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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moonshark,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pIAIG(pIAIG)Hatchling (f)5,4307863
3w7nU(3w7nU)Hatchling (f)8,7051,1335
FqDoI(FqDoI)Dead Egg674453
GR8Ji(GR8Ji)Dead Egg732492
P5nCb(P5nCb)Dead Egg613415
MpCII(MpCII)Hatchling (m)5,5381,1159
EtHAB(EtHAB)Hatchling (f)4,6111,0893
tOv5K(tOv5K)Hatchling (f)7,5731,2231
EvS93(EvS93)Hatchling (m)6,9931,2573
UVZKE(UVZKE)Hatchling (m)7,1111,2193
50Z67(50Z67)Dead Egg000
5p5PpBroccoli TimeAdult (m)5,9191,20313
H1quFPurebred TimeAdult (m)2,6334196
T5gC6Casting TimeAdult (m)7,9751,1902
Dn13HRed-Colored TimeAdult (m)6,9101,1135
37QLcEzio's TimeAdult (f)3,5508843
WNoz5AeonborneAdult (m)9,1901,1056
FWPSTTime to DriveAdult (f)7,8981,0475
WeukTWe've    Entered     anAdult (m)8,1401,2394
aDEV3Ending TimesAdult (f)6,3879153
CiQu4Let's  Do the Time Warp AgainAdult (f)4,3265043
X5GGP(X5GGP)Adult (f)5,3459403
Qa6qvKoji Jikan-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)6,0188633
XL8ljKoji Jikan-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)3,2427252
VESX0VesuviexAdult (f)5,7889872
bj5gGKoji Jikan-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)5,2641,0592
becnjBeckoning TimeAdult (f)5,5837982
BGAf0It's Sciencing TimeAdult (m)6,3551,26219
ffLAWFalafel LawAdult (m)5,5519145
SIehfKoji Jikan-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)5,0789232
5zfJwKoji Jikan-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)4,2289781
DEOlEBright TimesAdult (f)5,1201,0271
DNYKBRadiant Queen of TimeAdult (f)4,44576810
OruNpEndless Recursion  of   TimeAdult (f)8,2331,1427
MeyaFKoji Uchuujin-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)4,7661,18116
W5sB5Koji Uchuujin-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)3,9921,13414
oOMfeKoji Uchuujin-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)3,21583012
ZiYSWZ'Koji Uchuujin-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)3,48985911
i9HDTKoji Uchuujin-uma San RyuuAdult (f)4,0641,09413
U4EwcKoji Uchuujin-osu San RyuuAdult (m)4,1601,14918
DhAOpKoji Uchuujin-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)5,8211,23221
hqWnSKoji Uchuujin-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)6,1941,29712
FyM5uWindy UniverseAdult (m)6,1181,2596
HKRG3Way of the CrystalsAdult (f)7,0591,3165
u58TnKoji Uchuujin-osu Go RyuuAdult (m)6,7561,24410
XcZ99Blue Time MysteryAdult (m)6,5041,0275
G7PpESong of the Winter SkyAdult (m)6,1751,16614
T89ydKoji Tenkuu-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)6,5591,1630
2bnMYKoji Tenkuu-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)6,3241,1403
qBKdyKoji Tenkuu-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)6,5671,1441
eicesDemon Sebastian MichaelisAdult (f)6,7151,1201
U9MMvKoji Tenkuu-uma San RyuuAdult (f)6,9991,1591
PCZHUKoji Tenkuu-osu San RyuuAdult (m)6,7851,1441
upbtoUpbeat TooAdult (f)7,3231,1611
P3YL7Koji Tenkuu-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)7,3231,1240
yPPy4Koji Tenkuu-uma Go RyuuAdult (f)6,3021,1710
InlJRKoji Tenkuu-uma Roku RyuuAdult (f)3,4107262
2P7IAKoji Tenkuu-osu Go RyuuAdult (m)5,3991,0690
BULScKoji Tenkuu-osu Roku RyuuAdult (m)4,3208690
qpF4cKoji Tenkuu-osu Nana RyuuAdult (m)7,3548810
gUDbkAvacyn Guardian AngelAdult (m)4,3839621
6Oq5DKoji Tenkuu-osu Kyuu RyuuAdult (m)4,7721,0451
f6eTsBlue Moon GiftAdult (m)5,4321,0135
