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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moonlightelf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BgVHTWelcome to Moonlight Dragon ClanEgg (F)
96u11Myligh -I- Auli'Leton AioneonwyrAdult (m)6,7921,2523
ZUssRMyligh -I- Zur'Sarisa AioneonwyrAdult (f)6,6491,2502
TsEq5Myligh -I- Sequ'Tesqu KoscronleaAdult (m)7,3031,3764
rZr5GMyligh -I- Razt'Gesor KoscronleaAdult (m)5,9378201
XLSZMMyligh -I- Xels'Zemon KoscronleaAdult (m)9,4691,1853
zImGXMyligh -I- Zalm'Gexon KoscronleaAdult (m)10,2671,2568
9GATJMyligh -I- Gat'Jilane KoscronleaAdult (f)6,8951,3141
NMgymMyligh -I- Nyg'Nimuna KoscronleaAdult (f)7,0961,2515
8wQZ9Myligh -I- Zan'Winaga KoscronleaAdult (f)7,3431,3425
ojDuwMyligh -I- Doj'Uwarin KoscronleaAdult (f)10,7721,4963
ngKB6Myligh -I- Na'Gokabia KoscronleaHatchling (m, F)9,8171,3713
8n6qOMyligh -I- An'Baqonia KoscronleaHatchling (m, F)7,0319190
rrZxEMyligh -I- E'Rizianox KoscronleaHatchling (f, F)7,5741,2653
kE64W(kE64W)Hatchling (f, F)5,3009071
1q9noMyligh -I- Qano'Linuk AetteriwyrAdult (m)7,5091,3584
cQPJ2Myligh -I- Coqu'Pejan AetteriwyrAdult (m)6,3211,2753
g3xrIMyligh -I- Gexo'Relan AetteriwyrAdult (m)7,8061,3041
DrkZOMyligh -I- Dark'Zopyr AetteriwyrAdult (m)5,2417940
Ulri4Myligh -I- Uri'Leanea AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,5911,3402
AzpzmMyligh -I- Aza'Palnam AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,9141,3633
Oz61hMyligh -I- Oza'Ihlano AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,8631,3385
RSKTPMyligh -I- Res'Ketapa AetteriwyrAdult (f)6,3621,2721
4HEI2Myligh -I- He'Atioran AetteriwyrHatchling (m, F)4,6978943
yZwjBMyligh -I- Y'Wizaniba AetteriwyrHatchling (f, F)4,9008963
J9LYMyligh -I- Chir'Linga ArulumoryuAdult (m)8,2651,5625
mI5GKMyligh -I- Owly'Nihal ArulumoryuAdult (m)2,7146673
jcNGLMyligh -I- Rede'Ewern ArulumoryuAdult (m)6,2491,1541
vnjnNMyligh -I- Niji'Nivou ArulumoryoAdult (m)5,3721,3281
uKQ7Myligh -I- Huw'Linwit ArulumoryuAdult (f)9843998
nkTZMyligh -I- Whi'Langra ArulumoryuAdult (f)5,7361,2853
TBSaMyligh -I- Ber'Onalie ArulumoryuAdult (f)7,5311,2652
CRghEMyligh -I- Chi'Rignen ArulumoryuAdult (f)2,7796841
28FZdMyligh -I- Fe'Zediano ArulumoryuHatchling (m, F)3,4239311
z0dRCMyligh -I- Zo'Dirocod ArulumoryuHatchling (m, F)1,23567118
btY5PMyligh -I- Y'Sabraina ArulumoryuHatchling (f, F)3,4609471
smve2Myligh -I- S'Mavetave ArulumoryuHatchling (f, F)5,4969543
bTGrMyligh -I- Elaebitofi ArulumoryuHatchling (F)2,2934403
RKGyRMyligh -I- Rygerenina ArulumoryuHatchling (F)1,8092562
9YWxOMyligh -I- Wyxo'Alron HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,5611,3475
KN3WQMyligh -I- Knew'Quiro HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,2941,1912
uojRMMyligh -I- Ruon'Jamon HisusinwyrAdult (m)8,1131,2124
7poeGMyligh -I- Poet'Gerot HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,4661,4383
TGiTjMyligh -I- Git'Tejata HisusinwyrAdult (f)10,3291,3975
