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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Neforium,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TY1HqAegis Enraged MCBAdult (m)4,0951,1104
DaIpxAegis Pacified MCBAdult (m)4,6011,0761
7FvSmAeon FxAdult (f)5,2957484
iUpmpAeon Fx2Adult (f)6,4608735
HkOfyAeon Fx3Adult (f)6,6879669
UWHTTAeon Fx4Adult (f)4,58798410
37zHKAeon MxAdult (m)3,9348871
ULJOkAeon Mx2Adult (m)4,04199411
u8UKIAeon Mx3Adult (m)4,6921,0121
z8lIvAeria Gloris FCBAdult (f)6,2731,3119
lTlQiAeria Gloris MCB TENNOCYTEAdult (m)4,9611,0461
xVjEXAether FCBAdult (f)6,1811,1761
oayyOAether HfHatchling (f, F)3,4338621
mvDj7Aether HmHatchling (m, F)3,3588732
S8pc2Aether HxHatchling (F)1,9835852
GGHAJAether MCBAdult (m)4,8761,07519
0Hj5JAlbino FCBAdult (f)4,7091,1219
SGgZlAlbino FG2Adult (f)4,5109770
QKWbPAlbino FxAdult (f)3,9136952
NR5yMAlbino HfHatchling (f, F)3,0317035
qY0umAlbino MCBAdult (m)5,5099807
H2oNIAlcedine FCBAdult (f)5,0571,0602
jgTPZAlcedine MCBAdult (m)4,4729061
bnw58Almarald HmHatchling (m, F)6,2841,0432
IRY3NAlmarald MG2Adult (m)3,2467512
QWTT0Amalthean FG4Adult (f)4,5161,0489
Kq5y8Anagallis FCBAdult (f)4,3277880
Ha3uDAnagallis FCB2Adult (f)2,98570713
rpsFwAnagallis HfHatchling (f, F)3,2466634
A4eN5Anagallis HmHatchling (m, F)5,7887271
0xWXpAnagallis HxHatchling (F)9463121
w6RKwAnagallis MCBAdult (m)4,41298311
87jvsAntarean FxAdult (f)3,8558461
IM17ZAntarean HmHatchling (m, F)5,0898422
vYh8KAntarean MCBAdult (m)5,6918483
oh9eqAntarean MCB2Adult (m)5,9058862
xY6o3Aqualis FCBAdult (f)5,0581,0289
UNegnAqualis MCBAdult (m)6,2281,14919
4k03bAranoa FCBAdult (f)4,8301,0014
ayRs6Aranoa MCBAdult (m)4,4598951
xmVoGArcana FCBAdult (f)4,3631,2141
jsyQlArcana FxAdult (f)3,2249121
GS39WArcana HfHatchling (f, F)3,0726882
o6nrUArcana MCBAdult (m)4,4091,2843
1Mzr4Aria FCBAdult (f)5,0279351
RlowOAria FxAdult (f)3,8126722
nGqDuArsani FCBAdult (f)5,3641,2800
5VTPCArsani FxAdult (f)4,0579282
pu1n0Ash FCBAdult (f)5,3611,1765
5uWhzAstaarus FCBAdult (f)3,9511,0137
NezFgAstaarus MCBAdult (m)5,5251,2807
waa3MAvatar of Change MxAdult (m)7,7341,1954
s3pSvAvatar of Creation FxAdult (f)6,5338818
9PYRJAvatar of Destruction HmHatchling (m, F)8,3038806
QhgqVAvatar of Destruction MxAdult (m)7,8121,0243
18RxSAvin FCBAdult (f)5,2981,1351
6KqrWAvin MCBAdult (m)5,2371,1381
VslTsBaikala FCBAdult (f)4,0008612
CodBNBaikala MCBAdult (m)4,9469192
lQ5zaBaikala MCB2Adult (m)4,7968274
bFjkGBalloon HmHatchling (m, F)3,0207862
LtMfMBauta FCBAdult (f)5,0877794
aac7WBauta MCBAdult (m)5,1417905
kCsVXBITE FAdult (f)6,3071,2417
rA4HuBITE F2Adult (f)4,7198152
