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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mistyca_7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5EXqm(5EXqm)Hatchling (f)1,8845401
if21sx IfigeniaAdult (f)3,3067141
e2k9Gx ZileanAdult (m)4,9956741
tvNpMStriped White TimeAdult (m)6,2925483
0Ro5Sx ChronosAdult (m)5,7805963
XWJEkSilver JewlxAdult (m)7,9125643
KooWLx KooAdult (f)6,6147181
Ca9ZWx CageAdult (f)5,5081,0741
IAARg(IAARg)Adult (f)2,3535512
AT9zm(AT9zm)Adult (f)3,2108145
Bhl2e(Bhl2e)Adult (m)3,3718164
GYb36(GYb36)Adult (m)2,5576590
BARiC(BARiC)Adult (f)2,3856633
VXFb9(VXFb9)Adult (m)2,7526343
gZKWX(gZKWX)Adult (f)2,1455310
17pqa(17pqa)Adult (f)1,8846280
IIbsN(IIbsN)Adult (f)3,1006110
MibBX(MibBX)Adult (m)2,2975910
Fh00R(Fh00R)Adult (f)2,6886051
fguROx fguROAdult (f)2,3066062
NsTRAx NsTRAAdult (m)2,2536121
6IN6SChrono 6IN6SAdult (m)5,9851,0818
RqEPr(RqEPr)Adult (f)2,3585710
urqeE(urqeE)Adult (m)2,1645550
qc3Wk(qc3Wk)Adult (f)2,2225590
Rdgbj(Rdgbj)Adult (m)2,7756231
eRI3P(eRI3P)Adult (f)2,4005850
3EGOg(3EGOg)Adult (m)2,8105970
6pHNH(6pHNH)Adult (m)2,2135583
Gg9P3(Gg9P3)Adult (m)2,3986132
rYDXa(rYDXa)Adult (f)2,2996482
TypD3(TypD3)Adult (m)3,1637681
kaRjv(kaRjv)Adult (m)2,44360613
RLGQw(RLGQw)Adult (f)2,3096410
PwR6l(PwR6l)Adult (f)2,2245212
Kf26R(Kf26R)Adult (m)2,4306041
s6zLb(s6zLb)Adult (m)2,3225791
r11XH(r11XH)Adult (m)3,1016400
WlZLl(WlZLl)Adult (m)2,8806510
HZJ5y(HZJ5y)Adult (m)3,4006840
TIKb9(TIKb9)Adult (m)2,2516600
3Rqyex Make The Wrong ChoiceAdult (m)4,1389021
zzJeW(zzJeW)Adult (f)4,8805931
ldVlqSilver Never Goes RightHatchling (m, F)2,8371,1151
PcAwCx PawnAdult (f)3,4967151
3sUEkx UrukAdult (m)4,2067380
6Ub7Dx UbisoftAdult (m)2,6726296
BZ7f6(BZ7f6)Adult (f)5,6415992
wGPWI(wGPWI)Adult (m)1,9176320
ZrHn7x ZarAdult (m)3,9328402
cxfQFx KingAdult (m)3,9468382
kRl17x ZarinaAdult (f)3,9368462
prvaux DukeAdult (m)3,9528442
UbXidx UxorAdult (f)5,1536782
5dbODx QueenAdult (f)3,9528421
SNqCOx ComteAdult (m)3,9188391
nw4afx DukessAdult (f)3,8648402
KBULtx PrincepsAdult (m)5,4087151
Khp10x ComtessAdult (f)4,3838001
i0vRWCopper FlowerAdult (f)5,1466802
MkstmGolden DreamwakeAdult (f)7,2656871
utg16Ice GallicumAdult (f)3,8826662
HZbcZ3PK Silver FleurAdult (f)5,9355481
m88WsPink GalliAdult (m)3,4197652
mvYwp(mvYwp)Adult (f)5,1319872
