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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ocearen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QSxZ4Quins de SangueAdult (f)3,1201,8791
vnkwqVinkwo de SangueAdult (m)2,9861,0443
nh8Z4Nataz de SangueAdult (f)4,4968961
RYDjPRydiip de SangueAdult (m)6,8511,0241
T4HmfTamph de SangueAdult (m)4,1788913
E5ft9Evift de SangueAdult (m)1,1276471
SIL6ESilix de SangueAdult (m)6,8645661
xq4QBXourquib de SangueAdult (m)3,1177571
Jp3SRJiipesur de SangueAdult (f)3,1266664
b5GKbBivig de SangueAdult (m)4,0137672
F5p5SFivips de SangueAdult (f)4,2669030
3phhOThripho de SangueAdult (m)3,7508942
phv9IPhivinel de SangueAdult (m)2,5437160
IYnRSEyveirs de SangueAdult (m)3,2988420
ZJbW5Zebrews de SangueAdult (f)3,7928291
DHrllDehrul de SangueAdult (m)1,5767003
2zO6NTozob de SangueAdult (m)4,6948272
uXrAuUxhrau de SangueAdult (f)6,8861,0372
BIOrSBiors de SangueAdult (m)5,1381,1322
DpyB1Dipybl de SangueAdult (f)6,2241,1200
vEqIbVequib de SangueAdult (f)4,5938452
t1mjpTelmjip de SangueAdult (f)3,2827520
ZRUaRZuruar de SangueAdult (m)4,3608702
AVtRzAvetieriz de SangueAdult (m)3,3427863
Rp2S5Riiptuos de SangueAdult (f)6,4038614
F6fheX Messy Aeon F6fheAdult (m)4,4659941
ApLk6Aplixic de SangueAdult (m)5,5809021
94cAUNiiforcau de SangueAdult (m)6,9581,1749
FoqbbFoquib de SangueAdult (f)4,9219183
OtSSEXV Messy Aeon OtSSEAdult (m)4,9348694
6yKQdSyquid de SangueAdult (f)3,1028963
njjEFPB II  njjEF de SangueAdult (m)4,0359003
7PzAOSepzao de SangueAdult (f)2,6677451
YmsGGPB IV YmsGG FreakyAdult (f)3,7277949
7ZJB6PB II 7ZJB6 AeonianAdult (m)2,6907682
CUeHHCuegh de SangueAdult (f)2,5017032
Los6FLosixeph de SangueAdult (m)2,9266651
RAtc4PB III RAtc4 Serenity TempusAdult (f)3,2418554
NBWNuPB II NBWNu TempusAdult (m)2,6787183
fw1kwPB II fw1kw de SangueAdult (f)3,0037082
aQof8Shimkin II aQof8 de SangueAdult (f)3,6958411
ZMYDPVI Messy Aeon ZMYDPAdult (f)2,6056784
mK4MnPB II mK4Mn de SangueAdult (m)3,9937992
oThnZPB III oThnZ d'HanraAdult (f)4,2887636
WTZAQPB II WTZAQAdult (m)4,1779492
wiG50Wigso de SangueAdult (m)7,5461,2487
MS9IjPB IV Aeon MS9Ij Aeonie JaxAdult (f)3,4048054
ruXHRPB II ruXHR DuchessAdult (f)4,0338764
uZ6yWUzixym de SangueAdult (m)3,0678501
MzRk3Mizrikree de SangueAdult (m)3,0817882
Qbww0Quibwo de SangueAdult (f)3,2708101
ImTQeImtequo de SangueAdult (m)3,0967120
e5ewMEvewim de SangueAdult (m)6,7651,1572
XtFe8Xetgeight de SangueAdult (f)3,5188231
S9QYRSinequir de SangueAdult (f)3,9387892
