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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MisunderstoodDreamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PK6YZCarnelian Glare of LemarAdult (f)5,1529313
UmfeqVermilion Gleam of LemarAdult (m)3,1129834
USmQuCoral Glare of LemarAdult (f)3,9031,1022
sPse6Cardinal Gleam of LemarAdult (m)3,9907622
KIVR8Scarlet Glare of LemarAdult (f)1,9108503
5DD8(5DD8)Adult (m)5,5747807
sX9e(sX9e)Adult (f)2,7638373
hU78hRust Gleam of LemarAdult (m)3,4641,0992
KNCUaFalu Glare of LemarAdult (f)3,0228421
4doTdDark Flare of LemarAdult (f)6,8051,2891
VjgN9(VjgN9)Hatchling (m, F)6,4827042
CUAVn(CUAVn)Hatchling (f, F)3,8767642
J2v7SBaby CrimsonFlare Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)4,4613492
7p5loArabian Treasure of LemarAdult (m)6,6257734
MjCa3Persian Treasure of LemarAdult (f)6,9869964
FYHrUIndian Treasure of LemarAdult (m)3,8151,1083
I1ku2Tahitian Treasure of LemarAdult (f)4,5393403
Ot4GPIndonesian Treasure of LemarAdult (m)6,9178463
8tR66Philippine Treasure of LemarAdult (f)6,5691,1076
vkVajEritrean Treasure of LemarAdult (m)8,5158945
chSJgPolynesian Treasure of LemarAdult (f)7,3029234
Vda4X(Vda4X)Adult (m)3,8609114
nTSs(nTSs)Adult (f)3,1557987
OHfSUJapanese Treasure of LemarAdult (m)4,5359594
eovTmChinese Treasure of LemarAdult (f)6,6901,1924
7bFafDark Sea Jewel of LemarAdult (f)6,1311,0833
HP0uUKeshi of LemarHatchling (m, F)6,4916146
FKgZ2Akoya of LemarHatchling (f, F)9,0906502
e7vuiBaby Seawyrm Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)4,0202684
Vr3G5Dark Fog of LemarAdult (m)4,4489342
VhbglDark Rain of LemarAdult (f)5,0081,0531
9lNhCDark Humid of LemarAdult (m)1,9707681
vKgn0Dark Haze of LemarAdult (f)6,5121,1286
nBjr7Dark Moist of LemarAdult (m)5,4271,1174
XhCRTDark Mist of LemarAdult (f)5,9581,1956
em3JQDark Soak of LemarAdult (m)9,3191,2851
5audRDark Wet of LemarAdult (f)5,1821,0964
Pink(Pink)Adult (m)6,3871,3904
VnAo(VnAo)Adult (f)3,9307805
SN9BDDark Steam of LemarAdult (m)7,6221,0575
JjB3ADark Fume of LemarAdult (f)9,1711,3064
FfPh5Dark Azure Shade of LemarAdult (m)6,6251,0424
XxOmaHarvest Myst of LemarAdult (f)6,0191,3863
RehuADark Damp of LemarHatchling (m, F)8,5876704
lLbssDark Dank of LemarHatchling (f, F)4,4996783
gdUd2Baby Dark Myst Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)3,1283593
dvhO2(dvhO2)Adult (m)2,4368395
pkEA0(pkEA0)Adult (f)3,6251,2653
6qacO(6qacO)Adult (m)7,4731,0506
D1vre(D1vre)Adult (f)2,0237604
T88mg(T88mg)Adult (m)6,1969392
i7vpY(i7vpY)Adult (f)4,5781,0425
