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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “OMGITSKAIRI,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nuMQF O R    S C I E N C EHatchling (F)2,0391457
Jhznw(Jhznw)Adult (f)3,7519452
Fneq7(Fneq7)Adult (f)3,3769201
wWarWTenth Anniversary RibbonAdult (m)6,1371,03310
YJiA0(YJiA0)Adult (f)4,5731,0262
LVXVI(LVXVI)Adult (f)4,7631,0330
E8azC(E8azC)Adult (m)4,3051,0714
WHjWVSparkle Von GlitterpantsAdult (f)4,4961,0801
XcZY5(XcZY5)Hatchling (f, F)4,0761,0423
3tmWmQuack For SummonAdult (f)2,7755473
3W3zoCondescending AustralianAdult (m)2,9597052
GE0XzVeeery Small RocksAdult (f)2,3475742
XFvOoRhuuqAdult (m)4,2673870
N8VXTVinny CannoliAdult (m)3,4613561
j0WW9A Floating Pale Blue ArkAdult (f)4,1263890
OhmAwOhmawAdult (f)3,9073651
FhTQdGarbage KnightAdult (m)4,0103680
NlsP4AkzhaAdult (f)4,5043741
QmLtiStop Having TetanusAdult (m)3,3004252
DWU1C(DWU1C)Adult (f)2,8264131
0xMjz(0xMjz)Adult (f)2,5253990
UATPwChromatic SwordAdult (f)2,8694272
5BtWkDarnyxaAdult (m)3,1104431
kcZcOKairi's StormfellAdult (m)6,7361,0742
M6OCyAlice 19thAdult (m)3,2934521
qEUnAQeunaAdult (m)3,3204452
kgZ3zPortrait Of MarkovAdult (m)2,9364311
vAuB2(vAuB2)Adult (m)3,2234391
K3w5X(K3w5X)Adult (m)2,9614172
PtEnkPtenkAdult (m)2,7244291
xzurvWritten In ClocksAdult (f)3,1985130
6i1HmA Kaleidoscope Of BloodAdult (m)3,2955260
4reA2Linear GearboxAdult (m)2,9544214
ncL4V(ncL4V)Adult (m)3,7074641
iLZ3Y(iLZ3Y)Adult (m)3,8564671
LpEbh(LpEbh)Adult (f)3,9804584
qmP2u(qmP2u)Adult (m)3,4704470
pP1k2(pP1k2)Adult (f)3,3664331
nguQV(nguQV)Adult (m)3,6324871
QbeN2(QbeN2)Adult (f)3,4774401
1EipXTiny Cannon FodderAdult (f)3,6184741
BsDQr(BsDQr)Adult (m)3,0834820
TRtze(TRtze)Adult (f)2,6644331
4ku6M(4ku6M)Adult (m)2,8644630
9CpWD(9CpWD)Adult (f)2,8134511
eLsQf(eLsQf)Adult (f)3,1184800
m1qIu(m1qIu)Adult (m)2,7514332
EnhnA(EnhnA)Adult (f)2,8844390
W3TbaDecorative KaleAdult (m)3,2764790
rbz76(rbz76)Adult (m)3,0255080
NxVYV(NxVYV)Adult (m)2,6765370
toMnq(toMnq)Adult (f)2,8105150
tHBgR(tHBgR)Adult (f)2,4494800
iYLba(iYLba)Adult (m)4,0993910
YFGCd(YFGCd)Adult (f)3,7273311
O6uMK(O6uMK)Adult (m)3,8483830
ncreM(ncreM)Adult (f)3,9883990
eCqqv(eCqqv)Adult (m)3,8604081
n9rxo(n9rxo)Adult (m)3,7274230
a6tsE(a6tsE)Adult (m)4,0283941
HPM3s(HPM3s)Adult (m)3,3243890
UYazb(UYazb)Adult (m)4,0003992
w4ySW(w4ySW)Adult (f)4,1663881
TRzeV(TRzeV)Adult (f)4,0844050
AMK1a(AMK1a)Adult (m)3,5443671
