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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nandeenah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z48KT(z48KT)Dead Egg000
cMhUC(cMhUC)Hatchling (m)5,4271,0554
8Sqmi(8Sqmi)Hatchling (f)3,8898493
bfPXjJovijannAdult (m)2,9117054
DnEAHD'neah TiidAdult (f)3,0616641
ormmLOrrmelAdult (m)3,52269210
NjHqHNijo TiidAdult (m)3,6648304
kDUJBChron TiidAdult (m)4,6028754
cQV0eCovhe TiidAdult (m)6,2591,0939
QFQ9q(QFQ9q)Adult (f)3,51746315
Ko9mp(Ko9mp)Adult (f)3,0536114
Rj111(Rj111)Adult (f)3,8374002
p9IxBStupidity is contagiousAdult (f)3,6094812
yPLX8Contagious StupidityAdult (f)4,0505063
waHi9Meteoric AscensionAdult (m)3,6684791
HJBKSObiwanke NobiAdult (m)3,5363442
lJ8IBin Satira VeritasAdult (m)3,7603823
pfheyEI Psy CongrooAdult (m)2,7516301
duGkQEI-Psy-CongrooAdult (m)3,7359402
Az5OeHououin   KyoumaAdult (f)3,5968115
QRXbKOi SpacemanAdult (f)3,8444871
A2431Pippin Galadriel  MoonchildAdult (m)4,0158466
jNcQVMad Scientist Hououin KyoumaAdult (f)2,6885433
b59jCKurisutinaAdult (f)2,5756423
EPTC2Reading SteinerAdult (m)3,0787403
RYUkU(RYUkU)Adult (m)2,8576374
QlxNPthe source of evilAdult (f)2,9198984
HgYNo(HgYNo)Adult (m)4,3544131
IHF6V(IHF6V)Adult (f)2,3126083
Ujjzp(Ujjzp)Adult (m)3,8864114
4qZk8(4qZk8)Adult (f)5,0806604
rfw64(rfw64)Adult (f)2,8122902
IX9jV(IX9jV)Adult (m)5,4798371
dhB8D(dhB8D)Adult (m)5,2718021
Amx0V(Amx0V)Adult (m)3,6844206
fcKTR(fcKTR)Adult (f)3,1644633
c5sq1(c5sq1)Adult (f)3,4686222
xofFm(xofFm)Adult (m)5,5729863
DyfFj(DyfFj)Adult (f)2,5335362
laGQLagohAdult (m)2,00740317
G2phGephAdult (f)2,08545220
6FDDBFibbibAdult (m)2,7356801
Ji3XHello - my name is ConnorHatchling (f, F)2,39131215
pOLiAndroid sent by  CyberlifeHatchling (m, F)2,4545704
8AYAEarth is closed todayHatchling (F)1,9683195
WHGeY(WHGeY)Hatchling (F)1,8693259
xbNN9A Drunken SailorHatchling (F)1,4483453
zvjlbFear the Weeping AngeIsAdult (f)5,1459921
arGILN  i  g  h  t  sAdult (m)4,8287062
Ou1ejARMY's green FluffAdult (f)3,1875573
OCebqA  r  a  b  i  a  nAdult (f)2,4854826
j3lgb(j3lgb)Adult (f)3,1524373
ynd5WA  l  a  d  d  i  nHatchling (f, F)4,6377982
Crnp8(Crnp8)Hatchling (F)1,8562072
rF1xa(rF1xa)Hatchling (F)2,5963322
loNht(loNht)Adult (f)5,3748471
9PhxiTitanium SphereAdult (f)3,9638151
GG8kE(GG8kE)Adult (f)2,6425711
GqXEST h e  night is longHatchling (F)1,1703252
