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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Naruhodou,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NqMMKOphelia von IgnisAdult (f)4,8921,2533
kvpqdVoltimand von IgnisAdult (m)2,8381,0712
BhXVPGertrude von IgnisAdult (f)2,1117880
c8IcVYorick von IgnisAdult (m)3,0491,0063
p6bIkLuthor von IgnisAdult (m)3,2611,0463
qjxzQ(qjxzQ)Adult (f)3,8649425
jhkCt(jhkCt)Adult (m)2,1146331
rtJZL(rtJZL)Adult (m)4,1257223
mfHm4Cyclops von IgnisHatchling (m, F)2,4206864
YtMwd(YtMwd)Hatchling (F)2,0705364
RovggHephaestus von IgnisAdult (m)4,3551,3452
AsMynArtemis von IgnisAdult (f)4,7391,2927
xIKoVHera von IgnisAdult (f)4,3731,3021
NGLyGEros von IgnisHatchling (m, F)4,5941,2565
0ZqFoAthena von IgnisHatchling (f, F)2,4348591
rvh51Luster von IgnisAdult (f)2,1247650
4a7b0Purge von IgnisAdult (m)3,2698952
dxt4y(dxt4y)Adult (m)2,0735962
X698C(X698C)Adult (m)2,7476170
qzQFF(qzQFF)Hatchling (m, F)2,9625233
yQIykMardi von IgnisAdult (f)3,0449191
uIu1nLundi von IgnisAdult (m)2,9778853
JxCZ8Mercredi von IgnisAdult (f)3,0429101
7VRV3Jeudi von IgnisAdult (f)2,8829152
6tyAnFevrier von IgnisAdult (m)3,2221,0093
y7G1aJuin von IgnisAdult (m)3,3201,0171
ScYlaJuillet von IgnisAdult (m)3,2629601
0CFU4Aout von IgnisAdult (m)3,2539972
DuVStVendredi von IgnisHatchling (m, F)2,6558001
sEVs4Samedi von IgnisHatchling (f, F)2,7028372
aeopKJanvier von IgnisHatchling (F)1,7865373
X941L(X941L)Adult (f)8,2666610
P4KRP(P4KRP)Adult (f)5,0078060
ECG8g(ECG8g)Adult (f)6,5439982
PYHZT(PYHZT)Adult (f)3,5828073
d1tzh(d1tzh)Adult (f)3,6877351
MgveQ(MgveQ)Adult (m)2,7595941
5gdEp(5gdEp)Hatchling (F)2,7405591
XVWBAnette von IgnisAdult (f)81945423
jk6aECarmen von IgnisAdult (f)3,0021,11311
JLaFADugguban von IgnisAdult (m)2,8801,0253
PHgZOEnzo von IgnisAdult (m)3,5221,2217
v1ryADorian von IgnisAdult (m)3,38091512
xc3DxIvan von IgnisAdult (m)5,6981,2915
s5ao1Ingrid von IgnisAdult (f)3,0151,0314
H6uUZJager von IgnisAdult (m)3,3589361
78uSs(78uSs)Adult (m)2,1206330
fglaBKlaus von IgnisHatchling (F)1,8902394
a1xbvMarlowe von IgnisHatchling (m, F)4,0321,0463
ntrU1Flandre von IgnisAdult (f)1,8856882
497gs(497gs)Adult (f)5,6931,5294
xCkmC(xCkmC)Adult (m)6,5811,0401
FWiv2(FWiv2)Adult (f)4,6151,1851
IVKVt(IVKVt)Adult (f)4,1851,3781
YqeMT(YqeMT)Adult (f)3,7637421
jOPLv(jOPLv)Adult (m)3,9458400
OSaN5(OSaN5)Adult (f)3,3441,0853
YMNm0(YMNm0)Adult (f)3,3926090
hJNVL(hJNVL)Adult (m)3,7148041
t4xcn(t4xcn)Adult (m)3,0165264
7JNSS(7JNSS)Adult (m)3,8327302
Gcox4(Gcox4)Adult (m)4,1348172
GTrpQ(GTrpQ)Adult (f)4,7329021
