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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Nikita0508,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    wjR5(wjR5)Adult (m)2,57122516
    CKGn(CKGn)Adult (m)3,20224537
    hcQ8(hcQ8)Adult (f)2,42325418
    CabV(CabV)Adult (m)2,18725819
    nxCy(nxCy)Adult (f)2,18430116
    DPC8(DPC8)Adult (m)2,34030117
    RDkV(RDkV)Adult (m)2,49728617
    PasR(PasR)Adult (f)2,47728717
    85zd(85zd)Adult (m)4,01264342
    8Wlk(8Wlk)Adult (f)3,16435131
    wnJP(wnJP)Adult (m)2,98531824
    vo5i(vo5i)Adult (f)3,08332227
    zpZi(zpZi)Adult (f)3,28931328
    YwZn(YwZn)Adult (m)1,59427832
    qzCI(qzCI)Adult (m)1,87932131
    ftjL(ftjL)Adult (m)1,90033738
    jEIZ(jEIZ)Adult (m)1,99932831
    5kYt(5kYt)Adult (f)1,65235237
    JeIB(JeIB)Adult (f)3,00685120
    tv3K(tv3K)Adult (f)2,65245832
    r9kG(r9kG)Adult (f)1,83537131
    Hc92(Hc92)Adult (m)1,29844020
    YTpv(YTpv)Adult (f)1,10245527
    K6xI(K6xI)Adult (m)1,50883410
    UnJy(UnJy)Adult (f)1,11034928
    g7ar(g7ar)Adult (m)1,49929615
    BDGV(BDGV)Adult (f)1,53232213
    VESo(VESo)Adult (m)1,55231314
    EBIu(EBIu)Adult (m)2,11532221
    7Dee(7Dee)Adult (m)2,23234119
    H9jK(H9jK)Adult (m)2,13631621
    TJoE(TJoE)Adult (m)2,11031618
    2kj1(2kj1)Adult (f)2,19633414
    GXIh(GXIh)Adult (f)2,3492859
    i5tf(i5tf)Adult (m)2,52829712
    F5Iu(F5Iu)Adult (f)2,61230511
    FeDf(FeDf)Adult (m)2,23929910
    mgbX(mgbX)Adult (m)2,25529615
    HV3i(HV3i)Adult (m)2,24429613
    mEKp(mEKp)Adult (f)2,07329616
    Vhlq(Vhlq)Adult (m)2,25431214
    BCtN(BCtN)Adult (m)2,53930815
    oF7Z(oF7Z)Adult (f)2,51230913
    OD6s(OD6s)Adult (m)2,0692814
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