tJjIB(tJjIB)Adult (m)4,8421,1194
IGDsH(IGDsH)Adult (f)5,2741,1632
JCHTL(JCHTL)Adult (m)5,2679165
MRFv(MRFv)Adult (f)2,1977376
Ltqnm(Ltqnm)Adult (m)3,3369772
XPHhW(XPHhW)Adult (f)3,2111,0936
dwlG6Gourd's Mischief-maker of LemarAdult (m)6,9901,3203
41dud(41dud)Hatchling (m, F)5,0201,0023
5E36t(5E36t)Hatchling (f, F)8,9096623
Gn4EdBaby Misfit Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)6,0914072
pu5T0Azure Attilio of LemarAdult (m)5,3981,0134
4Lij3Azure Lilia of LemarAdult (f)2,6189802
lKFIfAzure Duilio of LemarAdult (m)2,5478752
aSCbZAzure Acilia of LemarAdult (f)6,6668646
SUnEmAzure Icilio of LemarAdult (m)9,5931,2042
RA3acAzure Ilia of LemarAdult (f)9,8411,1736
ZjAXsAzure Celio of LemarAdult (m)5,9459293
fLuhnAzure Livia of LemarAdult (f)5,8569113
Z1Q0D(Z1Q0D)Adult (m)2,3138942
fQAQI(fQAQI)Adult (f)5,0539637
MBrWcAzure Giulio of LemarAdult (m)6,4011,1172
HFd4aAzure Odilia of LemarAdult (f)3,2351,0684
st4yDAzure Troublemaker of LemarAdult (f)6,6621,2681
gH0HfAzure Amelio of LemarHatchling (m, F)5,9587715
2rrZXAzure Ofelia of LemarHatchling (f, F)6,1417665
dBh9HBaby Nilia Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)5,3455891
F6VLv(F6VLv)Adult (m)5,9761,2291
dE8q1(dE8q1)Adult (f)4,2601,2336
fze3k(fze3k)Adult (m)5,2011,3058
g2WAa(g2WAa)Adult (f)5,5351,3015
5oFeG(5oFeG)Adult (m)4,4081,0634
oojFt(oojFt)Adult (f)5,3609801
42hte(42hte)Adult (m)7,6031,2322
vAN0N(vAN0N)Adult (f)5,1311,1424
5ExCU(5ExCU)Adult (m)5,5881,2141
M9iDo(M9iDo)Adult (f)5,9561,2141
8yA84(8yA84)Hatchling (m, F)4,2458022
n3XeV(n3XeV)Hatchling (f, F)4,5106982
bLGmN(bLGmN)Adult (m)3,3527843
Nk1Gg(Nk1Gg)Adult (f)3,7097244
WTRjs(WTRjs)Adult (m)4,5147112
3drl8(3drl8)Adult (m)4,1427283
apPT0(apPT0)Adult (f)4,0987302
FPCbj(FPCbj)Adult (m)4,1527242
7TkGF(7TkGF)Adult (f)4,0287411
JrAWE(JrAWE)Adult (f)4,9886993
ndyKk(ndyKk)Adult (m)4,8027191
KXw9w(KXw9w)Adult (m)4,7817261
9GB1E(9GB1E)Adult (f)4,8277161
ZrQOM(ZrQOM)Adult (f)4,2177811
QiAcN(QiAcN)Adult (m)4,8446681
f7y5d(f7y5d)Adult (f)2,5934903
PMtET(PMtET)Adult (m)4,5855762
8nqjs(8nqjs)Adult (m)5,1276191
xX3MP(xX3MP)Adult (m)5,4656010
tT5To(tT5To)Adult (m)4,7415990
hpa4w(hpa4w)Adult (f)4,7977012
A0kHo(A0kHo)Adult (f)3,7907081
5B3UV(5B3UV)Adult (f)4,4395961
W33Ja(W33Ja)Adult (m)5,3555271
0GOox(0GOox)Adult (m)6,9096023
nCyt9(nCyt9)Hatchling (f, F)4,3635392
D1mzZ(D1mzZ)Adult (m)3,0937441
OTsZ7(OTsZ7)Adult (f)3,0486900
n9xns(n9xns)Adult (m)2,9317050
8PSjN(8PSjN)Adult (f)3,2307360
ubdcV(ubdcV)Adult (m)3,1537200
y5o34(y5o34)Adult (m)3,0366840
j0KYm(j0KYm)Adult (f)3,0836950
wfojr(wfojr)Adult (f)3,2147440
