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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nakuru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8vDV4(8vDV4)Hatchling (m)4,3068091
tf34r(tf34r)Hatchling (f)4,3468112
Ap7TV(Ap7TV)Hatchling (f)4,4287921
ulzQS(ulzQS)Hatchling (f)4,2538160
t250p(t250p)Hatchling (f)4,4228211
CvwGG(CvwGG)Hatchling (f)4,4238441
tMfXL(tMfXL)Hatchling (f)4,4548191
gNoU2(gNoU2)Hatchling (m)4,4587840
35tKFutatsu no HikariAdult (f)2,208967111
qFGtNijou KaidanAdult (m)2,3621,10166
4fdVFutatsu no UtaAdult (f)5,84561941
bK6tFutatsu no KiriAdult (f)1,89481217
qaNhFutatsu no IroAdult (m)5,3641,21921
gq2gFutatsu no FuruAdult (m)2,22489722
3K8iCelestial NiAdult (m)2,12995129
ucoIFutatsuno RinAdult (m)3,0641,11439
0PY66Futatsu no JoouAdult (f)3,2159559
oqYCGFutatsu no HiroAdult (m)4,3621,11412
qVaTMFelicia SampsonAdult (f)4,00380817
dgGFgFutatsuno TsuyuAdult (f)5,0971,26025
sV4nvFutatsu no YumeAdult (f)4,3671,09719
SUSQiFutatsu no SuzuAdult (f)4,99296416
u3qJmFutatsu no OuAdult (m)6,55359815
rXKLgFutatsu no RikutsuAdult (m)4,95261319
8BPcTFutatsu no TouAdult (m)4,6061,41316
mCqkJFutatsu no KakoAdult (m)4,3811,35918
8TIhrFutatsu no NijiAdult (f)3,0591,08111
MIjEMFutatsu no MiraiAdult (f)2,9251,06319
THXq1Futatsu no KumoAdult (m)7,0691,04514
jpXjIFutatsuno FuukeiAdult (m)5,8701,00312
vqiPpFutatsuno ImaAdult (f)5,3141,01720
ZeBNTFutatsuno ReiraAdult (f)5,2951,02013
gn7ltFutatsuno OujiAdult (m)5,4471,05919
6To9uFutatsuno MitsuAdult (f)5,8031,01023
bqBfXFutatsu-no-UmeAdult (f)6,34482512
0P4lsFutatsu-no-SekaiAdult (f)6,34184717
cqFv0Futatsu no SouAdult (m)6,75889514
ZOjPgFutatsu no RiyuuAdult (f)2,81378614
rN2olFutatsuno MousouAdult (m)6,20474518
jnrbhFutatsu-no-MeiseiAdult (m)5,16974213
3vnhtFutatsu no HanaAdult (f)3,3171,08018
4kkaNFutatsu no KiraraAdult (f)3,7669015
DSGT7Futatsu no HayashiAdult (m)3,8208305
nuEknFutatsu-no-GenzaiAdult (m)4,3341,1293
WCcYRDouble FreakyMixAdult (m)2,5007144
nOZdTFutatsuna EikouAdult (f)4,2011,2392
8cwsnFutatsu no YuraiAdult (f)6,8521,0902
Mon0vFutatsu no NeAdult (f)3,5838114
1y0MlFutatsuna KiryuuAdult (m)3,5191,0073
X38ZHFutatsu no NetsukiAdult (f)3,6568601
5N70MFutatsu no MeimuAdult (f)5,6188851
XaaimFutatsu no EnAdult (m)2,7966602
n2HCoFutatsu no ShouAdult (m)4,8377831
og7lhFutatsu no TaneAdult (m)5,7707481
KpmH8Futatsu no IshikiAdult (m)5,5317010
IqnbRFutatsu no GeneiAdult (m)5,8047002
0YFFUFutatsu no SakkakuAdult (m)6,6816885
10WsDFutatsu no MaboroshiAdult (f)7,1076710
WyodqFutatsuno KisekiAdult (f)6,0681,0723
Ah215Futatsuno YoumaAdult (m)6,1329893
4SdybFutatsuno KesshouAdult (m)5,9267853
eRmcBFutatsuno UnmeiAdult (m)5,6718094
WY0DOFutatsuno YuureiAdult (f)5,7287763
1mtn3Futatsu-no-ItsuwariAdult (m)4,3647622
ogUqgOlga IIIAdult (f)5,8617030
w3eTnFutatsuno ImiAdult (f)6,4436282
NxNMmFutatsuno KinomiAdult (f)7,0866041
