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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mimm,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qP9Mj(qP9Mj)Adult (f)5,6776250
0UHBa(0UHBa)Adult (f)4,6377681
cw2U6(cw2U6)Adult (m)5,9026461
5T9ko(5T9ko)Adult (m)4,4798681
NUmvQ(NUmvQ)Hatchling (m, F)5,1595642
s9U11(s9U11)Adult (f)4,1318654
PNlhU(PNlhU)Adult (f)3,9838244
MdsV5(MdsV5)Adult (f)3,2337941
SQ7D2(SQ7D2)Adult (m)3,4258650
k2cFU(k2cFU)Adult (m)3,7988682
oVOfi(oVOfi)Adult (m)2,7495672
jE6P3(jE6P3)Adult (m)3,5796451
OKmeR(OKmeR)Adult (m)3,8678300
dLv4l(dLv4l)Adult (f)4,7848382
de10Brokeneck MonsterAdult (f)99362721
5nNmBrokeneck DangleAdult (m)3,5315746
nj8ABrokeneck DongleAdult (f)1,8126346
2DgeBrokeneck DoodooAdult (f)7,1836405
gl8OPigment FailHatchling (f, F)1,6016027
ppgl(ppgl)Hatchling (F)1,6471107
gh8Bq(gh8Bq)Adult (f)3,5007211
A8jJm(A8jJm)Adult (f)3,0888452
Rh0C7(Rh0C7)Adult (f)3,7388840
ff7v7(ff7v7)Adult (f)3,2506112
L3a3M(L3a3M)Hatchling (f, F)2,8434663
hnOCn(hnOCn)Adult (f)3,5867781
9tF0t(9tF0t)Adult (m)3,6547780
PezYp(PezYp)Adult (m)3,7047670
gVuiF(gVuiF)Adult (f)4,0117290
lSAvY(lSAvY)Adult (f)3,6527560
eqsP0(eqsP0)Adult (f)5,1996400
yKE7j(yKE7j)Adult (f)5,1956570
G6gQW(G6gQW)Adult (f)5,1246610
2EahD(2EahD)Adult (f)5,5356021
df8g0(df8g0)Adult (f)6,4416702
7aOav(7aOav)Adult (f)5,6066652
RCt54(RCt54)Adult (f)3,2988422
B5l2N(B5l2N)Adult (f)3,1647911
2AGV7(2AGV7)Hatchling (F)1,9232176
fSeyB(fSeyB)Adult (f)2,4927032
WaLnTWaLnTAdult (f)3,3128922
ZKmE7(ZKmE7)Adult (f)3,2869063
zxyBq(zxyBq)Adult (f)5,3687350
txTUk(txTUk)Adult (f)5,5627310
1l7Wf(1l7Wf)Adult (m)4,2078012
YGlrR(YGlrR)Adult (m)5,0378491
jPIqA(jPIqA)Adult (f)5,4856831
x9RHG(x9RHG)Hatchling (m, F)4,0346572
0hygQ(0hygQ)Adult (m)4,1708122
pcs54(pcs54)Adult (m)4,3758160
eGy1g(eGy1g)Adult (m)4,8976910
vf4ka(vf4ka)Adult (f)5,0967000
BoNgR(BoNgR)Adult (m)5,4535370
P9xww(P9xww)Adult (m)5,2176790
jAA75(jAA75)Adult (f)4,9746721
b2DrP(b2DrP)Adult (m)5,7605561
V9CWO(V9CWO)Adult (f)4,9536850
6uKA2(6uKA2)Adult (f)5,3966531
2k1wJ(2k1wJ)Adult (m)4,8816701
Z2ghR(Z2ghR)Adult (f)7,2765152
DOgmy(DOgmy)Adult (m)3,9487163
teqps(teqps)Adult (f)4,4637592
i6qCV(i6qCV)Adult (m)3,9339513
luPSj(luPSj)Adult (f)4,3089333
PhsTH(PhsTH)Adult (f)4,3559314
zxJPQTwisted TreatAdult (m)2,2656203
sTxDTSacrifice the KnightAdult (m)2,5486171
jCzSP(jCzSP)Hatchling (m, F)2,5186571
