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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ninjakittee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XTdFdLuminant EchoAdult (m)1,9394590
0uJG0Runic EchoAdult (m)3,2788271
3gJR7Dazzled EchoAdult (f)3,3748251
WYp3gReaper's EchoAdult (m)3,7877376
L6pgmDivine EchoAdult (f)2,8106594
ijihIReckless EchoAdult (m)2,8906454
laqIZWanton EchoAdult (f)3,1806773
jgJlmWounded EchoAdult (f)5,0508723
QrbLUProjected EchoAdult (m)3,2226985
dMKk3Heathen EchoAdult (m)4,2256425
2ohM5Voiceless EchoAdult (m)3,6267101
cCxUgSoliloquy EchoAdult (m)3,3786491
bilO5Monochrome EchoAdult (m)3,7146655
QxsWiCracked EchoAdult (m)3,0555807
pJoTzFragile EchoAdult (f)4,2268064
A2sM6Lucent EchoAdult (m)2,8876432
lmcB9Mournful EchoAdult (m)2,9237072
c74joThe Bog UnicornAdult (m)2,8716383
vq8IcLament's EchoAdult (f)3,5327481
tqcAwGreyscale SkyAdult (m)2,7896294
ATh1mPsion UnboundAdult (m)2,8195954
rFDL1Eternal Desert SunAdult (m)2,9075754
30YLnStark LustAdult (f)2,8976034
mroKJShattered EchoAdult (f)3,0154926
VogyZValourous EchoAdult (f)3,7345265
157gsSovereign EchoAdult (f)4,1145353
EPMtNDistorted EchoAdult (f)3,7346931
hcEBoMoontide DancesAdult (m)5,4481,1653
qRNs9Fractured LanternAdult (m)4,6229096
2vMH7Hail the MoonlightAdult (m)3,5076675
NnI3BWishful AbandonAdult (f)4,5255614
co3MULast Desert SongAdult (m)4,5117448
RjhyXQueen's ScribeAdult (m)4,1047254
fZ1u5Recalcitrant EchoAdult (m)3,2836843
vca4vSpectrum of SilenceAdult (m)6,4666861
Geqh2Primal EchoAdult (f)3,3108843
K79WqThe Blinding KnifeHatchling (f, F)3,1296663
SBmB4False Prisms' WarHatchling (F)2,2913592
aboV1OrholamHatchling (F)1,4754353
TTkJtBreaths of BlueAdult (m)6,5251,2483
aPmNYA Kiss of BlueAdult (m)6,4531,2753
BYENMBlooming in BlueAdult (f)4,9961,1402
vyJLoStruck by BlueAdult (f)5,0051,1193
vl1H1Quests for BlueAdult (f)5,0091,1223
d1gGITo Bleed BlueAdult (m)4,9901,1163
gauveA Song of BlueAdult (m)5,1121,1414
btsu8(btsu8)Adult (f)2,5793594
0l92g(0l92g)Adult (m)2,4583443
7KL2eStrike Class DragonAdult (f)3,2187151
yU8EMEcho Class DragonAdult (f)3,4637381
8A1QWLeviathan Class DragonAdult (f)3,4277260
SIuncRadiant Class DragonAdult (m)3,4547453
XeDVpKnight Class DragonAdult (m)3,8608482
e4oFNAether Class DragonAdult (m)3,6518110
I6ZtQAavarosAdult (f)4,9107833
Wvhc2Rykan SilkAdult (m)4,8125973
HtX6qLeonin SilkAdult (m)3,3296091
TvMFcSylthan SilkAdult (f)3,9456401
CXm8xLillianna SilkAdult (f)5,3086121
dbVnhFall of TranquilityAdult (f)3,9927581
zwPN2Sylkan FantasyAdult (f)2,7125543
XxypuForgotten LustreAdult (f)4,0169177
3gqVdBeguiled LustreAdult (m)2,8186841
UfB8QUnknown LustreAdult (f)4,0361,0533
qzQXpTransient LustreAdult (m)2,8826721
s3pQrIdyllic LustreAdult (m)3,7308954
