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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moonlightelf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BgVHTWelcome to Moonlight Dragon ClanEgg (F)
z3jFO(z3jFO)Adult (m)4,3706522
opqZY(opqZY)Adult (f)4,6316662
ak1P1(ak1P1)Adult (m)4,6976903
xBdQI(xBdQI)Adult (f)4,7416574
wtscc(wtscc)Adult (m)4,2646714
pmLRB(pmLRB)Adult (f)4,4806453
Fy2CL(Fy2CL)Adult (m)5,1346992
MrK8K(MrK8K)Adult (f)4,3226574
Lsdlu(Lsdlu)Adult (m)3,4805662
5vuAf(5vuAf)Adult (f)3,4495650
fggcC(fggcC)Adult (m)3,1935630
aBLqh(aBLqh)Adult (m)3,2005560
092kT(092kT)Adult (m)3,7775761
zEkp8(zEkp8)Adult (f)3,2365891
IeDnc(IeDnc)Adult (m)3,5035742
bAot6(bAot6)Adult (m)3,6625700
96u11Myligh -I- Auli'Leton AioneonwyrAdult (m)6,7921,2523
ZUssRMyligh -I- Zur'Sarisa AioneonwyrAdult (f)6,6491,2502
U0mlfMyligh -I- Muo'Lifana AioneonwyrAdult (f)4,2154902
TsEq5Myligh -I- Sequ'Tesqu KoscronleaAdult (m)7,3031,3764
rZr5GMyligh -I- Razt'Gesor KoscronleaAdult (m)5,9378201
XLSZMMyligh -I- Xels'Zemon KoscronleaAdult (m)9,4691,1853
zImGXMyligh -I- Zalm'Gexon KoscronleaAdult (m)10,2671,2568
9GATJMyligh -I- Gat'Jilane KoscronleaAdult (f)6,8951,3141
NMgymMyligh -I- Nyg'Nimuna KoscronleaAdult (f)7,0961,2515
8wQZ9Myligh -I- Zan'Winaga KoscronleaAdult (f)7,3431,3425
ojDuwMyligh -I- Doj'Uwarin KoscronleaAdult (f)10,7721,4963
ngKB6Myligh -I- Na'Gokabia KoscronleaHatchling (m, F)9,8171,3713
8n6qOMyligh -I- An'Baqonia KoscronleaHatchling (m, F)7,0319190
rrZxEMyligh -I- E'Rizianox KoscronleaHatchling (f, F)7,5741,2653
kE64WMyligh -I- E'Kaderian KoscronleaHatchling (f, F)5,3009071
1q9noMyligh -I- Qano'Linuk AetteriwyrAdult (m)7,5091,3584
cQPJ2Myligh -I- Coqu'Pejan AetteriwyrAdult (m)6,3211,2753
g3xrIMyligh -I- Gexo'Relan AetteriwyrAdult (m)7,8061,3041
DrkZOMyligh -I- Dark'Zopyr AetteriwyrAdult (m)5,2417940
Ulri4Myligh -I- Uri'Leanea AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,5911,3402
AzpzmMyligh -I- Aza'Palnam AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,9141,3633
Oz61hMyligh -I- Oza'Ihlano AetteriwyrAdult (f)7,8631,3385
RSKTPMyligh -I- Res'Ketapa AetteriwyrAdult (f)6,3621,2721
4HEI2Myligh -I- He'Atioran AetteriwyrHatchling (m, F)4,6978943
yZwjBMyligh -I- Y'Wizaniba AetteriwyrHatchling (f, F)4,9008963
J9LYMyligh -I- Chir'Linga ArulumoryuAdult (m)8,2651,5625
mI5GKMyligh -I- Owly'Nihal ArulumoryuAdult (m)2,7146673
