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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MisunderstoodDreamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z39vdPistachio Tiger of LemarAdult (m)5,8481,1146
WNQ1uOlive Tiger of LemarAdult (f)4,9241,0627
5AfRcGreen Frilled Tiger of LemarAdult (m)4,6071,0134
QvL4mGreen Gem Tiger of LemarHatchling (m, F)4,8138345
f288YGreen Nuance Tiger of LemarHatchling (f, F)5,6918554
VQqIRBaby Green Striped of LemarHatchling (F)8834432
jgpKTAzure Tiger of LemarAdult (m)6,7751,0324
FHr0DAquamarine Tiger of LemarAdult (f)1,6557984
4opptCyan Tiger of LemarAdult (m)5,8238839
W2SjcCeleste Tiger of LemarAdult (f)5,9889654
WR8JqLapislazuli Tiger of LemarAdult (m)4,1903154
BsFAXSapphire Tiger of LemarAdult (f)1,9137979
cCtRPTeal Tiger of LemarAdult (m)3,4288004
QM4POTurquoise Tiger of LemarAdult (f)2,1948723
ErEok(ErEok)Adult (m)5,5351,1376
mRP1L(mRP1L)Adult (f)3,5299753
1xjzVAzurite Tiger of LemarAdult (m)1,8117222
T5CodTanzanite Tiger of LemarAdult (f)4,2701,1285
aiEghMidnight Tiger of LemarAdult (m)5,2639259
TMAqeBlue Gem Tiger of LemarHatchling (m, F)2,0458356
IcfasBlue Nuance Tiger of LemarHatchling (f, F)3,1787464
t1FEDBaby Blue Striped of LemarHatchling (F)4,0312693
vOB3DZagreus of LemarAdult (m)4,5041,0776
tIXtdDemeter of LemarAdult (f)2,2979161
Pk05Dionysus of LemarAdult (m)3,3911,0265
KMZWCeres of LemarAdult (f)7,6551,02110
qpWSdOsiris of LemarAdult (m)5,9741,0876
VWIerIsis of LemarAdult (f)1,9667882
RBGdkAttis of LemarAdult (m)3,4768032
0KhJhCybele of LemarAdult (f)7,7051,2573
6Ki2(6Ki2)Adult (m)2,5517945
4DqP(4DqP)Adult (f)4,3567237
okdG0Cernunnos of LemarAdult (m)5,9329532
bP06THabonia of LemarAdult (f)7,7331,0051
DzkazFinned Harvest of LemarAdult (m)6,7651,1382
lkUI8Liber of LemarHatchling (m, F)9,3456233
4nHg4Proserpina of LemarHatchling (f, F)8,7156172
uQHN0Baby Harvest of LemarHatchling (F)6,6824461
jrGHMichael and Ryan of LemarAdult (m)2,2257379
m5VILetizia and Marina of LemarAdult (f)6,0311,0216
Jb2mBillie and Joe of LemarAdult (m)3,09783013
6ndCAnna and Nina of LemarAdult (f)4,26368610
CPQ7Frank and Edwin of LemarAdult (m)4,9607835
CXi0Elda and Freya of LemarAdult (f)7,3847865
HHROANathan and Edward of LemarAdult (m)5,3521,0883
9OarpNiva and Eva of LemarAdult (f)8,4101,2453
Yfbb4(Yfbb4)Adult (m)2,2198251
WnsGd(WnsGd)Adult (f)7,8001,14310
lG1nLGilbert and Jonathan of LemarAdult (m)4,7451,5983
rnEOhHarley and Dana of LemarAdult (f)3,2208192
PmXWGary and Andy of LemarHatchling (m, F)2,9657764
j0VorPenny and Sandy of LemarHatchling (f, F)5,71898013