DFqp3Surrendered LustreAdult (f)2,9946801
Vss4rShining Jade WingsAdult (f)5,2231,0043
KISTLRiot Sapphire BrillianceAdult (f)4,3228171
Hsc2xRiot Crimson BrillianceAdult (m)5,0481,0638
OCM2oRiot Sapphire CharmAdult (f)4,5729526
F2mrQRiot Crimson CharmAdult (m)4,1678196
nbNfsRiot Crimson KindleAdult (m)4,9348722
xCIGARiot Sapphire KindleAdult (f)5,4901,0533
VUgikRiot Crimson SongAdult (m)5,0767903
7Bdt3Riot Sapphire SongAdult (f)4,9997992
BaZFyI Am The BlueAdult (f)6,1709083
iDSkQRiot Sapphire GlowAdult (f)5,4469841
nsNcABlueblossom PartyAdult (f)4,6648473
2B7I7The Red ShimmerAdult (m)4,6078334
Wl8s8Riot Crimson GlowAdult (m)5,3899454
X2XkaRiot Crimson BrandAdult (m)5,7987221
7h5RoRiot Crimson ScreamAdult (m)3,6906543
5AGViRiot Sapphire BrandAdult (f)6,5201,3677
7TyLkIt's Almost Summer in HeavenAdult (f)3,4065891
ZIR6fEven The Skies ErrHatchling (f, F)3,9487011
CGGNBA Touch of VodkaHatchling (F)2,2464281
TBk2rAdd More TinselHatchling (m, F)6,6718641
qLsqw(qLsqw)Hatchling (f, F)2,5526072
gh666Satanic DustAdult (m)4,0727811
lTN0eNordic DustAdult (m)4,5278222
YmBk1Varyssian DustAdult (m)3,8088453
4togjDraconian DustAdult (m)4,0678413
Zz7IAArcadian DustAdult (f)3,7706682
dgM3lOblivion DustAdult (m)4,0047092
LcjioLucarios DustAdult (m)2,3276110
nF4tVZealaxin DustAdult (f)2,0805560
zie6LZiecodic DustAdult (m)2,4236260
9ZTo8Jacynthas DustAdult (m)2,1875650
EdCO8Melodic DustAdult (m)5,0287313
8Oh4BFantysia DustAdult (m)5,0067044
g0ZywAuroras DustAdult (f)5,1587374
4BZHJOrichalcos DustAdult (f)4,8996922
scKxxSolicitous DustAdult (f)3,9898105
bxkfvAtlantis DustAdult (f)2,6995131
bnUfdMillennium DustAdult (f)5,1198731
pa6QAKa'karifen DustAdult (f)5,0738601
YAMrwYamino DustAdult (m)7,0831,0274
43ZcnSingularis DustAdult (m)7,2091,0452
C6F2QFaunas DustAdult (f)4,5989813
irfYmCelestian DustAdult (f)4,5909993
TZZ8GByzantium DustAdult (f)4,6219773
4111qGossamer DustAdult (f)2,9345581
BgeI1Mythril DustAdult (f)3,7055930
0XQ0AAurelion DustAdult (m)3,6606570
d25k3Glassine DustAdult (f)3,6416441
OXrMXCitrine DustAdult (m)3,5646541
Bo5bDEyrial DustAdult (f)3,6256331
lhzwRFissionate DustAdult (f)3,5125473
ReMCoRemcordant DustAdult (m)3,3315412
k7rDeKardashian DustAdult (f)4,0315624
rZSf4Razzmatazz DustAdult (m)4,1975612
FEALsGrimfeals DustAdult (m)4,1956116
0JSRgSadfluff DustAdult (f)4,0815635
lsDoyIsildurn DustAdult (m)4,7225592
ONEGRA Lonely GrowlAdult (f)4,8935913
9gHNTSennen DustAdult (f)4,2445061
DB4iySolaris DustAdult (m)3,8664881
DSeEdFlorasitic DustAdult (f)3,9644931
dlFeJChromatic DustAdult (m)4,3854931
9qWs0Seraphic DustAdult (m)7,3215241
cynSKDesert Gold SandAdult (m)5,0625507
VmQzCVernier DustAdult (m)5,6585787
nZH7CValourous DustAdult (f)5,8317774
cmTA1Cameraderie DustAdult (m)5,6449546