6Aopp(6Aopp)Adult (f)3,8753902
KeyzJ(KeyzJ)Adult (m)3,8804023
3Xhj4(3Xhj4)Adult (m)3,8843342
sun3w(sun3w)Adult (f)4,5733831
YC1Re(YC1Re)Adult (m)3,3304031
eaiT2Just SayoriAdult (f)3,2204001
cb1QQ(cb1QQ)Adult (m)3,0463942
OPLn4(OPLn4)Adult (f)3,7844110
qS00u(qS00u)Adult (m)3,4724201
E4FdP(E4FdP)Adult (f)6,5888423
kbEyR(kbEyR)Adult (f)3,1138071
6S8kt(6S8kt)Adult (f)4,1479141
GDKIj(GDKIj)Adult (f)4,7179254
dxnnN(dxnnN)Adult (f)7,8621,3291
PQI65(PQI65)Hatchling (f)2,5675482
T8rGy(T8rGy)Hatchling (m)1,8464382
P9kyP(P9kyP)Hatchling (f)3,9467693
qYedr(qYedr)Hatchling (f)4,6848020
6tAX2(6tAX2)Hatchling (m)2,2595610
fJj26(fJj26)Hatchling (f)4,2387682
JVTMt(JVTMt)Hatchling (f)3,4866021
J3lEZ(J3lEZ)Adult (m)6,3131,0822
8Gxq3(8Gxq3)Hatchling (f)3,1426271
9IZkT(9IZkT)Hatchling (f)3,4445911
lrAse(lrAse)Hatchling (m)3,2116032
Kwza4(Kwza4)Hatchling (m)3,2506251
CXJYA(CXJYA)Hatchling (f)3,5506251
trHSS(trHSS)Hatchling (f)3,4606292
2eDKC(2eDKC)Hatchling (m)4,1846421
wFZcE(wFZcE)Hatchling (f)4,5516461
5A3VV(5A3VV)Hatchling (f)4,3186391
qFn3y(qFn3y)Hatchling (f)4,4456600
kJwjy(kJwjy)Hatchling (f)4,1916400
DJys1(DJys1)Hatchling (f)4,6336682
NHUqe(NHUqe)Hatchling (m)4,5626523
vE8AA(vE8AA)Hatchling (m)4,5046271
3wWzWe Must Because We CanHatchling (F)4882641
I91JM(I91JM)Adult (m)4,4539962
yD5uq(yD5uq)Adult (m)3,9671,0041
yYjeG(yYjeG)Adult (m)4,1591,0241
d0y0X(d0y0X)Adult (m)4,2721,0121
9d9Dk99 Death KnightsAdult (m)5,1001,3852
nJjub(nJjub)Adult (f)8,3855983
MeWkhSo'Ri'KaiAdult (m)4,0954021
4Ew9jEriaenAdult (f)8,1601,1822
szdIp(szdIp)Hatchling (f, F)2,8078071
HU5YH(HU5YH)Hatchling (m, F)2,8198071
dMJb1Mistletoe Cannon-FodderAdult (m)2,8568441
97Qb8(97Qb8)Hatchling (F)5212052
6VU8l(6VU8l)Adult (f)5,6291,0016
ZTf2y(ZTf2y)Adult (m)5,9741,0078
L7BGJ(L7BGJ)Adult (f)4,1328920
suPnA(suPnA)Adult (f)4,0688620
3YjxdSky King RyanAdult (f)4,7821,0613
0JYYTKing GavinAdult (m)2,9976652
sjnY1Aqua DorkfaceAdult (f)3,4806353
VVWTlTetris Of PimpsAdult (m)3,7773471
OIMgWOiMGAdult (f)3,2776242
k9DAnCanine DanAdult (m)3,7806291
E8MatE8 - MissAdult (m)4,9958014
jpGOn(jpGOn)Adult (m)3,6756542
SBIC1(SBIC1)Adult (m)3,6936691
LIrTMLirtymAdult (m)2,7515102
e5rtTKandamarAdult (f)6,1391,1026
wFf8OMallgothAdult (f)4,5511,0740
smjHG(smjHG)Adult (m)3,2896612
4DvoW(4DvoW)Adult (f)3,6477312
V53lz(V53lz)Adult (m)3,6827282
rBpONRibponAdult (m)3,4187173
Pi9Wt(Pi9Wt)Adult (f)3,6507201
itOAcNaqoraAdult (f)3,3726741
nxymWWymnyxAdult (f)5,3581,2203
