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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Meowmocha,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BmhtGGullible in GrapeAdult (m)9,5541,4562
1iJprThrow a Bolt of LightningAdult (m)7,7191,0932
sCW0oAre You There Are You ThereAdult (m)3,4101,06220
myfZkOr Are You Just a Decoy DreamAdult (f)3,2511,0107
K3NumTerror of the VolcanoAdult (m)3,7011,0738
bGvD2Such Fiery EleganceAdult (f)6,3621,2667
tw15jROARRRRRRRAdult (m)6,5021,2536
JWbOhLava Is My NameAdult (m)7,1401,0813
EZBcOBurning Is My GameAdult (f)7,5671,1504
QpI6YBeware the Ring of FireAdult (f)6,0661,0082
0LoU5Or You Shall Be Reduced to AshAdult (f)8,5491,3104
fejEmPlease Meet Me on the EquinoxAdult (m)7,1251,0593
QzMcIOr Meet Me HalfwayAdult (m)8,6471,3044
HFpi9Cyan Neon FlamesAdult (f)7,4001,1553
R1YysTopaz Neon FlamesAdult (m)5,9831,0594
5RJuQSapphire Neon FlamesAdult (f)7,9851,2755
QUxcPBrilliant Neon FlamesAdult (m)7,3551,3173
SLdvyMaster of SapphireAdult (m)7,5601,0003
V8y3UMaster of RubyAdult (m)8,8881,4276
ktsT2The Incredible Disappearing InkAdult (m)6,8351,0274
MlW39The Incredible Vanishing InkAdult (m)8,0741,4108
UsoPTSalted Caramel DreamsAdult (m)7,3641,2566
w3JgfSpeckled Caramel DreamsAdult (m)6,2841,1023
PTYjVSpotted Caramel DreamsAdult (m)6,9951,1502
BFhnQChocolate Caramel DreamsAdult (m)8,5561,3002
LrJFTMerry Caramel DreamsAdult (m)8,5101,2773
4GDGbMs Snarl SnarlAdult (f)4,1421,06610
t9y3fMr Snarl SnarlAdult (m)6,4269742
4yfxEQureepAdult (f)9,7901,29410
aVIezJacquelina FrostAdult (f)3,27395313
noSciIsabella FrostAdult (f)6,3521,1575
td1UJJimmy FrostAdult (m)7,7771,3263
9IwudMarcus VioletspineAdult (m)7,2631,1266
tChyEMatthias VioletspineAdult (m)5,8961,1144
9qpJnMina VioletspineAdult (f)9,0661,3169
qvUVPAcrobat on the High RiseAdult (m)5,7409472
OakfjRed Oak LeavesAdult (f)7,7801,2852
r4HwiAngry Oak LeavesAdult (m)8,2741,3222
HaEEoFurious Oak LeavesAdult (m)7,9081,2682
OYPTFArthur SkydrakAdult (m)6,4149923
hWCW0But I LiedAdult (m)7,4261,2167
pYE9YAnd That's BadAdult (f)10,4321,61011
OaHkgGlorious WindchimesAdult (f)6,8291,0193
kdx2BFirefly Magpie DragonAdult (m)9,1631,2274
jbsWZEsgyll AurAdult (f)8,2051,3584
qBjucWinged GrovyleAdult (m)7,2051,2893
5QavLWinged BulbasaurAdult (m)7,9481,1952
srJefThe Flying Koi DragonAdult (m)7,3691,4803
muVGCThe Finest Koi DragonAdult (f)6,7771,5214
cZkKkThe Handsome Koi DragonAdult (m)7,4621,65712
4Pa3nThe Beautiful Koi DragonAdult (f)8,3281,5651
EDApZThe Awesome Koi DragonAdult (m)7,9471,5453
k9SpkThe Lovely Koi DragonAdult (f)7,8321,5022
XIOslThe Gorgeous Koi DragonAdult (f)7,8441,4962
XqEk8The Dashing Koi DragonAdult (m)7,6961,5131
yv0fZThe Cool Koi DragonAdult (m)5,7591,2491
onPtyThe Cooler Koi DragonAdult (m)5,7871,2602
x2xLJThe Coolest Koi DragonAdult (m)5,3901,1122
bsHUVThe Epic Koi DragonAdult (m)6,2971,1841
WJRFGSpotty Spotty Spot SpotAdult (m)7,3731,0573
