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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MissNoShame,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g0LuEWitte Vlakte Jongen G0lueAdult (m)3,2461,19716
jrP2vWitte Vlakte G0lueAdult (f)4,4591,54225
4sskv(4sskv)Adult (m)2,9055850
U4oJn(U4oJn)Adult (m)4,0967190
vkdCm(vkdCm)Adult (m)2,9976220
jfvjW(jfvjW)Adult (m)2,8458170
6YT5l(6YT5l)Adult (m)1,7216450
ivtfV(ivtfV)Adult (f)1,6266400
p6q5N(p6q5N)Adult (m)3,9698370
lIxeE(lIxeE)Adult (m)4,2847980
gRuqE(gRuqE)Adult (m)3,1626651
EoVnS(EoVnS)Adult (f)2,6216651
UUgj5(UUgj5)Adult (f)3,4296270
qxGHJ(qxGHJ)Adult (m)4,4976940
EAtLU(EAtLU)Adult (f)2,5406510
45mQ6(45mQ6)Adult (m)4,0677093
6ouqc(6ouqc)Adult (f)3,8507761
R5wsW(R5wsW)Adult (m)3,7457521
WlqKz(WlqKz)Adult (f)4,8917230
28ZFj(28ZFj)Adult (m)3,5545420
U0RPB(U0RPB)Adult (f)3,4365120
7O8Ci(7O8Ci)Adult (m)4,3636991
GExW8(GExW8)Adult (f)4,6726760
KKBcR(KKBcR)Adult (m)2,5126310
UQ6SQ(UQ6SQ)Adult (m)2,4406560
1U117(1U117)Adult (m)3,3755241
IR4mA(IR4mA)Adult (m)3,0605951
ZoPEI(ZoPEI)Adult (m)2,3586240
id65UB e a u t y o f t h e M i n dAdult (f)2,6241,0076
jQlkMB e a u t y o f t h e S o u lAdult (f)2,4479835
Mjs00(Mjs00)Adult (f)2,3586660
YMMAU(YMMAU)Adult (m)2,4516560
UHZt7(UHZt7)Adult (m)2,0875531
D6nAbDamsel MoonrushAdult (f)1,7196541
MCdRjAurelias DeFauxysAdult (f)2,47783811
qZZLH(qZZLH)Adult (m)1,7387881
uzgwd(uzgwd)Adult (f)4,8831,1133
ImOEM(ImOEM)Adult (f)5,2871,2227
O2DeE(O2DeE)Adult (f)3,6161,0323
O16cW(O16cW)Adult (f)5,7391,1133
miDiV(miDiV)Adult (f)2,7097513
MJKbV(MJKbV)Adult (m)3,4391,1064
NGx9J(NGx9J)Adult (f)2,3958718
QnRI4(QnRI4)Adult (m)3,5631,0167
zl2Sh(zl2Sh)Adult (f)3,6136773
ixTDy(ixTDy)Adult (f)4,3158650
YlWBy(YlWBy)Adult (m)3,8886750
kHLJR(kHLJR)Adult (m)3,8626740
tO8y1(tO8y1)Adult (f)4,4977080
KxVtN(KxVtN)Adult (f)3,9647372
o0wo4(o0wo4)Adult (m)3,8707981
QdSNP(QdSNP)Adult (m)3,7189969
Ns0vo(Ns0vo)Adult (f)4,0077710
4sW0J(4sW0J)Adult (f)2,4946640
83lla(83lla)Adult (f)2,4406090
Jk7GD(Jk7GD)Adult (f)2,7066221
f3OiJ(f3OiJ)Adult (m)2,6096130
WZuN9(WZuN9)Adult (m)2,6896350
V7RvH(V7RvH)Adult (f)3,8327560
foskt(foskt)Adult (m)3,3086300
9vm5i(9vm5i)Adult (f)3,4785292
jcy9s(jcy9s)Adult (f)2,4666421
vkWj9(vkWj9)Adult (m)3,2026330
919nG(919nG)Adult (f)3,0857552
vgmxL(vgmxL)Adult (f)2,3355440
1h1K7(1h1K7)Adult (f)2,6129732
XQK8F(XQK8F)Adult (f)3,0115921
