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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Okura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OEaFTVISITOR - PLEASEAdult (f)3,1686380
YNtZQ(YNtZQ)Adult (f)2,5295313
KoNTO(KoNTO)Adult (m)6,8901,31027
ujGfaArcana of AutumnAdult (f)3,17881811
XOd3e(XOd3e)Hatchling (F)2,2883334
rtrim(rtrim)Dead Hatchling1,1342136
s9dzu(s9dzu)Adult (f)4,8139085
DrJKC(DrJKC)Adult (f)2,5395147
5QHTD(5QHTD)Hatchling (F)2,8832692
airPC(airPC)Adult (m)6,4647526
mWrfI(mWrfI)Adult (f)4,2385263
EecsbPaladio ArcanaAdult (m)5,2819865
5WqZdPlum ArcanaAdult (f)5,2949716
dZeY8(dZeY8)Hatchling (f)3,1374564
mzBF3(mzBF3)Hatchling (F)3,7502503
Il8hr(Il8hr)Adult (m)3,4767865
OI9Dm(OI9Dm)Adult (m)3,0754722
7FbbW(7FbbW)Adult (m)2,83044916
IEV2bGet  on my  HorseAdult (m)3,3386764
D50CZAnd  all the other places  tooAdult (f)3,3146612
pAFFf(pAFFf)Adult (m)2,7434216
nQdrsTangegoldAdult (m)2,6934367
Roza1(Roza1)Adult (f)4,1345983
Vxzin(Vxzin)Hatchling (f)1,84649119
F6lkP(F6lkP)Adult (m)4,74560814
8eIJe20 Poemas de AmorAdult (m)4,89460712
ZEeDY(ZEeDY)Adult (f)5,00359012
epqsx(epqsx)Adult (f)4,57757711
2dOOr(2dOOr)Hatchling (F)4,2407733
x8Qxd(x8Qxd)Hatchling (f)2,4274495
9LuEy(9LuEy)Adult (f)4,2228053
dkRdd(dkRdd)Hatchling (f)2,6037093
xJlYHAnd  if that's  not enoughHatchling1,9543584
D4qJmWhy are they nsfwHatchling2,0083363
vUdCo(vUdCo)Hatchling (F)1,7281664
dFoes(dFoes)Adult (f)3,22262514
LfGHIDON'T ADD MY DRAGONSAdult (f)2,7426220
On13iTO ANY HATCHERYAdult (f)2,6811,3422
nXSfZAT ALL - THANK YOUAdult (m)4,0901,2251
l0EeGIT'S 99PERCENT ON PURPOSEAdult (m)2,1796882
tOc9uIT'S LIKELY A VAMP OR ZOMBO FAILAdult (m)4,8253220
nAmY2Sorry  scroll's a major mess atmHatchling (F)3,8143951
VhnI9I'm resorting EVERYTHINGHatchling (F)5,1451,2236
x6DrxWell it's always a messHatchling (F)2,3932402
w8s2TThus- Sorry for the EXTRA messHatchling (F)3,1812232
RZvprMy forum name is ninishHatchling (F)3,1802402
Qh5e3Discord's Ninish2350Hatchling (F)3,6562641
KAUGXI accept ious for bloodswaps 8DHatchling (F)3,3752252
GXyNDAnd for holiday or checker matesHatchling (F)3,5372451
rekMaMore info in my profileHatchling (F)3,3002852
ZUX4KOther relevant groups of mineHatchling (F)3,6972671
ayZK5Are listed over thereHatchling (F)3,5582541
fW9eLI don't actively collect PrizesHatchling (F)3,0193381
reQXTI just have a few becauseHatchling (F)2,8173154
e3DNbTheir offspring is easy to tradeHatchling (F)2,7182980
37GBqScroll Surname is ArcanaHatchling (F)2,9852583
4TswLBut not all my dergs have itHatchling (F)3,0743233
Tt8EYMost CBs or dergs bred by meHatchling (F)1,6092660
q4W7XDo have it - but basicallyHatchling (F)2,7924173
GJ4kbIt depends on my moodHatchling (F)3,0552405
kGaxXDon't make your own rainbowHatchling (F)1,9363273
jLWASIt's a pain to sort it manuallyHatchling (F)3,0594102
7bGvETrust me - a real painHatchling (F)3,0632524
A73UaOr like - don't wait till you'reHatchling (F)2,6461792
