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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mordeth,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZcneOSpitfire Acme CoAdult (f)3,2717853
jvSDWSpitfire ValleyAdult (m)2,8818001
q37PFSpitfire RevivalAdult (f)4,2396532
QvuDTSpitfire BreezerAdult (f)2,7928181
ZrVU0Spitfire Mk IVAdult (f)2,7617941
pd1OiSpitfire ThirtyTwoAdult (f)2,4998361
1fJRnSpitfire Love LostAdult (f)2,7468011
xAFL4Spitfire AFLAdult (f)2,8288171
SuT1wSpitfire SubletlyAdult (f)2,7956561
59R80Spitfire SunshineAdult (m)2,1147532
6PC4DSpitfire Maroons WinAdult (m)2,1897492
P7jHmSpitfire JusticeAdult (f)1,9036461
weAe2Spitfire SilverdustAdult (f)2,0066660
rsPwBSpitfire PromiseAdult (m)2,5615721
SXSyMSpitfire SystemsAdult (f)2,2727912
uQRFRSpitfire RefereeAdult (m)2,0407211
d3Y0xSpitfire DevoAdult (f)2,7018812
PHZuJSpitfire WrappingAdult (m)2,9398963
pwipMSpitfire PippyAdult (f)2,8048512
cGBKxSpitfire Step UpAdult (m)2,6878843
KsO1ASpitfire KoalaAdult (m)2,7198512
vB8fmSpitfire BathurstAdult (f)2,8818992
1tYriSpitfire OutlookAdult (m)2,2187441
e5m3cSpitfire EinstienAdult (f)2,1157262
TB8jRSpitfire ObessionAdult (f)3,0276232
fbG2GSpitfire BlueridgeAdult (f)1,9087301
rttysSpitfire RattysAdult (m)1,9477511
WhRwBSpitfire GirlAdult (f)1,8777491
VVGuCSpitfire WastefulAdult (f)1,8757452
4X3omSpitfire ResealAdult (m)1,8517102
ZVWmlSpitfire SaleAdult (m)1,7197411
tLU0gSpitfire LoggerAdult (m)2,0567421
w4IZSSpitfire MarketsAdult (f)2,0987381
ZrPe2Spitfire AcceptanceAdult (m)1,9377271
lAbVHSpitfire Hoarders SpecialAdult (f)1,9606991
uO5r0Spitfire Hidden from SightAdult (f)2,0106751
tNVenSpitfire TavernAdult (f)2,0507001
t1k2RSpitfire Talk to herAdult (f)2,0597142
7iotmSpitfire AtomsAdult (m)2,3116591
VyXJASpitfire Shadows LurkingAdult (m)2,3766521
PnNu8Spitfire ThantosAdult (f)2,2506560
mfP2cSpitfire Lite n EasyAdult (f)1,7176872
x90FLSpitfire DILLIGAFAdult (f)1,6166631
9NkO1Spitfire MinstralAdult (f)1,5886602
A5zFQSpitfire AzureAdult (m)2,1165352
XTHDFSpitfire Xanth DefenderAdult (f)2,7345212
G32E8Spitfire G3 SummitAdult (m)1,9386721
shGdXSpitfire Show OffAdult (f)1,9286711
yw5tISpitfire Counter StrikeAdult (f)1,5355661
00pP0Spitfire OpaAdult (m)1,9586762
cSd65Spitfire OzarksAdult (m)1,6295970
OXNdKSpitfire Honky TonkAdult (f)1,6175841
99HpgSpitfire PolicyAdult (f)1,8115994
Ty2hXSpitfire TygerAdult (m)1,3395321
2GL3lSpitfire LGAdult (f)1,5665941
QvXnKSpitfire Quix StixAdult (f)1,4705491
IgsoFSpitfire IagoAdult (m)1,7016093
nNzITSpitfire NitzAdult (f)1,7656452
u40igSpitfire of StokedAdult (m)1,58665810
sNyxsSpitfire NyxAdult (f)2,8858354
IgbVoSpitfire SodaAdult (f)2,6898381
xH10BSpitfire Novel And Only OptimismAdult (f)3,0308562
j6EjzSpitfire ImpalerAdult (f)3,0598503
ItmoSSpitfire It Must ShineAdult (m)3,0368530
0TRqlSpitfire Uptight FightingAdult (m)3,0358856
8nqqQSpitfire SnugglesAdult (m)2,7928672
w9on9Spitfire Uptown GirlAdult (m)1,6296447
