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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Montymaus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3u6HBlue-Moon of ShadowAdult (f)3,76269728
2ZvfBlue-Moon of SpaceAdult (f)3,19159619
gFlOBlue-Moon of StarsAdult (m)3,97270924
RHmHBlue-Moon of NightAdult (f)3,9819439
U20kJ(U20kJ)Adult (m)7,1801,0692
B4EZ4(B4EZ4)Adult (f)5,0974882
p94Xt(p94Xt)Adult (m)2,8731,0050
medRo(medRo)Adult (m)6,3638601
LmD5(LmD5)Adult (f)5,2274271
vDGfh(vDGfh)Adult (m)5,7375191
C2Nc7(C2Nc7)Adult (m)5,0493371
qgeRShadow of SkyAdult (m)1,90853019
5vdcGlow of SkyAdult (f)3,52959220
6EmYBat of SkyAdult (f)8,3498877
jqTn(jqTn)Adult (f)8,75498520
U086(U086)Adult (m)7,1251,0063
urOR(urOR)Adult (f)4,5445804
VsAQ(VsAQ)Adult (f)3,8504150
QBKD(QBKD)Adult (m)5,2614210
uBcT(uBcT)Adult (m)4,9284092
bklh(bklh)Adult (m)5,6084398
CcoT(CcoT)Adult (m)5,6425978
anK8(anK8)Adult (f)1,8485676
3tdc(3tdc)Adult (m)6,0266167
5cmQ(5cmQ)Adult (f)4,8349144
ME6uC(ME6uC)Adult (m)3,3013750
Cd8pI(Cd8pI)Adult (m)4,4164380
J5o9S(J5o9S)Adult (m)3,2961,0160
4sTeSnake of SkyAdult (f)4,1025563
DTJtc(DTJtc)Adult (m)4,5913843
PMFZZ(PMFZZ)Adult (f)3,4305572
r4ZfLizzard of SkyAdult (f)5,6296544
GK1JB(GK1JB)Adult (m)2,8433662
aswMl(aswMl)Adult (m)3,2148251
nXjsc(nXjsc)Adult (m)5,7958811
QHUnC(QHUnC)Adult (f)6,1876740
j60IY(j60IY)Adult (m)5,2118370
FKdnm(FKdnm)Adult (m)4,8099611
2bHbs(2bHbs)Adult (f)2,0093810
bMs1S(bMs1S)Adult (m)3,6328052
0r9PG(0r9PG)Adult (f)4,3709860
NxtJ0(NxtJ0)Adult (m)6,5087403
RbQuTsunami of Frozen WindAdult (m)4,19861130
U0WOWave of Frozen WindAdult (f)4,54081834
orqcIce of Frozen WindAdult (f)3,01151421
PDSTHurricane of Frozen WindAdult (m)4,24167421
s0IgEarthquake of Frozen WindAdult (m)6,1987837
4MGQFruit of DesertAdult (m)5,41256110
Otu2(Otu2)Adult (f)5,3543725
FSYsT(FSYsT)Adult (f)5,6433770
bEIGW(bEIGW)Adult (f)2,9846344
EEqA3(EEqA3)Adult (m)5,0364121
IkDj7(IkDj7)Adult (f)3,3034553
WqIZJ(WqIZJ)Adult (m)6,1249750
A5j4Lover of JungleAdult (f)3,0051,15429
09kfDreamer of JungleAdult (m)3,0175204
6O25Wind of JungleAdult (m)2,6028926
IEpGLeave of JungleAdult (m)4,1535621
BkrA(BkrA)Adult (m)11,7271,23613
S1eGN(S1eGN)Adult (f)6,9529173
4CcWSweetest of CheeseAdult5,34198937
DSe2Berrie of MistletoeAdult (m)4,67868010
1GNFLeave of MistletoeAdult (m)3,84268312
FgWKY(FgWKY)Adult (m)3,3271,0130
AK9DLight of ChristmastreeAdult (f)5,49175910