iK0BGOh I come from a landAdult (m)4,3017311
S5gpoI am a Child of ThanosAdult (m)3,9518632
hBo7GPyramiden von GizehAdult (m)3,3216361
fBGvUNeferefre TenebraeAdult (f)2,8646961
p7CA9I should be a girl BurtonesqueAdult (m)5,7269294
8MSPY(8MSPY)Adult (f)3,7478268
oidvHSteinsGateAdult (f)4,0344084
NVm01I'm from the FutureAdult (f)3,1916814
pzpHSSweet Mother - Sweet MotherAdult (m)4,5504235
D74jVIt's the choice of Steins GateAdult (f)2,9935248
swVF8For the SinsAdult (m)3,1494771
nEkuKMust be BaptizedAdult (m)2,5895052
1BEAJ(1BEAJ)Adult (m)4,5377883
u4rff(u4rff)Adult (m)2,9846854
BcWm8(BcWm8)Adult (m)1,5174001
eUuYN(eUuYN)Adult (f)2,8857681
pTN0FAnd the path is darkHatchling (f, F)2,8747692
X2THn(X2THn)Hatchling (F)1,6132413
kOMGM(kOMGM)Adult (m)2,9974372
QHoVO(QHoVO)Adult (f)2,9325383
7JlmO(7JlmO)Adult (f)2,2935251
r1JZw(r1JZw)Adult (m)4,3819941
Eihbn(Eihbn)Adult (f)4,0168771
v7ozO(v7ozO)Adult (m)3,6417452
25wLn(25wLn)Adult (m)3,2444522
OYJ5OMeteoric Ascent to PowerAdult (f)1,9165883
1nyce(1nyce)Adult (m)3,3404761
BeLoI(BeLoI)Adult (f)3,7665471
VhNyx(VhNyx)Adult (f)3,7465461
mODQLady SoqatAdult (f)6,8531,80249
ABTMWLord SoqatAdult (m)3,3428462
er3uOPink  RadianceAdult (f)2,4765794
6QV1CBerry MilkshakeAdult (f)4,1619994
bGjy3Gyje SoqatAdult (f)4,2896892
IyukEJxadadw Fadb Thuwed iiiAdult (f)4,0627398
Tryfx(Tryfx)Adult (f)3,6507623
KkXHv(KkXHv)Adult (m)3,2527731
fdUlLook  to the skyHatchling (f, F)4,7821,06111
H1tiBQueen SoqatAdult (f)1,3796881
MoMFYEvil will fall will fallAdult (f)2,9948271
TDw7r(TDw7r)Adult (f)5,0221,0683
FKEpM(FKEpM)Adult (f)5,1011,0613
60pTV(60pTV)Adult (f)4,0729292
lwcYmDivorce on HoneymoonAdult (f)3,9504345
AUSCZCaribbean ArsaniAdult (f)3,3568912
mFCEW(mFCEW)Adult (f)3,1248493
vvUGH(vvUGH)Adult (f)4,0014371
1txJN(1txJN)Hatchling (F)3,3563191
LQVQ2KriegsgottAdult (f)3,2664535
R5va7(R5va7)Adult (m)3,7384845
KZwNA(KZwNA)Adult (m)2,0523181
2sDfI(2sDfI)Adult (f)2,2923422
4BmVI(4BmVI)Adult (f)3,3974359
7O9Ze(7O9Ze)Adult (m)3,8235771
7Gqc9(7Gqc9)Adult (f)3,4307011
D1EYe(D1EYe)Adult (f)4,3714603
9EHWh(9EHWh)Adult (f)2,8235962
27FYJ(27FYJ)Adult (m)2,9325282
SodJ3(SodJ3)Adult (m)1,9095791
DExxb(DExxb)Adult (f)4,0057152
8YFgU(8YFgU)Adult (m)2,8594965
JtO3O(JtO3O)Adult (f)4,1167991
68xqB(68xqB)Adult (f)3,9399764
tnfUD(tnfUD)Hatchling (m, F)5,3889895
