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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Navia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9uSVz(9uSVz)Hatchling (m)3,2247440
Xq9dS(Xq9dS)Hatchling (m)3,2947231
81nM8Mone NCB SplitAdult (m)1,8037502
Sb1lCSblic Navi SplitAdult (m)4,9647505
8687886878 Navi SplitAdult (m)2,4426875
DEjWHDewha NCB SplitAdult (f)2,5625993
2TXqGTaxeg NCB SplitAdult (f)2,5675675
ZIjjPTwoJ NCB SplitAdult (f)1,9226853
NRvaiNrvai NCB SplitAdult (m)1,9866054
vsqJIVasel Navi SplitAdult (m)2,6235593
0ne3EOnez Navi SplitAdult (m)2,9446466
lYBhDYbeh NCB SplitAdult (f)2,2196123
9XpqYKsapy Navi SplitAdult (f)2,8037873
gWK1bKib Navi SplitAdult (f)2,7867904
Af6fuAffu Navi SplitAdult (f)2,7417943
do0Q8Doo Navi SplitAdult (f)2,7726383
dv49GIlona Navi SplitAdult (f)1,5996320
VYXDbVyx NCB SplitAdult (m)1,9645714
S7KmPSkamp NCB SplitAdult (m)2,1816362
KMoGnMoong Navi SplitAdult (m)3,3716208
Y3hhkYzhh NCB SplitAdult (f)2,9335535
SRnjVSRV Navi SplitAdult (m)3,1945954
bSCGvBask NCB SplitAdult (m)3,0635755
QcB3mMiona Navi SplitAdult (f)2,8136303
aETfWEtaf NCB SplitAdult (m)4,3751,0245
cH77KKobold Navi SplitAdult (m)4,9009074
ZrjvmIstu Navi SplitAdult (m)4,8999116
IIk5nIkkan NCB SplitAdult (f)4,5467791
73BvjBiv NCB SplitAdult (f)2,9096862
9g1qkQK NCB SplitAdult (m)1,9607439
en1bTEnib NCB SplitAdult (f)2,2339553
BIe9UBleu NCB SplitAdult (f)1,6857772
cIQOTIma Navi SplitAdult (f)2,6987831
N4cd2Nicod NCB SplitAdult (m)2,6668182
a0t7gAtog NCB SplitAdult (m)2,1958622
m1rv0Mirva NCB SplitAdult (f)1,9898090
4CYEKEowin Navi SplitAdult (f)2,0608190
HccAUHau NCB SplitAdult (m)2,0788110
n4SNLNarcissa Victoria NCB SplitAdult (f)3,4518732
avHdaAvada Navi SplitAdult (f)3,7838973
sIVFhSiv Navi SplitAdult (f)4,2201,0316
O2wtKOtta Navi SplitAdult (f)4,5391,0785
NbxoKLisa Navi SplitAdult (f)3,7198673
1MMdXMmadx NCB SplitAdult (f)6,3291,6426
M2hC3Mirchana NCB SpliteAdult (f)4,0951,0234
k2B9jNoah Navi SplitAdult (f)3,8691,1682
Q9Vh3Vaha NCB SplitAdult (f)1,7087112
bCcHZLucius Navi SplitAdult (m)1,8167532
VLwc2Edward Navi SplitAdult (m)1,8967742
nn4hoNoho Navi Frozen SplitHatchling (F)1,5364084
NZM7ILongest BiLine Navi Frozen SplitHatchling (F)1,4554693
lAigdLaida Navi Frozen SplitHatchling (f, F)2,5927383
l5L4vInbreed Trash Navi Frozen SplitHatchling (F)5693482
C8PHICapha NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (f)2,3539074
1BitbBit NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (m)2,8408440
ShabaShaba NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (m)2,4899251
5IoxVIox NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (m)2,8529563
cKIVFKiva NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (f)2,8019550
QQOW8Ow Navi Violet  LindwurmAdult (m)1,6355940
roNmURona NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (f)2,6205321
TJ78KTuck NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (m)2,5898664
LtAnkLetanka NCB Violet  LindwurmAdult (f)1,9816691
TEcPJ(TEcPJ)Adult (m)3,7929015
Xm5Wz(Xm5Wz)Adult (m)2,8966354
HVTvy(HVTvy)Adult (m)1,7676300
MZrfT(MZrfT)Adult (m)3,1419371
mZdgH(mZdgH)Adult (m)2,5946212
NcNbR(NcNbR)Adult (m)3,6106370
iyv6T(iyv6T)Adult (m)3,6298381
Ud6Em(Ud6Em)Adult (m)3,3185952
NVBqs(NVBqs)Adult (f)3,7716021
zN1Qr(zN1Qr)Adult (m)2,8146021
DioEm(DioEm)Adult (m)3,1795881
Uikqh(Uikqh)Adult (f)3,5046790
kkzMz(kkzMz)Adult (m)2,0616521
h1VJd(h1VJd)Adult (m)1,9686112
jsFXU(jsFXU)Adult (m)3,5586563
XVuFX(XVuFX)Adult (m)2,8824860
faSVE(faSVE)Adult (f)3,5135780
JsvkE(JsvkE)Adult (m)3,4956780
Ze3jx(Ze3jx)Adult (f)4,5798090
eDvb9(eDvb9)Adult (m)6,5601,0201
3KZzg(3KZzg)Adult (m)6,5761,0131
NvNP8(NvNP8)Adult (m)3,1236961
vPYIV(vPYIV)Adult (m)4,2825572
iNUfD(iNUfD)Adult (m)3,3225741
gDX9O(gDX9O)Adult (m)5,3917041
6mZ2j(6mZ2j)Adult (m)5,3798702
v44OJ(v44OJ)Adult (f)3,8717470
vJbFr(vJbFr)Adult (f)4,5639010
4mbMi(4mbMi)Adult (m)4,8439020
S9Bsl(S9Bsl)Adult (f)4,0998873
h3NOw(h3NOw)Adult (f)4,5849320
62A4h(62A4h)Adult (m)5,6129440
fLqxe(fLqxe)Adult (f)3,2488262
zrfH7(zrfH7)Adult (f)4,6569041
tNa0N(tNa0N)Adult (m)3,4907220
ejcgp(ejcgp)Adult (f)3,5627332
1NFxj(1NFxj)Adult (m)3,2997392
