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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mystic_Halo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
37ZD7(37ZD7)Dead Egg81246
GV3TH(GV3TH)Hatchling (m)1,6804936
1ePzd(1ePzd)Dead Egg511
JE33Mystic Double DareAdult (m)2,6741,0286
Wr1hMystic The Other Side Of BlueAdult (f)2,7851,0034
5aOJMystic Navy BlueAdult (m)3,1166672
ITvOMystic Sky BlueAdult (f)2,9436011
GnVGqDichotomous RexHatchling (F)7322203
LSieLMystic Two-HeadedAdult (m)4,1401,0085
1s3CEMystic LindwurmAdult (f)4,0791,0295
dPC0JMystic BluishAdult (m)2,4797415
93EZQMystic Gray OpalAdult (f)2,7258533
LhHghTwo-Headed MysticAdult (m)1,6315647
nosf6Radient IvyAdult (f)2,2365864
nzcJkOpal MysticAdult (m)2,8435736
s08v0Mystical OpalAdult (f)3,2421,0746
ZbN8MAll MysticAdult (m)2,1506582
loG0xTimely MysticAdult (m)1,7376041
jWTTDTimeless MysticAdult (f)4,1503372
EIOm5Mystic KnowingAdult (f)4,8213591
rBdUWIcosa DragonAdult (m)4,0956242
3KZAB(3KZAB)Adult (f)4,2086192
DY3DtMystic TimesAdult (m)6,4855591
Lp6opAeon MysticAdult (f)3,2874162
HV8fFAeon TinselkinAdult (f)2,0956314
wT21pMeteor Prophecy AltAdult (f)3,1407841
YyyCMMystic AeonaAdult (m)6,2999287
ijfrzMystic WonderfulAdult (f)5,99496512
yRSq3Mystic InfinityAdult (m)6,22895810
8AnBVSephiroth AltAdult (f)3,7817739
ZEiRDBronze GreedkinAdult (m)3,0807023
l1SWEGlory Tin KinAdult (m)4,1017804
sQCAIMystic AeonAdult (f)3,3037512
SgY8HMystic EonsAdult (f)3,0416583
5OjUCMystic LineAdult (m)3,2986382
NMxQsTykvennyi Aeon ShimkinAdult (f)3,3257097
xAlsn(xAlsn)Adult (m)3,7217702
lcYca(lcYca)Adult (f)3,6738302
y5jitTimes of MysticsAdult (m)2,6635063
Z0hdR(Z0hdR)Adult (f)1,9907186
DuLVI(DuLVI)Adult (f)2,2916377
lb308(lb308)Adult (f)2,6125985
8bnKY(8bnKY)Adult (m)2,2065386
z6pyv(z6pyv)Adult (m)2,5998761
8NTZj(8NTZj)Adult (m)2,6988732
aaD7ZMystic GlorisAdult (f)2,8029020
AxJ6HMystic Aeria GlorisAdult (f)2,9198860
I7v56Snow Gloris AltAdult (f)2,89349213
8YaYXXmas Snow AltAdult (f)4,35097410
AEgeYAlt KinAdult (f)3,2081,02910
3orjSMeta Noctis kinAdult (f)3,6889195
tCYyPTelaeNoctis KinAdult (f)2,0596502
PhYiSTeleaNoctis SilverkinAdult (m)3,51845710
heFZpFezalion Gloris kinAdult (f)4,5069146
y8kzw(y8kzw)Adult (f)4,4061,01714
eGa4ZMystics AetherAdult (m)2,6167671
y8oAwAether MysticAdult (f)1,8737022
dkxFBMystical Blue AetherAdult (f)1,4756631
BzSNP(BzSNP)Adult (m)1,4636621
gEi6aShattered SnowkinAdult (f)1,8115745