jcNGLMyligh -I- Rede'Ewern ArulumoryuAdult (m)6,2491,1541
vnjnNMyligh -I- Niji'Nivou ArulumoryoAdult (m)5,3721,3281
uKQ7Myligh -I- Huw'Linwit ArulumoryuAdult (f)9843998
nkTZMyligh -I- Whi'Langra ArulumoryuAdult (f)5,7361,2853
TBSaMyligh -I- Ber'Onalie ArulumoryuAdult (f)7,5311,2652
CRghEMyligh -I- Chi'Rignen ArulumoryuAdult (f)2,7796841
28FZdMyligh -I- Fe'Zediano ArulumoryuHatchling (m, F)3,4239311
z0dRCMyligh -I- Zo'Dirocod ArulumoryuHatchling (m, F)1,23567118
btY5PMyligh -I- Y'Sabraina ArulumoryuHatchling (f, F)3,4609471
smve2Myligh -I- S'Mavetave ArulumoryuHatchling (f, F)5,4969543
bTGrMyligh -I- Elaebitofi ArulumoryuHatchling (F)2,2934403
RKGyRMyligh -I- Rygerenina ArulumoryuHatchling (F)1,8092562
9YWxOMyligh -I- Wyxo'Alron HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,5611,3475
KN3WQMyligh -I- Knew'Quiro HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,2941,1912
uojRMMyligh -I- Ruon'Jamon HisusinwyrAdult (m)8,1131,2124
7poeGMyligh -I- Poet'Gerot HisusinwyrAdult (m)9,4661,4383
TGiTjMyligh -I- Git'Tejata HisusinwyrAdult (f)10,3291,3975
84mKtMyligh -I- Bam'Katona HisusinwyrAdult (f)7,4081,0503
2U5ChMyligh -I- Tus'Chanyn HisusinwyrAdult (f)7,3821,0622
0ZFpkMyligh -I- Oza'Farpak HisusinwyrAdult (f)4,8856032
I2LnPMyligh -I- It'Landopa HisusinwyrHatchling (m, F)5,8849391
Djt3eMyligh -I- Da'Jetsene HisusinwyrHatchling (m, F)5,6511,0191
bDU2KMyligh -I- Badukatina HisusinwyrHatchling (F)3,2284792
GGWM9Myligh -I- Gemgamrona HisusinwyrHatchling (F)3,4775362
Kq9TZMyligh -I- Qatz'Kalen HisurozwyrAdult (m)9,9211,3822
fxGKdMyligh -I- Kaxo'Gefax HisurozwyrAdult (m)8,6421,2711
V67JuMyligh -I- Vat'Jurona HisurozwyrAdult (m)10,2071,4722
1ti3NMyligh -I- Tie'Nilena HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,8261,4015
Y7ZnDMyligh -I- Zen'Dynata HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,9561,3845
N8OdUMyligh -I- Nao'Dunora HisurozwyrAdult (f)9,0871,2641
JrB9WMyligh -I- Baw'Jarona HisurozwyrAdult (f)11,1291,3133
FdJ84Myligh -I- A'Fojibara HisurozwyrHatchling (f, F)7,2978851
Pwp5cMyligh -I- E'Piwanoca HisurozwyrHatchling (f, F)4,2346573
HSxqFMyligh -I- Hasxanqiaf HisurozwyrHatchling (F)3,2694720
cUrIRMyligh -I- Curi'Ratsu AzumruutsuAdult (m)6,8181,2512
0KKTRMyligh -I- Okat'Karon AzumruutsuAdult (m)7,6091,1782
frRRVMyligh -I- Fere'Viron AzumruutsuAdult (m)6,6858843
BeTuMMyligh -I- Betu'Matsu AzumruutsuAdult (m)10,6331,0184