0W6bNOwexbin de SangueAdult (m)4,5189331
Ac2aFAktuoph de SangueAdult (f)3,6499252
u2z2FUtuzuph de SangueAdult (m)3,7899252
qwgIrQuiglur de SangueAdult (m)3,6098822
ERowoErowo de SangueAdult (m)3,6988580
MwRULMewrul de SangueAdult (f)5,0129551
WTTc7Wettiven de SangueAdult (m)4,2551,0212
LsioFLisioph de SangueAdult (f)3,0757370
FPftfFepefit de SangueAdult (f)5,1951,0010
wIcHnWichin de SangueAdult (m)4,2179701
8SXBvEizixibev de SangueAdult (m)3,8109110
9qF7fNiqueven de SangueAdult (m)3,6268442
0XcxgOxcexig de SangueAdult (f)4,6779180
mk2SrMektwosingir de SangueAdult (m)1,6295272
yUMVDYumevid de SangueAdult (f)4,6368831
I9kn8Likneight de SangueAdult (m)5,4006930
9Q1d0(9Q1d0)Adult (f)5,8517690
MGTIp(MGTIp)Adult (m)8,3678961
pl4Jd(pl4Jd)Adult (m)5,9869490
rdJf5(rdJf5)Adult (f)5,4631,0001
OtW7B(OtW7B)Adult (m)5,5409960
omvcb(omvcb)Adult (f)5,8771,0030
FtPm6(FtPm6)Adult (f)6,2591,0840
jrRHa(jrRHa)Adult (f)3,7608872
HoTp1(HoTp1)Adult (f)2,9637581
Pr8O0(Pr8O0)Adult (m)3,9438581
GlYpl(GlYpl)Adult (f)4,5841,0532
CanQuCanquo de SangueAdult (f)3,5599162
uhKmHUkemih de SangueAdult (m)9,6031,2969
LLcd0Leccdo de SangueAdult (m)2,6716801
H1sLI(H1sLI)Adult (m)4,5491,0591
5JH8EFiijeigh de SangueAdult (m)3,5398890
itRhFIttreph de SangueAdult (f)4,3679494
7lpyv(7lpyv)Adult (f)2,65044111
e4ILE(e4ILE)Adult (m)4,5469040
M5DMk(M5DMk)Adult (f)2,6385792
QY0K0(QY0K0)Adult (f)2,8266291
iQoHI(iQoHI)Adult (m)6,4821,0955
7zU0m(7zU0m)Adult (f)4,1368694
taME4(taME4)Adult (f)5,1919011
v7aPc(v7aPc)Adult (m)6,1999301
a3yoS(a3yoS)Adult (m)5,1401,0181
9xU36(9xU36)Adult (m)5,3078481
yeTXc(yeTXc)Adult (f)4,4898091
aDMPt(aDMPt)Adult (f)3,1188281
8rgp2(8rgp2)Adult (f)7,0108430
ZE58N(ZE58N)Adult (m)6,1811,3172
OlmxL(OlmxL)Adult (f)11,1019280
XGq6y(XGq6y)Adult (m)5,5191,0392
Bz7kMCB Bizevekim de SangueAdult (f)4,3008741
q8gwH(q8gwH)Adult (f)7,1491,1213
OU1Im(OU1Im)Adult (f)3,9967953
O2vwt(O2vwt)Adult (m)3,8118023
nJMUn(nJMUn)Adult (f)4,8148861
3QOeJ(3QOeJ)Adult (f)4,8309311
HJFzM(HJFzM)Adult (m)4,6798880
sOmG7(sOmG7)Adult (m)4,7718610
jb5r9(jb5r9)Adult (m)4,7639030
6UobL(6UobL)Adult (m)3,9128762
GSZjG(GSZjG)Adult (f)1,1526631
UEXTw(UEXTw)Adult (f)4,8157682
fKMOk(fKMOk)Adult (f)4,5746861
SxPmp(SxPmp)Adult (m)3,2977001
aVz4M(aVz4M)Adult (f)5,2309581
TYfI6(TYfI6)Adult (m)4,8629290
t2W9K(t2W9K)Adult (f)6,3508112
QKCiN(QKCiN)Adult (m)6,7541,0171
Ld7oV(Ld7oV)Adult (f)5,0869930
ulsYf(ulsYf)Adult (f)5,4171,0521
iSqA6(iSqA6)Adult (m)4,8568942
