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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nerruse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iGpeq(iGpeq)Adult (f)2,4626222
3567A(3567A)Adult (f)2,4846250
lkTke(lkTke)Adult (m)4,2947582
L8tzd(L8tzd)Adult (m)4,3357663
8QQo8(8QQo8)Adult (m)5,4717902
WrPU9(WrPU9)Adult (m)3,7598004
CG9ht(CG9ht)Adult (f)3,5947941
IYuEN(IYuEN)Adult (m)3,6147780
DbHSPIvory CyrAdult (m)2,1938082
1uNkDLien CyrAdult (f)2,2739312
sJklQAlbi CyrAdult (f)4,0677954
PTevzPterry CyrAdult (m)1,3656014
uhUIU(uhUIU)Adult (m)2,4285940
MDb7H(MDb7H)Adult (f)4,1037091
m5SV2(m5SV2)Adult (f)3,8427302
MsaEGOrdemAdult (m)4,1307571
qyDrx(qyDrx)Adult (f)4,2467582
WTm4mProgressoAdult (f)3,8787433
1aEjM(1aEjM)Adult (m)3,8527402
n1UtJ(n1UtJ)Adult (m)4,3617615
uLupv(uLupv)Adult (m)3,3857681
ykZh2(ykZh2)Adult (f)3,5837952
kfrSh(kfrSh)Adult (f)4,2798571
y1ole(y1ole)Adult (m)4,1768451
XsZH3(XsZH3)Adult (m)2,2857460
Gv3AF(Gv3AF)Adult (f)2,3827740
eog8Y(eog8Y)Adult (m)2,1777370
fIIbO(fIIbO)Adult (m)2,2957460
2FIkR(2FIkR)Adult (f)2,1687550
JkdFe(JkdFe)Adult (f)2,2077450
TXZNh(TXZNh)Adult (f)2,1187361
tYAvj(tYAvj)Adult (m)2,2767660
55nc8(55nc8)Adult (m)3,3876882
23iJo(23iJo)Adult (f)3,3257013
TQegk(TQegk)Adult (m)3,3987061
kJoOVInevera CyrAdult (f)2,8578595
AZmZcAmanvah CyrAdult (f)2,9108494
amyClAnjha CyrAdult (f)2,6139122
G8xjb(G8xjb)Adult (m)4,2888260
gKLdT(gKLdT)Adult (f)4,3218352
vLSQd(vLSQd)Adult (m)3,7517581
siiMw(siiMw)Adult (f)5,7088814
eDwnK(eDwnK)Adult (f)4,5567643
ZuUm3(ZuUm3)Adult (m)3,3306771
lUOCn(lUOCn)Adult (m)8,5679532
idt35(idt35)Adult (f)4,0808341
3RlYf(3RlYf)Adult (f)3,6167373
0gTQYHelia CyrAdult (f)2,5139662
1iaNpHelio CyrAdult (m)2,3197462
SGERY(SGERY)Adult (m)3,9088140
SqrlJ(SqrlJ)Adult (f)5,4697242
BZAULKingfisher CyrAdult (m)2,6068844
7pYayChickadee CyrAdult (f)2,6738725
avTZEcho of AgitationAdult (f)4,6724528
ZCUjcEcho of DespairAdult (f)2,3127532
uol3nEzio CyrAdult (m)3,5047562
aver2Cristina CyrAdult (f)3,3521,1682
ReL5QEcho of ChaosAdult (m)4,1088738
l2TtGOnyx BlackHeartAdult (m)8,7211,1919
MdosfEcho of TimeAdult (m)2,6661,0279
qHgGEEcho of PowerAdult (m)3,5176965
WSc0rAnomander CyrAdult (m)2,0467945
jbfHHAgrona's Dark ContraAdult (m)3,2117823
DHGqoSilanah CyrAdult (f)3,3469427
bNNTkKylista CyrAdult (f)3,1209920
ImD48Echo of SorrowAdult (f)2,7509927
hu35iZakaris CyrAdult (m)3,2717515
