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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nessj,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WuMPtDaz AmarillinoHatchling (F)7733591
8TKhDaz Petit JauneHatchling (F)1,2563367
PmKsDaz Jaune DinoAdult6,5251,59449
Ff58tDaz RojettoHatchling (F)2,1854362
YMe1XDaz Petit RougeHatchling (F)2,7418853
T9aaDaz Rouge DinoAdult4,4677774
qJ6FoDaz LongondinoHatchling (F)2,5464003
pN45Daz Petit VioletHatchling (F)2,9747208
CVSEDaz Violett DinoAdult4,78789714
IFF9QDaz VerdinoHatchling (F)1,9445402
ac3qrDaz Petit VertHatchling (F)2,3774663
u0tUDaz Verte DinoAdult2,46183220
k2EXIDaz AzulinoHatchling (F)1,9093937
7Z2rDaz Petit BleuHatchling (F)1,3196583
fXlbDaz Bleu DinoAdult2,5917336
2soayMiss Bosay PyroxHatchling (f, F)5,7674771
AHqWN(AHqWN)Adult (m)4,8517091
KOxt5Sir Akoxo PyroxAdult (m)5,5036191
n2kuyLady Anyku PyroxAdult (f)4,8777262
pj5nHSir Apajan PyroxAdult (m)6,5465842
eel8lSir Aal PyroxAdult (m)6,9436540
ocr1tLady Acrito PyroxAdult (f)5,6735671
SImTOSir Asimto PyroxAdult (m)4,5649193
RRdbSLady Aradibis PyroxAdult (f)5,4377790
V5OkrLady Avasokra PyroxAdult (f)6,2187051
4oXHDSir Axohod PyroxAdult (m)4,3737971
PCmZ6Miss Darlene AstrapixHatchling (f, F)5,4274713
SvBS7Lady Assiva AstrapixAdult (f)6,9916041
JEbSuLady Ajebsu AstrapixAdult (f)7,2836681
klztCSir Aklaza AstrapixAdult (m)4,5767332
eisCKSir Asiec AstrapixAdult (m)5,6415963
OdcpdSir Acopo AstrapixAdult (m)5,5325881
gzJSMLady Agisma AstrapixAdult (f)5,5685891
X0iW7Sir Axowi AstrapixAdult (m)6,6027431
WXJHqLady Awaxa AstrapixAdult (f)4,9267890
63p9p(63p9p)Hatchling (F)1,5094351
SbZQmMister Zeno GaiaxHatchling (m, F)4,4294662
e4RhEMiss Bearhe GaiaxHatchling (f, F)6,1125623
A5SpoSir Asspo GaiaxAdult (m)5,8855433
nqjyzSir Anjuz GaiaxAdult (m)6,1145800
OnatsSir Antos GaiaxAdult (m)7,6885871
x0A96Lady Axoa GaiaxAdult (f)6,2006333
POZn1Lady Apozni GaiaxAdult (f)4,7467223
HjJg3Lady Ajage GaiaxAdult (f)6,3415960
FIdp1Sir Bidep GaiaxAdult (m)6,4166141
qLcFBSir Acolec GaiaxAdult (m)4,5468150
4uE5qLady Alunes GaiaxAdult (f)4,8857290
3EYq0Sir Abeco GaiaxAdult (m)6,9786930
rqluM(rqluM)Hatchling (f, F)3,2446844
3ZU6UMister Jimmy ChronoxHatchling (m, F)5,6495511
w6YFF(w6YFF)Adult (m)3,8537890
c1xUu(c1xUu)Adult (m)3,8127771
NBEv9Sir Bevo ChronoxAdult (m)5,0515093
Lca9LSir Caloner ChronoxAdult (m)6,1555052
BLFzRLady Abala ChronoxAdult (f)5,8285511
NAFSALady Asfana ChronoxAdult (f)6,4385412
9TCECSir Astian ChronoxAdult (m)5,1326554
OlZmsSir Alozo ChronoxAdult (m)6,7336661
IlalULady Alialu ChronoxAdult (f)6,6136185
e8mfGSir Abemo ChronoxAdult (m)6,0075802
lLiifLady Aliifa ChronoxAdult (f)7,2395732
eGJjLLady Agyelli ChronoxAdult (f)7,2527753
xCmODLady Acamoda ChronoxAdult (f)8,1716473
xrkoqSir Arakox ChronoxAdult (m)8,4506452
EOFUpSir Apufeo ChronoxAdult (m)5,2106281
uxAYDSir Axuhad ChronoxAdult (m)5,3507731
P1hJKLady Apih ChronoxAdult (f)8,9766150
TSs5gLady Betssy ChronoxAdult (f)4,8086610
