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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Oerba_Yun_Fang,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BVd8(BVd8)Adult (m)2,2877863
pLcf(pLcf)Adult (m)2,3007946
thWA(thWA)Adult (f)2,2128294
NgDs(NgDs)Adult (f)2,2338465
pABA(pABA)Adult (f)71245119
ElZU(ElZU)Adult (m)3,5315240
4Kn0(4Kn0)Adult (m)3,2955002
6NPW(6NPW)Adult (m)3,5185160
uJFn(uJFn)Adult (m)3,4745301
BrEE(BrEE)Adult (m)3,5605692
VmCH(VmCH)Adult (m)4,1385761
I0L8(I0L8)Adult (m)4,1025783
4YNo(4YNo)Adult (m)3,8045802
TbEs(TbEs)Adult (m)3,4782346
lKds(lKds)Adult (m)5,0021,1185
v23j(v23j)Adult (m)5,0671,14711
BoRX(BoRX)Adult (f)1,2596387
4nVC(4nVC)Adult (f)2,14790712
KJ3Z(KJ3Z)Adult (f)2,7861,10610
FTfj(FTfj)Adult (f)2,6591,0099
DKaZ(DKaZ)Adult (f)3,0021,09214
iIPE(iIPE)Adult (f)2,9421,07815
HvIt(HvIt)Adult (m)2,4688245
4032(4032)Adult (m)2,1189048
i1jB(i1jB)Adult (m)9805967
B20R(B20R)Adult (m)1,0546413
JWRr(JWRr)Adult (f)2,56594218
29Ea(29Ea)Adult (f)2,2408105
di2V(di2V)Adult (m)6,5031,0689
FcmF(FcmF)Adult (m)3,8471,0446
hrFp(hrFp)Adult (m)1,2356738
2CN7(2CN7)Adult (m)2,4318122
lWHj(lWHj)Adult (m)3,9711,13914
V68I(V68I)Adult (f)4,7921,02112
nGdM(nGdM)Adult (m)6,5851,2588
7Iep(7Iep)Adult (f)2,9597612
6oov(6oov)Adult (f)6,7911,3757
8WYe(8WYe)Adult (m)1,6956184
2FZA(2FZA)Adult (m)9896111
bjdd(bjdd)Adult (m)3,0017860
ngKL(ngKL)Adult (m)3,2145671
G7E2(G7E2)Adult (m)1,4556105
Mi1R(Mi1R)Adult (f)3,2205843
t5r7(t5r7)Adult (f)5,0421,1105
O4R4(O4R4)Adult (f)4,8651,26513
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