84mKtMyligh -I- Bam'Katona HisusinwyrAdult (f)7,4081,0503
2U5ChMyligh -I- Tus'Chanyn HisusinwyrAdult (f)7,3821,0622
0ZFpkMyligh -I- Oza'Farpak HisusinwyrAdult (f)4,8856032
I2LnPMyligh -I- It'Landopa HisusinwyrHatchling (m, F)5,8849391
Djt3eMyligh -I- Da'Jetsene HisusinwyrHatchling (m, F)5,6511,0191
bDU2KMyligh -I- Badukatina HisusinwyrHatchling (F)3,2284792
GGWM9Myligh -I- Gemgamrona HisusinwyrHatchling (F)3,4775362
Kq9TZMyligh -I- Qatz'Kalen HisurozwyrAdult (m)9,9211,3822
fxGKdMyligh -I- Kaxo'Gefax HisurozwyrAdult (m)8,6421,2711
V67JuMyligh -I- Vat'Jurona HisurozwyrAdult (m)10,2071,4722
1ti3NMyligh -I- Tie'Nilena HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,8261,4015
Y7ZnDMyligh -I- Zen'Dynata HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,9561,3845
N8OdUMyligh -I- Nao'Dunora HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,0871,2641
JrB9WMyligh -I- Baw'Jarona HisurozwyrAdult (f)11,1291,3133
FdJ84Myligh -I- A'Fojibara HisurozwyrHatchling (f, F)7,2978851
Pwp5cMyligh -I- E'Piwanoca HisurozwyrHatchling (f, F)4,2346573
HSxqFMyligh -I- Hasxanqiaf HisurozwyrHatchling (F)3,2694720
cUrIRMyligh -I- Curi'Ratsu AzumruutsuAdult (m)6,8181,2512
0KKTRMyligh -I- Okat'Karon AzumruutsuAdult (m)7,6091,1782
frRRVMyligh -I- Fere'Viron AzumruutsuAdult (m)6,6858843
BeTuMMyligh -I- Betu'Matsu AzumruutsuAdult (m)10,6331,0184
pokQnMyligh -I- Pok'Qiaria AzumruutsuAdult (f)6,1079953
BXdRGMyligh -I- Bex'Dargia AzumruutsuAdult (f)7,3011,1683
OYQVhMyligh -I- Qyo'Hivani AzumruutsuAdult (f)6,7851,0813
T8syOMyligh -I- Tas'Yolani AzumruutsuAdult (f)7,6981,1132
FbdneMyligh -I- Fe'Bedenei AzumruutsuHatchling (m, F)6,6171,0121
bRJw4Myligh -I- Wa'Brejiwa AzumruutsuHatchling (m, F)5,0957794
6KjSFMyligh -I- A'Kijasefu AzumruutsuHatchling (f, F)7,0361,0881
pB0QXMyligh -I- O'Borapian AzumruutsuHatchling (f, F)7,5651,2464
wGi9IMyligh -I- Gialawiona AzumruutsuHatchling (F)1,9942041
GbOfcMyligh -I- Gobtoforna AzumruutsuHatchling (F)2,2302241
ShQvEMyligh -II Shev'Quvea EdeldearyuAdult (m)7,1901,2624
9UQxYMyligh -II Aqux'Ylvon EdeldearyuAdult (m)7,2581,2922
EmQCOMyligh -II Meoq'Coria EdeldearyuAdult (m)7,2671,2842
xOCNTMyligh -II Xocn'Tonio EdeldearyuAdult (m)7,0991,2722
PQvJPMyligh -II Pequ'Vejpo EdeldearyuAdult (m)6,8108741
sFYPuMyligh -II Fys'Purian EdeldearyuAdult (f)7,1271,2492
0hp0aMyligh -II Poa'Haoran EdeldearyuAdult (f)7,4541,2853
ROUTvMyligh -II Rou'Tovana EdeldearyuAdult (f)3,1955753
Je7xpMyligh -II Jet'Peraxa EdeldearyuAdult (f)3,1815663
e2voAMyligh -I- Etom'Avoro OisrisoryuAdult (m)9,9291,2870
oVsCeMyligh -I- Cevo'Sovon OisrisoryuAdult (m)9,5331,3570
h3fKzMyligh -I- Hefa'Kafuz OisrisoryuAdult (m)11,3131,2105
15zwTMyligh -I- Isti'Zevra OisrisoryuAdult (m)8,8761,2882
jgZDVMyligh -I- Jag'Zirian OisrisoryuAdult (f)9,1441,2484
tIoQlMyligh -I- Gio'Tinala OisrisoryuAdult (f)7,7021,3600
m4MOwMyligh -I- Mam'Owiran OisrisoryuAdult (f)2,6195065