0nwbeCownbe MageiaxHatchling (F)1,3464011
R7JhkMister Faxran MageiaxHatchling (m, F)4,8024751
bdXkuMiss Calyrea MageiaxHatchling (f, F)4,7865232
tPqfL(tPqfL)Adult (m)4,0298350
PVmKkSir Bemako MageiaxAdult (m)4,4859201
QsaqNSir Asqano MageiaxAdult (m)6,9194751
G0HWiSir Claze MageiaxAdult (m)6,4535311
xRX5CLady Araxa MageiaxAdult (f)8,2196742
g187ESir Agible MageiaxAdult (m)6,0986713
7f20ELady Afoza MageiaxAdult (f)6,3966422
ZcRDGLady Azaridi MageiaxAdult (f)6,9696391
C7ptfSir Actapo MageiaxAdult (m)6,0416141
xQYCjSir Axyc MageiaxAdult (m)6,4835881
LutXzLady Alutix MageiaxAdult (f)5,5117671
8KPKMSir Akapek MageiaxAdult (m)5,6867243
ZGKdDLady Azaga MageiaxAdult (f)6,0556310
6ujXQClu ThalassaxHatchling (F)2,3444807
gtpx4Miss Craftian ThalassaxHatchling (f, F)5,3066183
R6LbuMister Cubal ThalassaxHatchling (m, F)4,2095041
VS31xSir Avexis ThalassaxAdult (m)8,3436721
CnPjzLady Acanapia ThalassaxAdult (f)5,7235910
Ypgn1Sir Apygano ThalassaxAdult (m)5,9676763
dKbn6Lady Akibani ThalassaxAdult (f)6,9346492
lu55FSir Aluss ThalassaxAdult (m)4,8547201
Aa1d4Lady Aaida ThalassaxAdult (f)5,8676010
QiaUpSir Akiap ThalassaxAdult (m)5,5896671
xOv0eLady Axovo ThalassaxAdult (f)5,9697590
CHNouMiss Bichnou WhitefeatherHatchling (f, F)3,8755831
QICo0Mister Luke WhitefeatherHatchling (m, F)2,3776813
sHMHUmandelin WhitefeatherHatchling (F)1,3741298
vX8PUly WhitefeatherHatchling (F)97215815
L4V1T(L4V1T)Adult (f)4,1486743
yIeLISir Bianco WhitefeatherAdult (m)5,9716363
6Mo3YLady Daeza WhitefeatherAdult (f)3,9553594
SsNe6Sir Assane WhitefeatherAdult (m)8,6685910
L4TIeLady Felicitas BronzefeatherAdult (f)2,7764672
BggoHSir Abaggio WhitefeatherAdult (m)2,5698220
mGQYHSir Amgyh WhitefeatherAdult (m)2,2927130
BfKK8Lady Astrogan WhitefeatherAdult (f)2,2438581
XPFOjSir Corodan WhitewavesAdult (m)1,8227762
eKdCDSir Dante WhitewavesAdult (m)2,0628441
1v9SASir Colby WhitewavesAdult (m)3,7288423
5nVeOLady Cordelia WhitefeatherAdult (f)3,6691,2383
NejpJSir Bellows WhitewavesAdult (m)2,3277361
A9TDjSir Aar WhitefeatherAdult (m)1,9698077
krLYOLady Arlyo WhitefeatherAdult (f)1,8316922
n8r0dSir Ashtoreth WhitefeatherAdult (m)7,2601,6515
UfmDLady Blizzy WhitewavesAdult (f)2,9259364
7PEQLady Arista WhitefeatherAdult (f)2,9516754
OK2HSir Darius WhitefeatherAdult (m)2,4276862
eetsSir Cedric WhitefeatherAdult (m)2,3436163
cQXTLady Denisa WhitewavesAdult (f)5,2951,0177
DJdnLady Clarissa WhitewavesAdult (f)2,1936092
2T0ULady Benina WhitewavesAdult (f)3,4587854
j07pLady Armorosa WhitefeatherAdult (f)3,2317273
mjoWLady Aster WhitefeatherAdult (f)2,6917075
1s6ESir Bianco WhitewavesAdult (m)1,8356444
2cEILady Avalyn WhitefeatherAdult (f)2,2726966
KZ8aSir Aldrik WhitefeatherAdult (m)3,0817406
nCO0Lady Agatha WhitefeatherAdult (f)1,3385883
82MMSir Abakhan WhitefeatherAdult (m)1,6477642
6udgSir Udet DorkfaceAdult (m)4,42059723
2dPESir Ullrich Whitefeather XAdult (m)2,16784522
59WrLady Ursula Whitefeather XAdult (f)86557435
e3pjKBepik WhipsterHatchling (F)1,8951760
