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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mesmerizer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GbcyAn Iliad of WoesAdult (m)2,7571,84024
3vcwThe Lord of Mortal PestilenceAdult (f)3,2361,11817
KWuXGLet me feel youAdult (m)6,2766841
6dIeOKicking and Screaming outAdult (f)6,7548005
CTA2hI think they're closing inHatchling (m, F)5,8106511
mvgb7You flash before my eyesHatchling (F)3,3496071
BnIdGIt's like a dream Please believeAdult (f)2,4707452
tGqayLet it wash your agony awayAdult (m)3,0686645
sGKZYSay you will love meAdult (f)2,2157273
pkJxBDon't be afraid of yourselfAdult (m)2,5866677
xUCAVThen it's okayAdult (m)5,3436244
IUPONA dream in the passage of timeHatchling (m, F)4,8645822
T1UlGMess Memento MoriAdult (f)1,50163116
kVkQBIn the Name of the FatherAdult (m)3,0298853
IGTj3Crying in the distanceAdult (f)4,6315810
LEEU7Thought it was insaneAdult (f)4,6565690
REXAu(REXAu)Adult (m)5,2916881
LfevGCount the cost of sufferingHatchling (F)2,4962431
mMam6Away from the burning sideAdult (f)3,6433974
NnZalRotting in your alcoholic shellAdult (m)3,6703842
KyRswStomach twist insideAdult (m)4,3677881
AOsGxEverything's wrong and I can'tAdult (f)4,2457741
jkzXfFace down I just break downAdult (f)4,8457020
OoeAZOf a sweating locust's breathHatchling (m, F)4,4615710
hFmfA Fine Day-To ExitAdult (f)2,5821,75133
9p3ngLooking outside the insideAdult (m)5,3586271
H5a0Echoes Of TerrorAdult (f)4,4766947
1C2iSMesmerize my sensesAdult (m)2,3307413
nQffAt One With The EarthAdult (f)1,76965917
Cu6AMess All Faith Is LostAdult (m)2,65278215
1OVEmThe exception SilentAdult (f)6,1716553
TQDHThey DieAdult (f)2,2639759
JSwKsLocked in a box that I keepAdult (f)2,1168002
y95TyIt's getting colderAdult (m)2,9961,0297
kVrGNMess Buried a hundred miles deepAdult (f)1,5356312
1tw24Let it get colder until I can'tAdult (m)2,4389903
ke3RiThen I feel fineAdult (m)5,9547151
0K7kEI can feel themAdult (f)7,5996340
nQEURYou tried to see inside of meHatchling (F)3,8845441
Pt0syHere in my soulHatchling (f, F)5,6337232
9X9NTDeep in my soul in a placeAdult (m)2,0868081
wrvUGI can't feel Anything at allAdult (f)4,4601,1812
ngbdVHearts and minds find the timeAdult (m)5,6721,0712
amhMcIs this all there is of meHatchling (f, F)4,5569142
2RYRCHow fast time passed byHatchling (m, F)4,5738981
g6wXvThe heart-sick memoriesHatchling (F)1,1992821
FhE25And the sound of angel dreamsAdult (f)1,9536973
IFqfdLove me - Love me for meAdult (m)5,5611,3082
n7oTbI feel you outsideAdult (f)3,0457293
KYcTbAnd find a way back homeAdult (m)2,1526266
PEaW8The CrestfallenAdult (m)2,4358133
gWtaEMess And I LustAdult (f)2,5848502
TOHHPTo reach down and pull me outAdult (m)2,4339287
cbDkJAll like a dreamAdult (f)2,3447723
rydVgThe exception SightAdult (f)5,4761,0402
QUyRc(QUyRc)Adult (m)5,4106791
2XywtHere and now we areHatchling (F)3,1695283
JrAJ5Is this the one who thoughtAdult (f)4,6095810
vaRo8Coming down against it allAdult (m)4,9416462
b6M6rMess The Sweet SufferingAdult (f)1,63966313
r1XhhMess EverwakeAdult (m)2,6088162
tBcSuThe pains of love and hateHatchling (F)1,4945303
sOz7jThe inequity of fateHatchling (F)9272841
H0gMoSomewhere inside is the keyAdult (m)2,2178631
