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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nqli,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NxOEU(NxOEU)Hatchling (f)7,1119576
q0w3F(q0w3F)Hatchling (m)3,5987122
zUjKp(zUjKp)Hatchling (f)3,6047412
gFg4w(gFg4w)Hatchling (m)3,6637252
dXCAx(dXCAx)Hatchling (f)3,5917142
Eqi0p(Eqi0p)Hatchling (m)3,5947152
5l8vr(5l8vr)Hatchling (f)3,7407523
CdFQh(CdFQh)Hatchling (m)3,6277164
cMQxD(cMQxD)Hatchling (f)3,6887423
qAa6QTemporal Majesty  lCBlAdult (m)8,4741,2005
iiP2WTemporal Princess lMessylAdult (f)7,3459802
waRj7Temporal Highness linbredlAdult (f)7,6621,2304
wIHMzPeaceful Majesty lMessylAdult (m)11,7201,2695
b3tKpTemporal Hazard lMessylAdult (f)11,7411,2784
iHBtGTemporal Peace lMessylAdult (m)8,0091,0361
SflnWHeart of Peace lMessylAdult (f)11,0771,2933
sDbQLTwisted Temporal Funhouse lMessyAdult (m)13,9551,3347
4UJdWObsession with Dead Time lMessylAdult (m)9,7151,19215
Tmm2TTemporal Sovereign  lCBlAdult (m)9,9491,3266
smuY7Excited for ShenanigansAdult (f)9,7871,1746
yrL4MTemporal Conquest lMessylAdult (f)10,2451,1434
XBuWYTemporal Boggarts lMessylAdult (m)10,1101,1543
js3i6Just Sayin' 3 Is 6 lMessylAdult (m)8,9631,0762
bvq4VWisp of Necrotic Time lMessylAdult (m)8,9231,0755
cxTP3Playing the SovereignAdult (m)11,1181,2662
Yg3zsDevoteful Peace lMessylAdult (m)8,0179634
0qervTwisted Derelict lMessylAdult (f)8,1969653
jCIa7Temporal Conquerer  lCBlAdult (f)9,3521,4973
uk1nrTemporal Mistress  lCBlAdult (f)10,7291,6033
qoWhEWherever I Qo lMessylAdult (f)11,6171,5033
BGtocDancing With The SovereignAdult (m)9,8791,5115
U5BdYShifting Through HellfireAdult (m)11,6081,3257
UMHZ8Temporal Duchess  lCBlAdult (f)9,3211,3937
E1PocTemporal Grandeur  lCBlAdult (m)6,2321,0243
HtEC7Temporal Splendour lCBlAdult (m)7,1049624
MT7wkTemporal SacrificeAdult (m)4,4228351
VqoQSGlowvern OracleAdult (f)9,3481,1614
kwTQTSomeday We May Be FoundAdult (m)6,1821,0394
hIHETTemporal Elegance lCBlAdult (m)9,6081,2813
8i9CIThunderstruck OracleAdult (f)9,5821,4936
wxkEUSilencing OracleAdult (m)3,9896821
emzIeTemporal Paramour lCBlAdult (f)7,4791,0125
SeUqZComet OracleAdult (f)6,0861,2409
oj9OVTime for Golden SplendourAdult (m)7,3621,2802
bP1z6It's Obvious Isn't It DearAdult (f)7,5769244
wNzlkCurse Throughout TimeAdult (m)7,5469048
dnzWpGolden Splendour of the AgesAdult (m)6,2921,0896
oxciiOxcii ScaleweaverAdult (f)7,6731,2915
vTVTm(vTVTm)Adult (f)5,3561,2965
zb80I(zb80I)Hatchling (f, F)3,8148534
ow5cEGravity Warped lCBlAdult (f)4,3357052
sFcqqForever Fated To Wander lCBlAdult (m)6,5909790
DRxB4(DRxB4)Adult (m)6,6721,2212
PTZ5S(PTZ5S)Adult (f)2,7295791
OQTfJ(OQTfJ)Adult (f)5,4069713
mchuoMachismo Is My Name lCBlAdult (m)3,4564871
zY8zYZ'Yatezy The Fluffy lCBlAdult (f)3,1404851