wXrjj(wXrjj)Adult (m)3,0827101
ucJFj(ucJFj)Adult (m)3,5047321
NV4Sc(NV4Sc)Adult (f)3,5437211
adK55(adK55)Adult (m)3,6287451
QjMxN(QjMxN)Adult (f)3,8047961
1sxJS(1sxJS)Adult (f)3,9037611
WyVpT(WyVpT)Adult (m)3,3097062
E4WoM(E4WoM)Adult (m)3,2877042
k0NyI(k0NyI)Adult (f)3,3157094
dUNNy(dUNNy)Adult (m)3,4967081
RE30G(RE30G)Adult (f)3,1807052
i9Z6b(i9Z6b)Adult (f)3,2277011
FtrDl(FtrDl)Adult (m)3,3577062
G8RRl(G8RRl)Adult (f)3,1877090
aRMA3(aRMA3)Adult (m)3,4967090
2IGKG(2IGKG)Adult (f)3,3297021
2Lg54(2Lg54)Adult (m)3,2967050
ICSjt(ICSjt)Adult (f)2,8147681
ohrvT(ohrvT)Adult (m)2,4168080
pGgCv(pGgCv)Adult (f)4,1501,0311
STNf5(STNf5)Adult (f)4,1811,0341
uUkMw(uUkMw)Adult (m)4,3701,0461
JfyXD(JfyXD)Adult (f)4,0981,0131
3xYaF(3xYaF)Adult (m)4,7491,0192
d953Z(d953Z)Adult (f)4,8341,0302
5ml8y(5ml8y)Adult (m)5,5311,0612
Ds1r8(Ds1r8)Adult (m)5,5261,0551
tfuwY(tfuwY)Adult (f)5,1921,0491
WXfuS(WXfuS)Adult (f)5,6181,0462
D9tH9(D9tH9)Adult (m)2,8416912
pstnA(pstnA)Adult (f)3,0387372
yxCLR(yxCLR)Adult (m)3,0887452
h5HjL(h5HjL)Adult (m)3,1127302
256xc(256xc)Adult (m)4,9929532
XhW6a(XhW6a)Adult (f)4,7619412
kE4LS(kE4LS)Adult (m)4,7809783
rqc2Z(rqc2Z)Adult (f)5,0069721
J2S9i(J2S9i)Adult (m)4,9279781
3KStg(3KStg)Adult (f)4,7209180
K7U6j(K7U6j)Adult (m)4,3965571
2nzl2(2nzl2)Adult (f)4,5286113
nAuzp(nAuzp)Adult (m)4,4315693
uZQBT(uZQBT)Adult (f)4,7455912
AB7gZ(AB7gZ)Adult (m)4,6115753
d76Zg(d76Zg)Adult (f)4,7386131
Z90hf(Z90hf)Adult (m)3,6068942
ktvBM(ktvBM)Adult (f)3,8469093
6wAdr(6wAdr)Adult (m)3,9169211
g9Oap(g9Oap)Adult (f)4,5849351
hqAqF(hqAqF)Adult (m)4,7269721
ZFU76(ZFU76)Adult (f)3,1846101
rNliz(rNliz)Adult (m)3,2506770
EGuKI(EGuKI)Adult (f)3,0156492
4Q4dY(4Q4dY)Adult (m)3,0916780
ZJ1pc(ZJ1pc)Adult (f)3,0876520
UNRT3(UNRT3)Adult (m)2,8056340
lEvRW(lEvRW)Adult (f)4,0289072
EZmc6(EZmc6)Adult (m)6,8401,2031
249xf(249xf)Adult (f)7,0661,2321
0qrd9(0qrd9)Adult (m)6,7631,1911
b4mbF(b4mbF)Adult (f)6,8611,2111
5rtLg(5rtLg)Adult (m)6,3241,1841
p4CrS(p4CrS)Adult (f)6,7631,2391
2kW9R(2kW9R)Adult (m)5,2779051
T5NaO(T5NaO)Adult (f)5,4178662
1zglu(1zglu)Adult (m)5,6099122
fl4KU(fl4KU)Adult (m)4,3379371
SPFcR(SPFcR)Adult (f)4,2159211
kxoRJ(kxoRJ)Adult (f)4,1979121
yDYEJ(yDYEJ)Adult (m)2,6655219
H1nun(H1nun)Adult (f)2,4005158
qDUhK(qDUhK)Adult (m)2,5164918
x2lsF(x2lsF)Adult (f)2,6025109
aaBESBaby Avea Pygmy of LemarHatchling (F)1,8032412
bZ7fJ(bZ7fJ)Adult (f)4,6668953
MWd2e(MWd2e)Adult (m)4,7638782
yJOBb(yJOBb)Adult (f)4,9589071
A0dVW(A0dVW)Adult (m)4,6308933
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