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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Merenwen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eHXhd(eHXhd)Hatchling (f)3,7309349
d5owP(d5owP)Hatchling (m)3,6979219
RtoS8(RtoS8)Hatchling (m)3,0227653
CIbvl(CIbvl)Hatchling (f)3,5808376
nhkbw(nhkbw)Hatchling (f)3,7049297
Sjzup(Sjzup)Hatchling (m)3,1148168
kf63Caranthir and RichardAdult (m)3,06697927
qX1ZMerenwen and WakanaAdult (f)7,55668240
dqCKTithenmamiwen and RachelAdult (f)7,69376543
vK7WDrew and MarcusAdult (m)6,5081,05216
i5DpElrohir and DavidAdult (m)5,03556523
NmLpWakana -n- MerenwenAdult (f)5,97778121
EMhlRichard -n- CaranthirAdult (m)6,06374423
6iPBCaranthir -n- RichardAdult (m)5,75178617
sqN7Blue Amber -n- MatrixAdult (f)3,76425524
CDIoMerenwen -n- WakanaAdult (f)5,2881,1239
gnHORavenous -n- VoraciousAdult (m)3,3539367
oV7URaven -n- VoraAdult (f)12,28082511
8rldMadness -n- MatrixAdult (m)4,4593655
Zk1UZ' ZukunoAdult (m)14,32595510
ZDX8Z' ZeedeeAdult (f)8,5295705
KR6rIliac and BayAdult (f)17,0631,13814
tMTuTanya -n- JayceeAdult (f)10,7021,0804
BfhrTom -n- JerryAdult (m)7,1087402
QGFaFry -n- NanaAdult (f)10,7817219
Pu2gPug -n- TugAdult (m)9,4656599
pJbcPJ -n- ButtaAdult (m)8,0536292
gj5PItchy -n- ScratchyAdult (m)7,0517973
YfQFMoni -n- StatAdult (f)6,9197431
oTWaoPhineas -n- FerbAdult (m)4,3805121
YYEqNIsabella -n- VanessaAdult (f)3,4957732
VDpshMario -n- LuigiAdult (m)4,1777743
uPmagPeach -n- DaisyAdult (f)4,2277711
6OM7tLenny -and- SquiggyAdult (m)4,3935503
SHGqIAl -n- falfaAdult (m)4,6605411
s3RksLaverne -and- ShirleyAdult (f)4,4337127
1fIgkDar -n- laAdult (f)4,9488142
j3sTuj3s -n- TuAdult (m)5,0358722
UfucgBoba -n- FettAdult (m)5,3568791
LqfDGLas -n- RouxAdult (f)5,5479422
nrTpiBaby -n- FettieAdult (f)5,4839053
uOSu2Elder -N- Scrolls IVAdult (m)4,2918141
GcqSONola -n- Big EasyAdult (f)4,3938351
e12lGMarcus -n- ColestonAdult (m)4,2527712
gbNgVBoudreaux -N- ThibodeauxAdult (m)4,4237061
dJWFXEldarion ThuwedAdult (m)7,4379483
Wl63YElder -N- Scrolls VAdult (m)5,6231,3723
7HoplSeve' -N- HopleAdult (f)5,8856282
sGeSUMorrow -N- WindAdult (f)4,9894952
rYgnZSky -N- RimAdult (f)7,1109501
KW2PoMarie -N- ClotileAdult (f)11,3321,2213
KsDlbReese -N- PuffinAdult (m)8,7881,1203
t2GjLSonja -N- DivinityAdult (f)7,5481,0484
sVg3tBrittany and NolaAdult (f)13,0231,3454
sCXe0Schizophrenia -N- DementiaAdult (m)6,0541,3196
Kb1DIsaac -n- LalaithionHatchling (m, F)3,53731314
