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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
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  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Midnightshadow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6RZj(6RZj)Adult (m)1,42138939
3jfH(3jfH)Adult (m)1,6645183
qJJK(qJJK)Adult (f)1,6464483
Z6z8(Z6z8)Adult (f)1,64292727
3mN1(3mN1)Adult (f)5,96667228
aqEq(aqEq)Adult (f)1,7986177
HG6M(HG6M)Adult (m)2,6226273
bFC3(bFC3)Adult (f)1,4934564
QbkE(QbkE)Adult (m)1,4574303
HkDh(HkDh)Adult (m)2,0493358
vLR2(vLR2)Adult (f)1,0204154
juMF(juMF)Adult (m)3,8031,2757
dYsV(dYsV)Adult (m)63538024
7A30(7A30)Adult (f)3,4352297
pjDD(pjDD)Adult (f)2,2673045
caTh(caTh)Adult (f)1,5004364
JX8u(JX8u)Adult (f)1,6114442
3d1O(3d1O)Adult (m)1,2144772
iMQ1(iMQ1)Adult (f)1,9543217
P3R5(P3R5)Adult (f)1,5014626
kvjs(kvjs)Adult (m)1,3704334
9aME(9aME)Adult (f)1,5524464
5po0(5po0)Adult (m)1,07449716
qdcl(qdcl)Adult (m)3,8351,0337
Yh1f(Yh1f)Adult (f)2,85530014
urW8(urW8)Adult (m)1,9314963
jeYF(jeYF)Adult (f)9274454
09rl(09rl)Adult (f)2,1395724
2USd(2USd)Adult (f)1,8434823
1XJW(1XJW)Adult (m)1,6124425
4vkI(4vkI)Adult (m)2,7253635
qpck(qpck)Adult (f)1,6235998
GzWk(GzWk)Adult (m)2,0627104
EUdP(EUdP)Adult (f)2,2113625
7YKl(7YKl)Adult (f)2,40158812
hFqB(hFqB)Adult (f)3,8149337
mAX9(mAX9)Adult (m)1,1584681
MEdk(MEdk)Adult (f)1,1774731
XcAd(XcAd)Adult (f)1,7203624
oCP0(oCP0)Adult (m)1,1163969
VkXd(VkXd)Adult (m)2,2913144
JV5l(JV5l)Adult (f)3,6452433
kbOC(kbOC)Adult (f)1,6464505
CKrf(CKrf)Adult (f)1,6863292
1vR8(1vR8)Adult (m)2,2703095
DC3F(DC3F)Adult (m)1,7664703
jJd0(jJd0)Adult (m)1,1334632
lXuq(lXuq)Adult (m)2,53983232
vtmv(vtmv)Adult (f)1,3694323
XS6n(XS6n)Adult (m)9544624
BVDp(BVDp)Adult (m)1,0583705
1Q6S(1Q6S)Adult (m)1,84349110
tNta(tNta)Adult (m)2,1643524
MqX2(MqX2)Adult (f)1,7134633
vjNu(vjNu)Adult (m)2,3183161
8dWh(8dWh)Adult (f)2,1718502
UlSv(UlSv)Adult (m)1,8734793
79al(79al)Adult (f)4,70634231
UKMa(UKMa)Adult (f)1,5304383
gPfF(gPfF)Adult (f)2,2678762
Zga8(Zga8)Adult (f)1,7355954
Y5BF(Y5BF)Adult (f)1,70837915
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