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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mengillo Aldurlin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
b9cuso if i name this dragonAdult (m)3,48672011
nh4jgreen bastardAdult (f)2,5016765
mjni(mjni)Adult (m)2,3806566
2tOV(2tOV)Adult (m)2,5676509
0JkB(0JkB)Adult (m)2,5186669
AHEr(AHEr)Adult (m)2,4807044
bqkp(bqkp)Adult (f)1,9506505
JE3g(JE3g)Adult (f)1,8785951
m66S(m66S)Adult (f)2,0026051
CIos(CIos)Adult (f)2,2336138
DeYm(DeYm)Adult (f)2,2716346
kbRI(kbRI)Adult (f)1,5707303
Ra7F(Ra7F)Adult (f)1,6707482
I0J8(I0J8)Adult (m)2,4556473
tTT7(tTT7)Adult (f)2,5316591
n6tR(n6tR)Adult (m)2,5966730
L8LQ(L8LQ)Adult (m)2,5916700
TSJS(TSJS)Adult (f)2,1755402
F8C6(F8C6)Adult (f)3,1747455
FbqW(FbqW)Adult (m)3,2367174
dGbv(dGbv)Adult (f)3,2717285
diqjb(diqjb)Adult (m)1,6785762
RCiO2(RCiO2)Adult (f)1,9392737
azpSj(azpSj)Adult (m)2,4823082
sT4hq(sT4hq)Adult (m)1,8752995
gWzDa(gWzDa)Adult (f)2,1323244
zjRiP(zjRiP)Adult (m)2,2923394
xJ5NW(xJ5NW)Adult (f)2,4416863
Hzw6q(Hzw6q)Adult (m)3,3108105
V1YXo(V1YXo)Adult (m)3,4098862
TK0Eq(TK0Eq)Adult (m)3,5328693
lNHxA(lNHxA)Adult (m)3,4278532
tZTbD(tZTbD)Adult (f)8,1237392
H3tgG(H3tgG)Adult (m)8,2587571
AzlK6(AzlK6)Adult (f)8,1737371
scB7(scB7)Adult (f)4,36478210
T9d8(T9d8)Adult (m)4,3667555
lIuD(lIuD)Adult (m)4,68776510
3Xrm(3Xrm)Adult (m)4,3437744
pmA8(pmA8)Adult (f)11,05573713
QAFE(QAFE)Adult (f)6,49368620
FSU8(FSU8)Adult (m)4,1894104
gUHE(gUHE)Adult (m)3,5553626
uXYt(uXYt)Adult (m)4,0854036
eGY5(eGY5)Adult (m)1,45477114
Sqkj(Sqkj)Adult (f)1,4738211
QfKB(QfKB)Adult (f)1,4727754
2Xru(2Xru)Adult (f)3,07240013
sjrI(sjrI)Adult (m)1,5598271
vYTS(vYTS)Adult (f)2,0625747
hdeO(hdeO)Adult (f)1,6926485
TCJN(TCJN)Adult (f)8,16659416
QXQG(QXQG)Adult (m)8,17054515
CBCg(CBCg)Adult (m)6,14556015
bqLO(bqLO)Adult (f)2,20851215
M4Qb(M4Qb)Adult (m)4,1574084
OFdX(OFdX)Adult (m)2,71463320
MWiY(MWiY)Adult (f)2,10145813
LG1R(LG1R)Adult (m)3,3734976
qEHP(qEHP)Adult (f)2,8994416
h2BN(h2BN)Adult (m)2,9054507
FWvj(FWvj)Adult (m)2,29530514
4LnY(4LnY)Adult (m)7,15954010
4bkE(4bkE)Adult (m)7,39654311
RNDA(RNDA)Adult (f)6,68350710
k4tm(k4tm)Adult (m)8,1806579
v8Oq(v8Oq)Adult (f)5,1374234
Qqdm(Qqdm)Adult (m)5,79175611
iptY(iptY)Adult (f)4,4344273
6kve(6kve)Adult (m)4,0503933
WoLI(WoLI)Adult (m)3,8083905
HES4(HES4)Adult (f)4,1566118
R5kg(R5kg)Adult (m)1,8604369
JhGq(JhGq)Adult (m)6,28561019
Euu7(Euu7)Adult (m)3,7135868
fPKN(fPKN)Adult (f)4,10053721
ryei(ryei)Adult (m)7015545
hkWe(hkWe)Adult (f)3,83052119
9a3C(9a3C)Adult (m)1,5654727
DuYu(DuYu)Adult (m)4,58163212
ANWc(ANWc)Adult (f)1,7294853
RApe(RApe)Adult (f)4,24954918
eCZr(eCZr)Adult (m)1,75030210
HPzw(HPzw)Adult (m)2,0702908
tiaD(tiaD)Adult (f)4,15653820
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