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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MidoriRai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Wk3XsTwins of Oceanic SkyAdult (m)1,5596571
2m04O(2m04O)Adult (m)2,2526710
FEGGEGrey of Storm and WindsAdult (m)1,4776281
p7BPK(p7BPK)Adult (m)1,6805760
iYLDOIvory in the SunAdult (m)1,3726461
463McMagenta LevitationAdult (m)3,2081,1522
RLwQdTurquoise set in ObsidianAdult (m)1,6026531
foBrDFlutter on Pastel DawnAdult (f)1,9316681
iQ1kNObsidian on AlabasterAdult (m)1,7316321
H7kpgSnowflake Dancing in NightAdult (f)1,9606911
wUusC(wUusC)Adult (m)1,7016030
cdF0iCrimson Splatters on ObsidianAdult (f)1,4946380
QC7HuCanopy of the LeavesAdult (m)1,6746122
Dl2vCCitrine of the EarthAdult (f)2,6337911
Iz7C1Brimstone from the EarthAdult (m)2,5078271
QVoSLSnow of Christmas EveAdult (f)1,5596512
NitP6Frost of Christmas EveAdult (f)1,5516211
IIbQxDiamond of the DeepAdult (f)1,7126191
OhxJDWave of Starlit TideAdult (f)2,5456180
1VZ1MCopper Red on SteelAdult (m)2,0018932
2vIXuTangled Vines of SpringAdult (m)1,8286841
PeKqoWhisp of the CloudsAdult (m)1,9456483
IwCio(IwCio)Adult (f)2,0426141
rE5N6Serpentine Shadow in DepthsAdult (f)1,8386461
DqThmObsidian in the DarkAdult (m)2,3476991
o0G10Sleek as Midnight WatersAdult (m)2,9961,1181
ZLpvFYin Yang of the BalenceAdult (f)2,2007721
AMRQpCrimson Blood Violet FuryAdult (m)2,1257421
zn4jkFlash in NightAdult (m)2,3065846
c7g2iCrackle in the NightAdult (m)2,2786662
rCKEJSoul of Lightning SongAdult (f)1,4796160
d4T3JBrilliance in the NightAdult (m)2,2605430
g5xk0Ferocity in the NightAdult (m)1,6885711
QXXwnSpark of Lightning SongAdult (f)1,9986261
TKCTOBolt in NightAdult (m)2,6105541
GK20rShock in the NightAdult (m)2,6105841
gtugb(gtugb)Adult (m)2,5415010
bMbCg(bMbCg)Adult (f)2,5575411
pNvUe(pNvUe)Adult (m)1,5205660
dBwXmMagma in the AshAdult (f)1,3806231
jjQd4Magma Veined AshAdult (m)1,4335920
PwQ6kMagma Shrouded AshAdult (f)1,7745800
iRPra(iRPra)Adult (m)2,3585631
t4LuIObsidian Tipped PinkAdult (m)2,0966261
oPgAeObsidian in GoldAdult (m)1,6626701
Su7T4Iridescent Dawning LightAdult (m)1,9026141
j52qgTurquoise in the NIghtAdult (m)1,8957090
Deq6BTurquoise Banded BlueAdult (f)1,9376730
uiPseNight of TurqouiseAdult (m)1,5646350
FgyH4Glory of Turquoise NightAdult (f)1,6255910
Nij1j(Nij1j)Adult (f)1,7096530
BTZRhShadow of the StormcloudsAdult (m)1,3626281
urnaXCaller of the StormsAdult (f)1,6845512
LDE43Shadow of the StormsAdult (f)1,3516001
sPdhJFallen Leaves on EarthAdult (f)1,5725451
R0HgYLeaves of Shaded GreenAdult (m)2,0836472
UXyFzMoss on Dark WatersAdult (f)1,2085781
urvDyEmerald Dappled ObsidianAdult (m)1,7175740
tdvVAMolten Gold of SunbeamsAdult (f)1,4235950
OCIsuAutumn of GoldAdult (f)2,0436603
zuXphCry of the DamnedAdult (m)2,1946613
8lODWHerald of the DamningAdult (m)1,7216094
2mwrDGhost of NightAdult (f)2,1058112
XtlJ8Laser KnightAdult (m)1,9998002
IPOodShaed of DarknessAdult (f)1,7196732
ymRyaEarth on Musky LandsAdult (m)1,7935901
HJ8MPGold of Harvest WheatAdult (m)1,7985570
IZHGfHellfire of the SunsAdult (m)1,7486022
hjM2CFiery Flames of HellAdult (m)1,8646420
dFqB9(dFqB9)Adult (m)2,7946110
dAoA7(dAoA7)Adult (f)2,3526441
9qquMLavender of NightAdult (m)3,5411,3171
mkQU1Grace of the DeepAdult (m)1,5395702
xA8miShimmering Blue of the DeepAdult (m)1,9115740
nCNDCAlabaster Shining in SerenityAdult (f)2,7528671
JYw28Sunlit Gold on Starlit SilverAdult (m)2,5609842