rAOzoFezalion kinAdult (f)3,3617999
75OIIvorylineAdult (m)4,59167210
QKokiIvory CarvingAdult (f)2,9604946
S5NS3Yes I Am A ZombieAdult (f)6,0101,1985
O5kMAZombie SuccessAdult (f)4,5236824
lCZ7oIvory ZombieAdult (m)1,5686393
SmN0GZombiettoAdult (m)4,2115925
Zcrr0(Zcrr0)Adult (f)2,9078725
VWWCF(VWWCF)Adult (f)4,0401,1184
YaoUtMystical AlcedineAdult (m)3,9891,0231
GFpqvAlcedine MysticAdult (m)3,4549381
17BhF(17BhF)Adult (m)3,9511,1135
PO59P(PO59P)Adult (m)3,9841,0974
UVSk8Mystic AlcedineAdult (f)3,9321,0552
1RZWq(1RZWq)Adult (f)4,5681,0824
c7kvcwed 3-40Adult (m)2,1587101
pAr8OAriel TinkinAdult (m)2,2146841
8fWG7(8fWG7)Adult (f)2,0126080
Y2asQ(Y2asQ)Adult (f)1,9506313
aXvTr(aXvTr)Adult (m)1,8536623
ibgbw(ibgbw)Adult (m)1,8286412
OnZGu(OnZGu)Adult (f)1,9866843
3fHeD(3fHeD)Adult (f)4,4689064
pjKnpAnagelAdult (m)2,5707073
DwbyeAnagallis SunAdult (f)3,3067203
Z6N4zAnagalAdult (m)3,9336732
qjAEAAnagallis FireAdult (f)4,0776830
WzZ7gMystic MeteorAdult (f)4,2047674
N69DiAntarean MysticAdult (m)4,2777772
39MoFBright MysticAdult (m)2,8726804
tNkxqMystic of AntarAdult (f)2,6677231
CmasERiverdell Tin KinAdult (m)2,4756663
FUpWOCaligenic AltAdult (f)4,8837178
YrIEvSuperb AltAdult (f)5,1307296
0MXHRAqualis MysticAdult (m)3,1407172
Q3RDMMystic AqualistAdult (m)2,3676452
7niB3Mystical AqualineAdult (f)1,9016255
kuhEtMystical AqualisAdult (f)3,8901,0513
h21leAqualine MysticAdult (f)2,8128053
6jr03(6jr03)Adult (m)9,0721,5033
c9h4USilver Loch KinAdult (m)3,53167715
sW6pbGolden ShimkinAdult (f)3,7295855
wYbUs(wYbUs)Adult (f)1,92347112
xNT53(xNT53)Adult (m)4,1441,0378
Y982I(Y982I)Adult (m)3,8849951
BhV8A(BhV8A)Adult (f)3,9271,0290
hyt6x(hyt6x)Adult (f)3,9751,0391
MnqUoOld MysticAdult (f)2,8537310
FWEQBMystic BrightAdult (m)2,7037622
Pw0Op(Pw0Op)Adult (m)2,7957400
oDVILMystic Old PinkAdult (f)2,6856302
lYtjpAria YuleAdult (f)3,1955283
uWBiCYuletide RosetteAdult (f)3,2585233
LMOZtApprenticed FyreesAdult (f)3,6747793
hY6bKDolseto del ElgarAdult (m)4,6196605
YFI9hCeovu Silver TinkinAdult (m)2,5007026
4FmV3Aria S TinkinAdult (m)4,0287973
2I6H3Shiny Pretty AriaAdult (m)1,7906004
fmZfx(fmZfx)Adult (m)3,2508392
I88H7(I88H7)Adult (m)3,2298402
OArE0(OArE0)Adult (f)2,9426160
35zdk(35zdk)Adult (f)2,9746351
Bz5H8Mystic AstaarusAdult (m)3,8661,0622
CnzrjMystical AstaarusAdult (m)3,7871,0764
LD6GaAstaarus MysticAdult (f)3,8021,0403
5TsLRAstaarus MysticalAdult (f)3,3621,0115
5S0F3Mystic AstaaraAdult (f)3,4341,0141
