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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nove-NuVonde,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eqT3JAeoderi I I IAdult (m)6,0968392
bESJZAeoderi I II IIAdult (f)7,8168315
RDTCQAeoderi I II IIIAdult (f)3,5201,3112
qkclyAeoderi I I IVAdult (m)10,2549413
XgBIHZephrendre I I IAdult (m)3,9257462
dnesHZephrendre I I IIAdult (m)3,8628801
z46m4Albiidroni I I IAdult (m)9,9121,1015
zO1Q9Albiidroni I II IIAdult (f)4,4996583
yNuCUAlbiidroni I II IIIAdult (f)3,8901,0801
q9aCK(q9aCK)Adult (m)6,5521,0146
UQOph(UQOph)Adult (f)5,6041,0821
5YzkMAlmurrderi I I IAdult (m)6,1799251
XIpwgGalladrene I II IAdult (f)5,6208594
fkC89Galladrene I I IIAdult (m)4,2698901
lpf6hScorpiidrome I II IAdult (f)4,3651,1502
RMwt5Acrodruxo I II IAdult (f)3,0031,1130
8ICTaAcrodruxo I I IIAdult (m)3,0911,1182
ezpXpArdroni I I IAdult (m)7,3821,0261
PdC6eFelidrone I I IAdult (m)5,2759610
btSdEFelidrone I II IIAdult (f)2,8276740
HST83(HST83)Adult (m)6,0821,0493
ltTEGAzredrone I II IAdult (f)5,7699924
AtLyeKalakiroko I I IAdult (m)4,3868271
eIY6JHele I I IAdult (m)6,4181,0075
GxM7cBautoro I II IAdult (f)5,9527410
kC49gBautoro I I IIAdult (m)6,1339733
AOtjGBautoro I I IIIAdult (m)3,9339431
uG107Teidori I II IAdult (f)5,7119917
iGA0jTeidori I I IIAdult (m)4,5961,0311
kg22zTeidori I II IIIAdult (f)4,3829630
jLlT8Baldroni I II IAdult (f)5,8519714
GgtPVCorvidroni I II IAdult (f)3,6621,0231
4F8zvCorvidroni I I IIAdult (m)3,6031,0401
wJxaRTedrome I II IAdult (f)7,0718172
rgitwTedrome I II IIAdult (f)3,6681,0021
RcyidEnaciel I I IAdult (m)5,3998752
nRXiKSangrene I I IAdult (m)9,6139272
3mQHgSangrene I I IIAdult (m)4,0979060
mWBQvLudrone I I IAdult (m)7,3807821
pu9q6Ludrone I II IIAdult (f)5,6207495
gHqvxBlusodrexi I I IAdult (m)5,7249775
A41XQBlusodrexi I II IIAdult (f)4,9058824
alSD9Blusodrexi I II IIIAdult (f)4,3111,1373
KSPMPBlusodrexi I I IVAdult (m)4,1191,0711
ZQkADVoldroni I I IAdult (m)6,1019812
BsTEJVoldroni I II IIAdult (f)5,6087521
QuZAFRaeldro I I IAdult (m)4,1337391
EaUXDKolubrine I I IAdult (m)4,6991,0242
AjmlyKolubrine I I IIAdult (m)3,7428420
zrBTLSulvadrome I I IAdult (m)7,6771,0961
AdfBzSulvadrome I II IIAdult (f)4,9741,2113
5HVEfGaborre I I IAdult (m)4,0838291
CQr8eGaborre I II IIAdult (f)5,2029372
cKOoo(cKOoo)Adult (f)3,9229085
D9WfaKalidrene I I IAdult (m)5,2981,1353
yzG40Kalidrene I II IIAdult (f)5,3221,1233
nbtwCDelalumo I I IAdult (m)6,4779563
VAVpDArboperi I I IAdult (m)5,7338121
EuRTPRhodre I II IAdult (f)7,2029111
sa6qnNulledroni I II IAdult (f)6,6345431
P9nNhNulledroni I I IIAdult (m)4,7759010
DHv39Eriburi I II IAdult (f)4,5851,0833
qct4TEriburi I I IIAdult (m)6,1291,3073