QFa3eA voice calls from paradiseAdult (f)2,8947983
uuB9RYou hold insideAdult (m)5,3077141
Zv20zBe free of all the painAdult (f)5,1447061
mWBmsThe cold night surrounds meAdult (m)2,0867613
GKL9LThe Shadows - The ShadowsAdult (f)1,5895731
9HS2RI want you toAdult (m)4,1696553
MpLkmYou would die for meAdult (f)4,1676562
Asx7KThink now that we're lost hereAdult (m)3,0348430
GWFPmLost here and we don't know whyAdult (f)3,0578420
N9MfAThis is not now I want to beAdult (f)4,3337791
XOQuBSouls entwine one more timeAdult (f)1,31938623
YZbs5Lovelorn RhapsodyAdult (m)2,3918353
EiqxaAt the edge of my lifeAdult (m)2,2368283
gshbnI had to let you goAdult (f)2,2056462
63swbI see you walk byAdult (m)1,6876955
pdzdUAnd I feel like I knew youAdult (f)2,6076372
fgowNWalk on through the wastelandAdult (f)4,7997030
h2Yc8In one thingAdult (m)5,2136391
e06MWSeeing is believing but I don'tAdult (m)6,1135940
tCAhCWhen I see you cryAdult (f)4,7997050
PWoVOBorn to the glare of the sensesAdult (m)6,1135431
x1yiUTwisted face of fading beautyAdult (f)5,8927312
hv2oI(hv2oI)Hatchling (F)2,1984242
bn3MtI've never seen a lightAdult4,39875612
NBZa8Blinded by the light insideAdult2,7667093
j8fseYour soul's lonely graveHatchling (F)5,5416722
bqPvpYou locked your heart awayHatchling (F)4,4056193
Wjsb9As the pressure growsHatchling (F)1,8865831
jHM7nSweetTearsAdult (m)2,0248801
lkzS7There's no one in this lifeAdult (m)3,6678671
UGH7pJ'ai Fait Une PromesseAdult (f)1,8868361
AqVwNCan't you see that this is killiAdult (f)3,6568561
0kNQ3They Will Always DieAdult (f)1,9628482
48NvAMankind with your heresyAdult (f)3,7138551
YyhUnThese feelings growHatchling (F)2,4217716
1qZiBAll our times will comeAdult (m)2,2569402
sXZe8Lost moments blown awayAdult (m)3,7108631
ojOn0Trample on bodiesHatchling (F)1,2955091
VaBMjNo Don't leave me hereAdult (m)5,0027092
zllI8With the black lights shiningAdult (m)2,9068521
kH1yOTo be here with me at my sideHatchling (F)1,7225941
eOzVDI know it's not too lateAdult (f)4,7987262
rLxRbThe dream carries onAdult (f)6,3397521
p6ukPNow you are gone eternallyAdult (f)4,8497221
NPlGwCause it's written on your faceAdult (m)2,6557561
oY4KGSliding down now with the blackAdult (m)2,6807471
u07eo(u07eo)Adult (m)2,6896060
sMX1p(sMX1p)Adult (m)2,6756050
fkDXOSleep In SanityAdult (f)1,7668091
8PCCQMess Scars Of The Old StreamAdult (m)1,8337931
23NueCannot see the day before youHatchling (F)2,7672621
fEAj9A serious misconceptionAdult (f)4,1908714
OdOA2To choose a path that led to runAdult (m)4,2468786
zrJqrNo one can find me hereAdult (f)6,5118273
moOrkAnd time is speeding byAdult (m)6,4598234
U1RxZFeelings will always shineAdult (f)3,9889204
nu0oDHow I grieve now you're goneAdult (m)6,6626703
1Z7bITo gather strength from the deptAdult (m)3,9501,1144
DfwvfBut your hand reaches downAdult (f)2,4079078
rv764It rips you up and lets you goAdult (m)2,3826973
NsmPUnder A Veil Of Black LaceAdult (f)2,1071,26119
ImvbMess Where Shadows DanceAdult (m)89461610
1Nk8Mess Dreaming The RomanceAdult (m)3,91745220
K7b5aPentecost IIIAdult (f)2,7018034
5tM4Searching oblivionAdult (f)2,3813523
HYELMine Is Yours To Drown InAdult (m)4,3936895
Pcvc6So far from homeHatchling (F)2,7354872
