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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nandeenah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Rwanp(Rwanp)Hatchling (f)5,1047924
gDQl1(gDQl1)Hatchling (m)6,6238195
iCltz(iCltz)Hatchling (m)6,0748023
tsaeu(tsaeu)Hatchling (f)6,3818195
Sd67b(Sd67b)Hatchling (f)6,6288243
bfPXjThanos' SnapocalypseAdult (m)2,9117054
DnEAHD'neah TiidAdult (f)3,0616641
ormmLVoldy and the Death EatersAdult (m)3,52269210
NjHqHThe Internet was a MistakeAdult (m)3,6648304
kDUJBGlory to Insert-Name-HereAdult (m)4,6028754
cQV0eCovhe TiidAdult (m)6,2591,0939
QFQ9qDi meliora - Ad aeternamAdult (f)3,51746315
Ko9mpA matter of crimeAdult (f)3,0536114
Rj111My try at RedemptionAdult (f)3,8374002
uYBTuVale decem - Alis graveAdult (m)2,8879534
CfX2QVale decem - Ad aeternamAdult (m)3,6266604
2TjmfAd perpetuam - MemoriamAdult (f)2,4814254
JU2Y6Numquam - Dum spiro fidoAdult (m)1,8934252
jGD3gGlory to Insert Name HereAdult (f)3,1077194
3LwHPPartysnaxxAdult (m)2,9136166
2brgZWir sind die  BorgAdult (f)1,7534732
857GdALL HAIL  GLOW CLOUDAdult (f)2,3796678
LxkCXDark OsmiumAdult (f)2,2995512
nobn2the source of evilAdult (f)2,7305022
0Svt4WolfmarineAdult (m)2,9705382
8aurqDrem  Yol  LokAdult (m)3,4796001
1ZNjlClear the way in the old BazaarAdult (m)2,9485182
bHjH9Echoes  of  EternityAdult (m)2,9156402
2YeyhVale decem - Di melioraAdult (m)2,9626492
M8puJBeati - PacificiAdult (f)4,7167771
CIZVN(CIZVN)Adult (m)2,4916743
OgaEpStand amongst the ashesAdult (m)3,4877995
smKadStalking GloryAdult (m)3,8186413
9WQ4ZVale decem - Gratis tibi agoAdult (m)2,6256323
Tpf9oAd aeternam - Numquam singularisAdult (f)3,6156803
fpIzb(fpIzb)Adult (m)4,9388082
DViUI(DViUI)Adult (m)2,8366382
N3ACqVale vale vale valeAdult (f)2,7614555
q6Ph6Vale Decem - Ood SongAdult (f)3,0586056
HnpeD(HnpeD)Adult (m)3,2495901
YV1Vv(YV1Vv)Adult (m)2,6265983
Udpos(Udpos)Adult (m)2,7946293
0tlsQ(0tlsQ)Adult (f)3,0226863
bYv7o(bYv7o)Adult (f)7,7371,1754
6Hy32(6Hy32)Adult (f)3,3216354
474ii(474ii)Adult (f)2,2154081
nre7k(nre7k)Adult (f)3,1307602
p9IxBStupidity is contagiousAdult (f)3,6094812
yPLX8Contagious StupidityAdult (f)4,0505063
waHi9Meteoric AscensionAdult (m)3,6684791
HJBKSObiwanke NobiAdult (m)3,5363442
lJ8IBin Satira VeritasAdult (m)3,7603823
pfheyEI Psy CongrooAdult (m)2,7516301
duGkQEI-Psy-CongrooAdult (m)3,7359402
Az5OeHououin   KyoumaAdult (f)3,5968115