HWigeBaby Two-headed Dragon of LemarHatchling (F)5,0273372
JzE6C(JzE6C)Adult (m)5,1391,2103
swDy6(swDy6)Adult (f)3,2021,1362
vZPVW(vZPVW)Adult (m)3,3831,1333
3YKxX(3YKxX)Adult (f)4,4701,2694
cQA4Z(cQA4Z)Adult (m)5,5884144
rw4Me(rw4Me)Adult (f)4,4678052
y347W(y347W)Adult (m)3,1698072
SrSbW(SrSbW)Adult (f)2,8948522
FunNH(FunNH)Adult (m)5,2871,2413
UR1BE(UR1BE)Adult (f)4,2801,0653
3sxuO(3sxuO)Adult (m)4,3367741
boU7a(boU7a)Adult (f)5,9441,3455
FGzxAScarlet Blood of LemarAdult (m)5,8221,3593
UjwgS(UjwgS)Hatchling (m, F)4,0606976
WsGNO(WsGNO)Hatchling (f, F)2,2317194
Gx11IBaby Gilded Bloodscale of LemarHatchling (F)3,3324442
tnkDs(tnkDs)Adult (m)2,9291,3416
krfqH(krfqH)Adult (f)3,2051,3028
RwT2W(RwT2W)Adult (m)5,5521,2114
Zp7z9(Zp7z9)Adult (f)5,6861,3233
8CS3G(8CS3G)Adult (m)4,1711,4921
vfbRG(vfbRG)Adult (f)3,1771,3062
nhoui(nhoui)Adult (m)4,2481,5212
jNMm6(jNMm6)Adult (f)4,3691,5851
mGO7u(mGO7u)Adult (m)4,0924022
fcRQu(fcRQu)Adult (f)2,60635814
Nsmme(Nsmme)Adult (m)6,6441,1472
YhvVkAlternating Heads of LemarAdult (m)7,5391,1394
IHP7k(IHP7k)Hatchling (m, F)4,6677442
ZoKTY(ZoKTY)Hatchling (f, F)5,6311,1091
HgGeqBabyGTwo-headedLindwurm of LemarHatchling (F)3,0483453
Zb34R(Zb34R)Adult (m)2,0306872
Ow1HA(Ow1HA)Adult (f)2,0456801
wEdoo(wEdoo)Adult (m)5,2228802
zpcmi(zpcmi)Adult (f)5,2108693
gB11p(gB11p)Adult (m)5,9779123
EifNB(EifNB)Adult (f)5,2088612
w10yP(w10yP)Adult (m)4,1681,1644
zl3VP(zl3VP)Adult (f)5,1627605
3Pv5U(3Pv5U)Adult (m)5,6105054
hfTjt(hfTjt)Adult (f)5,2524855
WWIiE(WWIiE)Hatchling (m, F)6,8357375
aEkMr(aEkMr)Hatchling (f, F)3,3877443
sNcp7BabyBTwo-headedLindwurm of LemarHatchling (F)2,2985171
Ktrgs(Ktrgs)Adult (m)5,4874931
T7mtn(T7mtn)Adult (f)5,6085381
9OorC(9OorC)Adult (m)2,6477082
OZbDi(OZbDi)Adult (f)3,0658313
H18c0(H18c0)Adult (m)2,4878304
HyESW(HyESW)Adult (f)5,0191,0364
ov8GO(ov8GO)Adult (m)3,4901,0525
6xjhe(6xjhe)Adult (f)3,0628984
PCbr2(PCbr2)Adult (m)6,0575792
qE6Z0(qE6Z0)Adult (f)5,7195151
fmLhG(fmLhG)Adult (m)3,0108372
w67qQ(w67qQ)Adult (f)5,9691,1831
TiqGU(TiqGU)Hatchling (m, F)2,8227873
gNgZh(gNgZh)Hatchling (f, F)4,1538074
paq5kBaby Duotone of LemarHatchling (F)3,1124272
bMfKE(bMfKE)Adult (m)5,5891,3153
CN7Q8(CN7Q8)Adult (f)5,1461,3384
m22bX(m22bX)Adult (m)3,8291,1052
1GUB0(1GUB0)Adult (f)4,2371,1374
mClLL(mClLL)Adult (m)4,2331,0513
TpIsO(TpIsO)Adult (f)5,4011,1561
nemik(nemik)Adult (m)4,2931,0551
Fl2AA(Fl2AA)Adult (f)6,4221,2831
6h6M4(6h6M4)Adult (m)6,2131,0652
kDa23(kDa23)Adult (f)5,7861,0582
y1knZ(y1knZ)Hatchling (m, F)4,6846532