z3pADCoilkinAdult (f)3,8176786
JvARU(JvARU)Adult (f)4,4884733
e1bUvMystic GlacewingAdult (m)3,6604670
5JP1kMystic AzurewingAdult (m)3,6694700
XPhqY(XPhqY)Adult (f)2,9744231
jvSjb(jvSjb)Adult (f)3,9034051
0XmEl(0XmEl)Adult (m)5,0157591
EuIWt(EuIWt)Adult (f)4,9217472
WrfXw(WrfXw)Adult (m)4,7987461
ntbutThe 5th of JulyAdult (m)4,1234322
rriaa(rriaa)Adult (f)3,7427163
obJPv(obJPv)Adult (m)4,0157531
Mnr6H(Mnr6H)Adult (f)4,3437602
WZPfTNever eat the Mystic BubblesAdult (m)2,3556415
c7IoH(c7IoH)Adult (m)4,3027032
pRvMCMystic BalloonsAdult (f)3,3437072
hKwwL(hKwwL)Adult (f)3,8067711
3XqsSMystic LavendraAdult (f)3,92980110
vG94VMystic Lavender BautaAdult (f)3,9747452
WvBq5Mystic Bauta PurpleAdult (m)4,5467561
svjmM(svjmM)Adult (m)5,5517923
oiVTbCB Mystic EbonyAdult (f)2,6256486
GUeNSMystic EndsAdult (m)3,5276111
nLoVe(nLoVe)Adult (f)2,2985487
TchBRFirst FableAdult (m)3,5337758
9kKYDMystic OcianaAdult (f)2,9054617
mHGWmEhadal GoldShimkinAdult (f)3,5567107
WF9nOMystic Super BlackAdult (m)6,5817876
ni06JMystic AltAdult (f)3,2377194
aXcls(aXcls)Adult (f)1,9996425
REUiEFemte AppelsinAdult (f)1,61281112
4cCISAmbrar the BlackAdult (m)2,7704274
7E0GEKoji KnightAdult (m)4,02281013
75JOhMystic TeasAdult (f)5,0891,7482
avqAOCeylon MysticAdult (f)5,0581,7683
CBvY8Mystic SpiceAdult (m)3,6731,3521
F0wqbMystic OolongAdult (m)4,0581,5154
TTwLZ(TTwLZ)Adult (m)2,8418093
1R0X5(1R0X5)Adult (m)2,9528063
yVeIYMystic Sea SaltAdult (m)2,0675162
d8Np9Mystic SaltsAdult (m)2,0955611
uWHgaMystic Black HatAdult (f)2,3745831
0UWGpMystic AdornmentsAdult (f)3,0228253
smiAgMystic TruffleAdult (f)3,6908632
XCsU3(XCsU3)Adult (f)3,9108792
ESRGZ(ESRGZ)Adult (m)3,5828505
YfZiWMystical TruffleAdult (m)3,5218246
vYm1ZUndertale KinAdult (f)4,5571,0234
6RcREBlancBlack MysticAdult (m)4,6799191
AgUnS(AgUnS)Adult (m)4,1011,0083
6ioIY(6ioIY)Adult (f)3,5181,0470
1pfCS(1pfCS)Adult (f)3,3441,0671
xwUrmMystic Blue MoonAdult (f)1,4915772
dHvejMystic Red MoonAdult (m)2,6188083
Gh1I3Mystic Red RisingAdult (m)1,7596373
VS5jpMystic Moon RisingAdult (f)1,8786101
Zddf2(Zddf2)Adult (m)1,6996571
Spskq(Spskq)Adult (m)1,8086851
KnPFZGilded TwiceAdult (f)1,8486980
Omd3n(Omd3n)Adult (f)2,1316550
c34JD(c34JD)Adult (m)2,2396911
E3ozFBand of MysticsAdult (f)2,5666801
8Levs(8Levs)Adult (f)2,5916832
goewa(goewa)Adult (m)2,6446951
1DZJMystic BluesAdult (f)4,58496910
nbLIMystic Blue LeviathonAdult (m)3,3441,05413
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