tGZZ9BITE HxHatchling (F)2,5294671
V2WiBBITE MAdult (m)6,0291,1873
kjXlEBITE M2Adult (m)8,8611,5798
hcvOEBITE M3Adult (m)5,0171,4414
aU8cwBITE M4Adult (m)4,6349272
FRaDjBlack FCBAdult (f)4,8791,0875
62eJMBlack FG2 OpalAdult (f)4,7021,0173
0bd3ZBlack FxAdult (f)5,99595214
2luigBlack HfHatchling (f, F)3,5257421
T0LTWBlack HmHatchling (m, F)3,7757480
U2YiTBlack HxHatchling (F)2,0215682
2yLnzBlack Marrow FCBAdult (f)4,1581,2591
tHUdsBlack Marrow FxAdult (f)5,7641,0430
rszsyBlack Marrow Fx2Adult (f)3,7009391
YlKQ9Black Marrow Fx3Adult (f)2,2066711
EUmvMBlack Marrow Fx4Adult (f)4,4181,10516
PuhCSBlack Marrow HmHatchling (m, F)3,7661,0011
QDtW6Black Marrow MCBAdult (m)4,2451,1483
8E4OZBlack Marrow MxAdult (m)3,5999261
ZnbnfBlack MCBAdult (m)5,2837201
VnhqWBlack MxAdult (m)4,4236403
xlxP5Black Tea FCBAdult (f)5,5349253
zyNCQBlack Tea MCBAdult (m)4,9611,0724
ozIM8Black Truffle HmHatchling (m, F)3,2057121
wxkDLBlack Truffle MCBAdult (m)4,8731,03211
16Dz8Blancback FCBAdult (f)4,07599412
zCmbrBlancblack MCBAdult (m)6,6961,34214
Lvz2kBlazeback FCBAdult (f)7,3811,35020
Uf21rBlazeback FxAdult (f)3,6147891
sqpRzBlazeback MCBAdult (m)6,2261,1431
4l4Y6Bleeding Moon FCBAdult (f)5,2858722
Y7F6zBleeding Moon HxHatchling (F)2,1075131
Lr8USBleeding Moon Mx2Adult (m)3,2787104
X96iEBlizzard Wizard MCBAdult (m)4,3741,1612
zOXguBlizzard Wizard MCB2Adult (m)3,4809781
IkvUnBlue-Banded MxAdult (m)3,4107152
uVlWWBlusang Lindwurm MCBAdult (m)4,2266281
sGUnNBolt FCB1Adult (f)4,2068233
WemDyBolt FCB2Adult (f)4,3451,07212
DFPAeBolt FxAdult (f)3,6689262
5UO6xBolt HmHatchling (m, F)5,1258539
e5rDkBolt HxHatchling (F)2,0722223
xEDKxBolt MCB1Adult (m)4,6721,0421
WPNlrBolt MCB2Adult (m)6,0711,16815
bjM5oBolt MxAdult (m)5,1401,1041
uECSJBrimstone MxAdult (m)7,3319662
oIs0wBrute HxHatchling (F)1,5273095
qHTqwBrute MCBAdult (m)4,4828173
OvNp3C Pygmy HmHatchling (m, F)4,47675714
lT2HtC Pygmy HxHatchling (F)2,0575181
KwaG3C Pygmy MCBAdult (m)5,8218160
vHV0XCaligene FCB VoxAdult (f)4,3031,2101
59II7Caligene FG2Adult (f)2,1266011
6ll7ACaligene FxAdult (f)2,3336261
jAMClCaligene Fx2Adult (f)4,2139355
NHBviCaligene MCBAdult (m)5,1851,4322
lOj28Caligene MCB2Adult (m)3,1339200
Y0lHcCaligene MG2Adult (m)2,1786171
xT5e7Candelabra FCB1 TwilightAdult (f)4,9498861
2zjFdCandelabra FCB2 CassowayAdult (f)4,7059393
NRB3HCandelabra FCB3Adult (f)4,7881,13215
ofHtQCandelabra FCB4Adult (f)4,6339293
hvCBeCandelabra FGL2Adult (f)4,4159612
8EUrWCandelabra FGL3Adult (f)4,8161,03217
zKucUCandelabra HmAdult (m)5,2141,07610
nFFN6Candelabra HxHatchling (F)3,1967171
bvh5aCandelabra MCB XnymedeAdult (m)4,7229657