l52H7(l52H7)Hatchling (F)1,5494184
xFvFM(xFvFM)Hatchling (F)1,9915572
d3oaa(d3oaa)Hatchling (f, F)3,8315642
JBkT1(JBkT1)Adult (f)3,1028391
RvMQp(RvMQp)Adult (f)3,6447591
h5Q4I(h5Q4I)Adult (f)3,8807690
3St7A(3St7A)Adult (m)4,4137810
qCwSq(qCwSq)Adult (m)6,5635191
7Si7H(7Si7H)Adult (f)7,5815621
d96hV(d96hV)Adult (f)4,5758961
r7lua(r7lua)Adult (f)3,8323872
djI1F(djI1F)Adult (f)4,2754002
Hnw31(Hnw31)Adult (f)6,9586471
TGTE5(TGTE5)Adult (f)4,0708542
TqV91(TqV91)Adult (f)3,2847891
kE9XW(kE9XW)Adult (f)3,1687542
DiIRM(DiIRM)Adult (f)3,3747014
IC0Ww(IC0Ww)Adult (f)3,5017371
6lhkj(6lhkj)Hatchling (f, F)4,1058041
tv4jA(tv4jA)Hatchling (f, F)3,4898411
okqR3(okqR3)Adult (f)3,8318811
oaNyk(oaNyk)Adult (m)3,6558173
8EQ4C(8EQ4C)Adult (f)4,0808774
QOLb1(QOLb1)Adult (f)3,1116301
vOcpX(vOcpX)Adult (m)6,2986241
Br7wQ(Br7wQ)Adult (m)6,7685901
C3lvQ(C3lvQ)Adult (m)6,4547692
91B38(91B38)Adult (f)7,5257051
nAEQ4(nAEQ4)Adult (m)6,8396301
DZ9jJ(DZ9jJ)Adult (m)5,6925842
yhT4A(yhT4A)Adult (f)6,2045501
DTrkF(DTrkF)Adult (f)6,9585222
6HPdU(6HPdU)Adult (m)5,3976050
j4RQZ(j4RQZ)Adult (f)5,2696282
8af8b(8af8b)Adult (f)5,3996351
yKYa1(yKYa1)Adult (m)5,3696311
7FUoq(7FUoq)Adult (f)5,3996311
pie2X(pie2X)Adult (m)5,2726661
0OCkB(0OCkB)Adult (m)5,2636681
fNmbh(fNmbh)Adult (f)5,2256370
CwUhS(CwUhS)Adult (f)5,1726610
k7Avb(k7Avb)Adult (m)5,7365781
MTUyg(MTUyg)Adult (f)4,6195970
Exm2k(Exm2k)Adult (m)4,8666050
9RAPy(9RAPy)Adult (m)6,2406120
bHrGG(bHrGG)Adult (m)6,7214610
Atcsm(Atcsm)Adult (m)6,0886050
w7zny(w7zny)Adult (f)6,5346091
7j7y7(7j7y7)Adult (f)4,4436211
qkAHL(qkAHL)Adult (f)4,4516220
QOc5q(QOc5q)Adult (m)5,7275730
ews6T(ews6T)Adult (m)5,3786120
tOZ8r(tOZ8r)Adult (m)5,8226080
lKqAPro's RevengeAdult (m)2,24624722
J3eqPro's JokeAdult (f)2,1446065
G4aPPro's Bulbous BellyAdult (f)4,54370115
NC82Pro's Slobbery KissAdult (m)2,99280914
iqIhPro's Broken HeartAdult (m)1,94673310
NO0KPro's NO0KieAdult (m)1,4016946
YNoYPro's Unwelcome TruthAdult (f)2,1588768
TmQ2Q4 PB Even if you Float AwayAdult (f)4,8268462
vH3uA5 PB Even When your bubble burstAdult (m)6,0416782
7oPI(7oPI)Hatchling (m, F)1,6664013
t99L(t99L)Hatchling (F)2,4166394
DxLhi(DxLhi)Adult (m)5,3836601
LCh5M(LCh5M)Adult (f)5,4186620
PjWDT(PjWDT)Adult (f)5,4406660
Hhkqv(Hhkqv)Adult (m)5,4506670
Sy3Rd(Sy3Rd)Adult (f)5,4506670
e8ytH(e8ytH)Adult (m)5,7636640
Ta0pg(Ta0pg)Adult (m)5,8246670