4JYuSFrozen -N- CavebornHatchling (f, F)3,9318710
oO5vpUndecided SplitHatchling (F)2,0835892
JkggL(JkggL)Adult (f)8,9678143
K4GJo(K4GJo)Adult (f)4,0671,2935
eb3aY(eb3aY)Adult (m)4,8819811
FTaA1(FTaA1)Adult (m)3,5621,2142
4AHfE(4AHfE)Adult (f)4,9209281
kAuBM(kAuBM)Adult (m)4,7611,1333
qi8cK(qi8cK)Adult (f)4,2331,1892
3ohNy(3ohNy)Adult (m)4,3121,0607
hQSAY(hQSAY)Adult (f)4,4551,2803
0XIh2(0XIh2)Adult (m)4,5511,0793
3rf0g(3rf0g)Adult (f)5,0331,0063
0Xt3w(0Xt3w)Adult (m)4,1588941
76G3h(76G3h)Adult (f)4,0759708
mw7a0(mw7a0)Adult (m)4,6651,0872
niFdm(niFdm)Adult (m)3,8671,2964
qMcLc(qMcLc)Adult (f)5,3656541
ytitl(ytitl)Hatchling (f, F)5,5397298
8fcrT(8fcrT)Adult (m)9,0808514
r4FsP(r4FsP)Adult (m)3,9291,4313
SPiJL(SPiJL)Adult (m)2,1348837
W0gte(W0gte)Adult (m)6,6876791
II2aj(II2aj)Adult (m)5,2981,2492
5JuiZ(5JuiZ)Adult (m)4,8651,3571
eQKCp(eQKCp)Adult (f)4,87482287
vVfqL(vVfqL)Adult (f)3,6109851
VLSaL(VLSaL)Adult (f)5,2591,1797
oLs3B(oLs3B)Adult (f)4,7851,2401
9vn6k(9vn6k)Adult (f)4,9641,5554
OiQgq(OiQgq)Adult (f)1,9827011
LobyC(LobyC)Adult (f)5,6859425
mvndb(mvndb)Adult (f)5,2231,2032
29Tos(29Tos)Adult (m)5,2251,1865
joUhy(joUhy)Hatchling (f, F)4,9189832
pgH1tDreaming FirestormAdult (f)13,0089571
6LqXTOricorio DitrynerdAdult (m)10,2771,1203
8fpQZNathaniel Timekeeper JrAdult (m)10,1308386
o09K0o0aK0Adult (f)10,5811,0204
4iU1daiuidAdult (m)4,7961,0125
jLcNujcNuAdult (m)5,0061,0655
mxuSCmxuSiCAdult (f)4,7791,0506
DZlarDZlarAdult (f)5,0661,0594
xWVUt(xWVUt)Adult (f)4,8091,1526
jVFIp(jVFIp)Adult (m)5,1191,0491
tMnCE(tMnCE)Adult (f)3,8056621
fiJ0s(fiJ0s)Adult (m)4,1727901
QZGVTAP BonkHatchling (m, F)9,4506562
u0Tq7(u0Tq7)Adult (f)8,5725821
vc4Wx(vc4Wx)Adult (m)8,6045912
MvkPq(MvkPq)Adult (f)11,8588212
Op6sf(Op6sf)Adult (m)4,5037441
vfuTx(vfuTx)Adult (m)4,6598871
oy8tX(oy8tX)Adult (f)4,2918291
87jTl(87jTl)Hatchling (F)1,335892
oZ5MV(oZ5MV)Hatchling (m, F)8,8936222
qXXay(qXXay)Hatchling (F)9942722
QQhqPhoibe AlbusAdult (f)8,21156151
EmNNEmNN AlbusAdult (m)2,6882786
PgOWLacking PigmentationAdult (m)3,5184361
ISI1Havno PigmentationAdult (f)5,2568453
So3XClean So3xAdult (f)7,9411,3547
4DgqAlbino So3xAdult (m)6,5101,3382
FpvPiLacking ColorationAdult (m)3,4565161
MObgnHasno ColorationAdult (f)3,0695161
r3EUAIzbee MilkyAdult (m)4,5971,0350
caT6AMea MilkyAdult (f)5,0311,0401
CpWRfCreamy White NuggetAdult (f)4,9071,0304
MIW44Creamy White CenterAdult (m)5,0461,1851
sKvuMsKuM GalAdult (f)5,1491,2180
