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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Monster13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AijSBluepinkdragonAdult (f)2,07727531
hCoRBattosaidragonAdult (m)2,43831838
iw6LLafeedragonAdult (m)2,42531341
NYeRTrigun-GirlAdult (f)1,90121343
yuXbWildlifedragonAdult (f)2,07424442
QXSAPolarlightdragonAdult (m)1,81826042
U4I1(U4I1)Adult (f)1,17849511
D7yo(D7yo)Adult (f)1,18749613
KC0m(KC0m)Adult (f)1,19648911
KX4X(KX4X)Adult (m)1,27849613
1OeN(1OeN)Adult (m)3,71079113
oc4H(oc4H)Adult (m)3,68778613
PBlG(PBlG)Adult (m)4,95098211
CgJg(CgJg)Adult (f)3,65481510
FFuq(FFuq)Adult (m)3,68590915
bYfN(bYfN)Adult (f)3,95392414
srvt(srvt)Adult (m)4,5241,18550
hFXv(hFXv)Adult (m)2,77769812
JPC8(JPC8)Adult (m)7914872
l0Vk(l0Vk)Adult (m)2,0847177
VeeO(VeeO)Adult (m)1,0804737
n8bf(n8bf)Adult (m)8564702
legp(legp)Adult (m)8674761
QjtK(QjtK)Adult (f)8374551
KYb0(KYb0)Adult (f)8384583
r0rK(r0rK)Adult (f)9614961
2ppr(2ppr)Adult (f)9204790
nOna(nOna)Adult (m)8054350
rQT8(rQT8)Adult (m)1,4056990
INKD(INKD)Adult (m)70444413
nVjR(nVjR)Adult (m)9964573
G4Vi(G4Vi)Adult (f)1,0274694
XPPY(XPPY)Adult (m)1,8013896
g8Lh(g8Lh)Adult (m)1,22564627
JHvK(JHvK)Adult (f)1,4175203
mEnR(mEnR)Adult (f)1,4205203
P3Jm(P3Jm)Adult (f)1,4565323
PMqL(PMqL)Adult (m)1,3924693
AS4V(AS4V)Adult (f)1,3914492
2VQB(2VQB)Adult (m)1,2444631
jecU(jecU)Adult (m)1,4015151
PFI2(PFI2)Adult (f)1,3354901
MF4W(MF4W)Adult (f)1,1454672
AROE(AROE)Adult (f)1,3115801
AWGH(AWGH)Adult (m)1,2735671
6IWX(6IWX)Adult (f)9585401
87uS(87uS)Adult (m)9305232
0UkB(0UkB)Adult (f)1,0695912
sQqI(sQqI)Adult (m)1,1926463
3KIq(3KIq)Adult (f)9505573
VLoR(VLoR)Adult (m)1,1475127
E6If(E6If)Adult (f)8814891
TouX(TouX)Adult (f)8984980
n18s(n18s)Adult (m)8414740
jXs8(jXs8)Adult (m)1,71288213
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