jIyj0(jIyj0)Adult (m)3,3667001
WANFL(WANFL)Adult (m)4,7198722
iAFyH(iAFyH)Adult (f)4,1538682
AnI85(AnI85)Adult (f)4,7088780
Scw7J(Scw7J)Adult (f)3,0457210
41nWP(41nWP)Adult (f)4,7689081
CelCB(CelCB)Adult (f)2,9077191
7Usz1(7Usz1)Adult (m)5,0609931
L3k1g(L3k1g)Adult (f)4,3638272
lIlsRLisir NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)2,2528931
RW9PfRawfa NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,1628650
qlQmcQumca NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,2408660
lfAo5Ifao NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)1,4276160
PBNzDPena NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,0306411
oxJT5Oxit NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)2,4455841
uhPnjUhpj NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,3967951
2PuozPuoz NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)2,7355493
DCq79DC NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,4245880
ewElcEwelca NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,0805382
UKVIHUkvih NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)1,9885532
5BJQWBlow NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)1,7476343
sJrI8Siril NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,1146672
mtXglMetaxagirl NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,6801,0982
m1ZRGMizerg NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)2,7196931
4NBsrNibasra NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,7748774
8w4mfMif NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,4509296
efRWKFerwex NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,5769654
UcP4pUkka NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,5589194
HVVm1Himi NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)6,6791,4143
UC4voUchivo NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)2,0115571
JbIizIbliz NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)2,5668480
j8fphSad NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,3856194
tKH4X(tKH4X)Adult (m)3,2049841
p1NLf(p1NLf)Adult (f)3,8449194
2Z20Q(2Z20Q)Adult (m)3,57298719
qr4o3Quritta NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,7881,02013
y2sqJYsa NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)5,4421,14546
mAzLCMazlyk NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (f)3,8131,28217
xRCNyRoxin NCB Forest LindwurmAdult (m)3,5066694
enuQh(enuQh)Adult (m)2,5116982
qzCMd(qzCMd)Adult (f)2,9645563
uOja6(uOja6)Adult (m)3,4118365
wqC8l(wqC8l)Adult (m)3,4509144
jv6uY(jv6uY)Adult (m)3,3438705
GezzQ(GezzQ)Adult (f)5,0831,1743
3zTcQ(3zTcQ)Adult (f)3,4769039
9q7HW(9q7HW)Adult (m)2,3815586
xvkDp(xvkDp)Adult (f)2,9229002
pHPHD(pHPHD)Adult (f)3,7859073
XxtBH(XxtBH)Adult (f)3,3929103
ig1jh(ig1jh)Adult (f)2,7137265
avrzM(avrzM)Adult (f)2,6757214
ciAYQ(ciAYQ)Adult (m)2,3636163
LMU8b(LMU8b)Adult (m)1,9666381
G0PQ8(G0PQ8)Adult (m)7,6301,1164
9YJEM(9YJEM)Adult (m)2,5885502
PTy3k(PTy3k)Adult (m)3,0525870
8TFti(8TFti)Adult (m)2,4076231
0zDTk(0zDTk)Adult (f)3,2505254
gu92O(gu92O)Adult (m)2,0975872
kYyoq(kYyoq)Adult (m)3,3366340
JuEPG(JuEPG)Adult (m)3,8546290
GAG9m(GAG9m)Adult (f)4,3376770
yYdgg(yYdgg)Adult (m)3,1026250
8wmCr(8wmCr)Adult (m)3,8526931
ozcsr(ozcsr)Adult (m)3,9846982
HjSUe(HjSUe)Adult (f)4,2996710
BErnV(BErnV)Adult (f)5,5197965
6tJvR(6tJvR)Adult (m)4,9949131
YJCY9(YJCY9)Adult (m)5,0879702
13agLIlag NCB Frozen Forest LindwurmHatchling (m, F)2,2497942
fvDoW(fvDoW)Adult (f)2,6946871
aeOza(aeOza)Adult (f)2,5855471
gFMmD(gFMmD)Adult (f)4,6468191
J4eIX(J4eIX)Adult (m)4,8048361
D5Vrj(D5Vrj)Adult (m)4,5703911
t35wO(t35wO)Adult (f)3,1417270
aqGWv(aqGWv)Adult (f)4,4549163
U2q3R(U2q3R)Adult (m)2,4256472
zKnDQ(zKnDQ)Adult (m)2,9488650
uBv4c(uBv4c)Adult (f)2,7236891
X1HPi(X1HPi)Adult (m)2,7886400
nwUD7(nwUD7)Adult (f)3,5699331
m6War(m6War)Adult (f)3,1297141
Mphrv(Mphrv)Adult (m)3,1988541
XTbfp(XTbfp)Adult (m)2,5946531
JNMDv(JNMDv)Adult (m)2,2196461
I9bCs(I9bCs)Adult (f)3,1348121
ihpxG(ihpxG)Adult (m)3,0987781
bz9yD(bz9yD)Adult (f)3,3037510
V7l1v(V7l1v)Adult (f)2,6706261
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