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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nightflowers,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wBW5z(wBW5z)Dead Egg3021
amCZZGolden Rainbow MoonHatchling (m)6,9448362
eMchyAzure the Frozen GlaceonHatchling (F)2,5501704
WLl8Cstar frostyAdult (m)6,8971,03910
5DwOXflame winAdult (f)4,2434815
0k5Apleafy grassAdult (f)2,8246346
qQdt5nature river treeAdult (f)2,6016532
o35bqfire blazer burnAdult (f)1,68150323
noYedrainbow moon mistAdult (m)2,9203297
gm3qLblue jade wingAdult (m)2,48529810
lwKhGlittle jewel silverAdult (f)2,55930512
0jlCtZap lightning strikeAdult (m)3,1988584
Ca0Vwblack lava heatAdult (f)9,37562511
lMEUOsilver blue clawAdult (m)7,1541,1332
zfIR4night heart catAdult (f)2,0687832
mQZqQwater nature leafAdult (m)2,3165516
3pMLVsapphire night redAdult (m)4,8518326
qNSw2fire flame blastAdult (m)3,8087353
SFIi6fire flame wingAdult (f)3,7607684
DQaYtwater lightning skyAdult (f)4,1047684
eS2pUPink fire clawAdult (f)4,7728445
aznOjPink fire wingAdult (f)5,0058585
POrC7red snow snakeAdult (m)5,3799147
fmRgwlittle sun dayAdult (f)3,3336783
purkNdark green emeraldAdult (f)3,2376561
e2uwbblack blue flameAdult (f)3,4656612
yIgwibright sight tailAdult (m)3,4326523
BHL1pSun setting wingAdult (m)3,7455823
46Ho7Hell Fire BurstAdult (m)4,1987744
Q4f97Green Crystal SnakeAdult (m)8,1091,1943
RdydxBlue light cutterAdult (f)4,2314212
FSsw2Shining diamond wingAdult (m)4,5168461
huc4TThe Galaxy StarAdult (m)7,1791,2342
rJOlnSilver Rainbow lunarAdult (f)5,5229031
3zXmMBrust fire dinoAdult (f)5,5288982
HRafjdouble headed shockerAdult (f)6,5561,0163
KG4SVGreen grassy terrainAdult (m)3,1213192
saqf5Cyber sting TailAdult (f)3,1213291
hqmZcblue six legsAdult (f)7,0171,2096
Y7Ok1dark and fireAdult (f)4,4257209
FwC9xBlue Icy DragonAdult (f)3,3864636
a6CiBmetal grey stoneAdult (m)8,4151,0132
wEDerBlue turtle finAdult (m)8,1611,2451
1paFbDeathsong beautyAdult (f)6,6138326
oWndKBronze pearl shimmersAdult (m)5,1469527
DG35Gseasonal leaf changerAdult (f)3,0446497
d1rrvgrassy leaf wingsAdult (m)5,3965746
SGyP3Blue Ocean groundAdult (m)2,7676324
l91wZAqua Snake FlyedAdult (m)2,1616054
azuxDShimmering diamond loverAdult (f)2,1058026
Sx2Q8white fin puddleAdult (f)5,1538038
k1Fuvgreen grassy pondAdult (m)5,0967985
p2kjKdeep weed seaAdult (m)4,4446886
2W4JERoyal two headed shockerAdult (m)4,5489154
l4LRBNight Blue OceanAdult (m)6,2019723
qr7iOsoft fast clawAdult (m)2,6934712
ML76sWise Chinese DragonAdult (f)6,9111,30011
k9xz4Black Fast ClawAdult (m)6,9351,2937
GsX7PPink Love TailAdult (m)4,2298648
hwvCBRidged Purple CrystalwingAdult (f)6,3661,32011
KGLtKGold pearl shimmersAdult (m)4,5939366
EM8TnUnderground DragonAdult (m)2,8648212
gkhhjUniverse Galactic StarAdult (m)5,7301,1775
PmpszElectric Black TailAdult (m)2,9147142
