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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nyxity,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3jJAOCCB Bauta NoctisHatchling (f)6,5421,1572
DPOSAPB Nyx's Gold TriadHatchling (m)7,3291,2435
4W0uCCCB Bauta NocturnaHatchling (f)7,4981,2712
mzvKZACB Pygmy NoctesHatchling (f)5,3219042
YtwVcCCB Seawyrm NoctemHatchling (m)5,9001,0062
TPW7VJCB Glowback NocturnoHatchling (m)6,9831,2582
LP73dCCB Aso NocturnaHatchling (f)6,7911,2463
bNPz0VCB Equinox NocteHatchling (f)5,8601,0062
nuk4ZCL N'uka N'octuAdult (m)6,0111,0644
dMU0zCL Solstice Night SpiritsAdult (f)5,0931,1361
YFY62CL Night HazeAdult (m)8,1811,5633
YzoErCL Flutterwing's Buttery NightAdult (m)6,2991,4142
Wsaa5CL Wasabi NightsAdult (f)6,0031,3872
mSJhgCL Zuriker Angeline's NightAdult (f)6,0941,3912
dZ8P8CL Mone's Peppermint NightAdult (m)6,0631,3662
ANcPoCL Night Hollies for AllAdult (m)7,4111,4523
ILjOnCL Asti's Glistening NightAdult (f)4,8291,0834
v7wgQCL Amalthean NocturnusAdult (m)7,4991,2311
oW2o4CL Amalthean NocturneAdult (f)8,2371,3693
WXsUMCL Amalthean NoctuAdult (m)7,4451,2331
Wa0b9CL Amalthean NoxHatchling (m, F)4,6558132
VKPsFCL Amalthean NyxHatchling (f, F)3,6168602
T0yqTCL Amalthean NyxianHatchling (F)1,8723211
KDYFiCL Acchu is Freaky TonightAdult (f)6,3209925
Dkv0gCL Infineah's Nightly FlightAdult (m)6,6461,0151
JToSXCL Jester NocturnusAdult (m)8,0411,2734
2TU7ICL Jester NocturneAdult (f)7,8831,2005
1CZYaCL Jester NocteAdult (f)7,9041,2725
eM0ywCL Jester NocturnaAdult (f)7,8731,3759
cev0ECL Raphy's Comedy NightAdult (m)7,8241,1925
qv5WJCL AFA's NoctisAdult (f)7,7861,1594
7o58TCL Losate NocteAdult (f)8,7011,4308
xY8G4CL Jester NoxHatchling (m, F)5,2879534
RsUcBCL Jo's Lacking TonightAdult (m)1,7495039
TXLtVCL Tonight's BlautackAdult (f)5,8281,0475
8A4APThe Most Handome of DergsAdult (m)3,59175778
X312URaphy's Night of HeroismAdult (f)3,98078915
82yJPCL Night's BrimAdult (m)4,8346248
LWb8JCL Nyx's Neglected NhioAdult (f)3,8755434
qGRcNCL Nyx Amphiptere-Zyu Ni RyuuAdult (m)4,3305746
LpY0fCL Dawxk'j ND ThuwedAdult (f)3,26649443
AQcySCL Neglected NoxHatchling (m, F)3,3744868
xKJeyCL Neglected NyxHatchling (f, F)3,4374986
K1mHhCL Neglected NyxianHatchling (F)1,385923
j4IK7Nyx's Maple Syrup LoverAdult (m)9,0331,5841
ov0VQCL Nuhcuto Shimmering Night 2GAdult (f)5,6271,1502
Aa43OCB Nyx's Treasured CheeseAdult6,9077693
T6dbrACB Nyx's Adored Tri-HornHatchling (m, F)4,3897851
RNnVSCCB Nyx's Beloved BlusangAdult (m)6,0061,2005
YdXJuCCB Nyx's Cherished BlusangAdult (f)5,9841,0233
hzHa4CCB Nyx's Cherished FlamingoAdult (f)6,2541,2442
IkEN4CCB Nyx's Darling WaterhorseHatchling (f, F)3,9738363
CfhLLDCB Nyx's Cherished TurpetineAdult (f)3,4527211
Y9FXXDCB Nyx's Darling GeminaeHatchling (f, F)6,9281,0581
Lf1fAFCB Nyx's Cherished BlancblackAdult (f)7,2171,4372
Zu6sEFCB Nyx's Beloved ChronoAdult (m)6,0701,2411
tmzGzFCB Beloved Dark MystAdult (m)4,1218901
RnlS3FCB Nyx's Beloved Day GloryAdult (m)4,6859313
Opp3ZFCB Nyx's Cherished Day GloryAdult (f)5,0718412
0sHKiFCB Nyx's Adored OrchedrakeHatchling (m, F)5,5449103
hRBhQJCB Nyx's Beloved GemshardAdult (m)5,9401,1114