dkpNaSweet summer lightHatchling (F)2,6594792
bCMqpThis world is eating me insideHatchling (f, F)4,2177291
eCtg0Ours Is The New TribeAdult (f)3,45578616
8Yb54We' The GodsAdult (m)1,3447411
dJ4QiUnforgotten by timeAdult (f)3,3387652
CPdeYOur spirit is awakeningAdult (m)4,7365641
nBFRUHope is waitingAdult (m)3,8685481
I5kdoAnd calling out your nameAdult (f)4,6045750
dyZXn(dyZXn)Hatchling (F)2,1924213
JJwnThe Silent EnigmaAdult (m)1,0227794
SMnagRestless OblivionAdult (f)1,7866137
6CimgLend me your handAdult (m)6,5427520
NkNVRAnd I'll be yours for evermoreAdult (f)5,9906662
Wr7o8And now I'm leaving youHatchling (f, F)4,1326351
WRb6tPlease try to understandHatchling (F)2,3592700
Pb7sLIf I begin to feel lighterHatchling (F)2,2352520
OfbnYI sever between you and meHatchling (m, F)4,8515813
TBRvhBlack ice forms beneathAdult (m)1,8916114
4Hx6IMoving through my bodyAdult (f)5,0001,0585
4k86qTo everything I want to feelAdult (m)2,2037336
unx4XIt rises up and floods my brainAdult (f)6,2131,2473
B0j7HOnly feel what's deep insideHatchling (F)3,0822811
cXm1dA Shroud Of FrostAdult (f)1,7136963
8abZsLeaving nothing but the memoriesAdult (m)1,4777031
Hb3hoBut I can't hear youAdult (m)5,7617222
o8kK1You whisper your nameHatchling (m, F)6,2206210
2JgKcSunset Of The AgeAdult (m)1,9166994
Frn4cNocturnall EmissionAdult (f)2,0998664
8zElOFound you found youAdult (f)3,2511,0224
Laf5eI'm getting colderAdult (m)2,9681,1284
FvIgd(FvIgd)Adult (f)5,3477581
XWlCwSurrounded by aeons of silentAdult (m)1,7866303
vh811This wonderful feelingAdult (f)1,8726554
aFfjjA Cerulean TwilightAdult (m)1,7816561
3fktDA Dying WishAdult (f)1,7397213
usOyDTry to change it makes noHatchling (m, F)4,0575602
OcRyQIt makes no differencesHatchling (f, F)4,0465631
C0dJHDidn't want it - Let me goHatchling (F)2,3273731
iLotrLooking outside insideHatchling (F)2,3503772
IvyVdA child sings to meAdult (m)1,7194958
1VEpASomething I can't explainAdult (f)2,6046565
EUcgA Black OrchidAdult (m)98769211
LyUIAn EternityAdult (f)1,4451,0668
y0kzvIn our freedomAdult (f)4,6386471
aTLzcAlways be here for youAdult (m)2,8229965
p8l67To fight the fight from dayAdult (f)2,2737322
Ion20To be rid of a certain sinAdult (f)5,1396862
WZgjDFor it is timeAdult (m)4,9046931
gOSkgTo be who you couldn't beHatchling (f, F)3,7326542
fKwyzStare for a thousand yearsAdult (m)4,3681,0478
pWcXcThen disappear without a traceAdult (f)5,1136296
LhCUA(LhCUA)Adult (f)4,8757361
u9KqmCan't get away from the burningAdult (m)3,1219755
DgtpVWhy should I feel sympathyAdult (f)3,1019223
KFAwII live for todayAdult (m)2,9159606
mJbwMess A SentientAdult (m)2,43078121
Bsk3Mess An AngelicaAdult (f)1,61256816
SkAPq(SkAPq)Adult (f)4,8717471
VrmiHMy light is fading nowAdult (f)1,9987156
tgd3nSoars over the skiesAdult (m)5,1751,3182
ECNiKThe BelovedAdult (m)1,6388752
39ZMUEternity Part IAdult (f)2,7038422
2iFs4Eternity Part IIAdult (m)3,8159557
iMdodAll the things you giveAdult (f)3,2289730
Ra49zWhat's happened to meAdult (m)3,07298721
lqM0OBut the strength I always lovedAdult (f)4,1188124
L5eEHMess Suicide VeilAdult (m)1,8007122
85tLeMess A RadianceAdult (f)2,7417484
Vs2nAs Far AwayAdult (m)2,1031,28421
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