BJ7AH(BJ7AH)Adult (f)2,8437053
ilqc8(ilqc8)Adult (m)2,7304896
DQBcfx Sun BronzeAdult (m)4,3247361
PyMEcx Sun FlameAdult (f)4,3237401
x06Adx Sun GoldAdult (f)4,3437441
YKC9WEmber Bronze FlameAdult (f)4,5027521
HrqY8x Sun FireAdult (m)5,0316220
W37iCx Sun SilverAdult (f)4,9087171
BLdtrGold SunbathingAdult (m)4,9496860
wQp2CNebula Red WingsAdult (m)4,3026762
cLZGXx LexyAdult (f)5,2426411
EG7zKMageia FlyAdult (m)5,9225591
bsm53Dark Lumina FlyAdult (m)5,4225992
Rk3BhGrave SunriseAdult (m)4,1155951
EGnRtGrave FlyAdult (m)6,5695071
yHXuEx HxuAdult (m)4,3376842
WDYEgMagma WingedAdult (f)6,5315822
VxpIex VxeAdult (m)4,4735762
yeU1x3PK Silver YellowstoneAdult (m)7,5935151
hELr5(hELr5)Adult (m)2,8507021
rRGY2(rRGY2)Adult (m)2,4446682
gYHM9(gYHM9)Adult (f)2,3955672
2eQUO(2eQUO)Adult (f)2,2276471
Q8BXK(Q8BXK)Adult (f)4,2479511
DOeuX(DOeuX)Adult (m)3,5376841
eQmk1(eQmk1)Adult (f)6,7179373
aNVFS(aNVFS)Adult (m)2,3125673
Oc3V8Look at me plsHatchling (F)3,7333722
Y1byY(Y1byY)Adult (m)1,8986181
yeBWb(yeBWb)Adult (f)2,0856070
s8r82(s8r82)Adult (f)2,1746240
zWOGU(zWOGU)Adult (m)2,5546570
aQgV8(aQgV8)Adult (m)2,0216241
zQmf4(zQmf4)Adult (m)2,1816311
Y8i0q(Y8i0q)Adult (m)4,2239311
rsZ9G(rsZ9G)Adult (f)2,8196281
jWYdnGold jWYdnAdult (f)2,2017121
DnzJjGold DnzJjAdult (f)2,0056651
eMoYox eMoYoAdult (f)2,1787251
Rt4qiSilver Rt4qiAdult (m)2,0667041
8OQ6hSilver 8OQ6hAdult (f)2,0256902
iTt5IWinter Magi iTt5IAdult (m)2,4496082
KARJEx KARJEAdult (f)2,6686322
jYopix jYopiAdult (m)2,3725744
aCoCDx aCoCDAdult (m)2,4735862
uilWWx uilWWAdult (f)2,4065700
EAiFz(EAiFz)Adult (m)9,2751,2082
GilRD(GilRD)Adult (m)2,2445091
3M3o5(3M3o5)Adult (f)1,8577172
1qli4(1qli4)Adult (m)1,9017351
OlSZH(OlSZH)Adult (m)1,7057301
UoElm(UoElm)Adult (m)1,7967522
QL8Nd(QL8Nd)Adult (m)1,9287612
mFocQ(mFocQ)Adult (f)1,8237492
V2ETB(V2ETB)Adult (f)1,7097362
RQdVl(RQdVl)Adult (f)1,9647722
EN0F1x AhriaAdult (f)3,1927431
0LpY8x ThornadusAdult (m)3,5897581
8Rktax StormAdult (f)3,5697461
xiQuQx WindwallAdult (m)3,6427571
nGDLfTsunami FucsiaAdult (f)5,1586711
l0iGwx LorisAdult (m)5,0385552
Sopqwx LoisAdult (f)5,1315611
u36slWhite and FucsiaAdult (f)5,2805482
FD82ePB So BrightAdult (m)5,1285884
xUpX2Kingcrownes FucsiaAdult (m)6,2885072
5mGTVShadow BrightnessAdult (f)4,9765692
StvKj3E Mageia ColorsAdult (f)6,1455732
7msWb(7msWb)Adult (f)2,3456343
