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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “NightmaresOpal,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mszKE(mszKE)Adult (f)4,0218742
GMoAZ(GMoAZ)Adult (f)3,8708850
oWEMT(oWEMT)Adult (m)3,9239051
zqSgq(zqSgq)Adult (m)3,9218742
pjzUA(pjzUA)Adult (m)3,4559010
a9K8s(a9K8s)Adult (f)3,4478861
xbDui(xbDui)Adult (m)3,3668570
1OTnB(1OTnB)Adult (f)3,4609180
As8iM(As8iM)Adult (f)3,4879131
0QA3U(0QA3U)Adult (f)5,3389655
yeKHi(yeKHi)Adult (f)5,2259381
FkGvd(FkGvd)Adult (f)5,2959701
Sk8Y7(Sk8Y7)Adult (m)5,3759731
f6Pwa(f6Pwa)Adult (f)5,3449660
xyznY(xyznY)Adult (m)5,3639681
XZTIi(XZTIi)Adult (f)5,5599381
vbi92(vbi92)Adult (m)5,2348941
hDtg9(hDtg9)Adult (m)3,8896331
E3PEm(E3PEm)Adult (m)4,6027981
DygUo(DygUo)Adult (m)4,0007422
CMOaE(CMOaE)Adult (m)3,8907173
ieXKT(ieXKT)Adult (f)4,7166514
Vaem8(Vaem8)Adult (f)4,5766093
ljZIZ(ljZIZ)Adult (f)4,2426435
8B8Ew(8B8Ew)Adult (f)6,0379282
ieWaJ(ieWaJ)Adult (f)5,3798712
MlTIK(MlTIK)Adult (m)3,7507073
SdQVi(SdQVi)Adult (f)3,9257302
rqcAu(rqcAu)Adult (f)5,9419233
pU77X(pU77X)Adult (f)6,0549133
F0a8s(F0a8s)Adult (f)6,7891,0633
lSf6Q(lSf6Q)Adult (f)6,5681,0472
FikRO(FikRO)Adult (f)4,0457614
A9X6k(A9X6k)Adult (m)4,2203977
959OX(959OX)Adult (f)2,5545961
IJU2Y(IJU2Y)Adult (m)2,5656311
iWnwZ(iWnwZ)Adult (m)2,5065961
T8oAt(T8oAt)Adult (f)2,9907003
yb5Nu(yb5Nu)Adult (m)3,6875283
slHaJ(slHaJ)Adult (f)3,0205911
l4K9n(l4K9n)Adult (f)2,8325811
LE5f4(LE5f4)Adult (m)2,7485651
mgBcM(mgBcM)Adult (m)2,4356610
0vyig(0vyig)Adult (m)3,2106391
inIp4(inIp4)Adult (f)3,2165911
MAGjC(MAGjC)Adult (f)3,2266123
zzwSV(zzwSV)Adult (f)4,0908802
XlTJp(XlTJp)Adult (m)4,2218430
iEKbY(iEKbY)Adult (f)5,0076760
9YPh2(9YPh2)Adult (m)6,5478994
GSEGi(GSEGi)Adult (m)6,2558831
orS6B(orS6B)Adult (f)6,1128784
zv2l8(zv2l8)Adult (m)4,8658163
vJSeZUsed To Be Mortal Now I'm DivineAdult (f)8,0011,2345
Ro4w4There Are No Kings - Only GodsAdult (f)7,6111,1631
3BnizDaughter of a Faithless SeerAdult (f)7,4871,1073
t1a1PVox in MareAdult (f)7,8201,0922
fRgyCPrayers Travel Faster Than LightAdult (f)6,7958192
xrelCI've Got A Pet HeroAdult (f)5,9358572
1yGDtCherish Your Blessings DarlingAdult (m)4,4628874
jyl55Love Me Like An ImmortalAdult (f)6,0691,0384
QaqOASkarp Skarp OAdult (f)6,0271,0524
PhBrFSpeak Of Me Kindly OAdult (m)5,9791,0331
bZ8xcI'm Itching For A LegendAdult (m)5,9271,0204
34jJBWhat The Priests Don't SayAdult (f)4,6179525
ic4PgJust A Taste Of HeavenAdult (m)4,5259474
I9fHqA Forecast Of Foxes OAdult (f)4,78281810
xt70IStopfish Echoes OAdult (m)3,2425832
BIiyTBitey OAdult (f)3,4856193
sHnbsShinbs OAdult (m)8,3901,3852
tQ89JTapestry Of God's TearsAdult (m)8,2231,3744