xreCg(xreCg)Adult (f)3,8697834
dpLlI(dpLlI)Adult (m)1,8486270
AdXrq(AdXrq)Adult (f)2,6346740
6MmGE(6MmGE)Adult (f)3,3487812
TRrYl(TRrYl)Adult (m)3,7307974
VhlOK(VhlOK)Adult (f)3,5237643
vH626(vH626)Adult (m)2,9615443
VWAqB(VWAqB)Adult (f)2,3227142
cJETI(cJETI)Adult (m)5,8189602
1euKT(1euKT)Adult (f)5,6388840
Dis12 CB EvilmonkeyballzAdult (m)3,5081,10112
XK522 MB Prince NightmareAdult (m)3,4028178
Ofjd2 MB Princess NightmareAdult (f)2,69566217
hs0m2 PB McMomoAdult (m)3,04674916
0btT2 PB Loki of the FallenAdult (f)3,69968811
7kW3CB Johnny Walker BlackAdult (m)2,98163614
nqGP3 MB Blacklight TouAdult (m)2,3461,06524
GQH0CB Chairman SilkwormAdult (m)2,8241,46127
2pJ23 PB Monkey of LokiAdult (f)2,52092010
2p662 PB I see in the darkAdult (m)1,90584810
SECf3 PB Runaway in the DarkAdult (m)2,6107309
RQD2CB The Nun's Evil Monkey BallsAdult (f)1,81561122
kakDCB Naughty Monkey BootiesAdult (f)2,45668810
3PWC3 MB Emerald's NightmareAdult (f)2,430664228
CMok4 PB CMokAdult (f)1,7066985
X4me2 PB SR where am I goingAdult (f)2,72460817
C7lM3 PB SR's Naughty Dark NightAdult (m)3,2378425
UmWW2 MB TorikazeAdult (f)3,03160810
RoSJ3 PB Yay I am not an AltAdult (f)3,1995668
RvEE3 MB RvEEAdult (f)6,21383928
bM042 MB It is Right ThereAdult (m)4,15574625
GO7d4 PB Naughty Not an AltAdult (m)3,19660413
8QSi4 MB ChunkyButtAdult (m)6,5207007
bIKO3 MB Not a Golden KissAdult (m)5,2735085
kdRK4 MB Kiss with Glitter LipglossAdult (m)4,85054011
Bkpr2 PB Inky WishesAdult (f)5,26682916
06NY4 PB Gender Fail 33Adult (f)5,0606569
0a1H4 MB Speshul Black CatAdult (f)5,28162113
RVRWa2 MB 8Bat's hiding outAdult (f)3,8084025
qIniTCB MessAdult (m)2,72145618
aoeG63 PB Just DumAdult (m)3,2498325
KEEVkCB KEEVkAdult (m)5,7178858
6ohFS3 MG Grave BalletAdult (f)3,3914612
0fBI7CB When you feel a nibbleAdult (f)3,3074355
9elTNCB Came from the CaveAdult (f)5,9721,0313
tZAWN2 MB tZAWNAdult (f)4,0471,2423
fGrDM2 MB OwwwwchAdult (m)3,0251,01932
UbsHuCB of RandomnessAdult (f)3,80950521
P76FA(P76FA)Adult (m)2,3275645
TKOdU(TKOdU)Adult (m)2,5577813
S2uAt(S2uAt)Adult (m)3,4486243
OtNpJ(OtNpJ)Adult (f)2,9506002
Hwf0U(Hwf0U)Adult (f)2,7326321
hSJpT(hSJpT)Adult (m)3,4639263
EUxeqCB Scratch my ButtAdult (m)2,1547123
jqUD5(jqUD5)Adult (m)6,6328332
0mNSO(0mNSO)Adult (f)5,7329411
kHO1I(kHO1I)Adult (m)4,9949612
pDFm8(pDFm8)Adult (f)3,9489610
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