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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mizuki-Chan86,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
37no(37no)Adult (m)2,9373715
tsSB(tsSB)Adult (m)4,8741,1019
4k4f(4k4f)Adult (m)2,14440616
HIlS(HIlS)Adult (f)1,6595139
pjnf(pjnf)Adult (m)1,3814955
hKcg(hKcg)Adult (f)1,5255017
OP72(OP72)Adult (f)2,07366010
L6Ro(L6Ro)Adult (f)1,2426173
GVXg(GVXg)Adult (f)1,1326034
oCjF(oCjF)Adult (m)1,2245804
1Ihu(1Ihu)Adult (f)1,1406026
GKY7(GKY7)Adult (f)8585412
Ot6r(Ot6r)Adult (m)1,0845657
S6h5(S6h5)Adult (f)1,0025582
nhOG(nhOG)Adult (f)1,5525933
QORF(QORF)Adult (f)1,0845574
Sflc(Sflc)Adult (f)1,0725483
nsZG(nsZG)Adult (f)1,0535434
htpF(htpF)Adult (f)8,0241,88810
b013(b013)Adult (f)1,6375476
eVfe(eVfe)Adult (f)1,7986512
O4iL(O4iL)Adult (f)1,8216831
JHJY(JHJY)Adult (f)1,8276444
1Jiq(1Jiq)Adult (m)1,0685554
ndho(ndho)Adult (m)1,1475804
UJJ3(UJJ3)Adult (m)9825219
Hg2E(Hg2E)Adult (f)1,5835154
UvI5(UvI5)Adult (f)10,7001,7836
G4Zl(G4Zl)Adult (m)1,2865522
BvmM(BvmM)Adult (m)1,1115801
8vDP(8vDP)Adult (f)9495105
BPsi(BPsi)Adult (m)9795120
62Ha(62Ha)Adult (f)9014731
Q9of(Q9of)Adult (m)8844941
gWnn(gWnn)Adult (m)1,0335653
4VfT(4VfT)Adult (m)1,3655115
bBqf(bBqf)Adult (f)1,3435663
tHTK(tHTK)Adult (f)1,5035673
Vorh(Vorh)Adult (m)1,4215594
cEl6(cEl6)Adult (f)1,1895084
qrfJ(qrfJ)Adult (m)9345793
JrYR(JrYR)Adult (f)9965740
s9cX(s9cX)Adult (f)1,0305922
5WCK(5WCK)Adult (m)1,9955584
a7CV(a7CV)Adult (m)9945870
kddF(kddF)Adult (f)1,0165912
Ev7h(Ev7h)Adult (m)1,0175862
fY4b(fY4b)Adult (f)1,0696263
fuKs(fuKs)Adult (f)1,1495621
Zt49(Zt49)Adult (m)1,6344252
DeBN(DeBN)Adult (f)5,3201,29130
UNa9(UNa9)Adult (f)1,8674553
XFUF(XFUF)Adult (m)2,0624944
snQN(snQN)Adult (m)2,0364734
XHfT(XHfT)Adult (f)2,0284790
DnFA(DnFA)Adult (m)2,4404853
Tdif(Tdif)Adult (f)2,1534997
sfj2(sfj2)Adult (m)2,2645015
fVIB(fVIB)Adult (f)2,3475251
I3NP(I3NP)Adult (m)2,2525163
Vp7U(Vp7U)Adult (f)1,2573642
apeN(apeN)Adult (f)4,8688857
qfri(qfri)Adult (m)4,4518184
3rNQ(3rNQ)Adult (f)4,4628345
6TH8(6TH8)Adult (m)4,4458234
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