bG1Hsx bG1HsAdult (f)2,6605890
v5yWj(v5yWj)Hatchling (f, F)4,5864603
DvCZlx DoveAdult (f)2,0455911
eWsuUx RhaenyaAdult (f)2,5556471
xH4av3E Silver TropyAdult (f)4,3071,0581
2g7UQPink SundaysAdult (f)2,7101,2831
QUeonWhite QueonAdult (f)3,9651,2181
s6uQVIce In Our HeartAdult (f)4,5301,0281
WaZAcGold MyraAdult (f)3,7131,2142
mw9PN3E Gold MarineAdult (f)5,1678181
eleWR3E Copper DesireAdult (f)4,1679841
u58aZNebula Of LoveAdult (f)5,9927753
Y4jUQGrey Shades LoveAdult (f)3,7511,1522
l1EPp3E Spring EpAdult (f)5,4597031
lmNXz3E Spotted LoveAdult (f)5,8096221
auLNQGrey SeaweedAdult (f)5,5446150
mctme3E Pink HorseaAdult (f)5,4846190
jL6IW3E Pink SeaAdult (f)5,4846160
bFJBRNature HorseaAdult (f)5,6876260
h4YMa3E White HorseaAdult (f)4,4446712
HmHAj3E Deep Sea LoveAdult (f)4,0146711
eWdpi3E Alma MareaAdult (f)5,8126041
NI9rJ4E Grey ShadeAdult (f)6,5305971
VgwPi3E Alt MagicAdult (f)5,8815892
PGqwQ3E Lunar Silver MareAdult (f)5,7016012
8rzwJSilver MareaAdult (f)6,6706091
irxTC3E Grey MineAdult (f)6,0286042
f829dAlma MareaAdult (f)5,9946102
Or6aPLunar Silver of WavesAdult (f)6,0796182
I87Xz3E Nebula PurpleAdult (f)5,6916192
3FZCS3E Nhio FateAdult (f)4,7647452
qDApd3E Lunar Silver PrizeAdult (f)4,6807332
TwOsF4E Silver MareAdult (f)5,6385711
rY7Xt3E Wrapping PrizesAdult (f)3,8786854
SeQXb3E White WaveAdult (f)3,8197041
Za9qo3E Silver WaveAdult (f)3,8556972
ygiD5Ice ChillsAdult (f)3,7127162
938qC(938qC)Adult (f)2,5307951
fQlXL(fQlXL)Adult (f)2,0636511
DWOVk(DWOVk)Adult (f)2,2856721
8o3Oe(8o3Oe)Adult (f)2,7176101
TEkpp(TEkpp)Adult (f)3,0046152
ktgqg(ktgqg)Adult (m)2,7545870
3KIPU(3KIPU)Adult (m)2,6155513
9c23N(9c23N)Adult (m)2,6306220
S3SYL(S3SYL)Adult (m)2,1196612
kT4K7(kT4K7)Adult (m)2,1706601
VxltK(VxltK)Adult (m)2,2287033
op1TA(op1TA)Adult (f)3,1547231
Iaj7s(Iaj7s)Adult (m)3,1677531
S1HEX(S1HEX)Adult (m)2,6836231
VuDdB(VuDdB)Adult (m)2,0616441
M41uI(M41uI)Adult (m)2,4945850
tLXWw(tLXWw)Adult (f)2,3345702
Non7g(Non7g)Adult (m)2,7416181
cL10sTurpentine cL10sAdult (m)2,6926020
gG9WD(gG9WD)Adult (m)2,6515740
5Z0ak(5Z0ak)Adult (f)2,3535320
iS4vs(iS4vs)Adult (m)2,2985171
sX7mxx SxmAdult (f)4,6786242
HFjYrx HfjAdult (m)4,6056341
3wlg0x WlgAdult (m)3,5116380
i0zRLx IzrAdult (f)3,5796410
LQVzCx LqvAdult (f)5,2766261
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