qSMHb(qSMHb)Hatchling (F)1,6281871
LR7QsFor one day soonAdult (f)2,9777632
koUVLThe  d a w n  will comeAdult (m)3,1328094
NNsFB(NNsFB)Hatchling (F)1,1331763
3RMEj(3RMEj)Hatchling (F)1,5263041
thVzP(thVzP)Hatchling (m, F)2,1506022
OfO0t(OfO0t)Adult (f)4,1493854
inxQi(inxQi)Hatchling (F)1,7401962
9T11(9T11)Adult (m)1,01581015
tAEkrosa LuftballonAdult (f)1,75139412
JMv8(JMv8)Adult (f)1,88839111
4CYQ(4CYQ)Adult (m)1,9464611
JtEh(JtEh)Adult (f)4,2764313
UHZf(UHZf)Adult (m)10,2491,3487
GeO0Y(GeO0Y)Adult (f)3,1035063
KWuR(KWuR)Hatchling (m, F)8185776
17ic(17ic)Hatchling (f, F)2,43030819
D81v(D81v)Hatchling (F)2,4363522
rRHX8(rRHX8)Adult (m)3,5987632
GAQbH(GAQbH)Adult (m)2,4735482
8MbSMWhere the caravan camels roamAdult (m)3,2966811
imI8C(imI8C)Adult (f)4,4257369
B9Pj8(B9Pj8)Adult (f)3,8273962
CN9jQ(CN9jQ)Adult (f)2,1665941
irMJ7(irMJ7)Adult (f)1,9017170
GyMty(GyMty)Adult (f)1,8735653
535BF(535BF)Adult (m)3,8721,0023
oLoF5Where it's flat and immenseAdult (f)5,9497893
75AT6(75AT6)Adult (f)3,2756013
lzBCP(lzBCP)Hatchling (F)1,3374237
Vui5Vui5Adult (f)2,3261,11161
YDqZ(YDqZ)Adult (m)3,8011,393120
aERF(aERF)Adult (m)1,78844027
DpYA(DpYA)Adult (m)1,9944817
mfbg(mfbg)Adult (m)2,43435110
mvNH(mvNH)Adult (f)1,84045210
cLESEvil will fallAdult (f)1,4924159
k7aB(k7aB)Adult (f)1,20644121
P0EL(P0EL)Adult (m)1,33542116
QMvE(QMvE)Adult (m)1,44044012
fGJ2(fGJ2)Adult (f)2,1449189
OnPW(OnPW)Adult (f)1,58043215
oL6MThe Silence Has  Been BrokenAdult (m)1,8317639
sRR0(sRR0)Adult (f)2,0675202
RGVH(RGVH)Adult (f)4,2056048
h8iT(h8iT)Adult (f)7,7061,16625
Gt3sGt3s Dorkface viiAdult (m)6,8851,0149
W4J4(W4J4)Adult (m)2,9268556
lBhR(lBhR)Adult (f)3,6601,1038
84vH(84vH)Adult (f)3,9688718
HZ0a(HZ0a)Adult (f)3,0417784
ZmNT(ZmNT)Adult (m)3,8639085
grgn(grgn)Adult (f)3,8799027
2S3d(2S3d)Adult (f)4,1178366
huSQ(huSQ)Adult (f)4,5066276
DLR3H   E   L   L   F   I   R   EAdult (f)4,4196185
QpUbQpUb Dorkface xivAdult (f)2,5107751
CLC3(CLC3)Adult (f)3,0949312
FW4P(FW4P)Adult (m)2,9239010
GcMc(GcMc)Adult (m)2,2516951
9FsHC(9FsHC)Adult (m)1,9456180
gUJXJ(gUJXJ)Adult (f)2,1779160
VvEF5(VvEF5)Adult (m)2,1728860
2gGSs(2gGSs)Adult (m)2,0097951
rsX1C(rsX1C)Adult (f)1,8367562
MPt0MRK900 ConnorAdult (m)1,9727801
2vUfh(2vUfh)Adult (f)2,6248384
gXAMA(gXAMA)Adult (m)3,2498624
fGaYtfGaYtAdult (f)2,0996550
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