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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nanah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
69vdW(69vdW)Egg (F)
YCdyG(YCdyG)Adult (f)2,3348042
2dKO4(2dKO4)Adult (f)2,5118102
XhZaA(XhZaA)Adult (f)3,9751,1243
DOMVG(DOMVG)Adult (m)2,5065383
AHyoA(AHyoA)Adult (f)2,7757918
YduYO(YduYO)Adult (m)2,3847773
2RulW(2RulW)Adult (m)2,3047742
aq12a(aq12a)Adult (f)2,1107552
ziwYg(ziwYg)Adult (f)2,0807601
QybEk(QybEk)Adult (f)2,2707551
ZNXxz(ZNXxz)Adult (m)2,4697931
llwAT(llwAT)Adult (f)2,4897712
OSMyI(OSMyI)Adult (f)1,5726391
L3LZT(L3LZT)Adult (f)1,5256420
Zozgw(Zozgw)Adult (m)1,8646592
D2pYO(D2pYO)Adult (m)4,6198274
AwRNq(AwRNq)Adult (m)4,6018314
303QE(303QE)Adult (m)4,6688323
5jeJc(5jeJc)Adult (f)4,5848274
aXK8v(aXK8v)Adult (m)2,99456010
rwZjc(rwZjc)Adult (m)2,3277771
IJlul(IJlul)Adult (m)2,0008061
ei780(ei780)Adult (f)2,0358071
Rr1ri(Rr1ri)Adult (f)1,9927721
KiAi4(KiAi4)Adult (m)2,1038071
bLG6u(bLG6u)Adult (m)2,5876651
zOpZf(zOpZf)Adult (f)2,1406990
InL3D(InL3D)Adult (f)1,5786321
lVOxM(lVOxM)Adult (f)2,6215561
4Qq99(4Qq99)Adult (m)2,2675770
rQECK(rQECK)Adult (f)2,4576180
fRXQj(fRXQj)Adult (f)2,4306040
mfwdb(mfwdb)Adult (m)2,3845881
b59Ir(b59Ir)Adult (f)2,4405842
tUEQZ(tUEQZ)Adult (f)2,6466112
MoKWU(MoKWU)Adult (m)1,6616360
QbC2V(QbC2V)Adult (f)3,1116151
i4Pe0(i4Pe0)Adult (f)3,2295982
T9FQ8(T9FQ8)Adult (f)3,9136922
aakSW(aakSW)Adult (f)3,3551,01610
XAxsm(XAxsm)Adult (f)2,1398032
ytu9a(ytu9a)Adult (f)2,1938121
DDRnh(DDRnh)Adult (f)2,5345701
TyhrY(TyhrY)Adult (f)2,7995881
TT9JK(TT9JK)Adult (m)2,6365771
Jemju(Jemju)Adult (m)2,4405451
cqAwh(cqAwh)Adult (f)2,3585301
BYP64Beyloch The Thuwed IIAdult (f)1,38660413
W92tzNhuffoh Choco Thuwed IIIAdult (m)3,7551,0171
nnV5GNadkohkamo Black ThuwedAdult (m)1,9546494
0xNZbVine Alted Thuwed IIIAdult (f)3,4154746
pp6mjTuhb Thuwed IIIAdult (f)2,0825243
lOHC2Xuhlojk Thuwed IIIAdult (f)1,7686311
d2nq8Lucodkado Thuwed IIIAdult (f)3,2775674
xpuK5Claravela Thuwed The lllAdult (f)1,8375014
R1bUDHe0uc  Thuwed The IIIAdult (m)2,1816036
GYxS1Xehjo Thuwed The IIIAdult (m)1,7915674
pPaGqEkxoh Muwa Thuwed IIIAdult (f)2,0826564
v4uN3Tehjuc Vad Thuwed IIIAdult (f)1,7034994
EUC45Wahc F0wm0 Thuwed IIIAdult (f)1,7355133
CdVffEkxoh Tuhb  Thuwed VAdult (f)2,1776533
brtkfAlone GirlAdult (f)2,2994968