j0mryMyligh -I- Jor'Marily OisrisoryuAdult (f)8,5251,1210
FaWcxMyligh -I- Fa'Wickexi OisrisoryuHatchling (m, F)4,0666235
zNYaPMyligh -I- Ny'Aziapan OisrisoryuHatchling (m, F)5,6296891
J1DEhMyligh -I- J'Idehtahn OisrisoryuHatchling (f, F)5,4429485
XGW9bMyligh -I- Xeba'Wabin VolisonryuAdult (m)8,3021,3071
R9SHdMyligh -I- Rasa'Hadit VolisonryuAdult (m)8,3991,3311
HzorhMyligh -I- Hezo'Rohon VolisonryuAdult (m)7,4781,2130
2j8NBMyligh -I- Tjen'Eigan VolisonryuAdult (m)8,6251,1122
szzQjMyligh -I- Sis'Ziquae VolisonryuAdult (f)8,2651,3581
4DVK7Myligh -I- Adi'Vikase VolisonryuAdult (f)8,2171,3550
iiw01Myligh -I- Iwi'Oivina VolisonryuAdult (f)8,5761,0912
RKMHeMyligh -I- Rak'Mihena VolisonryuAdult (f)9,3731,3845
5lVqGMyligh -I- Si'Viquron VolisonryuHatchling (m, F)4,5988343
17gnoMyligh -I- It'Gnomira VolisonryuHatchling (m, F)4,4718831
UYsm1Myligh -I- U'Ysmirana VolisonryuHatchling (f, F)5,0717803
PNDW4Myligh -I- A'Dewanpar VolisonryuHatchling (f, F)6,8048524
HKu9DMyligh -I- Kuva'Hakud AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,7691,5534
Dmt0PMyligh -I- Damo'Topio AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,7411,5774
G5IluMyligh -I- Gesu'Sellu AgoruimtsuAdult (m)7,2121,3382
FklLHMyligh -I- Filh'Katon AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,8451,2612
X7elsMyligh -I- Xel'Zeltes AgoruimtsuAdult (f)9,6801,5107
QHw13Myligh -I- Wie'Qahuna AgoruimtsuAdult (f)9,7951,5684
blccwMyligh -I- Bla'Cicavi AgoruimtsuAdult (f)7,8151,2901
EM4qsMyligh -I- Ema'Qisqis AgoruimtsuAdult (f)5,9621,1671
DldNGMyligh -I- Di'Nigidan AgoruimtsuHatchling (m, F)6,2608322
riVQqMyligh -I- V'Rigionan AgoruimtsuHatchling (f, F)9,3651,2623
NLuYjMyligh -I- Luny'Janor VanaluusanAdult (m)9,0851,2691
l1MPUMyligh -I- Limu'Punun VanaluusanAdult (m)9,1181,3030
pB5U4Myligh -I- Suab'Paron VanaluusanAdult (m)6,0041,1542
5rEmcMyligh -I- Remc'Seron VanaluusanAdult (m)10,6741,2723
K8fKmMyligh -I- Kaf'Kamina VanaluusanAdult (f)9,5271,3022
Ayke8Myligh -I- Ayk'Benika VanaluusanAdult (f)9,6891,3284
jiRCAMyligh -I- Jir'Canica VanaluusanAdult (f)6,1181,1783
sFqkJMyligh -I- Saf'Qukoja VanaluusanAdult (f)9,3571,1993
QPQ7BMyligh -I- Ta'Quapaqi VanaluusanHatchling (m, F)5,6778013
370JFMyligh -I- Et'Faljota VanaluusanHatchling (m, F)5,1876402
IBsCpMyligh -I- S'Alibasan VanaluusanHatchling (f, F)5,6861,0171
u8dv8Myligh -I- Ueig'Degit HelrosaryuAdult (m)7,3511,2321
hY6VNMyligh -I- Hyav'Neron HelrosaryuAdult (m)7,3961,1491
wZ6AoMyligh -I- Zado'Wadri HelrosaryuAdult (m)8,9781,1483
tLu7DMyligh -I- Tlut'Dluna HelrosaryuAdult (m)8,4751,1375
YEpwBMyligh -I- Luo'Kiarac HelrosaryuAdult (f)3,4344614
YH3h7Myligh -I- Ani'Garsia HelrosaryuAdult (f)7,5421,3113
tiqELMyligh -I- Fay'Athene HelrosaryuAdult (f)8,4711,0604
YkDmKMyligh -I- Dyk'Maiaka HelrosaryuAdult (f)8,4691,1252
A10KTMyligh -I- Ak'Tonikon HelrosaryuHatchling (m, F)7,8051,0821
BHJTIMyligh -I- Bi'Hijitan HelrosaryuHatchling (m, F)6,2588322