OtLf6Rinna CyrAdult (f)3,6148094
0lOkGZevran CyrAdult (m)2,8158213
FmFoEMorrigan CyrAdult (f)2,7627664
NKDthMorrogh CyrAdult (m)2,7037784
K76jLMhairi CyrAdult (f)2,8607254
c7ftXVormanax CyrAdult (m)3,7077262
xz0cATaliesin CyrAdult (m)2,4538794
OG1YoSigrun CyrAdult (f)1,5677243
q8Ma8Tallis CyrAdult (f)1,5967332
wU9cqZathrian CyrAdult (m)2,3456913
s92ARFenris CyrAdult (m)1,4087002
HARc5Echo of DiscordAdult (f)1,8847911
qomKLSable CyrAdult (f)2,5808254
QjwiSThe Hero of SilenceAdult (m)1,9225482
Y9Tg6Knight-Commander MeredithAdult (f)2,8827673
SIlu0Temeraire CyrAdult (m)2,6875401
doV8rDova CyrAdult (f)1,7315851
yPjKGOnyx Mystal DarkClawAdult (m)2,0486553
gRK8cBrea Zi LithvielAdult (f)4,2211,2442
It0aHFaize Ghila RunthaldalAdult (m)4,2011,2423
LOB1wMinerva CyrAdult (f)2,1596735
V3K71Echo of Light CyrAdult (f)3,66575212
rFpPEEcho of ApathyAdult (f)2,0998267
kAqfSEleint CyrAdult (m)2,6528103
1AXmPEcho of DeathAdult (f)2,3446812
P5LGnK'TeldraAdult (f)4,5981,0264
s4MSqDante di GraveAdult (m)3,9861,0893
O95LtEreshkigal CyrAdult (f)3,7881,1224
cPDPBLegba CyrAdult (m)3,7491,2663
n3lq7Twinnings CyrAdult (f)2,2918075
F9Jl7Earl Grey CyrAdult (m)2,2548193
uXBHZBigelow CyrAdult (m)2,1488457
4ql2H(4ql2H)Adult (f)3,6687821
ahjXj(ahjXj)Adult (f)3,6028270
SDD9s(SDD9s)Adult (m)3,7708160
l2z8e(l2z8e)Adult (f)6,7481,1048
avnRKJenness CyrAdult (f)2,0067053
pT8JiSeabrooke CyrAdult (f)1,9476942
RMXlBHampton CyrAdult (m)1,9616662
Trn7LWeirs CyrAdult (m)2,9155465
K3A4mYork CyrAdult (m)2,3704911
hOnRa(hOnRa)Adult (m)4,2968471
bJ3EP(bJ3EP)Adult (f)4,2977960
zDqcNAphairesis CyrAdult (f)1,4806192
bbo0DPlasma CyrAdult (m)1,6276301
Ofx3KHaima CyrAdult (f)1,5166021
C2GFVMesangia CyrAdult (f)1,5326141
ZR27fGlace CyrAdult (m)3,3927035
tknPWGlacia CyrAdult (f)3,4207364
3GYc5Swile CyrAdult (f)2,4316987
bOf1pSerac CyrAdult (f)3,2598803
Wa1XeRegole CyrAdult (m)2,5358523
A1HuqLenus CyrAdult (f)2,7881,0035
mqCfNMeru CyrAdult (f)2,3396394
ZF5OmLloyd CyrAdult (m)3,5221,0205
jQjEN(jQjEN)Adult (m)4,3521,2712
A8Csc(A8Csc)Adult (f)5,6677914
dMZrX(dMZrX)Adult (m)5,1707553
4kBaD(4kBaD)Adult (m)2,3766230
NaHz8(NaHz8)Adult (m)2,7915613
fORmu(fORmu)Adult (f)4,2908831
bjKMy(bjKMy)Adult (m)4,4698922
sHkZAnala CyrAdult (f)2,59765210
n23A6Nalini CyrAdult (f)1,6426150
P0Tb7Hekala CyrAdult (f)1,9645505
eOsBiChryscolce GentleClawAdult (m)2,8429621
dks90Kuansu CyrAdult (f)2,6036243
he0KtHekoa CyrAdult (m)2,3908341