QRXbKOi SpacemanAdult (f)3,8444871
A2431Pippin Galadriel  MoonchildAdult (m)4,0158466
jNcQVMad Scientist Hououin KyoumaAdult (f)2,6885433
b59jCKurisutinaAdult (f)2,5756423
EPTC2Reading SteinerAdult (m)3,0787403
RYUkUOldest Question  in the UniverseAdult (m)2,8576374
QlxNPbut you are a liarAdult (f)2,9198984
HgYNo(HgYNo)Adult (m)4,3544131
IHF6VAlduin dilonAdult (f)2,3126083
Ujjzp(Ujjzp)Adult (m)3,8864114
4qZk8(4qZk8)Adult (f)5,0806604
IX9jVLife is ours we live it our wayAdult (m)5,4798371
dhB8DLife is ours- we live it our wayAdult (m)5,2718021
Amx0V(Amx0V)Adult (m)3,6844206
fcKTR(fcKTR)Adult (f)3,1644633
c5sq1(c5sq1)Adult (f)3,4686222
xofFm(xofFm)Adult (m)5,5729863
DyfFjis endingAdult (f)2,5335362
Nw007(Nw007)Adult (m)3,5658725
AHryn(AHryn)Adult (f)3,0494371
YEFlv(YEFlv)Adult (m)3,0097251
vhlcS(vhlcS)Adult (f)3,6136511
Die14(Die14)Adult (m)3,9128254
3Sp2H(3Sp2H)Adult (f)4,1118394
g44Ah(g44Ah)Adult (m)3,9858152
jSkZ8(jSkZ8)Adult (m)3,8648071
dt98e(dt98e)Adult (m)2,7106061
ao6DN(ao6DN)Adult (m)3,0605543
akY0w(akY0w)Adult (m)2,8956571
te5CB(te5CB)Adult (f)7,9101,1974
LIARA(LIARA)Adult (f)3,0924171
Y5447(Y5447)Adult (f)3,7246133
cUXsc(cUXsc)Adult (m)2,2334491
SQszU(SQszU)Adult (m)2,5804404
H5T5U(H5T5U)Adult (f)3,6257142
d181l(d181l)Adult (f)2,9106833
n1FRM(n1FRM)Adult (f)3,9507272
iOMAD(iOMAD)Adult (m)3,1546902
Atl3h(Atl3h)Adult (f)2,3394121
8n1vk(8n1vk)Adult (m)2,4704224
Z6PVv(Z6PVv)Adult (f)2,0763784
yJq9C(yJq9C)Adult (m)3,1996964
Cwadb(Cwadb)Adult (m)3,8937002
AFys3(AFys3)Adult (m)3,9377691
Vwcgo(Vwcgo)Adult (f)4,3108523
By1h0(By1h0)Hatchling (F)1,1391793
laGQLagohAdult (m)2,00740317
G2phGephAdult (f)2,08545220
6FDDBFibbibAdult (m)2,7356801
Lvyve(Lvyve)Adult (f)3,2206995
Ji3XHello - my name is ConnorHatchling (f, F)2,39131215
pOLiAndroid sent by  CyberlifeHatchling (m, F)2,4545704
8AYAEarth is closed todayHatchling (F)1,9683195
WHGeY(WHGeY)Hatchling (F)1,8693259
xbNN9A Drunken SailorHatchling (F)1,4483453
Cuvia(Cuvia)Adult (f)1,6454882
Abkco(Abkco)Adult (m)2,0895003
Drnnc(Drnnc)Adult (m)2,3213690
m4X2E(m4X2E)Adult (m)2,3834462
uLVN1(uLVN1)Adult (m)1,9706213
Eceoe(Eceoe)Adult (f)4,6969702
Yakgc(Yakgc)Adult (m)3,8948021
zvjlbFear the Weeping AngeIsAdult (f)5,1459921
arGILN  i  g  h  t  sAdult (m)4,8287062
Ou1ejARMY's green FluffAdult (f)3,1875573
OCebqA  r  a  b  i  a  nAdult (f)2,4854826
j3lgb(j3lgb)Adult (f)3,1524373
ynd5WA  l  a  d  d  i  nHatchling (f, F)4,6377982