41wm4JCB Nyx's Darling BaikalaHatchling (f, F)5,7269085
KEkdfJCB Nyx's Darling HowlerHatchling (f, F)4,5918111
pfuhsJCB Nyx's Adored CanopyHatchling (m, F)5,3279912
6SYo4VCB Nyx's Beloved PyroAdult (m)6,9381,3581
JC82MVCB Nyx's Cherished BloodscaleAdult (f)5,5341,1241
uGhpNyxian CalendariumEgg (F)
17sipOCB Ceiling MintAdult (f)6,0461,3252
u6sx1OCB My Owner was EatenAdult (f)4,3861,1461
pAhzTOCB My Owner was Eaten AgainAdult (m)4,2911,0431
rswJXPB Upside-Down NoxAdult (m)5,7201,1732
k8EzYPB Parents are Head Over HeelsAdult (f)6,3411,2572
Z4LtCPB April's Minty NightAdult (m)5,2339942
0fozUPB Bouncing Off the CeilingAdult (f)5,3181,1083
MzmfBCL My Dad is Ceiling MintAdult (m)7,0181,2101
MCk6nCL Lady Luck's Foolish NightAdult (f)3,0196164
ggTrmCL My Mom is Ceiling MintAdult (m)8,6501,1552
QLLJXCL Tipsy-Topsy's Minted FoolAdult (f)7,8371,0941
ss7P3CL A Jester's Dizzy NightAdult (m)5,4101,1462
J0BgtCL Get a Night Job FoolAdult (m)7,7981,3341
xkOf9CL The Tipsy-Topsy SpidermintAdult (m)5,7319873
sFStBArsene's Nightstealing Fool 4GAdult (m)7,5511,1351
GYcjlNight's Golden-Bronze Jester 4GAdult (m)5,8181,1832
H65O2CL My Great G-Mamas Defy GravityAdult (m)6,2441,04214
xrobz(xrobz)Adult (m)5,6089711
FbDU1CL Aryameria's Nightly StrifeAdult (f)5,1641,5663
AwmzTCL AwmzT Night EchoesAdult (m)5,4231,5332
aGPdYCL Ciliegia Pizzoccheri NotturnoAdult (f)5,7191,3191
HGomMCL Higgom's NightAdult (f)3,9621,1801
aMDKDCL Amid Kids TonightAdult (f)4,4119962
1hAXECL Haxel's Nightly IndulgenceAdult (m)5,2711,5352
yEXH9CL Yexhig's Sweet Wings of NightAdult (m)4,8831,3822
Yd8wHCL Vanyali's Enraged NightAdult (m)5,3821,2162
qYE6SCL Heaven's Night HallowsAdult (f)4,9321,0332
TIHqHCL Mistletoe NyxityAdult (f)6,5551,4052
RIPk2(RIPk2)Adult (f)6,8351,4432
xmRIP(xmRIP)Adult (m)9,9401,3712
QhdIe(QhdIe)Adult (f)5,3701,1953
diESW(diESW)Adult (f)6,7821,3151
NxYth(NxYth)Adult (m)5,3621,2574
Nyxbf(Nyxbf)Adult (f)5,4121,0663
OKnYX(OKnYX)Adult (m)4,8591,2804
6nYXn(6nYXn)Adult (m)8,2601,2775
zSkY0(zSkY0)Adult (f)9,4401,2961
AIiIR(AIiIR)Adult (m)6,7521,2034
fOoLI(fOoLI)Adult (m)7,3231,3283
FooLu(FooLu)Adult (m)4,8041,1675
zGcfeCCB Mistra NocturnusAdult (m)7,5501,3483
uSJybCCB Mistra NocturneAdult (f)7,5051,3603
ZDo9KCCB Mistra NoctuAdult (m)9,0611,4031
YE3bYCCB Mistra NocteAdult (f)11,0121,4975
6gyjjCCB Mistra NocturnaAdult (f)4,8649542
J27zUCCB Mistra NoxHatchling (m, F)7,0781,0083
J6XXuCCB Mistra NyxHatchling (f, F)7,1321,1642
EMrlRCCB Mistra NyxianHatchling (F)5,5209332
agsPdJCB Mistra NocturnusAdult (m)8,5531,3524
zxY2lJCB Mistra NocturneAdult (f)8,7821,3193
1e8HDJCB Mistra NoctuAdult (m)9,4921,3892
o80U7JCB Mistra NocteAdult (f)6,3931,1672
1WCaXJCB Mistra NoxHatchling (m, F)4,2928942
485qsJCB Mistra NyxHatchling (f, F)4,4249252
VRF35JCB Mistra NyxianHatchling (F)4,8768704
arg7NSchenspat's Night Mist 4GAdult (f)8,1731,0457
uvRF9FCB Equinox NocturnusAdult (m)7,0411,3193
wYSRiFCB Equinox NocturneAdult (f)7,2711,3022
A3zpqFCB Equinox NoctuAdult (m)9,5991,3502
6xIpuFCB Equinox NocteAdult (f)9,7511,4782
XtFUJFCB Equinox NoxHatchling (m, F)6,0371,0703
yONOWFCB Equinox NyxHatchling (f, F)5,9261,0221