5nVbNSpeckly Speckly Speck SpeckAdult (f)7,9091,2043
Sa5J0An Emerald SurpriseAdult (m)8,5371,2863
8uNPVAn Emerald AvalancheAdult (m)7,5311,1764
xMrCmAzure DearestAdult (f)9,6201,2227
XcjcuArmored VulcanAdult (f)4,9209295
Z4kCuShrek-I'm-Looking-DownAdult (m)3,2509137
6DHrvDon't-Look-Down-DonkeyAdult (f)4,9411,2316
Q7JWJWhat-Kind-of-a-Knight-are-YouAdult (f)6,4861,0725
c8YJcThe Grandest FlameforgerAdult (f)7,1821,5269
n51CUThe Hottest TemperAdult (f)7,6061,0674
C2dFVThe Fieriest TemperAdult (m)6,3139472
Dzd4hThe Fieriest FlameforgerAdult (m)8,5301,3657
8XBtZThe Epic FlameforgerAdult (f)7,3031,3154
5twNDSeafoam InfernoAdult (f)7,1911,1131
BJJ9EMs Holly FollyAdult (f)7,7511,2407
M8jzJYoung Guardian of the North PoleAdult (f)7,2601,5173
g2wwMCalm Beauty of the NorthAdult (f)6,3031,3075
iaRLnLovely Little LightsAdult (f)6,7531,3483
ZIiRdTwinkling Stars in the NorthAdult (m)6,4161,3342
JeG5HLet Peace Wash Over the EarthAdult (f)6,2251,2482
vPEaJDasher Candy-caneAdult (m)7,4151,2649
tRvMBDancer Candy-caneAdult (m)5,1101,0991
U50dvPrancer Candy-caneAdult (m)6,7981,4632
dMCxYVixen Candy-caneAdult (m)7,6891,4713
TCfyyComet Candy-caneAdult (m)6,8701,3852
YpnO2Cupid Candy-caneAdult (m)7,0551,3191
g2kPpDonner Candy-caneAdult (m)6,6991,2483
6hAgxBlitzen Candy-caneAdult (m)6,6811,2373
LVItkRudolph Candy-caneAdult (m)6,8111,2442
LswoLSparkly DewdropAdult (f)7,3991,2359
dyIcWNorthern Lights Shine Upon YouAdult (f)6,8531,18910
jyOi4Love is Here on This DayAdult (f)10,4041,4383
jLDEyJoy is Brought to the WorldAdult (f)7,1201,4042
dciJdDance For FreedomAdult (f)7,5151,4933
KT4AXHope Has Come TonightAdult (f)6,9631,3231
qBsGqShout It on the MountaintopsAdult (f)6,5721,2193
GOTqxLet the Nations SingAdult (f)6,5531,1972
4O6ui(4O6ui)Adult (f)7,6941,25112
XOBvt(XOBvt)Adult (f)7,4351,4931
0h50b(0h50b)Adult (f)8,4271,4012
0A5Km(0A5Km)Adult (f)8,0111,4774
6w8Ud(6w8Ud)Adult (f)7,5171,4785
pNwAI(pNwAI)Adult (f)6,6541,4781
4evXK(4evXK)Adult (f)7,0261,3861
Vv9KW(Vv9KW)Adult (f)6,3891,3003
e8hkq(e8hkq)Adult (f)6,6721,2502
NHjzu(NHjzu)Adult (f)6,6451,2623
P2vV1(P2vV1)Adult (m)7,5521,25110
bprQ6(bprQ6)Adult (m)6,7191,1398
JUA8g(JUA8g)Adult (m)7,6861,5177
PzQzf(PzQzf)Adult (m)6,2181,2443
pqzfF(pqzfF)Adult (m)5,0791,0873
8gVji(8gVji)Adult (m)7,1231,4152
0rlMY(0rlMY)Adult (m)6,9551,3471
pujkw(pujkw)Adult (m)6,4871,3542
JHvMl(JHvMl)Adult (m)6,6911,2634
rfhSQ(rfhSQ)Adult (f)8,6161,4129
xwcb7(xwcb7)Adult (f)7,3501,4251
TVfh9(TVfh9)Adult (f)6,8711,4331
CZhln(CZhln)Adult (f)7,2491,4251
DXS0L(DXS0L)Adult (f)5,0031,0863
7rSPV(7rSPV)Adult (m)9,5551,5192
KvdaW(KvdaW)Adult (m)6,7841,4392
AwtiJ(AwtiJ)Adult (f)7,2891,4312
cdzmu(cdzmu)Adult (m)7,2341,3933
nzLU1(nzLU1)Adult (f)7,2961,4152
eDd4V(eDd4V)Adult (m)7,0451,4433
fEp0uWintery Lion of the NorthAdult (m)9,3521,4902
b8h5DLlew EiraAdult (m)7,8101,5155
2pOmqMighty Roar of the AvalancheAdult (m)7,0901,4142
BASNcPolar Bear DragonAdult (m)6,9861,3884
eUvXJ(eUvXJ)Adult (m)9,6191,5262