TiSmYTis My FavoriteAdult (m)6,28397218
eb82To Candy Box Was the DayAdult (f)58338942
5mo6The Day I introduced LunevisAdult (m)1,4763871
eVQfI Shall Probably Learn to RegretAdult (m)2,9511,0015
BtOACIs Vel's house hauntedAdult (m)4,4164130
ctvx3Koji Shiroi-osu San RyuuAdult (m)6,4048343
xQJB3Koji Shiroi-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)6,6438372
44dKaKoji Shiroi-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)6,4847704
tbF5mKoji Shiroi-uma San RyuuAdult (f)7,4586821
bjVihKoji Shiroi-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)8,5601,0792
c15hRKoji Shiroi-osu Go RyuuAdult (m)4,1788820
ypzQFKoji Shiroi-uma Go RyuuAdult (f)3,7219950
tIZivCutie Pie DayAdult (f)7,2291,1944
7sYll(7sYll)Adult (f)4,3518944
0yLEo(0yLEo)Adult (m)4,3888685
t353Z(t353Z)Adult (f)7,7381,2442
BmEEH(BmEEH)Adult (m)6,6021,3364
7LJ2S(7LJ2S)Adult (m)4,37793710
XtMsjKoji Midorishou-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)4,9728610
KWxSpKoji Midorishou-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)5,9857475
tIjUPKoji Midorishou-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)6,2597541
jlJivKoji Midorishou-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)6,4697993
7I171Koji Midorishou-uma San RyuuAdult (f)6,7945111
DyBqpKoji Midorishou-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)8,6411,0651
d28nDKoji Midorishou-osu San RyuuAdult (m)5,3459981
gcAgxKoji Midorishou-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)5,2959511
aresQQuiet AresAdult (m)5,1908845
e8bww(e8bww)Adult (f)6,0731,0668
Zwx0PKoji Nikkouyuujin-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)4,9258622
X4kivKoji Nikkouyuujin-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)5,8448701
mppCqKoji Nikkouyuujin-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)5,3921,0283
xLAavKoji Nikkouyuujin-uma San RyuuAdult (f)5,8177972
lBwiRKoji Nikkouyuujin-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)8,2218842
31SXNGotta SplashAdult (f)6,6118561
5vEkgFive Volt EKGAdult (m)6,2988044
W4pnrKoji Nikkouyuujin-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)5,3849933
aodJzWhy are Mints pygmy sizeAdult (f)5,8241,21713
O1Ui7Koji Hiyake-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)5,5271,0311
oRyjoKoji Hiyake-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)6,5239842
QO27FKoji Hiyake-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)7,0249122
M7W2mMal loves orange noodlesAdult (f)7,0949152
OGSZoKoji Hiyake-osu San RyuuAdult (m)6,9488422
OVYwOKoji Hiyake-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)7,0428422
Wp2V8Koji Hiyake-uma San RyuuAdult (f)8,1328142
0HxbGKoji Hiyake-osu Go RyuuAdult (m)7,8558421
QIK2pKoji Hiyake-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)8,1208111
h0Ax4RumsicalAdult (m)6,2518961
pfXWsPurty Young OneAdult (f)5,1791,1744
qaTEOOtherworldly LoveAdult (f)7,7411,1491
ypI7qPurty RainfurAdult (f)6,5511,2573
NJotW(NJotW)Adult (f)6,3111,2423
ASAaPTish has Nocturnes for daysAdult (f)4,3421,0260
NfSUPMoon SharkAdult (m)4,2101,0120
mLFfSKoji Ganshou-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)4,3621,0111
aS9UmKoji Ganshou-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)4,2631,0161
d8fXFKoji Ganshou-osu San RyuuAdult (m)4,4929621
BW80pimpossibly  aloneAdult (f)5,2438981
ombEUKoji Ganshou-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)3,25689524
3piOWthe  wake  of devastationAdult (f)3,25991325