5uUSK(5uUSK)Adult (f)3,1337080
5wUra(5wUra)Adult (f)3,8139563
oWqO2(oWqO2)Adult (m)6,67493331
XShSq(XShSq)Adult (m)4,4769080
074gB(074gB)Adult (f)2,8976322
ugKon(ugKon)Adult (m)2,9096413
JHcJL(JHcJL)Adult (m)4,7648850
k1FTl(k1FTl)Adult (f)4,8198882
70rExSevorex de SangueAdult (m)3,7429321
1zR8J(1zR8J)Adult (m)4,2339130
0didO(0didO)Adult (m)4,1689162
3LI9M(3LI9M)Adult (f)4,2019342
cuAJo(cuAJo)Adult (m)4,1439061
dYk0c(dYk0c)Adult (f)4,1969140
wiIAL(wiIAL)Adult (f)3,3327921
KzJUK(KzJUK)Adult (f)3,8489810
ZstD8(ZstD8)Adult (m)3,7969340
Zvnvf(Zvnvf)Adult (f)2,8297380
cCjhk(cCjhk)Adult (f)5,1141,0000
AJpDt(AJpDt)Adult (f)4,2441,0212
FlsJV(FlsJV)Adult (f)3,8469012
Bc8U2(Bc8U2)Adult (m)6,9541,2302
P6KD3(P6KD3)Adult (f)4,1128642
4Knwq(4Knwq)Adult (f)3,9658410
2xK6S(2xK6S)Adult (m)4,3748783
nJE7D(nJE7D)Adult (m)3,9968623
lNCcj(lNCcj)Adult (m)3,5936922
KoH2FKohtiph de SangueAdult (f)2,5566642
umxY5(umxY5)Adult (m)3,7818450
pj2mt(pj2mt)Adult (m)3,9418700
cD1c6(cD1c6)Adult (f)3,8478360
HnVM3(HnVM3)Adult (m)3,7388390
f9taX(f9taX)Adult (f)4,0998620
3wWr2(3wWr2)Adult (m)4,1968750
sF9me(sF9me)Adult (f)4,2098991
v37EA(v37EA)Adult (f)3,2128391
YSRx9(YSRx9)Adult (m)3,9748381
4E136(4E136)Adult (f)3,5958620
8Rj2O(8Rj2O)Adult (m)4,0648031
PgWVK(PgWVK)Adult (f)3,5628693
86vEp(86vEp)Adult (m)3,0156891
AoKir(AoKir)Adult (m)4,1858413
D2IMw(D2IMw)Adult (m)2,9316812
dBXWf(dBXWf)Adult (m)4,3639023
6p6a9(6p6a9)Adult (m)4,5039353
tKpPI(tKpPI)Adult (f)3,5508892
KrOsa(KrOsa)Adult (f)3,2816482
KAwHo(KAwHo)Adult (f)3,4447542
wgtGH(wgtGH)Adult (m)4,2338501
Oyoru(Oyoru)Adult (f)6,3121,0402
GrCE1(GrCE1)Adult (f)4,8148410
7BOUx(7BOUx)Adult (m)4,4567982
T5Ivy(T5Ivy)Adult (f)4,7598841
t81I0(t81I0)Adult (f)5,5278400
TyvNb(TyvNb)Adult (m)6,9341,0822
WpjOX(WpjOX)Adult (m)6,8271,0561
7qW7H(7qW7H)Adult (m)4,9641,0601
OzFuJ(OzFuJ)Adult (f)4,8279510
mQ8ub(mQ8ub)Adult (m)5,0949732
CU5Ml(CU5Ml)Adult (m)4,0627694
LwL5J(LwL5J)Adult (f)3,5818670
b5eUl(b5eUl)Adult (f)2,8146801
kxFwKCB Kixxwix de SangueAdult (m)5,3581,0011
qKcvKCB Quicivik de SangueAdult (f)5,4619922
TdwspCB Tidwisp de SangueAdult (m)4,8749162
0pTgRCB Optigier de SangueAdult (f)4,9439451
duKye(duKye)Adult (f)3,6698841
3F0El(3F0El)Adult (f)3,9558122
LZkrT(LZkrT)Adult (m)2,7847483
RyGdm(RyGdm)Adult (f)2,8277601
sLiDQ(sLiDQ)Adult (f)4,2109983
Jgixi(Jgixi)Adult (f)4,7499720
9SGqO(9SGqO)Adult (f)3,4786422
5sLoO(5sLoO)Adult (f)2,7266332
rUXIM(rUXIM)Adult (f)2,5485581
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