Bb62ILuxonouris DustAdult (m)4,2746762
dOUIqEvolvus DustAdult (f)3,1336394
bHboFSonorous DustAdult (f)3,2856432
dlQGrJarrow LightfeatherAdult (m)3,5706062
wb4YsIlluminous DustAdult (m)3,8627284
2oxqAToxica DustAdult (m)4,1577262
pb05eOriginus DustAdult (f)4,9975472
WtQBQWerelian DustAdult (m)3,9687162
xgbRgScelerian DustAdult (f)4,6646131
rHQbMTyrannica DustAdult (f)3,90966526
iPDS0Paladium DustAdult (f)5,0625659
34n9EDusted ScalesAdult (m)3,7395947
dkiPDI Felt So ColdAdult (f)4,7437832
mNnQhSnuggled in SootAdult (f)4,2017592
sIQV9A Thousand Years of VoidAdult (f)2,9557232
SiCbVHacker VoiceAdult (f)3,3638161
JjjsjA Sliver of SunlightHatchling (m, F)3,3335164
ki4niAn Echo of AuricHatchling (F)1,9044143
AcdynAquanis of RiversAdult (f)3,4078611
bCFo0Aquanis of LakesAdult (m)3,5779161
N7KSyAquanis of OceansAdult (f)3,5628732
cKz8dAquanis of SeasAdult (m)5,2429770
shXGZAquanis of PuddlesAdult (f)4,5629442
rMPakAquanis of PondsAdult (m)4,1247640
s80vjOil RainbowsAdult (f)3,0137003
aXvS7Black SeawaterAdult (m)2,8937301
hsdc3I Love an AquanisAdult (m)2,6236501
bTsxbAquanis of RainAdult (m)2,0625632
wB1mYThe Lithium ForestAdult (m)3,1567771
tGjuEMount SolaresAdult (m)3,0497901
oGcKyThe TarpitsAdult (m)2,9047571
VovuVThe Jungle of LightsAdult (f)3,1067982
8kp8eSouthstarAdult (f)2,9707631
N8gGNWavelighteAdult (f)3,0907881
qIdbtBubblegum SongdragonAdult (m)6,2588902
FAWcCFairywing SongdragonAdult (m)3,3909033
YPMSlCandyfloss SongdragonAdult (f)3,9139031
gO7pTFairydust SongdragonAdult (f)4,0829232
30n2CLightstorm SongdragonAdult (f)2,9197302
opfiRShadowstorm SongdragonAdult (m)2,8126381
SB2ScSnowberry SongdragonAdult (m)4,1205501
kfaKEDemonflame SongdragonAdult (f)4,3755500
BHvuUSnowfeather SongdragonAdult (f)2,9666411
kEyXkKeystone SongdragonAdult (m)3,1566071
askCPBrightvoice SongdragonAdult (m)5,0798553
2EmPTDemonwing SongdragonAdult (m)4,0767121
PhIAARavenblood SongdragonAdult (m)4,5535753
KxaF0Ravenglass SongdragonAdult (f)3,4185742
RAgu5Brightrage SongdragonAdult (f)3,3825451
knxN5Keyblade SongdragonAdult (f)3,3135651
Qq7n6Werelight SongdragonAdult (f)5,2885780
kbq7FMagelight SongdragonAdult (m)6,0497653
sT5VBSpirit of RavenAdult (f)2,6225707
97x0BSnowquillAdult (m)3,5707065
RiZG9March of the TemplarsAdult (m)4,7269492
3pZX9Luxin KeysAdult (f)3,8687755
sztE1Storm of VirtuesAdult (f)4,1895722
qPpMOEnstormed AlliesAdult (f)2,4865991
3JmgwSungold StrawberryAdult (m)4,7646604
Mu5T8Snowtide AlennaAdult (f)5,3297472
yIvGcTwilight HeartsongAdult (m)9,5311,4335
msr5ZBriala's AmuletAdult (f)8,0516962
khz1XSing A Little Song For MeHatchling (m, F)3,6015535
ENR8IDawning AttractionAdult (f)4,6801,1767
DIy8DViolet AmoreAdult (f)3,6248245
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