rnvdz5k dragons inHatchling (F)3,8514111
dxooyto change the whole sortingHatchling (F)1,4502082
49cwhof your scrollHatchling (F)3,7052661
e1hxKIt is harsh   orzHatchling (F)3,3662471
2jFeGAnyway I use PygmiesHatchling (F)1,7722622
e3rKzAs group separators and frozensHatchling (F)1,8202622
U5TjhAs Gen Separators in me ScrollHatchling (F)3,0395252
UupknOr mess separators--u call itHatchling (F)2,9853013
h6cZCAnd Yes - I Use PygmiesAdult (m)2,0325261
JGki2As the cheap version of ChickensAdult (f)1,8296541
vi6CsAhaha - YesAdult (f)2,7755752
glVuaI'm just that pitifulAdult (f)2,0925420
HnvWxPlease blame my conection 4 itAdult (f)3,9563566
JTnCYIgnore the pygmies below hereAdult (m)4,4115676
IU7PJName Holder PygmiesHatchling (F)2,5981891
bacNoFor  myselfHatchling (F)1,7445523
eRerb2g blue gemshard x male omen BUTHatchling (F)2,7612864
SUcvNDemos  CloudHatchling (F)1,4722281
J8OiGOther equal codesHatchling (F)1,5272281
3fyUl2g gold from fem gold forHatchling (F)8061580
8Vajp(8Vajp)Hatchling (F)2,3062662
ua1NRPaired but not fixed CodesHatchling (F)2,6743223
wc9JyLonely CodesHatchling (F)1,5942221
tXqCZHere Begin the CB CodesHatchling (F)1,8022871
gEV5WqHxEb MCi58 xN1iz mYHBh HeGctHatchling (F)6443340
RjzUACodes in other LanguagesHatchling (F)9951940
X2DtOSorted by Priority but any's Gr8Hatchling (F)2,2162422
YJ1CdCauses inbreeding with ThymusHatchling (F)1,3321810
ca0xP3g checker x M red dorsalHatchling (F)2,0362620
RP3dE2g gold from male gold forHatchling (F)7162200
FuqP7Coded ones I don't plan 2 renameHatchling (F)5,4924901
5xZV9Sixth GensHatchling (F)9991721
YLjtjClean Pair but Related to Hcv0BHatchling (F)2,3081622
9KLtKA girl can dream uwuHatchling (F)2,4614212
cDfeSSurizarinHatchling (F)3,3552521
MqfW15g Male Whites CheckerHatchling (F)3,1334162
ucuTxSecond  GensHatchling (F)3,2762545
hg1UACB  pairsHatchling (F)3,1662362
k7jaX5g male magma Checker forHatchling (F)2,9232401
o6XwMI would LUV a 2g fall x AltcanaHatchling (F)3,1162403
R622AMOST DESIREDHatchling (F)5,1195783
d7GgcOr 2g gemsh x naughty M alt omenHatchling (F)4,8394231
SxNBDValentine  CheckersHatchling (F)1,7622736
HL2XO2nd gens with interesting codesHatchling (F)3,8093042
Ezq8MCoded Dragons with random linesHatchling (F)3,9773083
kACnhFifth  GensHatchling (F)2,2413161
PvFFWHalloween CheckersHatchling (F)2,5101912
Y5vZeChristmas CheckersHatchling (F)3,2942461
x6Up9Third  GensHatchling (F)3,8132821
sxQixFourth  GensHatchling (F)2,5052921
i3zbG2nd gen from cb coded dragonsHatchling (F)3,3522291
7t2KFHalloween x ValentinesHatchling (F)3,4754241
sFTLZHalloween x ChristmasHatchling (F)2,7132371
bAb4OValentine x Christmas CheckersHatchling (F)4,7573832
KMhLRReibunkurouHatchling (F)1,8885483
5M0zjHaffuru pafuHatchling (F)3,0553603
AmNgaHigher GensHatchling (F)3,4042643
cvjCVImperfect StairsHatchling (F)2,4893432
tolQBGurifindooruHatchling (F)2,6932903
rDHe3Ordered by 'steps' of the stairHatchling (F)3,3522583