F6ZxEPurple Rainbow moonAdult (m)3,5818305
Qjjh5Sun Rising BeautyAdult (m)3,3855913
n5cIzSpirit Magenta Script CBAdult (f)3,0927541
sG3uiSunset Ocean SongAdult (m)3,9121,0118
HapiSBlood Night Vampire FangAdult (f)4,7759156
s2vVzFire Snake FlyedAdult (m)1,7056294
EaSTQFlamgino sweet birdAdult (m)2,0077833
a4EvPSunstone fire headAdult (f)5,3159106
iZbEqGusty WingAdult (m)4,3839534
GZDzTSilver Pearl ShimmersAdult (f)3,6847426
ofl6xNight Space Galactic WingsAdult (m)5,2969325
BNsrKSilver Pink ScalesAdult (f)5,5651,28811
b6ziVUnderground dark red flowersAdult (m)3,2718595
4pxpPBronze moon rainbowAdult (m)3,6886804
6KrzYRainwing water CBAdult (f)4,7161,1224
UupmUBlue flame PBAdult (f)2,4905435
cZglDBlack claw heartAdult (f)1,5994723
eQkheFire heat snakeAdult (m)2,9777475
yD1fqPurple Fin Black tailAdult (m)4,4008765
YYyREOrange Eyed BlackieAdult (f)4,3316114
pOQ1ASpooky Mimic DragonAdult (m)3,1114841
BNiJtPink Night WingAdult (m)6,6821,11712
5RwVlIcy Star WingAdult (m)7,0101,1518
xd5IfGolden Winged PteranodonAdult (f)4,81932211
FAQcNBlack Warrior Of All BlackiesAdult (f)2,0646473
Di6IBIcy Frost WingAdult (f)3,4666653
IRyTdFluffy Sleepy Sheep JumpsAdult (m)3,0896442
LJ9PVLightning Shocking HornsAdult (m)3,2166863
xx7FcRoyal Crimson HornAdult (m)5,3253552
Pihx8Moon is BleedingsAdult (f)14,7919926
OtnqtGrass Snake FlyedAdult (f)5,2653516
Ij2aoMoonstone Water PuddleAdult (m)4,0052678
efXSpStriped Winged ClawAdult (m)6,7178644
UBkonGuardian of the ChangewingsAdult (f)6,4861,17113
kjzHYForest bright fruitAdult (f)5,6246683
jMnssPink Butterfly CatcherAdult (f)5,6024993
SB7ldPurple Flower WingAdult (m)3,2702184
BbieMPink Fairy WingAdult (m)4,5913073
WyUnoRed Black WingsAdult (f)5,9403962
3FdpCGreen Universe WingAdult (m)5,7327387
VObx1Lighting orange GlowAdult (f)10,6957132
5WqgBRed Black HornAdult (f)10,8317242
d91JrWaves And TidesAdult (m)4,1704063
n7NeGBlue Striped BeliaAdult (m)6,5404363
nYEMVGrey Winged TailAdult (m)3,5293942
ksqCsThe Grey Winged Tail Twin sisAdult (f)3,3634012
GJ9lzRoyal blue guardAdult (f)3,5184162
hOvPnBlack Bones Blood's lil sisAdult (f)3,19521337
ObzCAWhite Ghost SoulAdult (f)5,48282710
A7pDFBlack Bones BloodAdult (f)7,4758084
VgbhKGraving White WingAdult (f)5,49180810
h8DAUCave Darkest ShadowAdult (m)4,2994256
FJTaVThe Monstrous DragonAdult (m)6,6208054
kwZBFJunior God Of ShadowsAdult (m)2,6245655
RqgcPDarkest Cavern WingAdult (m)5,0578485
ELM4fDarkest Eye ClawAdult (m)5,0918524
YPx4kDarkest Black EyeAdult (f)5,1138635
JJYDhDarkest Cavern ShadowAdult (f)5,0818835
i2PLDBlack Shadow BloodAdult (f)4,5051,1142
M7jI5The Graving ForestAdult (m)3,2248499
PFTXuDarkest Cavern LurkerAdult (f)3,8478327
Eyz5FDark Horn WingAdult (f)3,0197904
Z2BcrBlack Blood Bones HornAdult (m)3,76533810
6GyxsWitch CurseAdult (f)7,15955717
2RMmPDark Blue Fire FlamesAdult (f)6,7271,20413
