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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MissVampire13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9Micv(9Micv)Adult (f)3,5947212
SvjnU(SvjnU)Adult (f)4,7856391
f7TiM(f7TiM)Adult (f)4,6106741
bOc3W(bOc3W)Adult (f)5,5567101
rREUD(rREUD)Adult (m)7,2116742
GbFJu(GbFJu)Adult (m)4,7896421
YaJQc(YaJQc)Adult (f)6,1596651
u9Rwo(u9Rwo)Adult (m)5,3557261
3yOxL(3yOxL)Adult (f)5,3077422
0NpBk(0NpBk)Adult (m)5,3527401
AUJGs(AUJGs)Adult (f)5,5607653
NJdlb(NJdlb)Adult (m)5,6047422
4kYVV(4kYVV)Adult (m)5,5075882
MHQ7K(MHQ7K)Adult (f)5,7405161
CrIJZ(CrIJZ)Adult (m)4,4396381
eg2l3(eg2l3)Adult (f)4,3296382
wv1tC(wv1tC)Adult (m)4,2786221
ki1Rn(ki1Rn)Adult (m)4,6406541
TJNg2(TJNg2)Adult (f)5,1106671
x7DRh(x7DRh)Adult (m)4,6706521
DXQVS(DXQVS)Adult (f)4,3226312
JyG7O(JyG7O)Adult (m)5,1316113
adMBI(adMBI)Adult (f)2,6786211
MRzV7(MRzV7)Adult (f)3,9885781
dA2O3(dA2O3)Adult (m)3,1776411
2hln7(2hln7)Adult (f)2,7966961
5A75q(5A75q)Adult (m)2,8016971
6sSKH(6sSKH)Adult (f)2,5237241
FuG19(FuG19)Adult (m)2,6808751
jQjBs(jQjBs)Adult (m)4,3387671
PP5xB(PP5xB)Adult (m)4,3767722
l2lZs(l2lZs)Adult (m)4,3077841
7b9iE(7b9iE)Adult (f)4,3767831
q7RyD(q7RyD)Adult (f)4,2997832
62LzF(62LzF)Adult (f)4,3577711
iUX5v(iUX5v)Adult (f)4,2987822
Ppwsf(Ppwsf)Adult (m)4,0758381
93sgb(93sgb)Adult (m)3,2805512
cfdKo(cfdKo)Adult (m)3,2026063
y70WL(y70WL)Adult (m)3,6407271
GyWLk(GyWLk)Adult (f)3,6477181
Vc4Tq(Vc4Tq)Adult (m)3,4497521
HKetu(HKetu)Adult (f)3,3387521
iajBm(iajBm)Adult (m)3,3397581
5J5EV(5J5EV)Adult (m)3,3747601
s6YNb(s6YNb)Adult (f)5,5318671
al1UH(al1UH)Adult (f)5,7558862
LEOW4(LEOW4)Adult (m)3,8697411
UycMa(UycMa)Adult (f)3,9147171
jTEYR(jTEYR)Adult (f)3,8387111
TZVH8(TZVH8)Adult (f)3,9397131
bSHxt(bSHxt)Adult (m)3,9527221
RwisE(RwisE)Adult (f)4,1068021
SCZiw(SCZiw)Adult (m)3,8427922
1QGqZ(1QGqZ)Adult (f)3,5848202
YspHf(YspHf)Adult (m)4,8637731
gsJ4s(gsJ4s)Adult (m)4,7625822
3KAHb(3KAHb)Adult (f)4,0428021
HjWts(HjWts)Adult (f)5,5577521
HEF1I(HEF1I)Adult (f)5,1237182
lhnxP(lhnxP)Adult (m)5,1217762
Frfv3(Frfv3)Adult (f)2,2804361
MmFmR(MmFmR)Adult (f)4,2657942
wzdho(wzdho)Adult (m)4,6808491
4M9Nd(4M9Nd)Adult (m)3,9408122
LiKLBLuminous Firestorm IIAdult (f)4,1171,0236
JKHxoSilver Flameserpent IIIAdult (f)2,7658492
8c41oCecilia Argentum IIIAdult (f)3,6101,0785
GWEWArget-BrisingrAdult (f)2,1989973
rGVQArgent StarlightAdult (f)4,4231,53158
6Ip3Arget-SkularAdult (m)1,4961,00613
rhl2ArjendiAdult (m)5,5931,2928
tGVKVampire RepellantAdult (m)1,4037609
OkZtDZander AbendsternAdult (m)2,9498371
Tmru5Maru of Castamere VIAdult (m)2,8506552
EoEVVParagon of Liquid SilverAdult (m)5,0681,0462