pokQnMyligh -I- Pok'Qiaria AzumruutsuAdult (f)6,1079953
BXdRGMyligh -I- Bex'Dargia AzumruutsuAdult (f)7,3011,1683
OYQVhMyligh -I- Qyo'Hivani AzumruutsuAdult (f)6,7851,0813
T8syOMyligh -I- Tas'Yolani AzumruutsuAdult (f)7,6981,1132
FbdneMyligh -I- Fe'Bedenei AzumruutsuHatchling (m, F)6,6171,0121
bRJw4Myligh -I- Wa'Brejiwa AzumruutsuHatchling (m, F)5,0957794
6KjSFMyligh -I- A'Kijasefu AzumruutsuHatchling (f, F)7,0361,0881
pB0QXMyligh -I- O'Borapian AzumruutsuHatchling (f, F)7,5651,2464
wGi9IMyligh -I- Gialawiona AzumruutsuHatchling (F)1,9942041
GbOfcMyligh -I- Gobtoforna AzumruutsuHatchling (F)2,2302241
e2voAMyligh -I- Etom'Avoro OisrisoryuAdult (m)9,9291,2870
oVsCeMyligh -I- Cevo'Sovon OisrisoryuAdult (m)9,5331,3570
h3fKzMyligh -I- Hefa'Kafuz OisrisoryuAdult (m)11,3131,2105
15zwTMyligh -I- Isti'Zevra OisrisoryuAdult (m)8,8761,2882
jgZDVMyligh -I- Jag'Zirian OisrisoryuAdult (f)9,1441,2484
tIoQlMyligh -I- Gio'Tinala OisrisoryuAdult (f)7,7021,3600
m4MOwMyligh -I- Mam'Owiran OisrisoryuAdult (f)2,6195065
j0mryMyligh -I- Jor'Marily OisrisoryuAdult (f)8,5251,1210
FaWcxMyligh -I- Fa'Wickexi OisrisoryuHatchling (m, F)4,0666235
zNYaPMyligh -I- Ny'Aziapan OisrisoryuHatchling (m, F)5,6296891
J1DEhMyligh -I- J'Idehtahn OisrisoryuHatchling (f, F)5,4429485
9tVmyMyligh -I- A'Tyvmayan OisrisoryuHatchling (f, F)5,5917461
XGW9bMyligh -I- Xeba'Wabin VolisonryuAdult (m)8,3021,3071
R9SHdMyligh -I- Rasa'Hadit VolisonryuAdult (m)8,3991,3311
HzorhMyligh -I- Hezo'Rohon VolisonryuAdult (m)7,4781,2130
2j8NBMyligh -I- Tjen'Eigan VolisonryuAdult (m)8,6251,1122
szzQjMyligh -I- Sis'Ziquae VolisonryuAdult (f)8,2651,3581
4DVK7Myligh -I- Adi'Vikase VolisonryuAdult (f)8,2171,3550
iiw01Myligh -I- Iwi'Oivina VolisonryuAdult (f)8,5761,0912
RKMHeMyligh -I- Rak'Mihena VolisonryuAdult (f)9,3731,3845
5lVqGMyligh -I- Si'Viquron VolisonryuHatchling (m, F)4,5988343
17gnoMyligh -I- It'Gnomira VolisonryuHatchling (m, F)4,4718831
UYsm1Myligh -I- U'Ysmirana VolisonryuHatchling (f, F)5,0717803
PNDW4Myligh -I- A'Dewanpar VolisonryuHatchling (f, F)6,8048524
HKu9DMyligh -I- Kuva'Hakud AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,7691,5534
Dmt0PMyligh -I- Damo'Topio AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,7411,5774
G5IluMyligh -I- Gesu'Sellu AgoruimtsuAdult (m)7,2121,3382
FklLHMyligh -I- Filh'Katon AgoruimtsuAdult (m)9,8451,2612
X7elsMyligh -I- Xel'Zeltes AgoruimtsuAdult (f)9,6801,5107