lo7TbFutatsuno IkiAdult (m)7,1266190
TLB5aFutatsu-no-KakumeiAdult (m)6,5256011
2pSDNFutatsu-no-ShinjitsuAdult (f)6,3926161
dvo5iFutatsu-no-MusubiAdult (f)6,4236041
XYESdYess LupercaAdult (f)5,9889294
5R4r3Futatsu RuriAdult (f)6,4239711
ZOwTPFutatsuna ShingiAdult (m)6,2977081
sJD8EFutatsuna InochiAdult (f)6,1207653
3XoxQFutatsu NeiroAdult (m)7,5709493
Gtw3oSensible ThuwedAdult (m)6,0968822
xhy8IXihy ThuwedAdult (f)7,3798511
2ozdKDouble SampsonAdult (m)6,8288610
BYLZOFutatsu no SoraAdult (f)6,2469222
GCTxkDouble IVAdult (m)6,7708611
YWP22Freaky TabernacleAdult (f)8,4678781
DPgxTFreaky VAdult (f)5,9511,0002
GmRwHFreaky Celestial VIAdult (m)6,7799101
vuFMiDesperate DoppeltAdult (f)5,4957132
hyIfFutasu no MusumeHatchling (f, F)2,09898862
BPdCFutatsu no DanHatchling (m, F)1,51466829
ONOlFutatsu no JoHatchling (f, F)1,56761413
J2tOFutatsu no KoHatchling (F)1,44658010
uVLR2Futatsu no JiHatchling (F)75531714
6FZTnFutatsu no MusukoHatchling (m, F)4,56155419
QIDvcKaihakushoku no UtaAdult (f)2,9261,0142
gqJUIKaihakushoku no IroAdult (m)2,7109661
U8nNKKaihakushoku no FuruAdult (m)2,8899733
UhaKtKaihakushoku no KiriAdult (f)3,0391,0122
MfpxjKaihakushoku no HikariAdult (f)3,2029762
NgsO7Kaihakushoku no HiroAdult (m)3,3171,0162
S8B6fKaihakushoku no MaboroshiAdult (f)3,0639713
J78r9Kaihakushoku no OuAdult (m)3,2009871
PXGPFKaihakushoku no TaneAdult (m)3,2351,0102
aGYQ5Kaihakushoku no SakkakuAdult (m)2,6036802
yfSWWKaihakushoku no NeAdult (f)3,7039752
VsvZeKaihakushoku no JoouAdult (f)3,5281,0672
sl2aYKaihakushoku no IshikiAdult (m)3,8271,0695
sivVgKaihakushoku no MeimuAdult (f)3,4589464
78LxPKaihakushoku no GeneiAdult (m)3,8301,0141
KqLaGKaihakushoku no NetsukiAdult (f)3,6539632
zU0xNKaihakushokuno RinAdult (m)3,4651,0282
Xz40yKaihakushokuno OujiAdult (m)3,4041,0314
XvIKMKaihakushokuno TsuyuAdult (f)3,4621,0182
OQLwVKaihakushokuno IkiAdult (m)3,7901,0703
dZcMcKaihakushokuno YoumaAdult (m)2,9178491
Z38f5Kaihakushokuno MitsuAdult (f)2,9588400
F5scbKaihakushokuno KinomiAdult (f)5,5517220
o2oo2Kaihakushokuno YuureiAdult (f)4,3158361
qShyIKaihakushoku no HayashiAdult (m)5,7138772
v9nxmKaihakushoku-no-UmeAdult (f)5,9849842
EmddLKaihakushoku-no-ShinjitsuAdult (f)5,9869842
5B4rHKaihakushoku-no-MeiseiAdult (m)5,9961,0112
RgWQBKaihakushoku no ShouAdult (m)6,1541,0213
BcFMHKaihakushoku no RikutsuAdult (m)5,9671,0792
VOyF5Kaihakushoku no EnAdult (m)5,9341,0451
Bib7LKaihakushoku no HanaAdult (f)5,9001,0941
nHmWnKaihakushoku no KiraraAdult (f)5,8258273
pW9EzKaihakushoku no RiyuuAdult (f)6,8418712
MNRb8Kaihakushoku no YuraiAdult (f)6,9589084
3IXuHKaihakushoku no TouAdult (m)6,0189822
AZOrLKaihakushoku no NijiAdult (f)6,9046401
jiZGKKaihakushoku no KumoAdult (m)6,3086162
yNUNIKaihakushoku no YumeAdult (f)5,5758354
SuCyDKaihakushoku no MiraiAdult (f)6,4156671
v6iMrKaihakushoku-no-ItsuwariAdult (m)6,4945920