afuuGlow of ChristmastreeAdult (f)4,3377069
BfKqPeppermint of ChristmasAdult (f)4,3227069
3LhrLemongrass of ChristmasAdult (f)4,34971411
Nw08j(Nw08j)Adult (m)4,2257070
rnhJ8(rnhJ8)Adult (m)4,8794144
4fIQd(4fIQd)Adult (m)3,9523952
9xr1k(9xr1k)Adult (m)3,5151,0210
Rcwnk(Rcwnk)Adult (f)4,0179230
JOZir(JOZir)Adult (f)3,9989260
3TqlFly of SkyAdult (f)4,14291513
r4Vql(r4Vql)Adult (m)5,7295220
sBCiTwine of DeathAdult (m)1,89261115
m0LdTangle of DangerAdult (m)2,15177220
aZVtVine of HopeAdult (f)2,06450323
JlurSpearmint of DreamsAdult (m)2,10852519
rstASpearmint of DangerAdult (m)3,98266510
Q94aPredator of PlantsAdult (f)6,2656004
NBF6Danger of PlantsAdult (f)4,1255624
hTaGTwine of EarthAdult (m)5,0155922
oQ7gPredator of HopeAdult (f)6,7177619
f1qB(f1qB)Adult (f)12,5851,31130
vG9K(vG9K)Adult (f)8,9961,0069
X7ej(X7ej)Adult (m)6,5435852
pBjb(pBjb)Adult (f)4,9774111
1dbI(1dbI)Adult (m)6,0451,15311
LJZn(LJZn)Adult (m)12,2311,3656
SLhLf(SLhLf)Adult (f)3,7835431
W3CuW(W3CuW)Adult (f)3,0941,0010
Hl1JZ(Hl1JZ)Adult (f)6,3787330
sNGTBlue on cloudAdult (f)4,24233426
YoikDaydreamer on CloudAdult (m)4,27247617
YEgYHope on CloudAdult (f)2,04853014
k76P(k76P)Adult (m)4,5494831
jCrD(jCrD)Adult (m)12,3331,33311
HOfYR(HOfYR)Adult (f)4,4424081
QG9Hd(QG9Hd)Adult (f)4,7983372
H0jS5(H0jS5)Adult (m)5,1153410
rsFKs(rsFKs)Adult (m)4,9039918
Ad23d(Ad23d)Adult (f)4,1854160
n9pvz(n9pvz)Adult (m)4,0717551
QJ6XY(QJ6XY)Adult (m)4,7749500
TVjJDanger of DeepAdult (f)4,5585382
ZvP3Darkness of DeepAdult (f)3,6415896
RWkEBlackest on EarthAdult (m)2,01254718
udoDPurpel Fins of EarthAdult (m)5,15795425
HZfHPurple-Wings of DeathAdult (m)4,4836716
QdVNPurple-fog of DangerAdult (m)3,0035141
K9EHFin of HopeAdult (f)4,9355721
ce9K(ce9K)Adult (f)4,2303543
DJr1f(DJr1f)Adult (m)6,0836871
7khlFins of BloodAdult (m)1,93351017
234vDanger of BloodAdult (f)5,2527315
3RVjSilence of BloodAdult (m)4,5425293
cbeZ(cbeZ)Adult (f)5,3954322
uZ2Ug(uZ2Ug)Adult (f)3,8198101
bfJuSparks of the DeathAdult (m)3,83841433
9jt6Elektric Spark of DangerAdult (f)2,66864724
GUD8Sparks of FireflamesAdult (m)3,04262311
irD7Elektric Spark of BloodAdult (f)3,31657517
mV8e(mV8e)Adult (m)9,9051,1725
Xa2W(Xa2W)Adult (m)6,8161,0066
YmvL(YmvL)Adult (f)6,5785030
EY7I(EY7I)Adult (m)5,5723962
ngQu(ngQu)Adult (m)9,4871,02719
O37Q(O37Q)Adult (f)11,6571,4886
8bWa7(8bWa7)Adult (m)4,0664150
Ea8ld(Ea8ld)Adult (f)4,6394131
