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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nyctea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9R1I(9R1I)Adult (f)1,53925812
JFMp(JFMp)Adult (f)1,60332521
dOi1(dOi1)Adult (m)7994294
HRNT(HRNT)Adult (f)2,9595344
WVN7(WVN7)Adult (f)7265972
KKD0(KKD0)Adult (m)1,99429016
NQPm(NQPm)Adult (m)1,7763016
BSLC(BSLC)Adult (f)1,83442313
DZCP(DZCP)Adult (m)5,5357596
lVgB(lVgB)Adult (m)1,2906854
sqbY(sqbY)Adult (f)1,2366933
PSuoU(PSuoU)Adult (f)4,1297552
hbSwN(hbSwN)Adult (m)3,9597402
saom(saom)Adult (f)4,0317335
sLTv(sLTv)Adult (f)4,6848371
wK9q(wK9q)Adult (m)7235943
qYgS(qYgS)Adult (m)1,6738273
5KfVs(5KfVs)Adult (m)4,0507552
EINb(EINb)Adult (m)5,3856595
pAAv(pAAv)Adult (m)1,57642817
Pp13(Pp13)Adult (m)2,7885155
ibwE(ibwE)Adult (f)2,12560416
zoMF(zoMF)Adult (m)1,2483415
Jl9j(Jl9j)Adult (m)1,94637918
UN1p(UN1p)Adult (f)1,44429832
PPdo(PPdo)Adult (f)2,7284357
1M5e(1M5e)Adult (f)1,39631420
Ld8P(Ld8P)Adult (f)2,6145064
FN6g(FN6g)Adult (f)1,1775002
93ZV(93ZV)Adult (f)1,86039016
K7G6(K7G6)Adult (m)1,4063957
h9lS(h9lS)Adult (m)1,3823766
1A5N(1A5N)Adult (m)1,1956543
mKOe(mKOe)Adult (m)1,61343618
1tBj(1tBj)Adult (f)1,88342833
Cu4E(Cu4E)Adult (f)2,18430230
8gXH(8gXH)Adult (f)1,6374088
7dHk(7dHk)Adult (m)2,45135677
7RG1(7RG1)Adult (f)5,0866083
rJYW(rJYW)Adult (f)1,68733913
fOk4(fOk4)Adult (f)2,54051743
3x7t(3x7t)Adult (f)2,76173837
Tmhb(Tmhb)Adult (m)2,59365028
kvqj(kvqj)Adult (m)1,73434717
6CI6(6CI6)Adult (m)2,56141812
xLws(xLws)Adult (m)1,62533017
9Su5(9Su5)Adult (f)2,35248139
R3dH(R3dH)Adult (f)5,0767252
DTzZF(DTzZF)Adult (m)4,0637471
iOLm(iOLm)Adult (f)2,5174947
cvEf(cvEf)Adult (f)3,0594773
1gFZ(1gFZ)Adult (f)3,0835244
IDNr(IDNr)Adult (f)4,8496976
IaLr(IaLr)Adult (m)2,65941525
9hqf(9hqf)Adult (m)2,05733313
SPVk(SPVk)Adult (m)2,5394927
31q6z(31q6z)Adult (f)4,0397662
Egt3(Egt3)Adult (m)1,90938326
VbsY(VbsY)Adult (m)5,60874525
B0di(B0di)Adult (m)1,39638515
9WAj(9WAj)Adult (f)3,32272756
fGSe(fGSe)Adult (f)1,77167119
OavD(OavD)Adult (f)2,9174354
c6oF(c6oF)Adult (f)1,92428820
iHqH(iHqH)Adult (f)1,59031859
NG2Y(NG2Y)Adult (m)1,85645210
RN2p(RN2p)Adult (m)1,72133621
Zi1W(Zi1W)Adult (m)2,06140430
8IcD(8IcD)Adult (f)1,75438429
IMkh(IMkh)Adult (m)4,3886404
UWjM(UWjM)Adult (f)2,23954828
aCFS(aCFS)Adult (f)1,62133519
rdQt(rdQt)Adult (m)1,89837719
xFfS(xFfS)Adult (m)2,27159024
mHaV(mHaV)Adult (f)4,9715386
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