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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “NintendoPower,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
psRb(psRb)Adult (f)6,7085762
2HDB(2HDB)Adult (f)5,7585362
9l2V(9l2V)Adult (m)5,0775441
m4OR(m4OR)Adult (m)4,8295571
mpGH(mpGH)Adult (m)4,3615420
8XgC(8XgC)Adult (f)4,8265571
q5fv(q5fv)Adult (m)5,5835642
97ss(97ss)Adult (f)5,5875571
eVDq(eVDq)Adult (m)6,6256933
11YM(11YM)Adult (m)4,2795596
Zhch(Zhch)Adult (f)6,5405925
Ve6H(Ve6H)Adult (f)5,3775684
cqDM(cqDM)Adult (m)4,8294465
hWrH(hWrH)Adult (m)4,2645924
9eqU(9eqU)Adult (m)4,5836075
3kuO(3kuO)Adult (f)5,3635732
q4rL(q4rL)Adult (f)6,1516381
DvQV(DvQV)Adult (m)4,2705964
np5W(np5W)Adult (m)6,0125612
PKlV(PKlV)Adult (f)4,5055893
oOJY(oOJY)Adult (m)3,2045111
WgSL(WgSL)Adult (f)3,9086493
59pU(59pU)Adult (m)4,5095872
tFQ0(tFQ0)Adult (f)4,4875823
qFrb(qFrb)Adult (m)4,0055602
HMSi(HMSi)Adult (m)2,9905742
QLP3(QLP3)Adult (m)5,4997932
qtdI(qtdI)Adult (f)4,1416432
amaS(amaS)Adult (m)3,3925281
lYsl(lYsl)Adult (f)4,5875761
iOZJ(iOZJ)Adult (m)2,9284921
cbPK(cbPK)Adult (f)5,2306542
fgqW(fgqW)Adult (m)4,0055812
PiUq(PiUq)Adult (f)3,3106607
pi6I(pi6I)Adult (m)5,8696590
269A(269A)Adult (f)7,0821,2836
DstP(DstP)Adult (m)5,7646994
ZnV3(ZnV3)Adult (f)4,8966361
dqMW(dqMW)Adult (m)4,1126352
LN3G(LN3G)Adult (f)5,2066545
2A4B(2A4B)Adult (m)5,0186523
jl2g(jl2g)Adult (f)4,1895962
utSO(utSO)Adult (m)2,7897296
TAZe(TAZe)Adult (f)2,6325835
B8LL(B8LL)Adult (m)2,6395842
vuJd(vuJd)Adult (m)3,6145156
L6TQ(L6TQ)Adult (m)3,6615753
ibqr(ibqr)Adult (f)4,8576374
ESnD(ESnD)Adult (m)5,4496672
6NP7(6NP7)Adult (m)5,2676333
FUSb(FUSb)Adult (m)6,2967436
VLD3(VLD3)Adult (f)5,5487923
bDZ8(bDZ8)Adult (m)4,6226573
uXsb(uXsb)Adult (f)5,0036153
7RBV(7RBV)Adult (f)4,9956055
30rv(30rv)Adult (m)4,3514933
WPF6(WPF6)Adult (f)4,3155846
UoJo(UoJo)Adult (f)3,9196133
Q4rd(Q4rd)Adult (m)4,4196333
ccmR(ccmR)Adult (m)4,3766339
ds50(ds50)Adult (f)3,8816166
jcdX(jcdX)Adult (m)3,8976235
lZUZ(lZUZ)Adult (m)3,9096264
UQ8Q(UQ8Q)Adult (f)5,8736653
lEFb(lEFb)Adult (f)5,5185413
K8nO(K8nO)Adult (f)5,6675784
hWZH(hWZH)Adult (m)5,5695755
Apmi(Apmi)Adult (m)6,1835593
Q30d(Q30d)Adult (m)6,7265386
fAqd(fAqd)Adult (m)6,2315522
Cb9O(Cb9O)Adult (f)5,9915564
hU68(hU68)Adult (f)6,1355643
ftvG(ftvG)Adult (f)6,0505533
cNBM(cNBM)Adult (m)4,8745565
Xtqd(Xtqd)Adult (m)4,2775994
EfKn(EfKn)Adult (f)5,5965572
Ab2J(Ab2J)Adult (m)4,2375935
4u3l(4u3l)Adult (f)5,3635855
FAnB(FAnB)Adult (m)6,2958505
4TMB(4TMB)Adult (m)6,3176564
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