jdMWKStardust of Bliss IIIAdult (m)5,6307158
UBAGuGunther Silverlash IIAdult (m)4,5279193
vuApJHeller Schatz IIAdult (m)4,7668953
afZhrDragon Sees the BeginningAdult (m)5,4227032
raoE0(raoE0)Adult (m)5,0536742
mOjB6(mOjB6)Adult (f)4,9726782
Lz6ww(Lz6ww)Adult (f)4,4757831
10AND(10AND)Adult (f)4,4837611
coHnhDragon Sees EternityAdult (m)3,6228452
PDcEMTundra LionAdult (m)4,4766052
AaTyaTemple SpiritAdult (m)4,1446443
kwJsxKiwi Eisbeiss IAdult (f)3,0881,0070
38GLSGiselle Eisbeiss IAdult (f)3,0771,0000
J6gdcJaycee Eisbeiss IAdult (f)3,9788762
fPzmPPizzicato Eisbeiss IAdult (f)4,7109191
GRfxlGarfunkel Eisbeiss IAdult (m)3,0941,0282
xgP29Giuseppe Eisbeiss IAdult (m)3,0971,0181
uDdOpDoug Eisbeiss IAdult (m)4,7699271
kG08dKilroy Eisbeiss IAdult (m)5,1689411
AXYjDJana Cerulean IAdult (f)4,0466974
8zYHUZhylla Cerulean IAdult (f)3,4528883
x3WBKWilbur Cerulean IAdult (m)4,2288281
2RRFVRafael Cerulean IAdult (m)4,1241,1354
ksFVHLord Kuzon Shimmertail IXAdult (m)8,6796266
v3t5VVicodin IXAdult (m)8,0177479
KriNoKraven Vincent VIIAdult (m)5,9401,3732
tuJJAStalking Wraith L'OmbreAdult (f)3,8317301
Q6NV9Dagger of Silence L'OmbreAdult (f)4,2014772
Yn8N3Silver Sable L'OmbreAdult (f)4,0334840
EmAClHungry GhostAdult (f)2,0736863
15QioStealthy TreasureAdult (f)5,7457144
5ShCKLost Shadow SoulAdult (f)2,0359762
sWG6TInfinite UnrestAdult (f)3,9557682
Hg1WZSilent Quicksilver L'OmbreAdult (m)4,6947411
arnDaCreeping Mist L'OmbreAdult (m)4,7597611
F2flrSmoke and Mirrors L'OmbreAdult (m)3,8697501
0kqp7Shadow of VictoryAdult (m)4,4728511
sLgJQSilent SpecterAdult (m)3,6178011
5iTgrSmoke TigerAdult (m)1,9409845
E7LV2Restless ApparitionAdult (m)3,4089213
ni8okUnquiet ShadeAdult (m)3,1698461
dev7UIt's smaller on  the outsideHatchling (f, F)1,8877441
UPEBDPhoebe Seraph IAdult (f)4,9596812
qg0gaOgygia Seraph IAdult (f)5,3056122
gqpgwGwyneth Seraph IAdult (f)4,3277921
PArNyParnycia Seraph IAdult (f)6,0225871
R7c9ATrisha Seraph IAdult (f)5,0546351
rwPb3Rupert Seraph IAdult (m)5,0306723
PhGnXPhoenix Seraph IAdult (m)5,1746402
5OsHjJoshua Seraph IAdult (m)4,4207801
s7H7gSigmund Seraph IAdult (m)4,9926492
ipg1dGideon Seraph IAdult (m)5,0146332
fMRXIMarissa ArgentinaAdult (f)9,3288428
1XNt1Flaming Silver S'aarAdult (f)7,27994410
esJuPHell's Huntress S'aarAdult (f)9,3687602
MMLIGMoonlight Dancer S'aarAdult (f)9,8116552
FjfggBright Shimmering StardustAdult (m)9,8937014
mKjVUMalekai StardustAdult (m)9,6726452
eotSAScales of Silver - Heart of GoldAdult (m)6,29779914
9NPk6Treasured Nephilim D'OrisaarAdult (m)8,1985769
SbGAuFrosted TreetopsAdult (m)8,8529677
RTfs1Torivor of the Silver Moon S'aarAdult (m)8,4617392
q63QMTowering Silver CloudAdult (m)5,0911,06614
