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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “NinjaPanda,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gaFoy(gaFoy)Adult (m)1,8586552
Shusnjp- ExposureAdult (f)2,3314704
1j2V(1j2V)Adult (f)1,7814447
8v2D(8v2D)Adult (f)1,7024779
1qWc(1qWc)Adult (f)1,6954938
0vsZ(0vsZ)Adult (f)1,6214536
Vwd7h(Vwd7h)Adult (m)2,2138430
Jl1Snjp- NiumaluAdult (f)1,7515242
2lQlnjp- KauaiAdult (m)5,9077106
bns8(bns8)Adult (f)4,0688514
S20Gnjp- MistletoeAdult (m)1,33840811
h026(h026)Adult (f)1,6734485
GU0v(GU0v)Adult (f)1,6774477
ij1b(ij1b)Adult (f)1,9776472
hL3c(hL3c)Adult (f)1,5764092
CqgXnjp- Secret SchizoidAdult (f)2,0614332
dBGD(dBGD)Adult (f)1,7794793
80Runjp- CoelacanthAdult (f)2,1064801
wrN6Knjp- MPDAdult (m)2,6517532
J8jHnjp- SupercellAdult (m)2,3955689
9JMru(9JMru)Adult (f)2,2168420
qdovnjp- Olympus MonsAdult (m)1,1754395
3eNZnjp- VenusAdult (f)2,1394451
DNKV(DNKV)Adult (f)2,1174702
JgcB(JgcB)Adult (m)3,11152212
PrEr(PrEr)Adult (m)2,1395129
AsYOnjp- KoikingAdult (m)7694272
kN39(kN39)Adult (f)1,6204784
EnXW(EnXW)Adult (f)1,6074661
mvU6(mvU6)Adult (m)1,7975663
dyF83njp- AuAdult (f)1,9986503
JXg1(JXg1)Adult (f)8574322
XnQC(XnQC)Adult (f)2,2845639
ga9a(ga9a)Adult (m)1,6814591
bjCq(bjCq)Adult (m)1,7295601
QlfL(QlfL)Adult (f)1,7794392
Mpcd(Mpcd)Adult (f)1,9444123
M74t(M74t)Adult (f)2,4514834
CKC8(CKC8)Adult (f)2,3825629
9Ddqnjp- OrionAdult (m)1,4935614
Qks3(Qks3)Adult (m)1,8685026
avHZ(avHZ)Adult (m)2,3043042
tqCC(tqCC)Adult (m)1,3323473
aNXV(aNXV)Adult (f)2,11964820
9iR9(9iR9)Adult (m)1,7134985
3aUm(3aUm)Adult (f)1,8844563
ehpb(ehpb)Adult (m)2,1704761
oQcL(oQcL)Adult (f)2,4404864
Sbqm(Sbqm)Adult (m)1,4603752
Jvqj(Jvqj)Adult (f)1,4533602
fl7t(fl7t)Adult (m)1,5183594
8mWY(8mWY)Adult (f)1,4103794
PnHLK(PnHLK)Adult (m)2,1428050
AW2R(AW2R)Adult (f)2,0125242
cTdn(cTdn)Adult (f)2,5404844
ln7I(ln7I)Adult (f)9524132
RTt8w(RTt8w)Adult (f)1,9866351
02stZ(02stZ)Adult (f)2,1958620
BZYZ(BZYZ)Adult (m)1,8944615
ti1G(ti1G)Adult (m)1,7545482
KQ6H(KQ6H)Adult (f)2,0264735
26tD(26tD)Adult (f)1,6335302
LEcm(LEcm)Adult (f)1,1914782
GVE2(GVE2)Adult (m)1,7404923
u7du(u7du)Adult (f)2,0304413
9vOb(9vOb)Hatchling (F)1,4733362
oUbS(oUbS)Adult (m)2,0894713
V5Ha(V5Ha)Adult (f)1,6234515
kltO(kltO)Hatchling (F)1,4523413
Mcnf(Mcnf)Adult (f)2,0654012
d54r(d54r)Adult (f)2,0694133
GXhNsnjp- TriaAdult (m)1,7516483
8r21H(8r21H)Adult (m)1,8386203
L9lZgnjp- Seeing SpotsAdult (f)3,1038263
fEXRnjp- Cupid's ArrowAdult (m)1,6435395
i1X7(i1X7)Adult (f)1,4455662
knBS(knBS)Adult (f)1,6085942
JG4Y(JG4Y)Adult (f)1,3745265
XITdnjp- I don't sparkleAdult (m)1,7775173
spl5(spl5)Adult (m)2,0694361
A7md(A7md)Adult (m)1,4355191
qvYY(qvYY)Adult (m)1,6635403
hQhZ(hQhZ)Adult (f)2,0896875
ee7xd(ee7xd)Adult (m)2,1898221
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