FqBeG(FqBeG)Adult (m)2,5771,0122
KYnqM(KYnqM)Adult (f)2,7729282
eGNDQ(eGNDQ)Adult (m)2,5658691
Tt03Z(Tt03Z)Adult (m)3,8561,0156
GxXKT(GxXKT)Adult (f)3,6491,0228
o8NDe(o8NDe)Adult (f)3,0277071
nMSdJ(nMSdJ)Adult (m)3,5986512
5X5Up(5X5Up)Adult (f)3,3901,1312
E1er0(E1er0)Adult (f)3,8227711
6hXiT(6hXiT)Adult (f)3,8746740
8gUmV(8gUmV)Adult (f)3,8387660
dltmJ(dltmJ)Adult (f)3,2346140
PHbyrEfoelumen na VerecundiaAdult (f)2,7521,0139
mjgc7Maji na VerecundaAdult (f)3,0039977
eZpcGThe Staircase of CopperAdult (m)3,5825622
BMnD1Bamandi na VerecundaAdult (f)3,7145273
FRbAsCuz Copper Is CoolAdult (m)3,3161,0445
n8GP1Nate izzuh boyznameAdult (f)1,4426668
OcnMznoMz de draAkAdult (m)1,4626848
Law8FDe Law EnforcerAdult (f)1,7286515
Ho0NAHo0nAAdult (m)4,6711,4515
2sLJ7(2sLJ7)Adult (f)4,3981,2662
Twm17(Twm17)Adult (f)2,5749313
VNEg4(VNEg4)Adult (m)4,5636740
Q7i5YD r e a m M y s t i c a l l yAdult (f)4,7551,0642
Z8IF0Zees B e a u t y ofthe H e a r tAdult (m)2,0806621
I2SsTD r e a m H o n e s t l yAdult (f)2,6491,0121
MkAnuD r e a m A m o r o u s l yAdult (f)3,3021,10615
Tg2cVD r e a m W h o l l yAdult (f)3,8591,2536
xzwgSD r e a m S e r e n e l yAdult (f)3,8781,2563
YkTziWe're Caving InAdult (m)3,2671,0442
6V9nkDreams of Broken ThingsAdult (f)3,2851,0591
jgttyD r e a m o f C o u r a g eAdult (m)2,6588451
r2lywHyacinth on a CloudAdult (f)2,9069261
PP4CM(PP4CM)Adult (m)3,5347513
7rgoc(7rgoc)Adult (f)1,8946855
xvdtb(xvdtb)Adult (m)3,3796191
Og2kn(Og2kn)Adult (f)3,0855851
RD7AgVis MeisjeAdult (f)1,89275424
2SjQPVis JongenAdult (m)1,96876919
TVJr3Zee MeisjeAdult (f)1,77676124
2i3XoZee JongenAdult (m)3,3821,27021
B9RYiJustunother RandomdragunAdult (f)4,0671,1321
JPo9P(JPo9P)Adult (f)3,0937736
qIi79(qIi79)Adult (f)3,1681,1383
sLX9D(sLX9D)Adult (m)3,0921,0983
FAvet(FAvet)Adult (f)2,8311,0483
53I43(53I43)Adult (f)2,8191,0593
v413d(v413d)Adult (m)2,9231,0703
6fhLU(6fhLU)Adult (m)2,8901,0453
crY9E(crY9E)Adult (m)2,3046080
mQnYR(mQnYR)Adult (m)2,4786010
9yeJr(9yeJr)Adult (m)3,0935811
4Vlrt(4Vlrt)Adult (f)2,3435540
cP8lP(cP8lP)Adult (f)4,1938660
KwbDG(KwbDG)Adult (m)4,4341,2571
1iGjXElektrische MeisjeAdult (f)2,45979026
s2XEgElektrische JongenAdult (m)6,8521,2032
fMuIX(fMuIX)Adult (f)1,20455313
uF0f2(uF0f2)Adult (m)4,2511,1622
jNHZV(jNHZV)Adult (f)2,8067142
Dc59t(Dc59t)Adult (m)2,8487053
Xh0Ou(Xh0Ou)Adult (m)3,8449036
FHogm(FHogm)Adult (m)3,1249722
