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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MisunderstoodDreamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ShEcp(ShEcp)Adult (f)6,2109962
GfeWO(GfeWO)Adult (m)7,2496142
l6oTC(l6oTC)Adult (f)4,1659885
KR7fS(KR7fS)Adult (m)4,4871,0803
PPXdD(PPXdD)Adult (f)5,0747048
n65VH(n65VH)Adult (m)4,3956503
NtUie(NtUie)Adult (f)4,7241,0542
udFu5(udFu5)Adult (m)4,6771,0222
NrsdA(NrsdA)Adult (f)4,8751,2197
SvxwkOlive Humus of LemarAdult (m)5,8811,3242
1CfP9Silver Olive of LemarAdult (f)6,7181,1733
DCOrE(DCOrE)Hatchling (m, F)6,8175711
9sbRG(9sbRG)Hatchling (f, F)5,1163604
U2IjGBaby Olive of LemarHatchling (F)6,1735332
QNN0B(QNN0B)Adult (m)7,0937232
OTuW6(OTuW6)Adult (f)7,4525883
tBrVp(tBrVp)Adult (m)7,9435422
4pJbm(4pJbm)Adult (f)5,7455824
SbAhj(SbAhj)Adult (m)6,1155833
PCk9K(PCk9K)Adult (f)7,8227165
Up59e(Up59e)Adult (m)6,7886203
k9PuT(k9PuT)Adult (f)7,5247584
nntXS(nntXS)Adult (m)6,1498343
vdYcf(vdYcf)Adult (f)6,2371,1514
ERKIs(ERKIs)Adult (m)6,8531,1324
jlCk3(jlCk3)Adult (f)7,3216862
oR0rbFired Sulphur of LemarAdult (m)6,6746883
KSWt7Hellish Sulfur of LemarAdult (f)6,4591,0913
1pBEu(1pBEu)Hatchling (m, F)9,1638842
QgqMS(QgqMS)Hatchling (f, F)10,5551,0353
OaLBoBaby Brimstone of LemarHatchling (F)6,8996343
8N2bmSnaking Sea Marvel of LemarAdult (m)4,8271,0832
bD5eDSlithering Sea Glory of LemarAdult (f)5,6206322
rVFDjCrawling Sea Marvel of LemarAdult (m)4,3296823
R9X6VCreeping Sea Glory of LemarAdult (f)5,0053754
6sNKYDragging Sea Marvel of LemarAdult (m)6,6281,1306
i2hEQScraping Sea Glory of LemarAdult (f)6,0361,0995
BturIGroveling Sea Marvel of LemarAdult (m)6,2571,1736
lPsLjCringing Sea Glory of LemarAdult (f)3,4931,15511
UadHs(UadHs)Adult (m)5,1636882
H11qH(H11qH)Adult (f)6,2596693
7IIhGScrewing Sea Marvel of LemarAdult (m)3,2651,0017
WbGN9Twining Sea Glory of LemarAdult (f)3,8871,1537
liji5Rosey Spume of LemarAdult (m)5,0621,1065
p3MLsVanishing Spume of LemarAdult (f)4,6669925
EreoXWrenching Sea Marvel of LemarHatchling (m, F)7,1438433
73blYWrithing Sea Glory of LemarHatchling (f, F)10,3401,0656
0n121Baby Blusang Lindwurm of LemarHatchling (F)5,2436696
nSe7q(nSe7q)Adult (m)6,5929486
veZj3(veZj3)Adult (f)6,4588973
Qe4vv(Qe4vv)Adult (m)6,8639673
Wk1Xq(Wk1Xq)Adult (f)6,9179616
kOchp(kOchp)Adult (m)7,0439803
DvBsI(DvBsI)Adult (f)5,5166273
HA4PX(HA4PX)Adult (m)4,5431,0072
lsIca(lsIca)Adult (f)6,7361,1213
SrT2r(SrT2r)Adult (m)6,5149365
TN1N5(TN1N5)Adult (f)6,5479124
N6R5f(N6R5f)Adult (m)6,1861,1266
zWXHz(zWXHz)Adult (f)5,9041,1712
IURViCoppery Horns of LemarAdult (m)3,0066777
wot3UShimmering Spikes of LemarAdult (f)4,4591,0874
cJKDK(cJKDK)Hatchling (m, F)3,6607802
vqo8P(vqo8P)Hatchling (f, F)3,4487862
