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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Minnime,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Bbp1(Bbp1)Adult (m)1,2065037
lv7h(lv7h)Adult (m)3,9018975
dUL2(dUL2)Adult (m)2,1964065
7c6L(7c6L)Adult (f)4,2459949
FPX4(FPX4)Adult (f)5,1803624
BDQD(BDQD)Adult (m)6,0324129
R9G3(R9G3)Adult (m)10,0021,05526
g2UV(g2UV)Adult (m)2,7356807
Y20S(Y20S)Adult (f)3,4738075
Gs68(Gs68)Adult (m)1,6906937
YGLX(YGLX)Adult (f)1,72442012
7JkV(7JkV)Adult (f)1,9998153
jFL0(jFL0)Adult (f)2,04739519
D7lk(D7lk)Adult (m)1,2685861
Ujmh(Ujmh)Adult (f)1,3645473
dOiU(dOiU)Adult (m)3,3541,0379
e0qj(e0qj)Adult (m)1,5304226
gWv4(gWv4)Adult (f)2,08538513
FRin(FRin)Adult (m)3,4648216
cUhn(cUhn)Adult (m)1,7293489
frlY(frlY)Adult (m)1,0594423
u8Yh(u8Yh)Adult (m)3,4958056
NR09(NR09)Adult (f)1,92061015
jmI7(jmI7)Adult (f)2,67440912
I2Nm(I2Nm)Adult (f)4,8436862
HMBm(HMBm)Adult (m)1,8995576
nJl7(nJl7)Adult (f)9565126
Ko2A(Ko2A)Adult (m)2,7066844
5K7I(5K7I)Hatchling (F)5122961
qOV8(qOV8)Adult (f)1,1415623
VYh2(VYh2)Adult (f)1,2104783
iU1J(iU1J)Adult (f)1,0125094
ifht(ifht)Adult (f)2,3187846
B1B8(B1B8)Adult (f)8023836
eFBt(eFBt)Adult (f)1,8635186
SsSa(SsSa)Adult (f)11,1659389
h5J0(h5J0)Adult (f)5,06981810
BBX2(BBX2)Adult (f)1,3035766
OROC(OROC)Adult (f)1,3065308
YZnY(YZnY)Adult (m)1,11257111
U71m(U71m)Adult (f)8854023
o7Yc(o7Yc)Adult (m)1,63637217
cVon(cVon)Adult (m)1,3596634
BtW1(BtW1)Adult (m)3,25983511
2CoZ(2CoZ)Adult (m)2,04236610
UF8S(UF8S)Adult (f)1,0534605
XLHb(XLHb)Adult (f)1,5745925
0hGq(0hGq)Adult (f)1,1735872
iY31(iY31)Adult (m)5,2008349
eNAb(eNAb)Adult (m)2,04637319
n5hJ(n5hJ)Adult (m)2,5846504
DhUb(DhUb)Adult (f)1,4315136
MblK(MblK)Adult (f)1,2695037
tYpi(tYpi)Adult (m)1,0024871
64L1(64L1)Adult (f)1,5486404
rL0Y(rL0Y)Adult (m)3,0186178
KWe3(KWe3)Adult (f)2,0814336
jh9p(jh9p)Adult (f)2,0173932
fhQJ(fhQJ)Adult (m)1,3806015
eel5(eel5)Adult (m)7,4398608
0qM0(0qM0)Adult (f)1,3285344
Qf4C(Qf4C)Adult (m)1,2555851
TJPC(TJPC)Adult (f)1,3596181
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