MopoKEriburi I II IIIAdult (f)3,5601,0321
H25WQCeledrue I II IAdult (f)5,9998082
bdPodCeledrue I I IIAdult (m)5,5201,0112
OH7M7Laktoro I III IAdult5,5369575
r7rYULaktoro I III IIAdult6,7739843
YHi2uLaktoro II III IIIHatchling (F)6,0968471
xpAG0Laktoro II III IVHatchling (F)2,0495712
kmafNMarroni I II IAdult (f)3,8567252
FLbRVMoro I I IAdult (m)5,5225631
TC0gMMoro I II IIAdult (f)5,1451,0194
hvuABKuprau I I IAdult (m)6,8789684
gLRDTKuprau I II IIAdult (f)4,3571,1342
wfpkVKuprau I I IIIAdult (m)3,2511,1602
BVKb2(BVKb2)Adult (f)5,4301,0904
ZfhTJKupro I II IAdult (f)4,0849361
Y3xWOKupre I I IAdult (m)3,4471,1064
cFpvyKaro I II IAdult (f)6,3238811
HJisENepenoro I II IAdult (f)7,8888582
Gp4tiNepenoro I I IIAdult (m)5,8505502
kigNYUbro I II IAdult (f)6,4968912
Hrh2g(Hrh2g)Adult (f)5,1919782
HDw6SSomnideri I II IAdult (f)8,5821,2335
8Km3PDepsidori I II IAdult (f)7,3129112
2EPY5Depsidori I I IIAdult (m)4,3718351
fwiFZMaadrone I II IAdult (f)4,6881,1944
NgRupMaadrone I II IIAdult (f)3,4979991
wikviKarbonori I I IAdult (m)6,3399650
HuVDj(HuVDj)Adult (f)5,5439665
47L55Doridrome I I IAdult (m)6,9608326
Dmsl1Doridrome I II IIAdult (f)6,2024881
VCpfYDoridrone I II IAdult (f)5,9769463
yzW83Doridrone I I IIAdult (m)6,8169903
rvWfLDuborobori I I IAdult (m)6,7199951
o6SHMDuborobori I I IIAdult (m)4,0459631
j9ri2Zandroni I II IAdult (f)8,0861,0203
2r8GNZandroni I I IIAdult (m)4,9509863
xDjMAZandroni I II IIIAdult (f)3,8089491
qRrsnHeidrome I II IAdult (f)4,7998043
FI5DxHeidrome I II IIAdult (f)3,5871,0212
Zo5f1(Zo5f1)Adult (f)7,3191,0664
z2M00Mudrole I II IAdult (f)5,4291,0922
xVqyBPathodrene I I IAdult (m)4,4827732
xRsmdGnidro I II IAdult (f)6,5611,0325
9Msh2Gnidro I I IIAdult (m)7,1329650
uwImAGnidro I II IIIAdult (f)4,8601,0982
ojzfd(ojzfd)Adult (f)8,3371,0373
21SuAGnidra I I IAdult (m)5,2751,1033
vRke9Gnidrei I I IAdult (m)7,0681,0494
a7CFfGnidrei I I IIAdult (m)3,1731,0241
PoWqWFonidero I I IAdult (m)6,5619071
CCD4ZFonidero I II IIAdult (f)4,3669624
Od4n9Florreri I I IAdult (m)2,9287880
NWTBXFlorreri I I IIAdult (m)2,9237760
CimL1Camneri I II IAdult (f)3,7499891
Vw9ICCamnori I II IAdult (f)4,4961,0874
IWOwBCamnori I I IIAdult (m)4,3521,0034
jiniUMelapir I II IAdult (f)4,5301,0911
gl0rxMelapir I I IIAdult (m)4,0191,0182
m3FwmStriadroni I I IAdult (m)6,3158501
Bs6Vk(Bs6Vk)Adult (m)4,4519962
Y8ZPMFreidroni I II IAdult (f)7,8719061
rcvRMFreidroni I I IIAdult (m)5,3519182
V5g15Freidroni I I IIIAdult (m)5,1031,1262
A5yQSFreidroni I II IVAdult (f)4,9039451
fiPNRGhenorre I I IAdult (m)5,9581,1252
pv7un(pv7un)Adult (f)5,1311,0932
0fXd3Ghenora I I IAdult (m)5,5101,0345
WEDrTGhenoro I II IAdult (f)5,4117261