fv64lBaby Tri-Horn Wyvern of LemarHatchling (F)2,1715882
Z5RFCBrisk Rosegold of LemarAdult (m)5,8101,0063
qXSfAMerry Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)3,4841,0972
RfYw3Perky Rosegold of LemarAdult (m)4,6631,0954
PEgJaRacy Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)4,4329942
1kDERFrisky Rosegold of LemarAdult (m)4,4481,0542
TKEuJLively Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)2,7259082
uEcPNSpry Rosegold of LemarAdult (m)5,0871,1822
mFK8wJaunty Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)4,5671,0844
MzZ8w(MzZ8w)Adult (m)4,6221,1405
Haany(Haany)Adult (f)5,9821,0472
ghof9Dapper Rosegold of LemarAdult (m)3,7415343
Kd6OESprightly Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)3,1698262
31Y5bMoonlight Speckles of LemarAdult (m)6,7331,0545
Fx6AMTsunami Rosegold of LemarAdult (f)6,7601,3213
kHhoHJolly Rosegold of LemarHatchling (m, F)7,7119144
geMMnCheery Rosegold of LemarHatchling (f, F)7,8289424
SLPRgBaby Speckle-Throated of LemarHatchling (F)4,7175384
jBAn6(jBAn6)Adult (m)4,0778972
ulWS8(ulWS8)Adult (f)4,4861,0544
KZal4(KZal4)Adult (m)5,4019712
u4whZ(u4whZ)Adult (f)6,8069143
Esdhu(Esdhu)Adult (m)5,3529602
6fOm8(6fOm8)Adult (f)3,4751,0794
pasQk(pasQk)Adult (m)3,5561,0972
pSBTh(pSBTh)Adult (f)3,6701,0814
T3OO1(T3OO1)Adult (m)3,6268951
qWexo(qWexo)Adult (f)3,6208353
heTGC(heTGC)Adult (m)2,4998165
s9stw(s9stw)Adult (f)3,8598643
BDaOOCrimson Moon of LemarAdult (m)3,9501,2744
SPoGHCrimson Stone of LemarAdult (f)5,8861,3033
0D6y6(0D6y6)Hatchling (m, F)5,0638134
74C7Z(74C7Z)Hatchling (f, F)5,0028153
EswioBaby Royal Crimson of LemarHatchling (F)4,3035733
Y8E3p(Y8E3p)Adult (m)5,0739555
qZNmx(qZNmx)Adult (f)5,1849512
3ZkrW(3ZkrW)Adult (m)3,8121,2212
5Btpr(5Btpr)Adult (f)3,7711,2084
hlWPD(hlWPD)Adult (m)5,0771,3392
TX075(TX075)Adult (f)3,4961,2831
FcY2K(FcY2K)Adult (m)3,5871,2721
hJd1H(hJd1H)Adult (f)2,8641,0291
M0U7T(M0U7T)Adult (m)4,2329024
rPiKj(rPiKj)Adult (f)4,4209266
shtbz(shtbz)Adult (m)4,4079161
6VK39(6VK39)Adult (f)2,0377750
fVqTtCapped Falcon of LemarAdult (f)7,4481,1642
YZRUy(YZRUy)Hatchling (m, F)4,8676293
8T1NJ(8T1NJ)Hatchling (f, F)4,8355463
FqAvVBaby BlackCappedTeimarr of LemarHatchling (F)6,2854191
yGOs8Bucchero Darjeeling of LemarAdult (m)4,8467882
yyZZCEbony Nilgiri of LemarAdult (f)4,9787863
ZyIcvObsidian Assam of LemarAdult (m)5,4451,1641
ca1JXOnix Tibeti of LemarAdult (f)5,4671,1713
uwnvRTourmaline Munnar of LemarAdult (m)4,0326594
iTo4MCassiterite Nepali of LemarAdult (f)2,5288551
k2cZEPumice Keemun of LemarAdult (m)3,7446881
Rpot5Agate Kangra of LemarAdult (f)2,4338661
aTOOe(aTOOe)Adult (m)4,7337322
APe1D(APe1D)Adult (f)5,0007972
fHCToCharcoal Darjeeling of LemarAdult (m)2,3677544
1cOcXBiotite Nilgiri of LemarAdult (f)5,1921,4846