QHw13Myligh -I- Wie'Qahuna AgoruimtsuAdult (f)9,7951,5684
blccwMyligh -I- Bla'Cicavi AgoruimtsuAdult (f)7,8151,2901
EM4qsMyligh -I- Ema'Qisqis AgoruimtsuAdult (f)5,9621,1671
DldNGMyligh -I- Di'Nigidan AgoruimtsuHatchling (m, F)6,2608322
riVQqMyligh -I- V'Rigionan AgoruimtsuHatchling (f, F)9,3651,2623
NLuYjMyligh -I- Luny'Janor VanaluusanAdult (m)9,0851,2691
l1MPUMyligh -I- Limu'Punun VanaluusanAdult (m)9,1181,3030
pB5U4Myligh -I- Suab'Paron VanaluusanAdult (m)6,0041,1542
5rEmcMyligh -I- Remc'Seron VanaluusanAdult (m)10,6741,2723
K8fKmMyligh -I- Kaf'Kamina VanaluusanAdult (f)9,5271,3022
Ayke8Myligh -I- Ayk'Benika VanaluusanAdult (f)9,6891,3284
jiRCAMyligh -I- Jir'Canica VanaluusanAdult (f)6,1181,1783
sFqkJMyligh -I- Saf'Qukoja VanaluusanAdult (f)9,3571,1993
QPQ7BMyligh -I- Ta'Quapaqi VanaluusanHatchling (m, F)5,6778013
370JFMyligh -I- Et'Faljota VanaluusanHatchling (m, F)5,1876402
IBsCpMyligh -I- S'Alibasan VanaluusanHatchling (f, F)5,6861,0171
u8dv8Myligh -I- Ueig'Degit HelrosaryuAdult (m)7,3511,2321
hY6VNMyligh -I- Hyav'Neron HelrosaryuAdult (m)7,3961,1491
wZ6AoMyligh -I- Zado'Wadri HelrosaryuAdult (m)8,9781,1483
tLu7DMyligh -I- Tlut'Dluna HelrosaryuAdult (m)8,4751,1375
YEpwBMyligh -I- Luo'Kiarac HelrosaryuAdult (f)3,4344614
YH3h7Myligh -I- Ani'Garsia HelrosaryuAdult (f)7,5421,3113
tiqELMyligh -I- Fay'Athene HelrosaryuAdult (f)8,4711,0604
YkDmKMyligh -I- Dyk'Maiaka HelrosaryuAdult (f)8,4691,1252
A10KTMyligh -I- Ak'Tonikon HelrosaryuHatchling (m, F)7,8051,0821
BHJTIMyligh -I- Bi'Hijitan HelrosaryuHatchling (m, F)6,2588322
w8j2mMyligh -I- W'Ajitamin HelrosaryuHatchling (f, F)5,5578052
BIuN8Myligh -I- U'Lnabrana HelrosaryuHatchling (f, F)6,2738161
q4xpXMyligh -I- Qiaxapixan HelrosaryuHatchling (F)2,9482504
ttXyxMyligh -I- Tetryxiona HelrosaryuHatchling (F)3,0064022
bcd1TMyligh -I- Dado'Bitad CinzpelsanAdult (m)7,5991,3741
xgodSMyligh -I- Gods'Xinea CinzpelsanAdult (m)9,1611,3785
MwvFWMyligh -I- Mino'Wanfo CinzpelsanAdult (m)8,1621,1521
b0UODMyligh -I- Boud'Oyron CinzpelsanAdult (m)7,4758133
dlpZEMyligh -I- Zen'Dipena CinzpelsanAdult (f)7,3061,3583
NZx3VMyligh -I- Xev'Nizzan CinzpelsanAdult (f)7,4061,2404
CO3kwMyligh -I- Coe'Kewian CinzpelsanAdult (f)9,2571,1592
qasVUMyligh -I- Gas'Vulcan CinzpelsanAdult (f)9,7021,2913
fdkCiMyligh -I- Fe'Dekcion CinzpelsanHatchling (m, F)3,4635400
MgPIcMyligh -I- Pi'Migclan CinzpelsanHatchling (m, F)5,5599062