smDEJ(smDEJ)Hatchling (f, F)4,5057912
ij5zwBaby Hooktalon of LemarHatchling (F)2,5234392
5uySw(5uySw)Adult (m)4,2146411
bcJr7(bcJr7)Adult (f)3,7937160
cCbJF(cCbJF)Adult (f)4,0857271
JOofp(JOofp)Adult (m)4,1477521
uQ6Zh(uQ6Zh)Adult (f)3,6588201
YpfW3(YpfW3)Adult (f)3,9717501
1I1Q9(1I1Q9)Adult (m)3,9337811
4y0Qf(4y0Qf)Adult (f)3,7937742
nsKn2(nsKn2)Adult (m)3,7657291
Jrk3v(Jrk3v)Adult (m)4,5816131
fOhrb(fOhrb)Adult (m)4,4976111
5nhQr(5nhQr)Adult (f)4,4776161
g1WjJ(g1WjJ)Adult (m)4,3476221
gFml6(gFml6)Adult (f)4,8436271
qON8l(qON8l)Adult (m)5,6146021
tI8B9(tI8B9)Adult (m)5,2265771
9orT9(9orT9)Adult (f)5,0995751
bgtUX(bgtUX)Adult (m)5,4385961
xqdx5(xqdx5)Adult (f)5,5845742
3PorZ(3PorZ)Adult (m)4,9635831
ULyJk(ULyJk)Adult (f)5,6145832
O4alr(O4alr)Adult (m)5,2625861
eM8N5(eM8N5)Adult (f)5,3376341
g2SuZ(g2SuZ)Adult (m)4,6546291
JGz04(JGz04)Adult (f)5,7205081
qf9n1(qf9n1)Adult (f)5,8944951
DyjYN(DyjYN)Adult (m)4,7917222
lPr7Z(lPr7Z)Adult (f)5,2787152
aXO0r(aXO0r)Hatchling (m, F)5,1464561
AEHCl(AEHCl)Hatchling (f, F)5,0924651
yopl7Baby Baikala of LemarHatchling (F)2,4135812
goYKB(goYKB)Adult (m)5,9875201
kCgaS(kCgaS)Adult (f)5,8825812
mqjSh(mqjSh)Adult (m)6,1805011
YGyfR(YGyfR)Adult (f)6,0735191
UthHh(UthHh)Adult (m)5,6325651
ODYJU(ODYJU)Adult (f)5,5315801
ydPkQ(ydPkQ)Adult (m)5,8895481
qRFr5(qRFr5)Adult (f)5,6875593
1Y06P(1Y06P)Adult (m)5,6835641
2l4KA(2l4KA)Adult (m)5,7995081
hdoyH(hdoyH)Adult (f)5,4315502
tWv4U(tWv4U)Adult (f)5,9355221
YrSyO(YrSyO)Adult (m)5,0347513
tws6A(tws6A)Adult (f)4,9517481
FPuLs(FPuLs)Adult (m)4,8918002
KGn99(KGn99)Adult (m)4,9207502
mU4m2(mU4m2)Adult (f)4,6437652
TyM2J(TyM2J)Adult (f)5,1417350
f8FDR(f8FDR)Adult (m)4,7067630
L6Ynx(L6Ynx)Adult (f)5,0937460
wCxIR(wCxIR)Adult (m)5,0777500
cUjSt(cUjSt)Adult (f)6,7237291
IXiHo(IXiHo)Adult (m)7,0137271
ClcS8(ClcS8)Adult (f)6,9617301
qjd9n(qjd9n)Hatchling (f, F)3,8659361
Qjt96Baby Bauta of LemarHatchling (F)2,5444963
zxU22(zxU22)Adult (m)8,2261,2572
4rPhX(4rPhX)Adult (m)4,7769164
6tANW(6tANW)Adult (m)4,3859153
O81S9(O81S9)Adult (f)3,7949111
0LacZ(0LacZ)Adult (m)3,7809064
YRfcE(YRfcE)Adult (m)3,6479022
H7tZ7(H7tZ7)Adult (f)4,6129531
ftBVz(ftBVz)Adult (m)3,5246040
kRPdv(kRPdv)Adult (f)2,9826690
99JVS(99JVS)Adult (m)2,9596951
l6SG4(l6SG4)Adult (f)2,9786650
sA7bJ(sA7bJ)Adult (m)4,0329182
aiIiv(aiIiv)Adult (f)5,0319311
5X6Xi(5X6Xi)Adult (m)3,3446041
1GkPk(1GkPk)Adult (f)3,1796021
5Ll0Amethyst of LemarAdult (m)5,0005207
tH8CLilac of LemarAdult (f)4,93156710
FSlePeriwinkle of LemarAdult (m)3,07986610
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