he5oGSilver Sunlit SongsAdult (m)8,7025812
4SFu2Argent Forest D'OrisaarAdult (m)5,8489178
gZl4KDawn of the Dinosaurs VAdult (m)5,1151,2585
UiMHnSilver Hound of the BaskervillesAdult (m)7,8297856
85tW5Trina GlimmerscaleAdult (f)3,2668133
AOGgbAgatha GlimmerscaleAdult (f)3,5731,0021
pj24UPerseus GlimmerscaleAdult (m)3,0828482
sUZ26Zushin GlimmerscaleAdult (m)4,3811,0239
i0iC7M C EscherAdult (m)3,7197433
50RtJLord DracopancakeAdult (m)3,1897001
TldvkParadoxical SaviorAdult (m)3,3959361
115zfShocking GiftAdult (m)3,3976391
RavpyRavi SchwarzkopfAdult (f)2,1007051
ppyahPapaya SchwarzkopfAdult (f)1,9587202
I0BdEIchabod SchwarzkopfAdult (m)1,9776951
qEdWLEdward SchwarzkopfAdult (m)3,3239501
3IcamCami CrowneAdult (f)3,2055103
aBUHFBubba CrowneAdult (m)3,4585112
W8acVixen SolarisAdult (f)2,5735532
7Kq0Suki SolarisAdult (f)2,3986543
RvUTXRiviera SolarisAdult (f)4,6184602
daAQNDaqi SolarisAdult (f)6,7177723
4Z0e8Zoe SolarisAdult (f)4,3095714
2pBGh(2pBGh)Adult (f)4,0323672
H0djHodge SolarisAdult (m)1,2895853
JiqeJacques SolarisAdult (m)3,6084913
bRKXiBoris SolarisAdult (m)3,9885773
08R6AUmbra SolarisAdult (m)4,4434524
PJVhFJarvis SolarisAdult (m)3,9283963
AIskAkisha NocturnaAdult (f)1,0406744
vaDoVader NocturnusAdult (m)2,4784736
N5QuNequrus NocturnusAdult (m)2,5405133
6v0oqVossivo NocturnusAdult (m)4,5616412
GR8nsNyssa Schreien IAdult (f)3,6439954
uhy7aHenna Schreien IAdult (f)3,7839710
tA7iJTaiji Schreien IAdult (f)3,6751,0211
5ImajImajine Schreien IAdult (f)3,3091,0510
8o8x2Aeolius Schreien IAdult (m)4,1177811
NB0xCNabisco Schreien IAdult (m)4,0717793
S0hQ1Sokar Schreien IAdult (m)5,3118241
X3sWHSammael Schreien IAdult (m)3,3001,0523
iClVDHarbinger of PlagueAdult (f)3,5859642
Cs9N3Misfortune's ForerunnerAdult (f)2,8551,0083
gI2RWNemesis of SerendipityAdult (f)2,5019412
yevRNInauspicious OmenAdult (m)3,3849713
hEeczGrim ProspectsAdult (m)2,8739631
J4fpRHerald of WarAdult (m)2,4449501
YDCqTally Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,5881,07835
99NhNia Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,7584478
o1HYIris Swiftfoot IAdult (f)1,2056775
qOFiQofia Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,2206714
47A3Flovina Fleetfoot IAdult (f)3,9233733
48NeNeera Fleetfoot IAdult (f)3,0554703
PA3uPylea Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,7145793
ThcWThea Fleetfoot IAdult (f)2,3085366
tL4PTilapia Fleetfoot IAdult (f)2,4614818
chrJCharity Fleetfoot IAdult (f)3,5084712
WZB6Wasabi Fleetfoot IAdult (f)2,6184993
hcuPHiccup Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,4485513
OEarCapoeira Fleetfoot IAdult (f)1,8275354
u7EQUhura Fleetfoot IAdult (f)3,2417044
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