l4KvoScented Chevalier of LemarAdult (m)7,1431,2031
Dy4zyPinene Tea of LemarAdult (f)5,8401,4062
0ZxEOBlack Pekoe of LemarHatchling (m, F)3,4546655
yyPECBlack Camellia of LemarHatchling (f, F)4,6445512
AROKJBaby Black Tea of LemarHatchling (F)5,3023571
eFtJh(eFtJh)Adult (m)5,0491,2275
C6Mr1(C6Mr1)Adult (f)4,9651,1973
aQGUB(aQGUB)Adult (m)2,8001,0331
y2uUy(y2uUy)Adult (f)2,8501,0222
bSlFP(bSlFP)Adult (m)2,9101,0261
UjURO(UjURO)Adult (f)5,6774332
emXvo(emXvo)Adult (m)2,6368212
C88eV(C88eV)Adult (f)3,3517771
etMmH(etMmH)Adult (m)2,6291,1991
THymo(THymo)Adult (f)6,1001,2966
qkanI(qkanI)Adult (m)5,3459922
unPvF(unPvF)Adult (f)4,6538472
wyJgiThunder Tip of LemarAdult (m)8,3101,4625
QaIp9Capped Blacktipped of LemarAdult (f)7,0351,2746
5Gh5O(5Gh5O)Hatchling (m, F)4,3336602
qwtua(qwtua)Hatchling (f, F)3,6526754
1ZKPCBaby Blacktip of LemarHatchling (F)5,4204042
lpGMT(lpGMT)Adult (m)4,9671,3355
VEZGf(VEZGf)Adult (f)5,4521,3312
tG2P7(tG2P7)Adult (m)2,3711,1081
U0nd8(U0nd8)Adult (f)2,4201,0971
UL6Jg(UL6Jg)Adult (m)2,6718892
XYEz8(XYEz8)Adult (f)3,1807994
3Apn6(3Apn6)Adult (m)5,8184334
NXpgi(NXpgi)Adult (f)3,1018517
fvOFz(fvOFz)Adult (m)5,6231,2872
tKr0a(tKr0a)Adult (f)5,6768772
Y4bcE(Y4bcE)Adult (m)5,4031,2280
pItLW(pItLW)Adult (f)6,3011,5267
pirTsStarry Sera of LemarAdult (m)6,9341,3353
jyFPT(jyFPT)Hatchling (m, F)3,9636292
VeVFq(VeVFq)Hatchling (f, F)3,3205304
KQ6ffBaby Seragamma Wyvern of LemarHatchling (F)3,3503713
yu9Gh(yu9Gh)Adult (m)1,7727032
vTeCU(vTeCU)Adult (f)2,6088093
sLTUO(sLTUO)Adult (m)1,8887381
bwWbw(bwWbw)Adult (f)2,2387823
RLnS5(RLnS5)Adult (m)1,8426535
j1UTY(j1UTY)Adult (f)2,7988162
xdGEn(xdGEn)Adult (m)1,8656511
VyVD1(VyVD1)Adult (f)1,8706642
Fic2b(Fic2b)Adult (m)2,2786441
ZhZiA(ZhZiA)Adult (f)1,9877463
pHWmN(pHWmN)Adult (m)3,8738982
szVKC(szVKC)Adult (f)3,6318763
aev5MCupric Blood of LemarAdult (m)6,2889452
Jfm5XFired Blood of LemarAdult (f)6,3799333
o8RlX(o8RlX)Hatchling (m, F)6,1507113
pGn9c(pGn9c)Hatchling (f, F)3,2418473
tuwl9Baby Bleeding Moon of LemarHatchling (F)2,7784971
fJqhg(fJqhg)Adult (m)2,2666333
XvfqS(XvfqS)Adult (f)1,9786752
g1efz(g1efz)Adult (m)1,7537052
mFi87(mFi87)Adult (f)2,6538173
DGQeh(DGQeh)Adult (m)1,8276282
zUZf9(zUZf9)Adult (f)1,8336393
aZ6Rr(aZ6Rr)Adult (m)1,8316363
9goIs(9goIs)Adult (f)1,8816643
dAhYU(dAhYU)Adult (m)1,9427712
lKva8(lKva8)Adult (f)2,2437103
zgZiE(zgZiE)Adult (m)7,0531,1463
aND5V(aND5V)Adult (f)6,2431,1763
HsRNNGilded Crown of LemarAdult (f)5,4561,5127
KCDVi(KCDVi)Hatchling (m, F)3,5156593
VmxCi(VmxCi)Hatchling (f, F)3,5246612
8uVcUBabyImperialFleshcrowne of LemarHatchling (F)4,8954562
aUbKp(aUbKp)Adult (m)5,1926223
0vlSI(0vlSI)Adult (f)5,0395935
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