Ol8kWThe Dark flaming wyrmAdult (m)3,8172557
7WRFrThe darkness of FireAdult (m)5,0477073
9mzHWWhite Night WingsAdult (f)11,1737903
OpzcrThe Galaxy StarsAdult (f)6,8515711
VIpLPBlue Sky CloudsAdult (m)2,9826787
kw9CpGold Wings GlimmersAdult (m)7,1264917
MmFkiThe Pink WingAdult (m)5,1936793
YogvsColorfulest Dragon everAdult (f)11,1931,1712
wKTSULight Fury ChaserAdult (f)5,3033595
GczYFGreen Diamond SnakeAdult (f)3,1854643
UExq3Night Fury ChaserAdult (f)6,9896572
2m2gEThe Sonic RoarAdult (m)8,8448033
kM5daThe little FeatherAdult (m)6,3358465
7ypSoRain and StormAdult (f)5,07681918
yPWmRSilver Blue ScaleAdult (m)4,3667738
AzNopMagical Orange LightAdult (m)5,8897984
2fsILPeace Lover of Blue SoulsAdult (f)6,15786514
M1pcZGolden Wing PteranodonAdult (f)5,1903465
3qePDGalaxy Burning starsAdult (f)5,3063597
L2Jn3Oliver wingAdult (f)3,9002604
erKruPinkest fairyAdult (f)5,4479828
6pXehOrange light GlowsAdult (m)4,3038204
gCEoaBlue Galactic StarAdult (f)3,9609372
TjlGZMr Light FuryAdult (m)4,2307944
JI1CqBark from a treeAdult (f)5,17046511
baX71The Shocking Eyed WingAdult (m)3,6524013
gopjvThe Bloody LavaAdult (m)5,8538032
IIKaaEevee The DragonAdult (m)5,1553503
9TThnTime RobotAdult (m)10,5469159
hLVpARed Fire JewelAdult (f)11,5531,58611
CYUvgWindy Blowing WingAdult (f)5,9896852
rZBprIce Dragon and Fire DragonAdult (m)6,8125183
AohT8Fire Mane BlazesAdult (m)8,6288842
X75ltThe Icy Yellow wingAdult (m)8,3558642
Lo6s1Muddy waters wingAdult (f)4,2365577
4EsmxElectric Snake FlyedAdult (m)5,2561,0173
pYIScRed Black ClawsAdult (m)3,9398813
pCE2JGreen Fire JewelAdult (f)5,0037175
8jAfWElectric Flying ReindeerAdult (m)6,4461,1152
SWXL4Silver Blue StreamsAdult (m)4,5509577
SVU4KBig Chicken DragonAdult (m)5,1009353
9ofGrRed Gem FlysAdult (m)6,3626965
2rbW6Black Warrior TailAdult (f)6,6009595
yKv34Pink Shimmering diamondAdult (m)4,2854616
5JLUqThe striped night furyAdult (m)3,6396744
XK61PGolden Shining PteranodonAdult (m)6,0921,1764
QACRcThe Pink Tail HornAdult (f)4,6077808
XHJ7HBlue King GuardAdult (m)6,6431,0363
UmWMhDialga The Ruler of TimesAdult (m)3,7853893
pknudGold Pearl Shimmers 2Adult (m)7,0568929
xzG6qFlamgino sweet birdsAdult (f)4,8357293
kwvWTFirey Grassy WingAdult (f)6,8751,0342
nwWSWThe little White FeatherAdult (m)3,9518114
xO7SRGolden Flower WingsAdult (f)7,1607996
F3NCiMined blue gemsAdult (m)7,7425175
LyHL4The brown moonAdult (m)3,0012753
y1Eu6Boney GriffinAdult (f)5,1153413
eBb2xShooted fire maleAdult (m)9,1521,3914
imVhOHorse of blue fireAdult (f)9,1821,4113
vaB39Dreamy Dragon of dayAdult (m)5,4437322
c44YZHard jelly Named ValentineAdult (f)4,0753882
Tw4ATExploded Blue GemsAdult (m)3,64882933
rC38OThe river stormAdult (m)7,7109773
N7zFEShiny lake dragonAdult (f)7,7619923
2ghtDScary sea serpentAdult (m)7,5509732
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