RRyibMyligh -I- B'Yriandan CinzpelsanHatchling (f, F)5,7797791
yOu2nMyligh -I- O'Yuontona CinzpelsanHatchling (f, F)8,6381,2665
etJ2uMyligh -I- Jetu'Taron TyrasteryuAdult (m)8,5401,2903
F4GHOMyligh -I- Faro'Gohar TyrasteryuAdult (m)8,3291,2691
8VwpyMyligh -I- Eigh'Vyrip TyrasteryuAdult (m)4,9535815
WnnpSMyligh -I- Wino'Pasna TyrasteryuAdult (m)4,9698222
P2kjqMyligh -I- Per'Takiqa TyrasteryuAdult (f)8,4041,2791
sUrzUMyligh -I- Sur'Uzurui TyrasteryuAdult (f)8,3651,2973
v3NZTMyligh -I- Ven'Zentai TyrasteryuAdult (f)4,6135872
igs5PMyligh -I- Igs'Sapran TyrasteryuAdult (f)3,2154467
2Yv4uMyligh -I- Va'Tyvikan TyrasteryuHatchling (m, F)3,9076613
qZ94SMyligh -I- Da'Saqizan TyrasteryuHatchling (m, F)5,3165664
Ct47aMyligh -I- Tata'Carta MedisteryuAdult (m)6,5579523
QV3DzMyligh -I- Vedz'Quila MedisteryuAdult (m)6,2218301
1omjTMyligh -I- Omji'Tiono MedisteryuAdult (m)5,2855331
JKveiMyligh -I- Kvei'Jerle MedisteryuAdult (m)5,2675501
dmK8HMyligh -I- Dem'Kahtan MedisteryuAdult (f)5,3649361
HJQ5OMyligh -I- Hiq'Sohija MedisteryuAdult (f)7,1219837
zgkdXMyligh -I- Zag'Kadixa MedisteryuAdult (f)5,4645432
0eA6uMyligh -I- Abu'Eotana MedisteryuAdult (f)5,1275400
GoIIkMyligh -I- Go'Lilkana MedisteryuHatchling (m, F)5,1577341
0sy3rMyligh -I- O'Syamerto MedisteryuHatchling (f, F)5,1597350
GAxcKMyligh -I- Gack'Xeron LazatkaryuAdult (m)6,2581,0460
t68CsMyligh -I- Taka'Cerom LazatkaryuAdult (m)8,0191,0673
99ZWGMyligh -I- Nien'Wiger LazatkaryuAdult (m)10,4451,3470
EjG6PMyligh -I- Ejon'Gapan LazatkaryuAdult (m)5,6758997
HHZ2jMyligh -I- Hen'Hezana LazatkaryuAdult (f)6,2231,0352
HlvqLMyligh -I- Hil'Viqula LazatkaryuAdult (f)8,6951,1181
9daVAMyligh -I- Dav'Pavira LazatkaryuAdult (f)10,7321,4983
RP2FjMyligh -I- Ref'Patoja LazatkaryuAdult (f)4,0245203
4j8a3Myligh -I- Ja'Tagaeno LazatkaryuHatchling (m, F)5,0448961
mlJCMMyligh -I- Mi'Cajamis LazatkaryuHatchling (m, F)5,5879883
0xTgtMyligh -I- O'Xotogiot LazatkaryuHatchling (f, F)9,0301,1396
nZteeMyligh -I- Z'Eteneena LazatkaryuHatchling (f, F)6,5521,0301
LGEuyMyligh -I- Leguelynia LazatkaryuHatchling (F)1,3591873
JiliVMyligh -I- Jilivindio LazatkaryuHatchling (F)2,5262563
3dqkMyligh -I- Bonb'Urola ChimbalryuAdult (m)9,2162,05316
GigSMyligh -I- Bonb'Ronek ChimbalryuAdult (m)5,6421,5209
5DRnMyligh -I- Bong'Rollo ChimbalryuAdult (m)5,5281,53316
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