XED44Harmonious CorazonAdult (f)2,0667712
vWXYHMalandraga CorazonAdult (f)2,7228505
B2V2JMelodious CorazonAdult (f)3,4519752
fh3GKSevillana CorazonAdult (f)2,6516842
YfWMLCrimson-hearted CyrAdult (f)3,4397866
0dXnsJoyous CorazonAdult (f)2,8627862
GYaHgTresa CorazonAdult (f)2,9536345
fbEM9Ostinata CorazonAdult (f)2,6666526
EjmiHSplendorous CorazonAdult (f)3,1377541
ULna4Legata CorazonAdult (f)3,3707561
7I4DFLyrical CorazonAdult (f)3,4947930
ChXeiRhythmic CorazonAdult (f)2,6748752
pqRp2Contrapasos CorazonAdult (f)3,4777623
HcEVeResplendent CorazonAdult (f)3,2447564
Sd6iMClava CorazonAdult (f)3,2818023
ZLEhOCongo CyrAdult (m)2,3316662
vmOIOTresilla CorazonAdult (f)2,6167187
c3DlDAmazon CyrAdult (m)2,7217925
ikZFbComoros CyrAdult (m)2,7148524
fN3qsMascarene CyrAdult (m)2,2697993
PBWJQHalmahera CyrAdult (m)2,6338645
yBpOiBuru CyrAdult (m)2,7511,06334
lZgs6Seram CyrAdult (m)2,1018282
aDQrZCaledonia CyrAdult (m)2,3077942
D6JKAChagos CyrAdult (m)3,4227904
00kcKXingu CyrAdult (m)3,6827836
RrI7RTonga CyrAdult (m)2,95379412
n4CYJSanaga CyrAdult (m)3,3747207
iVef0Araguaia CyrAdult (m)4,1676241
HvPIZPatagonia CyrAdult (m)5,0987593
ilc4WBahia CyrAdult (m)3,1266991
FzaKGCaatinga CyrAdult (m)3,8667591
thjGuPetrea CyrAdult (f)4,6081,0334
oVdfPSulphur CyrAdult (m)4,2881,0416
PCoJlBrutus CyrAdult (m)1,7276803
pPQL2Porcia CyrAdult (f)1,7267021
vlJztCaesar CyrAdult (m)1,6786800
vrnk1Calpurnia CyrAdult (f)1,7567061
dKpn9(dKpn9)Adult (f)15,8301,5358
eh6hE(eh6hE)Adult (f)2,5277131
TK4Fz(TK4Fz)Adult (m)2,6017411
ejdIK(ejdIK)Adult (m)2,6377390
rL2I3(rL2I3)Adult (m)2,8487620
6H0qx(6H0qx)Adult (f)2,5107331
ioH1N(ioH1N)Adult (f)2,7117651
bjOix(bjOix)Adult (m)2,8427761
cCAws(cCAws)Adult (f)4,4138442
asvwq(asvwq)Adult (m)4,3358281
IvJxV(IvJxV)Adult (m)3,5014101
s8GFrJangla CyrAdult (f)2,1935381
QX3JDCanopic CyrAdult (m)2,9347813
clrlHBrightleaf CyrAdult (m)3,1358094
i8ajFGreenleaf CyrAdult (m)3,0726682
bH4n9Serum CyrAdult (m)3,5847501
QAgNaAnaemia CyrAdult (f)3,4797414
NIgwuVena CyrAdult (f)2,57091610
6okYNPale CyrAdult (f)3,6807793
xskNkBink CyrAdult (m)3,6587375
JHdp7Deimos CyrAdult (m)3,0041,0823
NQ8JAFallen CyrAdult (f)2,8581,0581
73p0JRaogrimm CyrAdult (m)3,0791,1992
NaKBiXarca CyrAdult (f)2,6831,0502
MkO9PKindred CyrAdult (m)3,1681,0632
JrV85Tzee Xicu the ManifestAdult (f)2,7271,0392
hvHgAZvahl CyrAdult (m)2,9511,0461
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