MaQSh(MaQSh)Adult (f)5,9289602
U9vOB(U9vOB)Adult (m)5,0574192
2ODEs(2ODEs)Adult (f)6,1888471
iCcsA(iCcsA)Adult (m)4,2023211
MtvXz(MtvXz)Adult (m)3,2213070
SYCuM(SYCuM)Adult (f)4,9048480
sMCnGlow of MagmaAdult (f)5,24698443
kXeTHeat of MagmaAdult (m)5,6691,04125
dlqASmoke of MagmaAdult (f)5,13594812
dcsW(dcsW)Adult (f)6,5505891
19d8I(19d8I)Adult (f)3,7154295
5MpKU(5MpKU)Adult (f)3,7017637
xuAXn(xuAXn)Adult (m)5,5363700
nIno7(nIno7)Adult (f)5,1893471
5WsSDanger of MorningsunAdult (m)1,60359724
6g7iDanger of MoonlightAdult (m)4,3438208
srFYDanger of SkyAdult (f)7,19885124
S4KJT(S4KJT)Adult (m)4,1993230
kwX5X(kwX5X)Adult (m)4,8403300
9LxRi(9LxRi)Adult (f)3,2071,0132
d2qtCrystal of StonesAdult (f)2,12156731
HplhDiamond of StonesAdult (m)3,6016238
utigSunshine of DawnAdult (m)3,8791,0293
EguVMoonlight of DawnAdult (m)6,9657567
4Ub3(4Ub3)Adult (f)12,3721,31615
oGCkK(oGCkK)Adult (m)5,2163490
ZkL7i(ZkL7i)Adult (m)3,6864140
rv1os(rv1os)Adult (f)3,5505486
1p4nt(1p4nt)Adult (m)2,7053221
sKcK4(sKcK4)Adult (m)4,7489510
NCM9Darkest of DuskAdult (f)4,51948129
REQEHeart of DuskAdult (m)1,66451924
C6sXHazelnut of DuskAdult (m)5,1291,13515
O8dI0(O8dI0)Adult (f)2,4513581
vmh9Misterious Glow of GoldAdult (m)8,9691,48738
neXIS(neXIS)Adult (f)5,6385415
Lk6gMandarin of  WaterAdult (f)2,12452718
AoXIMango of WaterAdult (f)1,61653625
n8clOrange of WaterAdult (f)1,69055718
vGOkBanana of WaterAdult (f)3,64080524
FO38Pineapple of WaterAdult (f)4,06063711
CBIMApricot of WaterAdult (f)3,1285948
ieKvMirabelle of WaterAdult (m)4,1505413
1lpOStrawberry of WaterAdult (m)4,9985862
vPM0Graip-fruit of WaterAdult (m)6,9627536
JXXPMaster of  WindAdult (m)2,22148818
oLM3Master of FogAdult (f)2,13451421
Ds4Y(Ds4Y)Adult (f)6,2255361
lY9p5(lY9p5)Adult (f)4,5823430
Nrv6g(Nrv6g)Adult (m)4,4703412
9oBt4(9oBt4)Adult (f)4,7503245
JBI0f(JBI0f)Adult (f)4,3253351
hi6ed(hi6ed)Adult (m)4,83132313
kGQpGreenest of EarthAdult (m)3,66048312
VfcDLoudest of EarthAdult (f)3,79250914
fT3mTerror of EarthAdult (f)7,7709788
JcOC3(JcOC3)Adult (f)4,89441912
9qIKI(9qIKI)Adult (f)4,9733340
pOif3(pOif3)Adult (m)3,5714260
pMg0U(pMg0U)Adult (f)3,4614190
CgHM9(CgHM9)Adult (m)4,0663671
IjSWn(IjSWn)Adult (f)4,5993750
FqrGo(FqrGo)Adult (f)5,0793641
Z4I9o(Z4I9o)Adult (f)4,43473110
oqacc(oqacc)Adult (m)3,7724142
TTEjGuardian of LizzardsAdult (f)3,32356719
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