39gLsOokamiRyuu's Ancient LimpAdult (f)7,3839562
NWKEUOokamiRyuu's Power of an EggAdult (f)6,2851,1132
EvUw3OokamiRyuu's Tueral TrevourAdult (f)7,3199881
mzmq5OokamiRyuu's TerraemotuAdult (m)7,8569861
g310wOokamiRyuu's Syarkin VoriannaAdult (m)8,6659814
SQ2FpOokamiRyuu's Try To StealAdult (m)5,9561,1144
lYhq1OokamiRyuu's Shar UndraAdult (m)7,5769774
QzdbGOokamiRyuu's Green SlackerAdult (f)7,7491,0192
qV7S4OokamiRyuu's Launch PunishmentAdult (f)6,3831,0942
KgNXWOokamiRyuu's Desmond ClairgieAdult (m)8,1841,0271
OqRsbOokamiRyuu's Franuuk RaritaAdult (m)7,5911,1023
247IVOokamiRyuu's Gretchen StoyanAdult (f)9,1291,1292
eicgROokamiRyuu's Snippy WoodAdult (f)8,3641,0824
rAJzOOokamiRyuu's Harden Her ClawsAdult (f)8,2461,0513
mFt0eOokamiRyuu's Phun MeetingAdult (f)9,4451,1763
J63DwOokamiRyuu's Deedun SyarkinAdult (f)10,8271,1723
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