geqF0Mister Bob WhipsterHatchling (m, F)4,6515932
piBBEMiss Bibbe WhipsterHatchling (f, F)4,1287120
3kuttSir Gustav WhipsterAdult (m)5,7336663
ZDCrgSir Browntail WhipsterAdult (m)6,3806544
UOqABSir Ahuqo WhipsterAdult (m)5,1138611
LIp8ZSir Holipz WhipsterAdult (m)6,7927501
SLW0HSir Aslow WhipsterAdult (m)4,1619140
G2Zl0Sir Agazzlo WhipsterAdult (m)2,6127911
mZOvJSir Bezovio WhipsterAdult (m)2,6528030
QwOKBLady Cean WhipsterAdult (f)2,5977401
tNByKLady Atanby WhipsterAdult (f)3,1167482
3vWbBLady Aeva WhipsterAdult (f)2,0316573
FQ0kASir Belly WhipsterAdult (m)4,9721,0823
EYP11Sir Aypee WhipsterAdult (m)4,3348583
IjqqiLady Ajiq WhipsterAdult (f)2,4339132
19hfiLady Antigony WhipsterAdult (f)2,2096374
goD80Sir Allah WhipsterAdult (m)1,9376971
NfKogSir Gregory WhipsterAdult (m)7,8431,5045
0o0EVSir Belgium WhipsterAdult (m)1,7946674
imVMLady Amaranthe WhipsterAdult (f)2,9368814
evDdSir Baron WhipsterAdult (m)2,4707182
ELBESir Akon WhipsterAdult (m)2,0416042
g4i8Lady Abigail WhipsterAdult (f)1,4355054
DpL1Sir Alrond WhipsterAdult (m)2,8285442
tsTfSir Aamir WhipsterAdult (m)2,5589367
7a0iLady Arati WhipsterAdult (f)1,81946016
geggLady Barb WhipsterAdult (f)1,56073722
XBkiSir Avery WhipsterAdult (m)80152935
udCKgBudick LilytoesHatchling (F)2,9193361
eLVRrMiss Alvira LilytoesHatchling (f, F)4,2527070
dGerbMister Ferb LilytoesHatchling (m, F)1,6596402
AI6OX(AI6OX)Adult (f)3,0446952
Zk8ZeSir Bezeka LilytoesAdult (m)1,7496284
SKqNxLady Askagia LilitoesAdult (f)2,7097012
AAB8CSir Alphabetic LilytoesAdult (m)4,6861,0342
SoMRBLady Arena LilytoesAdult (f)2,3608484
ZWc1ISir Aristo LilytoesAdult (m)2,1107622
MQQcZSir Abelardo LilytoesAdult (m)3,4058831
DCAM1Lady Atana LilytoesAdult (f)2,4755864
Pkm45Lady Adria LilytoesAdult (f)2,6026041
7ZStLady Adeira LilytoesAdult (f)3,9938156
OhTlLady Allegy LilytoesAdult (f)3,0457293
KHM8Sir Asterav LilytoesAdult (m)2,5616942
vgP8Lady Astrad LilytoesAdult (f)5,4516394
esomLady Anjelica LilytoesAdult (f)4,9526355
KkWlSir Baan WhiptoesAdult (m)2,3225355
BXQKLady Anabelle LilytoesAdult (f)85655731
hO8P9Miss Bonny ShakyHatchling (f, F)4,2185841
FiWcCMister Fiwicc ShakyHatchling (m, F)4,1165762
RI4tLeetle ShakyHatchling (F)1,4784444
LzeYASir Azelyo ShakyAdult (m)6,3805211
GSacbSir Ascabar ShakyAdult (m)4,8356141
zZTrpSir Azzeto ShakyAdult (m)2,5347047
mIv1ELady Alpaka ShakyAdult (f)1,7226661
oqmTbSir Aldus ShakyAdult (m)2,2405611
L8ZjBLady Alacht ShakyAdult (f)2,5286133
PrV5jLady Alinda ShakyAdult (f)2,2378420
euLd1Lady Amata ShakyAdult (f)2,0968001
hYocLady Ulinda ShakyAdult (f)2,11786731
CF87Sir Unken ShakyAdult (m)90757925
1jagg(1jagg)Adult (f)2,9127891
2Nazl(2Nazl)Adult (m)3,3907201
1gzOu(1gzOu)Adult (f)3,3188883
1CPh0Ogilvy Bloody DorkfaceHatchling (F)2,6523838
EOqdMiss BloodyHatchling (f, F)2,71062516
apTfMister Bloody PreciousHatchling (m, F)1,01846611
69gegLady Agrega PreciousAdult (f)6,2979614
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