KCRDpSpitfire Indie BoyAdult (m)1,5526161
7KrYqSpitfire Last DaysAdult (f)1,5986483
YfvnwSpitfire SchneiderAdult (m)1,9875602
JxIGrSpitfire JaguhaurAdult (m)1,7695463
XaAIBSpitfire ResignAdult (m)2,2086144
Heu73Spitfire AntaiAdult (m)1,8365632
REoQASpitfire SansonAdult (m)1,5606802
GUNnuSpitfire Gunnin For ActionAdult (m)1,5796741
FYd9QSpitfire KalkinAdult (f)1,5446183
sUmLQSpitfire Some like it QuietAdult (f)3,5925383
bpnccSpitfire BounceAdult (f)3,0059141
1EmkpSpitfire WraithAdult (f)2,9169451
AXzzsSpitfire Axe's WrathAdult (f)3,0309322
Wy4vpSpitfire Why all VIPsAdult (f)2,9218921
Ap0NqSpitfire Avon not so GoodAdult (m)2,0106691
RLMwNSpitfire Realms of PossibilityAdult (f)2,4736581
BB3loSpitfire Lo and beholdAdult (m)2,3525541
phlMDSpitfire MDAdult (f)2,3906691
vLh9nSpitfire Old MateAdult (f)2,4796181
IKOlMSpitfire Ikea BuiltAdult (m)2,4516271
Qpwb6Spitfire Like a FoxAdult (f)2,3454542
BdnnDSpitfire Best BetAdult (m)2,6245431
nKvwnSpitfire Valentine HorrorAdult (f)2,4824692
Zzo3CSpitfire Just Call Me ZAdult (m)2,6785131
pdip3Spitfire Dip n DotsAdult (m)2,3856622
BYyEkSpitfire Bye Bye GlamourAdult (f)2,3136311
qYF3ASpitfire ZeppyAdult (m)1,7845243
Mv8KlSpitfire Equinis BirthisAdult (f)1,8975482
bmxSPSpitfire Salt n PepperAdult (m)1,9315482
CYbJBSpitfire CJAdult (m)2,3186742
6PKSZSpitfire Possibly LurkingAdult (m)2,2736691
pQJ8GSpitfire Gambling DorkfaceAdult (f)2,2626562
vJy9PSpitfire Califormia PrideAdult (m)2,2986811
2LuiISpitfire Lei HolderAdult (f)2,6786702
2mU8lSpitfire MushiAdult (f)2,4636683
QjOAISpitfire AppleAdult (f)1,8355552
BbkTpSpitfire Long LinesAdult (f)1,9825140
eN4rKSpitfire TicTacAdult (f)1,9865771
dGP0sSpitfire Yule TidingsAdult (m)1,8505711
B9TzBSpitfire should of been frozenAdult (f)1,8885581
78yiSSpitfire Neider and NoughtAdult (m)2,3286521
y6Rq3Spitfire Born in a CaveAdult (f)2,2726173
Y0SdWSpitfire FountainAdult (f)2,5836601
ZDFGxSpitfire LuannaAdult (f)2,0076522
qEDWoSpitfire TaeltdAdult (f)1,8595122
lT0uJSpitfire Of Lost LoveAdult (m)1,8385380
e3yQqSpitfire KillianAdult (f)2,1854661
3LZOXSpitfire LedorilinAdult (m)2,4766400
aCwqASpitfire MadorillinAdult (m)2,4246481
a3QCASpitfire AbysmalAdult (m)1,9896481
JLROrSpitfire JurorAdult (f)2,4447283
pa4f5Spitfire Adopted Vital PariahAdult (m)2,1087882
7oKVRSpitfire KovarAdult (m)4,3599773
yDVKMSpitfire DKNYAdult (m)1,9366132
KoEKCSpitfire KokeAdult (f)1,7665492
ApZIQSpitfire Apocalypse PlaneAdult (m)1,9956042
WH92oSpitfire WhoAdult (m)1,9055801
p54a4Spitfire Studio 54Adult (f)2,6057965
HwB2dSpitfire Haunted WalkerAdult (m)2,8466583
3Mp5PSpitfire Mp3Adult (f)3,0076784
sEG59Spitfire SegwayAdult (m)2,6057793
BY8XASpitfire Bonus XanaxAdult (m)2,6959283
1cV3hSpitfire Creative VillianAdult (m)1,9606092
nnRzdSpitfire HarrassmentAdult (f)2,3348141
WnpX6Spitfire Gone PostalAdult (m)2,0036992
HTbqeSpitfire Valentine's ShadowsAdult (m)2,1507381
BtzqbSpitfire Bad Tide ZoneAdult (m)2,0727061
XMjtjSpitfire Xerox MooseAdult (m)3,8458873