q5MaeKaihakushokuno KisekiAdult (f)6,9188470
zHLdOKaihakushokuno KesshouAdult (m)6,8018520
Df471Kaihakushokuno ImiAdult (f)6,4659033
qIPmEKaihakushokuno UnmeiAdult (m)7,1039001
bkIewKaihakushokuno FuukeiAdult (m)5,8828931
JIqNSKaihakushoku-no-MusubiAdult (f)6,1578951
SFWpfKaihakushokuna EikouAdult (f)5,5821,0034
vY0esKaihakushoku no SuzuAdult (f)6,2849813
crB0BKaihakushokuno ReiraAdult (f)7,0848562
H3cuuKaihakushoku-no-SekaiAdult (f)6,5608611
bCmkAKaihakushokuna ShingiAdult (m)6,2718021
OInNjKaihakushoku no SouAdult (m)6,1188232
j9bbYKaihakushokuno MousouAdult (m)4,0307554
qYPhGKaihakushoku no KakoAdult (m)5,8587092
Z8uZiKaihakushokuno ImaAdult (f)3,7978062
Ga3B0Kaihakushoku-no-KakumeiAdult (m)3,8388403
DjXmWKaihakushokuna InochiAdult (f)4,3408105
7VzjCKaihakushoku NeiroAdult (m)5,1799302
wNvE2Kaihakushoku-no-GenzaiAdult (m)4,1327843
WRAj4Kaihakushokuna KiryuuAdult (m)6,1567533
Nt1AaKaihankoAdult (f)3,4187903
kcXahKaihakushoku RuriAdult (f)3,3457654
eP6gWKaihakushoku no JiHatchling (F)1,7201840
ZbG1iKaihakushoku no KoHatchling (F)1,0372641
WNDsDKaihakushoku no DanHatchling (m, F)3,8965511
0ebLtKaihakushoku no JoHatchling (f, F)5,2706201
Un2jCKaihakushoku no MusukoHatchling (m, F)4,9426920
2ME0GKaihakushoku no MusumeHatchling (f, F)5,2067181
sumaSRyokuhakushoku no SouAdult (m)3,2321,0632
rjxQNRyokuhakushoku no UtaAdult (f)2,8631,0022
GZC5RRyokuhakushoku no IroAdult (m)3,2071,0433
Q8xchRyokuhakushoku no YumeAdult (f)3,8311,1612
EnxA8Ryokuhakushoku no HikariAdult (f)3,1289841
DksxMRyokuhakushoku no JoouAdult (f)3,4231,1131
Qd1JPRyokuhakushoku no HiroAdult (m)3,8751,1482
9dPHSRyokuhakushoku no OuAdult (m)3,7641,0972
iYZ9yRyokuhakushoku no SuzuAdult (f)3,3341,0902
0g02FRyokuhakushoku no NijiAdult (f)4,0881,2304
h7iAcRyokuhakushoku no TouAdult (m)3,0251,1983
4sNENRyokuhakushoku no KumoAdult (m)3,2971,1634
xOmVIRyokuhakushoku no MiraiAdult (f)4,4741,2651
1lpOrRyokuhakushoku no KiriAdult (f)3,0121,3971
bUwnYRyokuhakushoku no KakoAdult (m)3,4581,1101
ecyCORyokuhakushoku no FuruAdult (m)4,4831,1962
dL2ItRyokuhakushokuno TsuyuAdult (f)3,2789973
1hwaeRyokuhakushokuno MitsuAdult (f)3,4551,0101
JU7cQRyokuhakushokuno ReiraAdult (f)3,1581,0591
aQN1ZRyokuhakushokuno OujiAdult (m)4,0039971
Q3B8MRyokuhakushokuno FuukeiAdult (m)3,7919631
agRUDRyokuhakushokuno RinAdult (m)3,4721,0364
TKBDRRyokuhakushokuno MousouAdult (m)3,2369052
clHdwRyokuhakushokuno ImaAdult (f)6,1151,0212
MZCUxRyokuhakushoku-no-GenzaiAdult (m)5,4719503
eJcKbRyokuhakushoku-no-SekaiAdult (f)4,7069571
VphFbRyokuhakushoku-no-MeiseiAdult (m)5,1839112
m4slERyokuhakushoku no HayashiAdult (m)4,8478600
04ScrRyokuhakushoku no ShouAdult (m)4,4258681
fcRCiRyokuhakushoku no RiyuuAdult (f)5,0248462
Ep3EFRyokuhakushoku no HanaAdult (f)5,3868985
n0O9ERyokuhakushoku no KiraraAdult (f)3,8224748
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