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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mittens12,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
undCYHazanallieAdult (f)4,1119134
iPp4nOkanuiAdult (m)4,1348711
Eq2qLKouarallaAdult (f)4,8791,1790
MzOG5CreseantaAdult (f)3,7087843
xKyLlCresentaeAdult (m)4,5981,0702
DSlgiAsashinAdult (m)4,2737832
SCPxOSlyvakiaAdult (f)5,0121,2866
w5X9ETadaomi KarasumaAdult (m)2,5566232
MGXtGMikhannonAdult (m)11,5961,5889
TyKxPMaki-RollAdult (f)2,3335712
vl8TlZenithitiAdult (m)7,3851,2627
81MAXKaitoroAdult (f)7,5601,2285
XzT95KailanaeAdult (f)4,9971,0076
T5hnBVikaaniriAdult (m)8,3221,3265
SmmVYMohorraoAdult (m)2,6676145
yOq91(yOq91)Adult (m)2,8176143
MgdZwAlanzaniAdult (f)4,3049113
BUMaD(BUMaD)Adult (m)5,0021,1050
TIer9WyraniAdult (f)4,0991,0175
tbNpe(tbNpe)Adult (m)7,2541,1734
SXIpX(SXIpX)Adult (m)3,8488865
soBoqRio NakamuraAdult (f)2,4904435
7XMksJhaliaAdult (m)3,8228393
mmkEV(mmkEV)Adult (m)2,7063280
8lMr4The night is comeAdult (m)3,8699082
LrB6QBut not too soonAdult (m)2,9774609
YyTO8KeyanoAdult (m)4,2496702
udPmuDuo-KeyanoAdult (f)3,3438380
79frKQuadro-KayanoAdult (m)4,9041,0120
gR0zj(gR0zj)Adult (f)3,0705431
BpkZSOcto-KeyanoAdult (f)5,0081,0381
vgODxDuodeco-KeyanoAdult (f)6,6091,1343
ugMY2Freesh OvacadooAdult (m)2,6644921
ug7OUFresh AvacadoAdult (m)2,7543320
qiaemOops I dropped my paint bucketAdult (m)2,9063280
ZXL20(ZXL20)Adult (f)3,7316841
7qenxSveniliAdult (f)8,2101,2937
qYzfuTomohito SuginoAdult (f)6,0101,4465
n6g8k(n6g8k)Adult (m)4,1047991
vzrpu(vzrpu)Adult (f)5,0411,1840
bYjMaYtanarloAdult (f)9,3891,5556
bVn1dYtanarloreAdult (f)8,5061,21925
wLEKeYthanarloAdult (f)7,6281,1999
WnFk3(WnFk3)Adult (f)4,8781,0290
LXaGdKaede KayanoAdult (m)2,5596220
9z5WmKryocollaAdult (m)4,3578955
BI4mpKryocallanaeAdult (f)4,1899064
VLp3N(VLp3N)Adult (m)3,7759032
wqLrIRinka HayamiAdult (m)5,0811,2916
qwEpRTenk0 ChabashiraAdult (f)2,9694584
qevJYIt's not a PHAAASE momAdult (f)6,5951,1475
pcFEeSunettuAdult (m)4,4819356
dYwatShyanaruAdult (f)6,9141,4284
pjouZ(pjouZ)Adult (m)3,7588983
DZC4Z(DZC4Z)Adult (m)3,8619252
ABvcs(ABvcs)Adult (m)3,8028801
vJ52h(vJ52h)Adult (m)3,1217721
PXZvT(PXZvT)Adult (f)3,2867961
4uS3R(4uS3R)Adult (f)3,2898001
42OGe(42OGe)Adult (m)3,4908451
wOFni(wOFni)Adult (m)3,5097981
dc2Z2DelanieaeAdult (f)4,6561,0173
KbGDs(KbGDs)Adult (m)3,6487322
rAZ09Fluffy McBunbunsAdult (f)3,0723400
6SjKO(6SjKO)Adult (f)3,7668352
OH6vs(OH6vs)Adult (m)3,7068350
9GtUb(9GtUb)Adult (f)2,6926056
K3F8ySeiryu of the Four lordsAdult (m)3,5037292
J4sxx(J4sxx)Adult (m)6,6261,1692
10SotI'm a twirlin up to heavenAdult (m)2,8763240
8BJq4Suzaku of the Four lordsAdult (m)3,5918604
cEDrYSpikklesAdult (f)6,8501,1592
kVs6WFenesiaAdult (m)3,8848154
MmhYZMentaliaeAdult (m)2,4475925
kf7qiTriaciaeAdult (f)2,9614584
8Io1XMochi boiAdult (m)3,5527591
2Cg7cDango boiAdult (m)2,8513201
Qam43(Qam43)Adult (m)3,6047911
VL77m(VL77m)Adult (m)2,6596285
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