ra3qJ(ra3qJ)Adult (m)6,7691,3011
rztZE(rztZE)Adult (f)6,8531,3072
Mmk5W(Mmk5W)Adult (f)6,1631,2602
1jW9YLook at the Pretty LightAdult (f)7,9171,5137
kWaRPWise Old DergAdult (m)7,9151,5423
CREAFMs Rawr RawrAdult (f)6,4481,0473
tMU0XMr Rawr RawrAdult (m)6,4951,1041
lprwiMadame Rawr RawrAdult (f)7,8891,36612
QqJtNNoble Steed- Now in PurpleAdult (f)3,9811,22913
TXzuMThe Finest FillyAdult (f)4,7721,1454
v4JA0The Mauve MareAdult (f)6,7541,0832
5bz4mSuave StallionAdult (m)7,2541,1887
DsvpjThe Coolest ColtAdult (m)6,7841,0202
HxntKMarvellous MustangAdult (m)6,9271,0595
YaPHNPrim PonyAdult (f)7,5591,2493
nVjynFabulous FoalAdult (m)8,4941,3748
cnFSRHeckling HyenaAdult (m)8,9261,4094
Uf2seDancing in the MagelightAdult (m)6,5879703
hbM9qInfinite FeathersAdult (m)7,0271,1208
BKoUFInfinite PlumageAdult (f)9,2911,36217
vARaUVarauAdult (f)9,6221,3395
52vlRI'm So Tiny and BlueAdult (f)6,6761,2724
ObCbfFreaky Sci-fi MonsterAdult (m)7,0401,0612
KP41KFreaky Sci-fi AlienAdult (f)6,4151,2031
1DqFFMalachi MalachiteAdult (m)6,7501,0253
GVNQQCharraptorAdult (m)3,8881,20712
8N5etCharvioletAdult (f)3,2381,0385
D8ZNEDazneAdult (m)10,8101,3521
nqH7qAmber FaunAdult (f)7,0401,2972
cD0I6Behold My Gorgeous ScalesAdult (m)8,8711,2501
FQemVBehold My Lovely ScalesAdult (f)8,3041,3656
PUUuyBehold My Marvellous ScalesAdult (m)8,4431,2823
aKbeiGlowing Carnival DragonAdult (f)6,6951,0003
LFQcARainbow Pastel WingsAdult (m)6,7461,2622
sQzZhVivacious in ViridianAdult (m)6,6769672
0EHPOJolly in JadeAdult (f)6,6421,0061
W3btbGrand in GreenAdult (f)5,7991,1023
CNWeDLovely in LimeAdult (f)6,9911,0701
zkKwSGreat EmberAdult (m)4,5241,1536
FbjDEFabulous EmberAdult (f)7,6621,2128
FeCXyDarius EmberAdult (m)7,8601,2313
c9ls3Nathan EmberAdult (m)8,9731,2234
wLrX6Natasha EmberAdult (f)8,8451,2802
JhUcyBrenda EmberAdult (f)8,2921,2423
xW2JoFrightening EmberAdult (m)8,8211,2954
ZDmkuTerrifying EmberAdult (m)9,0881,3325
C7WA0Layla EmberAdult (f)7,7851,2884
SiiU6Suzanne EmberAdult (f)7,5261,2664
zx2s9Sarah EmberAdult (f)7,9081,3363
KbpfAFeral EmberAdult (m)7,8241,3002
oOQ8yFlaming LavascaleAdult (f)9,3131,3253
Zy6isLemon Skink WeaselAdult (f)4,1581,17911
LxBMqCackle Cackle SnarlAdult (m)6,8451,2782
MpXDdUnder Pressure Under PressureAdult (f)4,0012794
KHfN6It's Pushing Down On MeAdult (f)7,0251,3794
2R3ZrPushing Down On You Pushing DownAdult (m)6,9971,2865
mZoCtThe Jade ImpAdult (m)6,7789833
0C0O8The Jolly JesterAdult (m)6,9151,0252
6jvTzThe Just JokerAdult (m)6,2481,0753
B5CRLEnvious in EmeraldAdult (m)9,0871,28910
5AdlIMisty LionAdult (m)8,6291,3032
j9lsBForsythia JonesAdult (f)4,8861,0657
AoQAkBryn JonesAdult (m)7,7641,3101
lZC9OQuietest MoonAdult (f)8,2641,2583
z4ZvDNova of PorthglasAdult (f)6,1681,0814
dLZKSAce of CosmosAdult (m)7,1471,2654
d0wG2Fiery Cosmic InfernoAdult (f)7,0001,0522
iPeKmMagma-Filled Cosmic InfernoAdult (f)6,7771,1322
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