NAflYSpitfire Next Alpine RidgeAdult (m)3,9229002
cnCouSpitfire My CoronaAdult (f)4,8729414
tUw8sSpitfire Trance SpoolAdult (m)4,7919293
EqX6kSpitfire Explosive KickerAdult (m)4,4979223
I13OdSpitfire IlliodAdult (m)2,5785631
ZZmU1Spitfire ZealotAdult (m)2,2936775
hbMLFSpitfire Hairless BarcodeAdult (m)2,3926744
Ur9ssUntil Revenge Stomp SchoolAdult (f)2,0107942
6ZzaRSpitfire Radioactive BluesAdult (m)1,4876532
7mep0Spitfire MeepoAdult (m)2,4248443
mX0yQSpitfire Quality MagnetAdult (f)2,0636521
XEaXqSpitfire Always Xray QuadsAdult (f)2,6288481
zdSvBSpitfire Beyond DivineAdult (m)2,6048911
msoTtSpitfire Monosyllabic ShameAdult (f)2,6438851
lCXH9Spitfire Insane Clown FaceAdult (m)2,5888682
587eFSpitfire couldnt Be UltravioletAdult (f)2,5698061
Gf0xpSpitfire Ghost of Tinsel TownAdult (m)2,5638074
VnDsDSpitfire Volatile not DoomedAdult (m)2,2927540
DUI1JSpitfire DUIAdult (f)2,2687381
hkFmhSpitfire Bronze RaffleAdult (f)2,0347980
LoTKySpitfire Low KeyAdult (f)2,8947574
pMntPSpitfire Peanut Butter TimeAdult (f)2,6667572
UfEogSpitfire UnpluggedAdult (f)2,6037523
lhmrzSpitfire Licking HypothesisAdult (m)2,3557371
fTUOySpitfire Floating ThingyAdult (f)2,3487421
HJLu3Spitfire Jetpack 3Adult (f)1,4115570
RhdVuSpitfire Deputy ReindeerAdult (f)1,5795871
5xeCfSpitfire Fridays are ElectricAdult (f)1,5846080
3j5mSSpitfire in January SpecialAdult (f)1,6765411
Z0rMrSpitfire Zo MR MrAdult (f)2,5021,0761
kHIsiSpitfire Indifferent KneeAdult (m)2,6898802
ROsm0Spitfire RosAdult (f)3,4839272
f0R8ASpitfire ForzaAdult (m)2,9301,0393
MBSbWSpitfire DoctorAdult (m)2,07156517
ui3oLSpitfire UiolAdult (m)2,0226258
vwF4CSpitfire ForeseeableAdult (f)1,6836107
XMZd9Spitfire Blue HorizonAdult (m)1,6926411
9JNLBSpitfire NinaAdult (f)1,8006582
ot3fHSpitfire SwitchAdult (m)1,6216252
RvpIPSpitfire LuicanAdult (f)1,5206041
NPWJfSpitfire Noble PondAdult (f)2,8738671
UZn3ESpitfire UzeeAdult (m)3,1779112
joGdqSpitfire JoggerAdult (f)2,67273710
B3nTtSpitfire Ben TentAdult (m)4,1179354
Puj07Spitfire Pudge 07Adult (m)3,7208584
GQXmLSpitfire SpammableAdult (f)5,5949615
HBUZRSpitfire HubzoorAdult (f)2,1747762
vKTIzSpitfire VikitzAdult (f)3,1548252
kLiIwSpitfire Lil SpitAdult (f)3,2379071
EgeXJSpitfire Ego of the XJ HoldenAdult (f)2,7928843
HzOGASpitfire TruantAdult (f)3,3818411
nH9lHSpitfire MastermindAdult (m)3,2628040
IGSe8Spitfire SeagateAdult (f)3,4017972
a94psSpitfire Birthday boyAdult (m)2,8218210
NYMNCSpitfire New York MansionAdult (f)2,9838351
xef57Spitfire Xray Vision EnabledAdult (m)2,7137343
jXlUhSpitfire JurisdictionAdult (f)1,7286662
vDgmRSpitfire DagAdult (f)1,8717433
2AuPwSpitfire Tu AhPooAdult (m)1,9956633
oSOzUSpitfire SozAdult (m)3,3838193
Q8wK7Spitfire Vivacious TranceAdult (m)2,4969092
aGou7Spitfire Al GouAdult (m)2,5897802
8kiw7Spitfire Green MouldAdult (m)2,0601,1562
BDfhjSpitfire Mk BD50Adult (f)1,9879801
ZUoxVSpitfire Zox TimeAdult (f)1,9649480
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