BnRCFAs Transparent DoesAdult (f)5,0041,2251
ufU9YFuy GuyAdult (m)5,0761,1881
i9MHJTransparent IsAdult (m)5,1081,2360
OQrO4Quake at my TransparancyAdult (m)5,8091,4221
J64npJessie DownAdult (f)5,9271,4680
K7ZSGJealous of my TransparancyAdult (f)5,8511,4461
JCIUPJCIUPAdult (m)5,9511,4453
nOf7GRinik PindaarAdult (f)3,1939196
IiB4CPane of GlassAdult (f)5,0628103
GhtIaClean Window PaneAdult (m)6,1746721
eTPcMClear CoatedAdult (m)4,7004362
2rDR4(2rDR4)Adult (m)4,4286226
Kg8FXDiin DovahHatchling (f, F)2,4165891
6CUAkI refused to neglectHatchling (F)2,0401361
U4rlg(U4rlg)Adult (m)3,1658401
VgI0Z(VgI0Z)Adult (f)3,3388461
caDYu(caDYu)Adult (f)2,9607541
QdWj2(QdWj2)Adult (m)3,1757960
7FAzU(7FAzU)Adult (f)7,5766242
MoPP3(MoPP3)Adult (f)4,4316961
RLl28(RLl28)Adult (m)5,2756450
frh6d(frh6d)Adult (m)5,4206230
bKQgB(bKQgB)Adult (f)6,3716661
mrMSM(mrMSM)Adult (m)6,1646661
EPyHe(EPyHe)Adult (m)6,2996280
Cbysa(Cbysa)Adult (f)6,4136201
Ku4mu(Ku4mu)Adult (f)6,4186212
oJUhH(oJUhH)Adult (m)6,2596071
go2Gz(go2Gz)Adult (m)5,4085752
upeSP(upeSP)Adult (m)5,5245741
L1JpN(L1JpN)Adult (f)5,2405581
kr0DR(kr0DR)Adult (m)5,6556371
BLKcX(BLKcX)Adult (f)6,1846381
Ys0LH(Ys0LH)Adult (f)5,7936061
vxYGy(vxYGy)Adult (m)5,3836542
9PVAl(9PVAl)Adult (f)5,4776212
rI5BB(rI5BB)Adult (m)4,4987572
aIJUz(aIJUz)Adult (m)4,0667331
shJgC(shJgC)Hatchling (F)1,8521531
PyFUe(PyFUe)Adult (f)8,5245832
oK5JW(oK5JW)Adult (m)7,7116342
gKJf2(gKJf2)Adult (m)5,1899872
DTY0b(DTY0b)Adult (f)5,3371,0241
J33Ej(J33Ej)Hatchling (f, F)4,6924992
DKpjw(DKpjw)Hatchling (F)2,4911682
0otSj(0otSj)Adult (f)3,0757241
PRGsH(PRGsH)Adult (m)3,1717291
JRjjm(JRjjm)Adult (m)3,1347471
r3djB(r3djB)Adult (f)3,7358222
ocV1j(ocV1j)Adult (m)5,1441,0191
DtZ1O(DtZ1O)Adult (f)5,0619871
l7Oof(l7Oof)Adult (m)4,0018871
kdvCe(kdvCe)Adult (f)3,3187452
YfzwF(YfzwF)Adult (f)8,1966123
wbO0w(wbO0w)Adult (m)11,9081,2053
a9ewh(a9ewh)Adult (f)11,4151,1392
e1AxV(e1AxV)Adult (m)9,0771,1864
SdPFd(SdPFd)Adult (f)3,9607702
JDQP4(JDQP4)Adult (m)8,6189502
b2Bdo(b2Bdo)Adult (m)4,3868793
I9zeg(I9zeg)Adult (f)6,0281,0882
Jiucd(Jiucd)Adult (m)5,2627813
Nt6ZU(Nt6ZU)Adult (m)4,6849474
24LnM(24LnM)Adult (f)4,4698092
6Ewvd(6Ewvd)Adult (m)5,4311,0755
xKVdi(xKVdi)Adult (f)2,8174932
0TnaP(0TnaP)Adult (m)4,4789115
1PUy7(1PUy7)Adult (f)4,8119354
zYIwY(zYIwY)Adult (f)6,9321,0322
vMmyI(vMmyI)Adult (f)3,7947591
45PZQ(45PZQ)Adult (m)3,8796970
RpnPl(RpnPl)Hatchling (m, F)2,7695267
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