jiJeeJijee The Hurtful lCBlAdult (m)2,7544700
82qWrHating The Wary lCBlAdult (f)3,2364840
44UGhTired of Death lCBlAdult (f)3,8405070
jM1scJamischk The Plentiful lCBlAdult (m)3,2604642
tOl84Too Late To Help lCBlAdult (m)2,9454851
idHGSI Don't Have Monsters lCBlAdult (f)2,6634642
owO3QowO I Have Questions lCBlAdult (m)3,8829336
Xacei(Xacei)Adult (m)4,3209063
j3SWqAuricomous SquallAdult (m)4,0237764
v0Ow6Auricomous Blast lMessylAdult (f)4,6918822
sT71mStill Trying To Bark lCBlAdult (f)8,9051,2102
7i4alSundials Are Stupid lCBlAdult (m)3,2544720
5WJhHMoonlit Lion CubAdult (m)7,6111,2566
6fOdWA Spot of White Under the SeaAdult (m)3,5397051
vMwoJOil Me Up lCBlAdult (f)3,6787233
SO1HiTemporary CascadeAdult (m)4,9877702
L00VG(L00VG)Adult (m)9,4501,3372
cPq1ABeach CandyAdult (m)3,9718791
S1tqHOily Mess lCBlAdult (m)4,3448962
GRKHo(GRKHo)Adult (m)3,6606350
OMKJJVarjopiipariHatchling (m, F)3,3497192
4zOTx(4zOTx)Adult (f)4,7168632
Iqrbu(Iqrbu)Adult (f)4,3707832
jZjut(jZjut)Adult (f)4,3347882
FXWbd(FXWbd)Adult (m)3,4177282
3eTXo(3eTXo)Adult (f)4,6628473
xO2xN(xO2xN)Adult (f)4,3647921
2BzbN(2BzbN)Adult (m)5,2701,1423
Pg9G7Ivory VictoryAdult (f)6,4391,1243
GjxgoBinding SorrowAdult (m)5,7889863
4aPxiApixi Or'KhaalAdult (f)7,5981,1511
JPxiTPixies Take the Night lCBlAdult (f)7,0509672
KCXhlEmotional Water SnakeAdult (m)9,2571,5121
HDfzqHidafazqAdult (f)6,7471,0932
udusYYudus Algaeus lCBlAdult (m)4,9401,1541
whVYxWheevyx Algaeus lCBlAdult (m)3,0864690
oVk7DWant Some MossAdult (m)7,1491,2281
h8JIUThe Breeze Never FailsAdult (m)7,3911,0304
t33gHCould A Drake Do This lCBlAdult (m)11,5891,3080
AsAn0Asano lCBlAdult (m)8,7221,2462
HD8WAHidate WiaAdult (m)6,8121,2074
IPwRgIpwirg TynAdult (f)6,5171,1853
SYHl9(SYHl9)Adult (m)6,0378342
H8aoADash Around Town lCBlHatchling (f, F)9,0509971
AXY4oChivalrous Jollity lMessylAdult (f)4,7879193
hofp9Mirthful JollityAdult (m)6,7378644
wWDaYJinozuma lMessylAdult (f)3,0216052
eCiroRed River SerpentAdult (m)5,1281,0864
UKpuEEmeralds and Sapphires lCBlAdult (f)6,8581,0061
LLMdf(LLMdf)Adult (f)3,8967741
YlRtpYirtup lCBlHatchling (f, F)6,5488573
IfIqrOtherworldly EnigmaAdult (m)7,8291,2574
yPs7LBewitching EnigmaAdult (f)6,0481,0544
bVPajMagical Angel FeathersAdult (m)12,1951,4441
eRxDKRidiculed Knight lCBlAdult (m)4,5379004
JtsucA Silent KnightAdult (m)9,5501,5219
Rn65NAnarchy Is No Way To LiveAdult (m)8,5421,3024
Honia(Honia)Adult (f)6,1811,2038
2t9qgReflect the Sun lCBlAdult (f)8,8741,2644
Vnynz(Vnynz)Adult (f)9,2191,3151
JPjwjRefracted GratitudeAdult (f)4,1498701
kx1yo(kx1yo)Adult (f)2,8526491
cFjvC(cFjvC)Adult (m)6,2389643
umDS7(umDS7)Adult (m)3,0103650
QjLmoQijilmoHatchling (m, F)9,4261,0413
6vcI5Nomadic Spear lCBlAdult (m)3,8298711
fQCytFierce Protectress lCBlAdult (f)3,9849220