Q29siI'm Neglected BoyAdult (m)3,03176665
jYG5NReturn In LifeAdult (f)2,48569718
LxC3WThe Misery Of DragonsAdult (f)3,57547261
RuDtDCB RudyAdult3,73954037
iWkN5Beauty From The SkyAdult (f)6,8341,01137
rzvjXGalactic The EmperorAdult (f)4,97992824
gWOP7Nebeska ZvijezdaAdult (m)6,90580510
BOcIRCB Morning ArronAdult (m)2,2369646
00ElXCB Nanah's StarAdult (m)4,2036432
Y3vU8CB OrrionAdult (m)2,0576793
ioe0gCB IgorrAdult (m)3,52896012
SoD9wCb DomannowAdult (m)2,99180840
YP7BZ(YP7BZ)Adult (m)3,1667055
M7jTL(M7jTL)Adult (m)3,3206045
GYZmjBell TollsAdult (m)2,89259811
pKgHeMemo RemainsAdult (m)2,6286972
dqJlL(dqJlL)Adult (m)3,6648832
NIoAM(NIoAM)Adult (m)2,4947026
k8M1t(k8M1t)Adult (m)2,0275774
DjyvMGray Arron IIAdult (m)1,8267732
U1DDL(U1DDL)Adult (m)2,0516536
IexTd(IexTd)Adult (m)2,4746603
rNX6h(rNX6h)Adult (m)2,3806653
oa0Bg(oa0Bg)Adult (m)1,7456561
BNPsa(BNPsa)Adult (m)2,9465185
mhrkb(mhrkb)Adult (m)2,3746913
y1CeD(y1CeD)Adult (m)2,6696693
vzVf3Emerald The GuardAdult (m)1,9445923
ZT2RM(ZT2RM)Adult (m)3,0326025
U7uf2(U7uf2)Adult (m)2,1226064
lcV2W(lcV2W)Adult (m)1,9626052
fq1OA(fq1OA)Adult (m)1,7466212
c9L8RWildfire Brii's SonAdult (m)3,5206337
itPhNMorning Gray IIIAdult (m)1,5035943
NN5CePure Silver  DestinyAdult (m)2,5385637
fTEg5Arron The IIIAdult (m)1,7366033
SXH6pSilver Orchid VAdult (m)1,9497195
JtH4aEmbur Luluris IIIAdult (m)3,5295653
M3n6mArron The IIAdult (m)1,6827001
ob3X4Stormebreeze VIIAdult (m)2,1587292
wuZTQRavu ArronAdult (m)2,3075806
wXTEBRipin ArronAdult (m)3,7516023
k7Xpd(k7Xpd)Adult (m)2,3847273
JfVPnEzio V ArronAdult (m)2,2446702
dy5suQuanto Arron IIIAdult (m)2,4846472
Mxn63(Mxn63)Adult (m)2,8486175
5hnpCShort ArronAdult (m)2,1697003
nvh3HEmerald ArronAdult (m)2,3778865
RBSN6Nebula ArronAdult (m)2,2526732
29NjO(29NjO)Adult (m)2,1726413
6eVGP(6eVGP)Adult (m)1,5916664
uGvF6(uGvF6)Adult (m)1,8036769
kTpD9(kTpD9)Adult (m)3,23454811
3DEPq(3DEPq)Adult (m)3,0256153
GDbpXAksel Ten'yo lll ArronAdult (m)1,8287653
PF88NPretty Arron IIIAdult (m)2,1078054
6uPLpBealis Arron IVAdult (m)2,5189344
1V6vnIsac Arron IIIAdult (m)2,5419214
CEBi0(CEBi0)Adult (m)3,2215658
N3NCY(N3NCY)Adult (m)2,3846013
dPtMUCB Silver SarahAdult (f)2,89863914
JfRPUCB Silver LilithAdult (f)2,1527206
NJNWpCB MeallianieeAdult (f)1,9285964
IIG4pCB Metallica OneAdult (f)2,76459821
I1fpvCB OrpfenaAdult (f)3,1017794