8PkLIPrince Of Pompeii OAdult (f)8,1821,3512
F5CnORockwarden OAdult (f)8,3431,3583
K2zCcTeacup Koolaid OAdult (m)6,5131,1567
H02r2Not Bubbles OAdult (m)6,6541,1204
lfa2bForget My Name OAdult (m)6,5521,1001
li8uUClouds Of Chemicals OAdult (m)6,8831,1722
eQTJODolly OAdult (m)6,3791,1281
t5FZiSplaps OAdult (m)6,0559832
HOeAaTwenty Losers OAdult (m)6,9141,2022
tw7JzBanana Squid OAdult (m)6,1279672
JCqGGSnowflake WatercolorsAdult (f)5,9199513
2KdGLHorse OAdult (m)6,0919833
cfHA6Smurfplease OAdult (f)6,0215875
R63N6Elevator Teapot OAdult (m)6,2045950
4In8lPistolfearAdult (f)6,3565903
wBLH6Listens To BVB OAdult (m)5,9785930
iE0mHReach Babe OAdult (f)7,3661,4405
3dK5lHates Halloween OAdult (m)7,1841,4353
dO7ib(dO7ib)Adult (m)7,3291,4402
ZiX1TMagi UnstopAdult (m)7,5021,4221
qiSb9What You Do For Me OAdult (f)7,3981,4371
mnOjtMerryXmas-exeAdult (m)5,7771,1543
HqmN0Pompom Puppy OAdult (f)6,0111,1450
jkqqKShudderwreck OAdult (f)5,3891,1240
ZtlerLisene No OAdult (m)6,5851,1420
hTYeMForgot My Lover's Name OAdult (f)4,4161,2040
2f48gTacky Glue Tape OAdult (f)8,0341,6982
LtCtWIt Is April OAdult (m)8,0191,6802
2g3WABe Afraid Of My Love OAdult (f)7,9451,6711
VJvmkCatch-EchoAdult (m)8,0821,6913
v7UgLI Ate Santa's Elves OAdult (m)8,0421,5853
e10xSStarceAdult (f)11,5831,8492
TS6BuCotton Candy CoffeeAdult (f)11,1681,8063
dUcs4Crafting Project OAdult (f)11,4741,7572
uFUERFish Tank Eater OAdult (m)11,3311,7816
x9n9rAfraid Of Dogs OAdult (f)11,4081,7842
oVmMiStickyface OAdult (m)8,0831,2324
LJHNNSouladearAdult (m)4,5741,2900
OxLTHFace The Music OAdult (f)4,6551,2881
F2q6vPerfection RitesAdult (m)4,4011,2812
888CCRUN OAdult (m)5,1131,2861
tzFNrHamsterbane OAdult (m)5,0701,2981
BvPZZTorpor AddictionAdult (m)7,2461,7115
p12yuErgo Evermore OAdult (f)7,4361,7234
yMgqXManicure Addict OAdult (m)7,4681,4521
t33gFCerebro-FoghornAdult (m)7,3091,5148
RLUq2Render LanternAdult (f)7,6351,57010
2OSrzFollow Me Down Love OAdult (f)6,1541,2891
b5GhECreeper TwelveAdult (f)6,6791,2882
A5kjBTrusted No Skies OAdult (m)7,2781,0701
Sr6HTKitten CanaryAdult (m)7,0951,0930
rYHT3Priest Of Greed OAdult (m)7,0561,0680
c8qHdInk SpitAdult (m)6,8259652
4ElTNOh CeasarAdult (f)6,9818965
tTOdDTod 12Adult (m)5,5839907
9ZOLXDisgraced BronzeAdult (m)6,0281,0150
dMDvoScylla's BoyfriendAdult (f)6,1311,0334
g7fr5Back To My Lungs OAdult (f)4,6918081
uf9kMShy Delirium OAdult (f)4,7408682
Rw2NpPity-PartyAdult (m)4,6688691
TUt7WQuark and PhotonAdult (f)5,0978984
MTOjsFall To A Bow OAdult (f)7,2966134
AcEfIFountain ForgeryAdult (m)4,0407450
VzIdOCHASECHASE OAdult (f)3,9697232
rjFW4Fall Of Lovers OAdult (f)7,6931,3501
7rJRPThey Loved Me Once OAdult (f)7,2031,2351