Q7BdqChases Pufferfish lCBlAdult (m)3,9449480
985tqFollow If You're Daring lCBlAdult (f)3,3866713
y4cZ1Call for Me If Needed lCBlAdult (f)6,3009972
NDjBHNo Deal Unless Ladies lCBlAdult (m)6,2531,0234
S82VSSate My Thirst lCBlAdult (f)6,3881,0601
5sS7gFifty Thousand Quills lCBlAdult (f)6,2751,0621
2YD052 Years Isn't Enough lCBlAdult (m)6,4451,0302
VMWiaWhat You Waitin' For lCBlAdult (f)6,4491,0694
Ke84fKeate Forf lCBlAdult (m)6,4731,0481
L5OyJLifivo Yj lCBlAdult (f)6,5421,0422
5xwmRFi'Xwim Razor lCBlAdult (f)6,4751,0202
alD5T(alD5T)Adult (f)3,6735731
R0dgR(R0dgR)Adult (f)3,1135721
S9fzv(S9fzv)Adult (f)2,6036740
qrE2GQuiet Rapture  lCBlAdult (m)2,7923583
s71srSinister Fangs lCBlAdult (m)2,7133563
5aMCVMalicious Compliance lCBlAdult (f)2,5093296
i7bTvBeautiful Tarnish lCBlAdult (f)3,0503623
JGhLsHell's Sharp Knives lCBlAdult (f)3,9111,1278
NQWmgThe Screams Shan't Stop lCBlAdult (m)3,8651,1336
lnmXWHot Claws Through Flesh lCBlAdult (f)3,27396121
sC7mGScary Monsters In My Head lCBlAdult (m)3,7951,0892
n5R3tMuch Beloved GoreAdult (m)4,9281,1414
LvBogLoving the BogAdult (m)4,9081,1402
bNqb1(bNqb1)Adult (m)5,7151,3273
VP8Is(VP8Is)Adult (f)5,3631,2315
MifBE(MifBE)Adult (f)3,95296212
r3w9K(r3w9K)Adult (m)3,9049879
6UoOO(6UoOO)Adult (m)5,6711,2306
JItta(JItta)Adult (f)3,7058706
8jPFx(8jPFx)Adult (f)3,4728899
P0wM4(P0wM4)Adult (m)5,4091,3042
PGKdu(PGKdu)Adult (f)5,4061,2602
zisTA(zisTA)Adult (m)5,5681,2653
gNPxT(gNPxT)Adult (m)5,6921,2372
eNnDjFear the Judgement KnightAdult (m)5,8481,4264
OjfMZPeaceful Centuries Have PassedAdult (m)5,8431,4154
3FKsc(3FKsc)Adult (f)5,3971,2302
J8igX(J8igX)Adult (f)3,0877153
mHYTk(mHYTk)Adult (f)4,2669722
57EA6(57EA6)Adult (f)4,2319674
MsEHd(MsEHd)Adult (m)2,7537722
iOltq(iOltq)Adult (f)4,5829692
XeJcs(XeJcs)Adult (f)3,0046773
facsD(facsD)Adult (m)4,0196583
BTtnu(BTtnu)Adult (f)3,9866614
6BfRo(6BfRo)Adult (f)3,9491,0994
QatPV(QatPV)Adult (f)5,8411,2557
sH4wB(sH4wB)Adult (m)4,8131,1578
cJFuV(cJFuV)Adult (f)4,8991,16614
RTwib(RTwib)Adult (f)4,8111,1685
b8H6a(b8H6a)Adult (f)4,9621,1935
8Mwyk(8Mwyk)Adult (m)4,9441,1474
czMr9(czMr9)Adult (m)4,9271,1955
QuYgo(QuYgo)Adult (m)4,7681,1653
3BbxR(3BbxR)Adult (f)4,9771,2003
nwSx0(nwSx0)Adult (f)4,5401,1854
rv2ze(rv2ze)Adult (m)4,9101,2114
tBLEA(tBLEA)Adult (f)4,4321,1364
Z4487(Z4487)Adult (m)3,95099014
tKg14(tKg14)Adult (m)5,4091,1465
d4wIS(d4wIS)Adult (f)4,9461,0915
nS1iN(nS1iN)Adult (f)7,5911,3705
MWEao(MWEao)Adult (m)4,5159532
YZm5k(YZm5k)Adult (m)7,4261,4886
54lO4(54lO4)Adult (f)7,4721,3773
4VGHT(4VGHT)Adult (f)5,9311,2052
zspcD(zspcD)Adult (m)5,7911,1975
Dc23Z(Dc23Z)Adult (m)5,7791,3534
1cI8d(1cI8d)Adult (f)5,8911,2183
f7dfv(f7dfv)Adult (m)5,8261,1932
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