cQ7tS(cQ7tS)Adult (f)3,0041,0512
RaRNn(RaRNn)Adult (m)2,9231,0223
U4Dwf(U4Dwf)Adult (m)3,0401,0782
PfELE(PfELE)Adult (m)3,3241,0764
nl9jD(nl9jD)Adult (m)3,3928531
CcM3d(CcM3d)Adult (m)1,5635452
ZQYnr(ZQYnr)Adult (m)2,8686220
K7mPX(K7mPX)Adult (m)2,6876170
SQr8X(SQr8X)Adult (m)5,1851,3107
OAxWk(OAxWk)Adult (f)3,6618938
3sdIx(3sdIx)Adult (m)4,0059911
Yuy6n(Yuy6n)Adult (m)3,8319881
TEe7p(TEe7p)Adult (f)3,2756010
X28cS(X28cS)Adult (f)4,7597260
4EjPy(4EjPy)Adult (f)4,4196930
cCwRA(cCwRA)Adult (f)4,5627011
sQdTC(sQdTC)Adult (m)4,4426820
IB9ST(IB9ST)Adult (m)2,5725661
bBlmV(bBlmV)Adult (m)2,5165951
Fi73U(Fi73U)Adult (f)2,9201,0514
ksg6GMoonfrost DeviourAdult (m)2,8131,0514
IR7LV(IR7LV)Adult (f)2,6669562
Hdqxe(Hdqxe)Adult (f)3,0511,0222
KuqlM(KuqlM)Adult (f)3,5161,1104
BzB7V(BzB7V)Adult (m)2,9159414
TpJyh(TpJyh)Adult (f)4,2108122
5OfpO(5OfpO)Adult (f)4,7296860
3XJrVJusta RandomDragunAdult (f)1,7025721
TS36J(TS36J)Adult (f)4,4291,2695
2hw8kAion DeviauxAdult (m)3,1511,0655
P28yxPyxos DeviauxAdult (m)2,9839833
8vvx8Vyvix Deviaux G2Adult (m)2,6969102
JCCVX(JCCVX)Adult (m)2,7067373
KuFN8(KuFN8)Adult (m)3,4278886
S4KcO(S4KcO)Adult (f)3,0439222
wC6yd(wC6yd)Adult (m)4,1927250
LzjYx(LzjYx)Adult (f)4,1527811
mmiJa(mmiJa)Adult (f)3,0847360
fcmu0(fcmu0)Adult (m)2,8026690
9xg6X(9xg6X)Adult (m)2,9999316
5Dq1S(5Dq1S)Adult (m)3,1905152
SdGiQZeldzame GoudAdult (f)1,52378427
XPWpx(XPWpx)Adult (m)4,1411,2637
YFDZN(YFDZN)Adult (f)4,6391,0556
NlqBd(NlqBd)Adult (m)4,4437091
YsFlH(YsFlH)Adult (f)4,0397221
xC9vQ(xC9vQ)Adult (f)4,7661,4596
eDDa7(eDDa7)Adult (m)3,3421,1012
l6SKiD'or Luire Valour IIAdult (m)4,4771,0894
VQc3P(VQc3P)Adult (f)4,7921,2914
ERn4M(ERn4M)Adult (m)2,9289574
STAhR(STAhR)Adult (m)1,8405932
Lu3z6(Lu3z6)Adult (m)6,8451,3662
j2Oo5(j2Oo5)Adult (f)4,4041,11311
ayTfP(ayTfP)Adult (m)3,9221,0414
hNmMS(hNmMS)Adult (f)4,1069706
0kaI6(0kaI6)Adult (f)3,5735672
OGI2eSierivannis TesvamorAdult (f)4,0201,1764
IQjERLovely Chocolate KissesAdult (m)1,9939283
qoueX(qoueX)Adult (m)2,0419613
g9qNP(g9qNP)Adult (f)4,0038650
dJUhh(dJUhh)Adult (f)3,9468880
zU09t(zU09t)Adult (f)3,7135040
FzTuz(FzTuz)Adult (f)4,9441,1331
QEAzSElxos TadabanriAdult (m)3,5411,0373
9SQow(9SQow)Adult (f)3,3781,0664
grMuCJoelfeest PepermuntAdult (m)4,2711,62924
f6NX4(f6NX4)Adult (m)2,3278504
ZXt83Zees Razor PopeHatchling (f, F)1,36769513
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