d1w9N(d1w9N)Adult (m)6,2751,5889
BBhrZ(BBhrZ)Adult (m)2,9377585
DOFIy(DOFIy)Adult (f)2,3096262
l3qgv(l3qgv)Adult (m)5,6921,41221
MIOhF(MIOhF)Adult (m)2,3626664
KnemY(KnemY)Adult (f)2,8727850
eChdJ(eChdJ)Adult (m)3,8277241
nZdWE(nZdWE)Adult (m)4,1808130
YtPxs(YtPxs)Hatchling (F)2,9035141
gsNdgCharlotte von IgnisAdult (f)3,2399022
Z4BquCarrie von IgnisAdult (f)3,2049294
oT87OReinhardt von IgnisAdult (m)3,2759871
m6t3T(m6t3T)Adult (f)8,1346580
Nw2NR(Nw2NR)Adult (f)6,5121,0381
fQpOAAuriculatus von IgnisAdult (m)5,6831,91422
ALlZ5Carmine von IgnisAdult (f)3,0789912
5avA2Vermilion von IgnisAdult (f)3,1469102
2gTN0(2gTN0)Adult (m)3,5367230
JigZT(JigZT)Adult (m)4,2658371
jxCKH(jxCKH)Adult (m)7,1371,0221
NeA8bCerise von IgnisHatchling (f, F)3,1359233
zuyWH(zuyWH)Adult (m)4,8858332
Ans8hMuenster von IgnisAdult3,9061,30522
dbkCMPassendale von IgnisAdult2,7519683
uOtJKGoya von IgnisAdult3,0249385
lnnr4(lnnr4)Adult (f)2,6331,0394
tW90g(tW90g)Adult (f)4,1931,4632
Xn3kX(Xn3kX)Adult (f)4,1791,4691
bUIc5(bUIc5)Adult (f)4,1901,4711
kTteP(kTteP)Adult (m)3,8361,2791
7843F(7843F)Adult (m)3,9561,3555
VNCvk(VNCvk)Adult (f)3,46992130
ijU3o(ijU3o)Hatchling (f, F)2,92265123
LLfpK(LLfpK)Adult (m)3,2091,13911
caFGb(caFGb)Adult (m)2,7408880
7X1xvAmadeus von IgnisAdult (m)3,3909494
gjKtYSebastian von IgnisAdult (m)3,3929511
KkJ25Chopin von IgnisAdult (m)3,0939030
xexxw(xexxw)Adult (m)3,6137981
VBPsBGustav von IgnisHatchling (m, F)3,0568702
KBHgUFriedrich von IgnisHatchling (F)2,3596603
YZ7H5(YZ7H5)Hatchling (f, F)3,6857151
QoqQX(QoqQX)Adult (m)2,9027702
aGNaT(aGNaT)Adult (f)2,5216392
j3QOWRust von IgnisAdult (f)2,9278646
AVFdy(AVFdy)Adult (f)3,5118163
3Bo1rJuniper von IgnisAdult (m)2,7651,0193
BhvmpPansy von IgnisAdult (m)3,5561,2474
cS7RNHibiscus von IgnisAdult (m)2,4209021
t01xuAmaryllis von IgnisAdult (m)5,2611,4205
7t556(7t556)Adult (m)3,4686151
1ERvP(1ERvP)Adult (f)3,8706382
GXKe0Clover von IgnisHatchling (m, F)2,7087991
y9MaL(y9MaL)Hatchling (F)2,8083383
5MPTCirrus von IgnisAdult (m)8504094
QBQkt(QBQkt)Adult (f)4,1957201
UuKuA(UuKuA)Adult (m)4,5937961
qQjV(qQjV)Adult (f)1,49269525
FeQ5O(FeQ5O)Adult (f)5,8031,85513
3gj4m(3gj4m)Adult (f)3,5268262
2YMxS(2YMxS)Adult (m)3,8167671
N5JFJ(N5JFJ)Adult (m)7,2981,0461
TQhz(TQhz)Adult (m)2,3389064
5JlIS(5JlIS)Adult (m)5,5641,4163
bY4sM(bY4sM)Adult (m)3,4416271
lLqSb(lLqSb)Adult (m)2,5859531
Uy8I1Lady von IgnisAdult (f)3,03073018
yN8HXFleance von IgnisAdult (f)5,3731,3403
QwgEBBanquo von IgnisAdult (m)5,3391,2402
fuS9hDonalbain von IgnisAdult (f)5,6251,4183
smVM8Siward von IgnisAdult (f)5,3871,4622