rEfm5Mateless SeasonalsHatchling (F)3,5472452
EyaQODragons below here are sorted asHatchling (F)3,41149320
RO7KcPairs I have no offspring fromHatchling (F)1,3932173
lrB1bMale - Female breeding pairsHatchling (F)1,8102452
P9wKiWill DECLINE non naughty parentsHatchling (F)1,0611781
0Xlu5L  o  v  e  rHatchling (F)2,7372872
jiVMWTHESE ARE PENDINGHatchling (F)1,9322663
fl5x34g light lumina checkerHatchling (F)1,8762752
9JRq2A spriter's altHatchling (F)2,4412962
oZcE12g SAlt kin - let me dreamHatchling (F)2,8253211
7MIqnNaughty  CodesHatchling (F)3,0553301
ZTJH45g male hellfire checker forHatchling (F)1,3671842
u2uLK4g Fem verdigris copper checkHatchling (F)3,0933522
trpjG3g male gold checkerHatchling (F)2,4762962
eg5mx3g Carmine checker forHatchling (F)2,4462332
oyIZhBreed for othersHatchling (F)3,4262301
D7A8v3g Fem Red checker for this guyHatchling (F)3,0162222
cfX2fSwap or Search lineagesHatchling (F)3,7802622
EMnit(EMnit)Hatchling (F)2,8173193
dQ6EjAnd cb female aqualisHatchling (F)2,4022111
gGhH8(gGhH8)Hatchling (F)1,6311662
49z43(49z43)Hatchling (F)9192523
4G6gA(4G6gA)Hatchling (F)1,8332262
SXlP9(SXlP9)Hatchling (F)1,6052702
mQfnacan search in apHatchling (F)2,4272112
PCGzs6g black tea x rose forHatchling (F)2,0842022
KMrCn3g harvest x Msilver checker forHatchling (F)2,1302093
qAuYl4g Daydream checker forHatchling (F)2,1122051
FGbVE(FGbVE)Hatchling (F)1,4391312
rudlAOr 2g Tercorn-Aqualis-Lihn fromHatchling (F)2,8493341
mShsTCb silver - because why not XDHatchling (F)1,5203007
3ZosLGay CodesHatchling (F)2,5483181
GuKjO(GuKjO)Hatchling (F)2,9904333
96WoP(96WoP)Hatchling (F)1,9492652
NPWgL(NPWgL)Hatchling (F)2,3674932
mplAY(mplAY)Hatchling (F)2,3063201
QJBxJCauses inb x thym and clematisHatchling (F)2,9773053
Zzl7T(Zzl7T)Hatchling (F)2,1083334
vCpwP(vCpwP)Hatchling (F)2,0944425
YMv1q(YMv1q)Hatchling (F)2,3292133
s0t1n(s0t1n)Hatchling (F)1,5482502
CtVrF(CtVrF)Hatchling (F)2,2642861
0syRKAnimal CodesHatchling (F)2,5463081
e3UXmThose Evil CodesHatchling (F)2,4761761
NIrBp5g checker with male royal bluesHatchling (F)2,1432122
Xjf3Y5g ice checker forHatchling (F)1,9062541
qyFgRShe causes inbreeding x AletheusHatchling (F)2,5632451
qR7SF3g Female sunsong checkerHatchling (F)2,4942472
caDV4Though Halloween M8s areHatchling (F)2,4812212
PkoIzfrom naughty coded parents forHatchling (F)3,8123653
5eWZ8Cb gold and ND hahahahHatchling (F)3,6102811
g9s7KPRIORITY WISHLISTHatchling (F)1,0671470
dt1wzI ran out of pygmiesHatchling (m, F)5,6817092
rmDvKo--o--o--oAdult (f)3,2955971
ABHqsUnder Here Be The ZombosHatchling (F)1,8772481
AQPLIMint Scented ZombieHatchling (F)2,3972042
bhc4NShikabane HimeHatchling (f, F)3,3126181
MP1aJDeath's SpyHatchling (f, F)7786102
t4SXTUndead GroveHatchling (m, F)3,9474605
FpJduFluffy CorpseHatchling (f, F)1,8072951
4xG0N(4xG0N)Hatchling (F)3,7114063
WFVzEPyro wyrnHatchling (m, F)2,8766756
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