EGCcAGilbibori I I IAdult (m)6,5487872
N9ZvUGilbibori I II IIAdult (f)4,7287813
G6uyiGlaszgori I II IAdult (f)6,6359365
n4kJ9Circadroni I II IAdult (f)3,9317794
Qq4J2Circadrue I II IAdult (f)6,4608003
wqpLiCircadrue I I IIAdult (m)4,2501,0042
V0EKXTandres I I IAdult (m)6,7469630
8fE8ZTandres I II IIAdult (f)7,0731,1672
4IiDJAruderi I II IAdult (f)4,6679063
0TEHDAruderi I I IIAdult (m)6,9339624
jie9fAruderi I II IIIAdult (f)3,8131,1011
PN2hxGraeferi I I IAdult (m)4,8901,2522
vUwEyGraeferi I II IIAdult (f)3,2098571
Cd9BUPanthedori I I IAdult (m)5,7697001
YgmLGVerdandroni I I IAdult (m)5,5338893
CegXQVerdandroni I II IIAdult (f)3,8747431
mIRvvGordori I I IAdult (m)6,9388241
xY65PDei I II IAdult (f)6,1071,0412
PwJ6VDei I I IIAdult (m)6,5859804
lIgHAGourdrane I I IAdult (m)5,0849773
8w6ySGourdrane I II IIAdult (f)5,3877671
eUAE8Brimfiru I II IAdult (f)4,6059542
cFvf2Brimfiru I II IIAdult (f)5,1029812
ATMSBBrimfiru I I IIIAdult (m)2,9356843
jmdVV(jmdVV)Adult (m)2,4206670
owglALydreni I II IAdult (f)3,7489203
e1R8sLydreni I II IIAdult (f)4,8438350
KxyEzMargarino I I IAdult (m)5,6031,2053
nvxgf(nvxgf)Adult (m)2,4136660
3bBgwGipterdromi I I IAdult (m)4,9791,1563
79EmxGipterdromi I I IIAdult (m)3,4597951
2ie8dHiszolune I II IAdult (f)5,0171,1882
EjD0aViscumori I II IAdult (f)4,9401,0531
D8OMaKlausondroni I I IAdult (m)3,6157931
MMGY1Klausondroni I I IIAdult (m)4,8728700
6WKfNSvodrone I I IAdult (m)4,9051,0252
wrRQwGildrei I II IAdult (f)4,1501,2253
NkXiYGildrei I II IIAdult (f)4,6321,1855
DEumt(DEumt)Adult (f)2,4226441
bFcol(bFcol)Adult (f)2,6206800
t5bWYApisori I I IAdult (m)5,4921,0803
pkzXUApisori I II IIAdult (f)5,7861,0711
G8zbfTalorilori I II IAdult (f)6,4321,0174
ikAmBEqiidrone I I IAdult (m)5,1527001
tKLKmEqiidrone I II IIAdult (f)3,9781,0822
U1HkhHouldrove I II IAdult (f)4,0269701
rGqkqKyunodroi I II IAdult (f)6,5469644
JxdeYKyunodroi I I IIAdult (m)7,9411,0906
XveEWLamnigeir I II IAdult (f)4,5079202
N7G1wLamnigeir I I IIAdult (m)4,9131,0153
aaK6eRexedroni I I IAdult (m)5,5889264
wmWpLRexedroni I II IIAdult (f)9,2659435
AxTMnRexedroni I I IIIAdult (m)4,9379130
fFVRqKido I II IAdult (f)6,8439473
wlJUKLacluli I II IAdult (f)2,9607881
mEB9Wgregrearus tolkEgg (F)
5f9Qz(5f9Qz)Adult (f)3,8337542
chR4g(chR4g)Adult (m)2,9357362
S0D6p(S0D6p)Adult (m)6,8589340
Ve75U(Ve75U)Adult (m)4,7259912
18p3X(18p3X)Adult (m)7,3459953
OWmGk(OWmGk)Adult (m)7,3919564
SBby9(SBby9)Adult (f)8,0317642
CPkbE(CPkbE)Adult (f)5,2248465
4SJTY(4SJTY)Adult (m)5,6529382
SURUf(SURUf)Adult (f)5,8789253
hG2Ld(hG2Ld)Adult (m)6,6049606
Q3v9x(Q3v9x)Adult (m)5,9291,2316
KNe9z(KNe9z)Hatchling (f, F)4,6925972
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