w8j2mMyligh -I- W'Ajitamin HelrosaryuHatchling (f, F)5,5578052
BIuN8Myligh -I- U'Lnabrana HelrosaryuHatchling (f, F)6,2738161
q4xpXMyligh -I- Qiaxapixan HelrosaryuHatchling (F)2,9482504
ttXyxMyligh -I- Tetryxiona HelrosaryuHatchling (F)3,0064022
bcd1TMyligh -I- Dado'Bitad CinzpelsanAdult (m)7,5991,3741
xgodSMyligh -I- Gods'Xinea CinzpelsanAdult (m)9,1611,3785
MwvFWMyligh -I- Mino'Wanfo CinzpelsanAdult (m)8,1621,1521
b0UODMyligh -I- Boud'Oyron CinzpelsanAdult (m)7,4758133
dlpZEMyligh -I- Zen'Dipena CinzpelsanAdult (f)7,3061,3583
NZx3VMyligh -I- Xev'Nizzan CinzpelsanAdult (f)7,4061,2404
CO3kwMyligh -I- Coe'Kewian CinzpelsanAdult (f)9,2571,1592
qasVUMyligh -I- Gas'Vulcan CinzpelsanAdult (f)9,7021,2913
fdkCiMyligh -I- Fe'Dekcion CinzpelsanHatchling (m, F)3,4635400
etJ2uMyligh -I- Jetu'Taron TyrasteryuAdult (m)8,5401,2903
F4GHOMyligh -I- Faro'Gohar TyrasteryuAdult (m)8,3291,2691
8VwpyMyligh -I- Eigh'Vyrip TyrasteryuAdult (m)4,9535815
WnnpS(WnnpS)Adult (m)4,9698222
P2kjqMyligh -I- Per'Takiqa TyrasteryuAdult (f)8,4041,2791
sUrzUMyligh -I- Sur'Uzurui TyrasteryuAdult (f)8,3651,2973
v3NZTMyligh -I- Ven'Zentai TyrasteryuAdult (f)4,6135872
igs5P(igs5P)Adult (f)3,2154467
ISf1sMyligh -I- Fisi'Lisen NovmerozmeAdult (m)7,3831,1953
93oWmMyligh -I- Owem'Aeson NovmerozmeAdult (m)7,1061,1480
kzQ5eMyligh -I- Seqo'Kezio NovmerozmeAdult (m)8,9961,1971
9zW9NMyligh -I- Azwa'Neran NovmerozmeAdult (m)8,6771,1760
qjQOyMyligh -I- Qid'Jaqoyu NovmerozmeAdult (f)7,2881,1481
qSVUoMyligh -I- Vuo'Qovusa NovmerozmeAdult (f)7,3961,1891
PaAHFMyligh -I- Paa'Faraha NovmerozmeAdult (f)8,0431,2821
9YaSSMyligh -I- Yas'Siyata NovmerozmeAdult (f)7,9211,2791
kypkKMyligh -I- Ky'Pikaria NovmerozmeHatchling (m, F)5,7818721
4EUHIMyligh -I- Eu'Rehiano NovmerozmeHatchling (m, F)4,2728253
7lP9pMyligh -I- T'Pilianad NovmerozmeHatchling (f, F)5,1347803
g4uwWMyligh -I- A'Guawiari NovmerozmeHatchling (f, F)9,4001,2471
Nkq9XMyligh -I- Nikaqioxan NovmerozmeHatchling (F)2,4015291
0G41qMyligh -I- Vogaiqanon NovmerozmeHatchling (F)3,6774062
GAxcKMyligh -I- Gack'Xeron LazatkaryuAdult (m)6,2581,0460
t68CsMyligh -I- Taka'Cerom LazatkaryuAdult (m)8,0191,0673
99ZWGMyligh -I- Nien'Wiger LazatkaryuAdult (m)10,4451,3470
EjG6PMyligh -I- Ejon'Gapan LazatkaryuAdult (m)5,6758997
HHZ2jMyligh -I- Hen'Hezana LazatkaryuAdult (f)6,2231,0352
HlvqLMyligh -I- Hil'Viqula LazatkaryuAdult (f)8,6951,1181
9daVAMyligh -I- Dav'Pavira LazatkaryuAdult (f)10,7321,4983
RP2FjMyligh -I- Ref'Patoja LazatkaryuAdult (f)4,0245203
4j8a3Myligh -I- Ja'Tagaeno LazatkaryuHatchling (m, F)5,0448961
mlJCMMyligh -I- Mi'Cajamis LazatkaryuHatchling (m, F)5,5879883
0xTgtMyligh -I- O'Xotogiot LazatkaryuHatchling (f, F)9,0301,1396
nZteeMyligh -I- Z'Eteneena LazatkaryuHatchling (f, F)6,5521,0301
LGEuyMyligh -I- Leguelynia LazatkaryuHatchling (F)1,3591873
JiliVMyligh -I- Jilivindio LazatkaryuHatchling (F)2,5262563
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