neX7NEldritch GlowAdult (f)7,0801,2484
uglbkMagazine Model OAdult (f)7,5951,1905
yhpMKHatred And Alibis OAdult (m)7,3121,2431
B0V7cTesting RegulationsAdult (f)4,7738864
puTCwArc DistressAdult (m)4,8458950
iUThOSicchnoxAdult (f)4,8238702
AkMqXBlessingless GodAdult (f)7,0671,2464
lysP4Shooooop OAdult (f)4,3268335
XaDvsCrushing Guilt OAdult (f)3,5256772
WzdmjSaccharin LoverAdult (m)5,1338782
9bzVUTastes Like OzoneAdult (m)3,2646053
ZpQHjLight Above Arby'sAdult (f)3,5019094
zisfGDevote Yourself To MeAdult (m)6,8481,3036
k4odOPitch FiveAdult (m)6,8151,3137
00DrPDoctor PAdult (f)7,0101,3164
jQeDIShipwreck KingAdult (f)7,4881,2224
x7ZTIEndeavornautAdult (m)7,8801,4177
ngitANgitaAdult (m)6,3941,2434
1SFDcCupid's SidepieceAdult (f)6,5341,2543
qscqaShatterlustAdult (f)6,3861,2364
bkuhSWitchsoul ThuwedAdult (f)5,7931,0758
rZQwzXrack TargaryenAdult (m)4,6571,0005
4TzHNWunderlust EternalAdult (m)2,2737282
BzgZkCecil CarlosAdult (f)2,3406991
8ZcOVGrasden StyxAdult (m)9,0451,5978
wARKvAuraluxAdult (m)3,9967384
vXdKvGolden BaublesAdult (m)3,6537214
BBdE9Oblivion StarsAdult (f)6,4021,2881
QyWkRHarbour The KingAdult (m)6,2001,2521
U3V86Hear My Praises Sung In ScreamsAdult (f)7,0771,3946
0tA47Earl Grey Is So BitterAdult (f)8,0451,2063
pRF7oGold is the Root of All EvilAdult (m)7,8341,22611
8ErmlHemoglobin HugsAdult (m)2,35752210
FV6iMFantam's Cuppa TeaAdult (f)8,7261,4804
jcrubBlack ChamomileAdult (m)5,9529073
Aj0pDPennies in ColumbiaAdult (m)7,8041,2114
kzsbwStars In My TeaAdult (m)7,6281,2604
9672cFlower TattoosAdult (m)6,8651,3531
2mWoeThey Make Sacrifices In My NameAdult (f)8,0121,2358
Q9ip5Kiss Kiss They Fall In LoveAdult (m)8,7401,5946
jzDXARed Blood King TargaryenAdult (f)7,5431,2601
YDgJXThey Named Gods After MeAdult (m)6,6601,3345
4Gt7OStars For SugarAdult (m)1,9204003
w2Tx3White Gold 24 CaratsAdult (m)6,0061,3699
vZ5MZBirdcage ElizabethAdult (f)6,7071,3732
XATV4Carnivore CanaryAdult (f)6,4581,3772
5PO0BKelpie TanglesAdult (m)8,4031,6176
REPz7Dear Solstice StarsAdult (m)6,5281,3604
sXHweSucralose SweetheartsAdult (f)6,4381,33912
OEOOfCollision SirAdult (f)6,5911,4185
RUlwTMy Cuppa Dark TeaAdult (f)6,0581,3882
aCneVFrom Magic and SeawaterAdult (f)6,0401,3825
kfBGxDaemon AetriusAdult (m)7,7211,4613
r51CHBlood From GoldAdult (m)8,0771,4504
rK8MgBirdsong OmegaAdult (f)8,2111,39613
hIPHsI'll Eat You  A L I V EAdult (m)8,5511,5954
wGBEHScratched SunglassesAdult (m)7,5421,4367
CQc5XThings You Do In The DarkAdult (f)10,3471,6836
TsLvsFrozen H'OrdervesAdult (f)10,1121,7234
f28gHHail The KingAdult (m)5,3167563
wpXeuUnbelievablenessityAdult (m)9,5341,6544
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