lUOIiBooplesnoot CustardbathAdult (f)3,2137451
EUoZxAn Orange StarburstAdult (f)3,4268091
VV7k2Bodycount CoronerAdult (f)3,7618292
Ur2Y4(Ur2Y4)Hatchling (m, F)2,6057450
yFRmq(yFRmq)Hatchling (f, F)2,5167200
t2HXZHot Topic Clearance RackAdult (m)3,5011,0380
mboZaFishnets And Flip FlopsAdult (f)3,3931,0320
D3OSyI Got Dressed In The DarkAdult (f)3,4751,0470
FFQqzDoes This Top Match My PantsAdult (m)3,6551,0490
RlEtFMy Mom Picked This Out For MeAdult (f)3,4911,0650
76DFY(76DFY)Adult (m)7,3211,5154
JTcXl(JTcXl)Adult (f)4,0938382
6RxxV(6RxxV)Adult (f)6,1541,4132
DGOjrYes Hello I Am FrozenHatchling (F)2,0672531
IDHL2Precog'd  FemaleHatchling (f, F)3,5016212
x2uJEPrecog'd  MaleHatchling (m, F)3,7979482
AQNDZApathy Is So HipHatchling (f, F)7,3561,1254
uWK3hThe Hurricane FloristAdult (f)5,6601,0283
l9remA Cynical SirenAdult (f)7,7191,2483
JGhoT(JGhoT)Adult (f)7,3781,3052
OmGvf(OmGvf)Adult (f)7,3331,2731
bKMTA(bKMTA)Adult (f)5,7919022
llh0M(llh0M)Adult (f)5,2978733
pOERsIt's A Whole Dang PotatoAdult (m)4,2193573
iukzDIf Only You Were LonelyAdult (f)4,0924183
zbU4xM'or'LadimAdult (f)4,3557264
Rp7AwFlingleAdult (f)3,9257123
EWph3Zombie Sneak ManAdult (m)4,4799871
9h37fGnoam SprecklesprocketAdult (m)3,5347741
yztJWIt's Not Stupid- It's AdvancedAdult (f)8,9656103
rZWs5I'm All Panic And No DiscoAdult (f)3,9154002
IMLRvTank And SpankAdult (m)3,6213671
FoTaDFotadAdult (f)2,9374480
SetZYSetzyAdult (f)3,3294661
MB5l0AulnerAdult (m)3,5953781
ID9INOur Primrose Path To HellAdult (f)3,7415180
K0b3FThe Owl And The Dead BoyAdult (f)2,9554321
iSfGrBofa Deez FactionsAdult (f)3,8457121
lieD1Lie DoneAdult (m)5,0931,0257
mEWZ3WanglingAdult (m)5,1201,0376
HMXLHRIP-eroniAdult (f)4,7681,0553
236HVErannAdult (m)3,4453533
yCTYdBilatAdult (f)2,3917112
ySHzXBut I'm St'ill HereAdult (f)3,2503612
lrUcX(lrUcX)Adult (f)2,6377291
1oLEV(1oLEV)Adult (f)2,6677130
k976j(k976j)Adult (f)2,6817471
IyLgj(IyLgj)Adult (m)2,5187070
OqGae(OqGae)Adult (f)2,6117511
sBpneThe Sword Of GryffindorAdult (m)2,6847260
vqchB(vqchB)Adult (f)3,4387230
qe1Jz(qe1Jz)Adult (m)3,2096541
EZObd(EZObd)Adult (f)3,4636472
fMRsf(fMRsf)Adult (f)3,3786611
HSL4u(HSL4u)Adult (f)3,8946251
6l5YhShaving PeopleAdult (m)3,7766172
Tsvk2Punting ThingsAdult (f)4,4506552
YEywLNamixiaAdult (f)3,6266992
772eY(772eY)Adult (m)2,7536820
LK9fy(LK9fy)Adult (m)2,9297160
QdN9p(QdN9p)Adult (f)2,7986940
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