ysR3BPatient KazeAdult (f)2,3276201
3nFqDA Special BlueAdult (m)3,04070315
iZFMWLet it rain furAdult (f)5,9221,1267
4plxNWait Vel is a guyAdult (f)5,01669016
LaUiV(LaUiV)Adult (f)8,2851,2332
EZiIk(EZiIk)Adult (f)8,8861,3284
FP98jShe Who Dwells in the ShallowsAdult (f)5,4991,1414
8DaH7He Who Dwells in the ShallowsAdult (m)5,6191,1521
3UUedHe Who Dwells in Brackish WatersAdult (m)5,6471,1201
vkAj3She Who Dwells in the LagoonAdult (f)5,4151,1153
pfMWlHe Who Hunts with OthersAdult (m)4,1509879
G0uvwHe Who Swims with OthersAdult (m)4,1919649
BP07tShe Who Hunts with OthersAdult (f)4,2359869
aWTRYGuarumdianAdult (f)2,8045112
XYnPiX Y and PiAdult (f)5,8098904
yPUNN(yPUNN)Adult (m)5,4861,20211
UvDb8Koji Akaruimaho-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)4,2349632
3veTcKoji Akaruimaho-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)4,3959380
zLfqWZ'Koji Akaruimaho-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)4,2109200
mXjeXKoji Akaruimaho-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)2,9759611
5SroSKoji Akaruimaho-osu San RyuuAdult (m)2,8871,0051
PF5yxKoji Akaruimaho-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)2,8179181
ZvvKDZ'Koji Akaruimaho-uma San RyuuAdult (f)2,8959630
osdoLKoji Akaruimaho-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)2,9329600
vAsreGuardian of Deep HopeAdult (m)4,5086733
RwkysGuardian of Deep LoveAdult (m)4,2616813
g6z0SLorian's MagicAdult (f)5,1313836
LEThnGuardian of Deep StrengthAdult (f)2,9805012
WtuBCGuardian of Deep ThoughtAdult (f)3,8824683
UIsHEFind your GUIs HereAdult (m)2,0726105
UyPDAThe Magic of RainfurAdult (m)2,5326526
RoIH8Guardian of Deep PeaceAdult (m)3,2336105
bMQIShe Who First SangAdult (f)1,03563043
yP73IHe Who Sang AboveAdult (m)5,0886541
oRsJXHe Who Sang Among TreesAdult (m)6,6588601
0FQQDShe Who Sang of TreesAdult (f)7,3525011
ZunWGZ'un WarcryAdult (f)4,1784322
xk0IV(xk0IV)Adult (m)10,0231,2172
yNFA9She Who Sang for YouAdult (f)5,4371,0361
IFBhgHe Who Sings of IfsAdult (m)8,0141,1454
y8GvcShe Who Sang of GodAdult (f)6,4061,1620
225ltHe Who Sang of LightAdult (m)2,7274721
kONYYHe Who Sang New SongsAdult (m)7,3571,1374
M1if9Shison Kanjo-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)5,6997780
tqv5FShison Kanjo-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)5,4677790
NVwC4Within Your HeartAdult (f)4,7066671
1uMpvWithin Your LoveAdult (f)4,9997033
2ViXbDescendant of MarikAdult (f)3,5394373
tNK7KUnbalanced EmotionsAdult (f)4,5843075
PHbavPrincess LotusAdult (f)4,5913074
gRb2MCommunity of the SeaAdult (f)3,6324427
CXGXsKoji Hai-uma Ichi RyuuAdult (f)5,1499381
BZHg9Koji Hai-osu Ichi RyuuAdult (m)4,7129131
8dVyzKoji Hai-osu Ni RyuuAdult (m)5,1129342
4EpdBKoji Hai-uma Ni RyuuAdult (f)5,1509261
Tj7mHKoji Hai-uma San RyuuAdult (f)7,1581,1287
JgfDVKoji Hai-osu San RyuuAdult (m)6,2101,0902
1ug9KKoji Hai-uma Shi RyuuAdult (f)4,5458551
Lg1HWKoji Hai-osu Shi RyuuAdult (m)4,6788501
Us7NHIt's All About Us Not HimAdult (m)4,6928680
n8v4kKoji Hai-uma Go RyuuAdult (f)4,7078510
zi9YqZ'Koji Hai-osu Roku RyuuAdult (m)5,0421,1420
500caNeil LaymanAdult (m)4,7799241
lCjX6Koji Hai-osu Hachi RyuuAdult (m)4,7929040
2WOiONoodle PunsAdult (m)6,1011,00814
6zKDiAsh of Halloween PastAdult (f)7,0741,2192
eKfcBAshes of a BananaAdult (m)6,7751,2023
pUnhQ(pUnhQ)Adult (m)3,9266667
gNQ3vFlies farAdult (f)5,0579271
AIzN5Flies fastAdult (f)5,0729101
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