Crnp8(Crnp8)Hatchling (F)1,8562072
rF1xa(rF1xa)Hatchling (F)2,5963322
TdbvQ(TdbvQ)Hatchling (f, F)2,8698033
Stvna(Stvna)Adult (f)3,3308431
Dxhgs(Dxhgs)Adult (f)3,2058612
qZBWn(qZBWn)Adult (f)4,0529552
Hwbjg(Hwbjg)Adult (f)4,3519701
loNht(loNht)Adult (f)5,3748471
9PhxiTitanium SphereAdult (f)3,9638151
GG8kE(GG8kE)Adult (f)2,6425711
oMyhh(oMyhh)Adult (m)3,1354610
Ryxgn(Ryxgn)Adult (m)3,4746763
Mtbyx(Mtbyx)Adult (m)1,9343561
GqXEST h e  night is longHatchling (F)1,1703252
iK0BGOh I come from a landAdult (m)4,3017311
S5gpoI am a Child of ThanosAdult (m)3,9518632
hBo7GPyramiden von GizehAdult (m)3,3216361
fBGvUNeferefre TenebraeAdult (f)2,8646961
p7CA9I should be a girl BurtonesqueAdult (m)5,7269294
8MSPY(8MSPY)Adult (f)3,7478268
oidvHSteinsGateAdult (f)4,0344084
NVm01I'm from the FutureAdult (f)3,1916814
pzpHSSweet Mother - Sweet MotherAdult (m)4,5504235
D74jVIt's the choice of Steins GateAdult (f)2,9935248
swVF8For the SinsAdult (m)3,1494771
nEkuKMust be BaptizedAdult (m)2,5895052
1BEAJ(1BEAJ)Adult (m)4,5377883
u4rff(u4rff)Adult (m)2,9846854
BcWm8(BcWm8)Adult (m)1,5174001
eUuYN(eUuYN)Adult (f)2,8857681
4Ohv5(4Ohv5)Adult (m)4,4708721
A8oAr(A8oAr)Adult (f)2,8956562
x6Ab4(x6Ab4)Adult (m)4,1278512
7u3Rs(7u3Rs)Adult (m)2,9636243
en7Tz(en7Tz)Adult (f)2,7095231
neS5I(neS5I)Adult (m)2,3493801
pJuOe(pJuOe)Adult (f)3,0785292
4bkHq(4bkHq)Adult (m)2,2426671
T5j57(T5j57)Adult (f)2,4534373
DyLut(DyLut)Adult (m)2,9306782
Bxpj6(Bxpj6)Adult (f)2,1154305
0eM4G(0eM4G)Adult (f)3,2567073
PKjUW(PKjUW)Adult (m)4,4897782
j0jO0(j0jO0)Adult (m)2,6006002
kUCrU(kUCrU)Adult (f)2,9046172
7fJUv(7fJUv)Adult (m)2,7976362
Q3qak(Q3qak)Adult (m)2,5056192
Iyo0x(Iyo0x)Adult (m)4,3727821
IxRte(IxRte)Adult (m)4,1288794
siNy9(siNy9)Adult (f)2,7494613
tRGan(tRGan)Adult (m)3,6877342
SB2Li(SB2Li)Adult (f)2,6766012
WIToz(WIToz)Adult (f)2,7615677
cjfQa(cjfQa)Adult (f)3,5716926
Gx2b6(Gx2b6)Adult (m)3,7104721
26tCq(26tCq)Adult (f)4,0094993
TCE8S(TCE8S)Adult (f)3,1618272
Qoifw(Qoifw)Adult (m)1,9365131
LT1VV(LT1VV)Adult (f)3,5854921
AqtrE(AqtrE)Adult (f)3,0396619
Y3aJg(Y3aJg)Adult (m)3,3767243
1qNmN(1qNmN)Adult (f)2,3834202
5uoaL(5uoaL)Adult (m)2,0324753
b4w2T(b4w2T)Adult (f)3,0747156
Oor8Y(Oor8Y)Adult (f)3,2534144
D042h(D042h)Adult (f)3,6476672
rs1EK(rs1EK)Adult (m)4,0796974
27986(27986)Adult (m)4,2006802
Pmiqe(Pmiqe)Adult (f)3,6057011
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