jfI1lFCB Equinox NyxianHatchling (F)3,2887452
NrVWPVCB Equinox NocturnusAdult (m)5,6681,2354
V153eVCB Equinox NocturneAdult (f)5,8431,2953
nC1ZNVCB Equinox NoxHatchling (m, F)3,8771,0353
30ZiRVCB Equinox NyxHatchling (f, F)7,2801,1591
mIh13VCB Equinox NyxianHatchling (F)3,6796123
Fx0TTPB Nyx's Equinox TriadAdult (m)6,7611,0663
Nnn4NCL Malfeas' Green NightskyAdult (m)6,1031,0813
9BqgxCL Jaded for TonightAdult (f)7,2421,1222
39RQ9ACB Astaarus NocturnusAdult (m)8,1401,4242
ZLcINACB Astaarus NocturneAdult (f)9,5521,4303
2r7WiACB Astaarus NoctuAdult (m)8,9331,3682
PCbI2ACB Astaarus NocteAdult (f)10,1181,3442
SZgVSACB Astaarus NocturnoAdult (m)9,0141,3673
3k6JEACB Astaarus NoctibusAdult (m)7,4861,3162
VDrUDACB Astaarus NoxHatchling (m, F)6,2061,0182
WULt8ACB Astaarus NyxHatchling (f, F)7,6411,2042
kMLosACB Astaarus NyxianHatchling (F)4,2808555
MsxCQACB Skystrider NocturnusAdult (m)8,1301,4371
nN43UACB Skystrider NocturneAdult (f)8,1501,3957
EkA6iACB Skystrider NoctuAdult (m)9,7091,4542
dobS3ACB Skystrider NocteAdult (f)10,5191,4553
JXTKOACB Skystrider NocturnoAdult (m)9,8681,3323
8A4F5ACB Skystrider NocturnaAdult (f)10,1521,4265
IubVAACB Skystrider NyxHatchling (f, F)7,8351,2182
Tk2FGACB Skystrider NoxHatchling (m, F)7,9211,1833
0p9A3ACB Skystrider NyxianHatchling (F)1,7771882
0RrLyCCB Skystrider NocteAdult (f)10,0731,4251
QAsyYCCB Skystrider NocturnusAdult (m)10,0321,3994
UzPlvCCB Skystrider NocturneAdult (f)9,6881,4193
RDQzvCCB Skystrider NoctuAdult (m)8,8401,2742
zJkkfCCB Skystrider NoxHatchling (m, F)5,6481,0773
pO3spCCB Skystrider NyxHatchling (f, F)5,6901,0703
64xvACCB Skystrider NyxianHatchling (F)5,5388282
fg8oEFCB Skystrider NocturnusAdult (m)9,6391,4082
kMZ3mFCB Skystrider NocturneAdult (f)9,7331,3962
o4Rb7FCB Skystrider NoxHatchling (m, F)5,8271,1294
xS1dHFCB Skystrider NyxHatchling (f, F)5,7881,1092
85dhaFCB Skystrider NyxianHatchling (F)4,9908511
1vDVaDCB Pseudo-wyvern NocturnusAdult (m)5,9661,1232
6iJJbDCB Pseudo-wyvern NocturneAdult (f)5,6881,1532
C8atkDCB Pseudo-wyvern NoctuAdult (m)7,8611,3561
DHrWpDCB Pseudo-wyvern NocteAdult (f)8,5881,3631
rwuJzDCB Pseudo-wyvern NocturnoAdult (m)8,4121,4013
58YEBDCB Pseudo-wyvern NoctibusAdult (m)5,9371,0684
X69yhDCB Pseudo-wyvern NoxHatchling (m, F)5,8031,1111
8IJBWDCB Pseudo-wyvern NyxHatchling (f, F)5,8771,1152
3ZkWxDCB Pseudo-wyvern NyxianHatchling (F)4,4398251
Bs5QTACB Elux Lucis NocturnusAdult (m)5,5871,1055
Uk2CBACB Elux Lucis NocturneAdult (f)7,2351,2731
0e5I4ACB Elux Lucis NoctuAdult (m)5,4731,0061
14DItACB Elux Lucis NocteAdult (f)6,3461,2551
2uMWOACB Elux Lucis NocturnoAdult (m)4,9631,0382
5gzarACB Elux Lucis NocturnaAdult (f)5,3101,1262
Yux1LACB Elux Lucis NoctibusAdult (m)6,4361,0201
7IzpGACB Elux Lucis NoctisAdult (f)9,8331,4004
fP6wBACB Elux Lucis NoctemAdult (m)5,8659703
XixWBACB Elux Lucis NoctesAdult (f)10,1981,3303
OwHJj(OwHJj)Adult (f)9,2501,3331
F8BK4ACB Elux Lucis NoxHatchling (m, F)5,9791,1111
QAh44ACB Elux Lucis NyxHatchling (f, F)5,7711,1021
741tzACB Elux Lucis NyxianHatchling (F)4,0208721
ydalfACB Aquilo NocturnusAdult (m)5,4881,1952
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