mlLEUMalcolm von IgnisAdult (f)3,0919292
jqzFXRoss von IgnisAdult (f)3,2201,0605
5wcOF(5wcOF)Adult (f)3,7587572
eOrCdSeyton von IgnisHatchling (f, F)4,8601,2842
f93QoMacbeth von IgnisHatchling (F)1,8515671
G9O9Joules von IgnisAdult (f)1,13461623
pEprr(pEprr)Adult (f)3,2128846
6uHls(6uHls)Adult (m)3,8769425
Hj3ta(Hj3ta)Adult (f)3,3405991
HFqU2(HFqU2)Adult (m)4,5828041
CtiTUClodagh von IgnisAdult (f)1,7215392
tOD2CAodhan von IgnisAdult (m)3,6801,1341
bFZNAByrne von IgnisAdult (m)2,8601,0642
FPVjtDesmond von IgnisAdult (m)3,0051,1051
uWfAFGilroy von IgnisHatchling (m, F)5,9821,6623
csbKRFlannery von IgnisAdult (f)3,2929801
RnJ76Jannon von IgnisAdult (f)3,3569830
yx4N8Rowan von IgnisAdult (m)3,2919362
3eARhConnery von IgnisAdult (f)3,0419222
rSBqJConnall von IgnisAdult (m)3,3331,0051
SNQJ0Kiernan von IgnisHatchling (F)2,3226861
wvswTMarcas von IgnisHatchling (f, F)3,1398752
sWSQETynan von IgnisHatchling (m, F)3,4008894
e9vcG(e9vcG)Adult (f)8,1726670
Jqsyj(Jqsyj)Adult (m)6,6631,0213
S3Ez3(S3Ez3)Adult (f)7,2961,0132
qY7UjGodoorAdult (f)3,1969001
BghqJThe Grand TurnaboutAdult (f)3,3621,0792
KQnhpTurnabout CountdownAdult (m)3,3541,0326
cVqc0(cVqc0)Adult (f)2,7637573
hWB9v(hWB9v)Adult (f)2,1346100
yo7TW(yo7TW)Adult (f)2,4075942
FPgBe(FPgBe)Adult (f)3,4556031
rDcUx(rDcUx)Adult (m)2,6935972
BJJGO(BJJGO)Adult (f)3,8547621
I1iH0The Lost TurnaboutHatchling (F)1,8445771
w45fAThe Stolen TurnaboutHatchling (f, F)2,6398923
xMBjG(xMBjG)Hatchling (m, F)2,4556882
AoEUdFlamenco von IgnisAdult (f)1,9945331
IYDBFCantes von IgnisAdult (m)2,0806126
nlz1x(nlz1x)Adult (f)2,1136262
qrsGU(qrsGU)Adult (m)4,4848302
3soOWFrost von IgnisAdult (m)3,0669573
nW1KIShiver von IgnisAdult (f)3,1499683
yZd0yChill von IgnisAdult (m)3,2989600
Fyz1Q(Fyz1Q)Adult (m)2,7386050
f9EdO(f9EdO)Adult (m)6,6581,0081
4xEyjJade von IgnisAdult (f)2,2937922
bm4pxPeridot von IgnisAdult (m)3,2618823
14xhZ(14xhZ)Adult (m)3,9988380
AytS2(AytS2)Hatchling (f, F)3,2277472
YgqQT(YgqQT)Hatchling (m, F)2,3505891
EhnOJJasper von IgnisAdult (f)3,3991,0833
8ecjgBloodstone von IgnisAdult (m)3,1178442
YBfIU(YBfIU)Adult (f)2,5036920
gdHq3(gdHq3)Adult (m)2,9875562
0QVfl(0QVfl)Hatchling (m, F)2,8036734
0vA50(0vA50)Hatchling (F)2,8166472
4T15gLapis von IgnisAdult (m)3,3439443
y3RIxZircon von IgnisAdult (f)3,3419762
ZV1lP(ZV1lP)Adult (m)3,3636202
k5WMrLazuli von IgnisHatchling (m, F)3,5208893
VQSJb(VQSJb)Hatchling (F)1,8024911
jT9Kw(jT9Kw)Hatchling (f, F)2,9025520
Nm6ScCalcite von IgnisAdult (f)1,8127021
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