2j76SShining Gold on Starlit SilverAdult (m)2,9419111
lpIpwSilvered TreasureAdult (f)2,8948560
gKlvsSerenity LightAdult (m)3,1408240
2uHQEShimmer of Starlight SparkleAdult (f)4,0958351
e6qrP(e6qrP)Adult (m)3,5718321
uN52m(uN52m)Adult (f)3,4587860
bgppE(bgppE)Adult (m)3,5697140
oEHNPFires of the SunAdult (f)1,7236521
Syob0Emerald Hidden in LeavesAdult (f)1,6846072
3UK0GOpal in the MoonlightAdult (f)1,9996622
ovBI3Moonstone in the NightAdult (f)1,6006041
GR6A0Nebulae in the NightAdult (f)1,3906523
1aJb1Fire on Ebony VelvetAdult (m)1,7246281
WfyDWChangeling of the NightsAdult (f)1,4595861
QPyPAShimmering Blue in NightAdult (m)1,8085991
3HcYlKhaki Tinted GoldAdult (f)3,4201,4083
hLYYxMusky Green of OlivesAdult (m)1,9466194
e3LcRHazel in AgateAdult (f)1,5746141
RcFZfPink of Afternoon DreamsAdult (m)2,4485900
CTWZlDaffodil Yellow upon PurpleAdult (f)1,8286240
QT0YuPale Gold of IvoryAdult (m)1,6925611
e4tTcInk on Midnight BlueAdult (m)1,5796031
OENOoHyperactive Iridescent RainbowAdult (f)1,4885981
lDQCVRoyal Sky of DayAdult (f)1,1505531
CuYXNPearl of the FoamAdult (m)2,1697611
Hn9uRSilvered Teal of the SeaAdult (m)1,5426040
TsH1SViolet of WindsAdult (f)2,3236081
i8hdWPurple Stained MistsAdult (f)1,6795651
BjCYzBands of Violet WingsAdult (f)1,4176160
AZLkwSilver Swirls on BlueAdult (m)1,5746131
IOCDsSilver Swirls in Lapis LazuliAdult (f)1,4696080
HFoNCSilver Crown on BlueAdult (m)2,2925780
JuK4TMidnight Blue and StarlightAdult (m)1,9427060
fXcBPCrimson Beams of ScarletAdult (m)1,4775971
guEulFaded Fire of Echoed ScreechAdult (m)1,7426670
2aVmzSkywing's PrideAdult (f)2,6916166
cU0wpSwiftest Winds of BlueAdult (f)1,5345780
LzkrjGemstone in the RoughAdult (f)1,4936561
QISZWTurquoise Chips of Crested MoonAdult (m)5,3817492
BjUXiSilverfang of the SunAdult (m)1,9496752
BcH6HSunlit Silvery WhiteAdult (m)1,6515942
PqBndObsidian on EbonyAdult (f)2,9601,1135
5t0qmTopaz of the SkiesAdult (f)1,3486101
IyGWD(IyGWD)Adult (m)1,8585610
ubyodOpalescent Dance of the LightAdult (f)3,0598191
bnCDIFlush of DawnAdult (f)2,2931,0611
LhRHgShimmering Dance of PinkAdult (m)1,2695781
rZpSHSoft Dance of DawnAdult (f)1,9277070
BRTpsDance of Pastel PinkAdult (m)1,9076460
79G98Crimson Clouds in MidnightAdult (m)1,7085801
qY81VShimmer on Sunlit DreamsAdult (m)2,1307491
hwhpkIridescent Glimmer of DawnAdult (m)2,0386691
tP3X2Golden Glitter of DayAdult (m)1,9146990
CaLawDawn of Shimmering DreamsAdult (f)1,9625350
9k0dw(9k0dw)Adult (m)1,9156441
SgKRsGarnet of the FiresAdult (m)1,4856012
PDevB(PDevB)Adult (f)2,1306290
1my89Wings of Shaded SkiesAdult (f)2,2578251
620ObSky Swallow of Twin TailsAdult (m)1,4445931
jhdAJWings of Banded BlueAdult (f)1,3305781
ftvsAGold of Tinted WavesAdult (f)1,8876600
ixPB1Shimmer of Gold on WavesAdult (f)2,0495930
Nz2SZMoss on Shamrock GreenAdult (m)2,4256750
6AlufCrimson Crested BlueAdult (m)1,4325900
tHyzGWhite Webs on StoneAdult (m)1,7696861
BLiVrTsunami of the SkiesAdult (f)1,7556072
A1SsdPatterns of the SeaAdult (m)1,4995950
l8IksDaffodil in EbonyAdult (m)1,7056152
85wtVCyan painted IrisAdult (m)2,9459402
qdbysCape of Royal PurpleAdult (m)3,1549590
BO9kI(BO9kI)Adult (m)3,2298140
aYv7l(aYv7l)Adult (f)2,2185032
q6T4TCerulean WaterhorseAdult (f)2,0906151
I3dCP(I3dCP)Adult (m)2,5245980
eodIgLotus of the LakeAdult (m)2,7211,1721
mUF0lMaroon Hurricane of SpeedAdult (f)1,5815761
vDFwLBlaze of Rapid FiresAdult (f)1,6936560
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