TozzECandelabra MCB2 TOZZEAdult (m)5,2331,05619
YMxU5Candelabra MCB3Adult (m)5,1511,0942
zz3fHCandelabra MCB4Adult (m)3,7149943
I0GUACandelabra MGL3Adult (m)4,3341,01016
rZUjaCandelabra MGL4 RzujaAdult (m)3,98992813
xBQTGCandelabra MGL5 DeitreHatchling (m, F)4,0819311
wG2mBCandelabra Mx AshauadAdult (m)5,1899242
3HwsOCantomaris Mundus MCBAdult (m)4,7989202
BlQrwCantormaris Iratus FCBAdult (f)4,8201,0102
xMkrwCantormaris Iratus FxAdult (f)6,8911,3094
Cl1U2Cantormaris Iratus HxHatchling (F)2,6442675
jhh6bCantormaris Iratus MCBAdult (m)4,8009880
qHIfACantormaris Iratus MxAdult (m)3,5617638
vQ8bUCantormaris Mundus FCBAdult (f)5,5301,1139
HzCzqCantormaris Mundus MCBAdult (m)5,5121,0781
ASEmUCantormaris Mundus MxAdult (m)5,3561,19918
qMUXfCantormaris Sophos FCBAdult (f)6,5911,26518
eBErRCantormaris Sophos MCBAdult (m)6,4981,26310
UifZ6Cantormaris Sophos MxAdult (m)3,8939384
QAB2ZCarina FG2Adult (f)2,7516583
rAL5vCarina HfHatchling (f, F)5,2719132
0hmVACarmine FxAdult (f)3,6657502
dUfXACarmine HxHatchling (F)3,2744552
Q2PoBCassare FG2Adult (f)3,3577315
h0pspCassare FxAdult (f)3,7426352
ZR33FCavern Lurker FCBAdult (f)4,2531,2511
GSxh8Cavern Lurker FxAdult (f)5,7341,0802
c1AH4Cavern Lurker Fx2Adult (f)5,1719251
djAGKCavern Lurker Fx3Adult (f)2,3136342
5EG4UCavern Lurker HxHatchling (F)1,9712152
C2hNKCavern Lurker MCBAdult (m)4,8011,1482
1ZHKSCavern Lurker MxAdult (m)5,0711,1272
PshwpCavern Lurker Mx2Adult (m)5,2471,0351
xMIgcCelestial FxAdult (f)5,29598912
fcemkCelestial Fx2Adult (f)3,8179096
2AzwsCelestial HxHatchling (F)1,7752815
xhe14Celestial MCBAdult (m)6,2578714
bs1ydCelestial MxAdult (m)3,8916613
9vZhkCelestial Mx2Adult (m)3,6307114
rYxgcCelestial Mx3Adult (m)1,7634732
wOSmJCiriax FCBAdult (f)5,53583511
LVbhYCloudplume FCBAdult (f)4,5371,0700
hjRGeCloudplume MCBAdult (m)6,2771,30711
WOClfCoastal Waverunner FCBAdult (f)4,9831,05411
LIVTnCoastal Waverunner HxHatchling (F)9413140
UquRzCoastal Waverunner MCBAdult (m)4,6931,0901
nc4sLCopper HxHatchling (F)1,0753482
Js9X8Copper MxAdult (m)3,3307851
3PMT4Coral P FCBAdult (f)5,0561,12317
gKAfjCoral P FxAdult (f)4,9321,1656
U33sICoral P MCBAdult (m)5,20794012
Vkx0sCrimson Flare FCBAdult (f)6,7379541
osnTUCrimson Flare FG4Adult (f)3,9789253
W21GCCrimson Flare MCBAdult (m)3,1457532
9B4klCrystalline FCBAdult (f)4,4021,0255
vThfDCrystalline MCBAdult (m)6,2251,14010
4BaIzCrystalline MxAdult (m)2,9957361
qSBLvDark Green MCBAdult (m)4,8848632
9w73ADark Lumina FCBAdult (f)4,5239551
j35XhDark Lumina MxAdult (m)5,2048013
tmlcdDayddream FCBAdult (f)5,3618273
A4xf2Dayddream FxAdult (f)3,5426773
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