EQkZK(EQkZK)Adult (f)3,0347084
7b15h(7b15h)Adult (f)3,1015795
1TXeN(1TXeN)Adult (f)2,6606861
li6uL(li6uL)Adult (f)3,3896452
6kgK0(6kgK0)Adult (f)2,16162318
mx9fM(mx9fM)Adult (f)2,5125435
fBplk(fBplk)Adult (f)1,9806082
3dCTx(3dCTx)Adult (f)2,3955712
gI74T(gI74T)Adult (f)1,6746673
qKqQx(qKqQx)Adult (f)2,8395177
z4BQS(z4BQS)Adult (f)2,3025792
wVUYa(wVUYa)Adult (f)2,4856031
7l22GValentine Silver IIAdult (f)2,0056602
U7aQS(U7aQS)Adult (f)2,3036813
TooDT(TooDT)Adult (f)2,3736735
5kowJ(5kowJ)Adult (f)3,0161,09211
hoLCr(hoLCr)Adult (f)2,5306451
c7HJI(c7HJI)Adult (f)2,6006673
cwoWE(cwoWE)Adult (f)2,54562713
9c5hH(9c5hH)Adult (f)1,8695663
iGXI2(iGXI2)Adult (f)2,1515868
d9mXj(d9mXj)Adult (f)2,3026422
eZTGo(eZTGo)Adult (f)2,3155766
wkKFS(wkKFS)Adult (f)1,9556193
9T0Sb(9T0Sb)Adult (f)1,7806406
QGiu4(QGiu4)Adult (f)1,8196192
eUXgWRosebud Silver's The IIIAdult (f)1,9126861
StPBoAssassin RebelAdult (f)1,5605832
de97wShena Flamen Aeara IVAdult (f)1,5785861
bn2JKLina The IIAdult (f)1,8646313
duNFTGigaia VAdult (f)2,4146295
hJ52TLupe Shikatta VIAdult (f)1,6116003
aOpBFSilver LinahAdult (f)1,9436021
aCbr8Precious Mirha VAdult (f)1,8748813
nW4Pc(nW4Pc)Adult (f)3,1455908
JCIeSBealis Mirha VAdult (f)2,2637203
lwuZJ(lwuZJ)Adult (f)2,2677534
phEN9Third MirhaAdult (f)2,2146064
eHU2eCaring MirhaAdult (f)1,9618331
qCyYYArron MirhaAdult (f)2,0638835
7YzugTuonari The III MirhaAdult (f)1,9197224
uerJB(uerJB)Hatchling (F)1,9563574
nO9e9(nO9e9)Hatchling (m, F)2,2588093
vEL0J(vEL0J)Hatchling (f, F)2,0647304
OqfltCB Morning StarrAdult (f)2,0439297
b6w4NCB Fourth KindAdult (f)3,1497043
akT0VCB BeautifullAdult (f)1,9836849
aT6WzCB Goldenblack BeautyAdult (f)2,07471412
dnJIXCB Light Of The YearAdult (f)5,1241,39318
FaqSzCB SilentgoldAdult (f)3,27365613
msAy3(msAy3)Adult (f)3,7778322
6maQZDrealle IIAdult (f)4,4648823
wlrfYGolden Halloween IIAdult (f)2,8836434
fSVgP(fSVgP)Adult (f)4,5808635
8R8Zo(8R8Zo)Adult (f)2,8188033
76y4W(76y4W)Adult (f)2,7297953
XYVrmGolden NeraAdult (f)2,0997256
qMxLQ(qMxLQ)Adult (f)2,4767586
ZkxHsEbony  The SecondAdult (f)2,87574013
J4vGp(J4vGp)Adult (f)2,1726843
mp5oy(mp5oy)Adult (f)3,8437399
908OL(908OL)Adult (f)3,0017424
uaGjQ(uaGjQ)Adult (f)2,5696670
xeDGM(xeDGM)Adult (f)2,4797455
R23i9Messy EnnisAdult (f)2,9767463
3nxuLAdelle The IVAdult (f)2,5067435
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