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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Melcie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dwjvAudentia Mart IAdult (m)2,91045743
jDKEAudentia Double IAdult (m)3,70345812
WjEFAudentia My Precious IAdult (f)4,3213996
EZ39Audentia Ceteri IAdult (f)6,7034672
XlmJAudentia Twin IAdult (f)4,0392702
V7T0Audentia Magister IAdult (m)7,2901,0743
Es0NCAudentia Dubio IAdult (m)4,5811,0202
ZR9EJAudentia Dobbler IAdult (m)5,8751,0847
PfIfqAudentia Republicrats IAdult (f)6,7721,1105
RWWdeAudentia Blue Blobs IAdult (m)8,5551,3586
3uKBTUbikittiu VIIIuAdult (f)5,7609292
UrmYm(UrmYm)Adult (f)10,1381,1743
WLCZpAudentia TwinheadHatchling (m, F)5,9607832
pZiwdAudentia ZiwadHatchling (f, F)3,3081,0031
3Nr1XAudentia Silvana IAdult (f)6,5041,1455
s6WnBAudentia Pfalizortan IAdult (m)8,1781,1516
7iX7fAudentia Laminia IAdult (f)5,6501,0645
hix6FAudentia Romandros IAdult (m)8,6061,4053
VMKDdAudentia Vahatmandu IAdult (f)3,1076782
I7FAFAudentia Ifaf IAdult (f)6,9431,0993
BcE1RAudentia Beicr IAdult (m)4,0814232
JuIoP(JuIoP)Adult (f)4,5444281
L4pcDAudentia Lacipidei IAdult (f)5,6201,0134
TrgF7Audentia Tragfizi IAdult (f)5,4198155
BquQuAudentia Buququ IAdult (f)6,9609513
WYAGV(WYAGV)Adult (f)10,8561,4307
L47HIAudentia Levthayi IAdult (f)8,6091,4666
qc2uvAudentia Qutivu IAdult (f)8,0801,1958
KfoDNAudentia Kfodan IAdult (m)7,6981,3314
fWYPlAudentia Fwypil IAdult (m)10,3951,5501
ZQz77(ZQz77)Adult (f)7,1661,2923
OxoEjAudentia Wolindros IAdult (m)3,4961,0042
los2uAudentia Lindt IAdult (m)5,8891,0555
FEqYSAudentia Grenada IAdult (f)4,3118752
1TtJKAudentia Marie Ann IAdult (f)5,0779631
U2UMAAudentia Palontea IAdult (f)6,5871,1224
VOneyAudentia Arthurion IAdult (m)5,6941,1163
3kPPwAudentia Gomorra IAdult (m)5,7541,0885
A6Mvn(A6Mvn)Adult (m)5,9001,0465
4tzHZ(4tzHZ)Adult (f)6,8501,2105
AdW6B(AdW6B)Adult (f)9,5681,4494
lsham(lsham)Adult (f)7,2591,3633
JmpluAudentia Jimplu IHatchling (f, F)3,0406292
6tYfOAudentia Argeon IAdult (m)4,5318414
QKS7LAudentia Quekzial IAdult (f)7,3571,0995
sKiPTAudentia Skipt IAdult (f)6,7721,0084
XChqBAudentia Xchabyalis IAdult (f)7,1011,1243
jbNHvAudentia Aeana IAdult (f)7,0111,0404
A8rRJAudentia Aerion IAdult (m)10,1101,1283
zmnEGAudentia Zmneg IAdult (m)4,4181,0044
ZD3yFAudentia Zarydef IAdult (f)5,9959707
aYLTSAudentia Zynolys IIAdult (m)6,8191,3824
u6olSAudentia A Gloria IAdult (f)7,7251,3321
cySXmAudentia Cysxim IAdult (m)7,7491,3372
nzToeAudentia Nozetoe IAdult (f)6,6731,3611
mNONTAudentia Emnont IAdult (m)6,1221,2342
FpRLgAudentia Glorisya IAdult (f)7,2601,2513
UZLvgAudentia Uzlug IAdult (m)6,1401,2283
ahrvIDried Primum IIAdult (f)6,2301,1632
yKH2SAudentia Yihkes IAdult (f)4,8309331
3zn4kAudentia Aeoris IAdult (m)7,2021,0453
2wqPkAudentia Alien Sky IAdult (m)8,0321,1705
078uXIts Dark Soon XMAS IIIAdult (m)8,3571,1873
3GHR3Audentia Ogherius IAdult (f)5,9651,2113
b3rFxAudentia Northwind IAdult (m)5,9191,1952
6JpIbAudentia Aethis IAdult (f)6,0461,2001
GUX8JAudentia Guxio IAdult (m)6,1921,1852
se3BNAudentia Seibin IAdult (f)6,0091,2064
j9hqbAudentia Jahabab IAdult (f)7,2521,3385
ERm3xAudentia Zijwind HAL IIAdult (f)6,3241,1473
4GLuTAudentia Auglut IAdult (f)6,6741,1833
bw3Q4Audentia Brewie IIAdult (m)6,7631,3741
O9W79Audentia Ozwald IAdult (m)6,4721,3562
ZkjxPAudentia Aetherion IAdult (m)8,3481,3333
dMO0vArcanas Winds HAL IIAdult (f)6,4441,2363
71OboMy Own Thyr VAL IIIAdult (m)9,1411,2725
SQHUbDare To Sleep IIAdult (f)8,6891,1722
I6sjAudentia Withney IAdult (f)8975417
KtIoAudentia Mikey IAdult (m)4,6037925
dhvuoAudentia Albina IAdult (f)6,2181,1787
jyLP0Audentia Ramona IAdult (f)6,9881,3392
pgkUuAudentia HornsHatchling (f, F)3,0126492
rZLS6Audentia LacteusHatchling (m, F)3,0026952
8ljbyAudentia Libby IAdult (f)8,6941,3953
GY5xPAudentia Gyrrip IAdult (f)8,7191,2842
wRbnOAudentia Warbiona IAdult (f)8,5521,2975
6SD2U(6SD2U)Adult (f)8,3361,1952
8EK8SAudentia Alcody IAdult (m)10,8431,4633
2M9wg(2M9wg)Adult (m)3,6438376
ED2mf(ED2mf)Adult (f)7,8391,1773
U5DmcAudentia Alcedo IAdult (m)8,5561,3444
D4zf5Audentia Daxfus IAdult (m)8,3781,2943
OemgFAudentia Oemgi IAdult (m)8,4491,2561
JxRFtAudentia Jaraxfat IAdult (f)8,1641,2522
GkeaTAudentia Gakaut IAdult (m)8,2711,1742
zp8OvAudentia Zapovia IAdult (f)8,0561,1583
vcVyQAudentia Vavoyza IAdult (f)4,6558002
mKbipAudentia Mikbip IAdult (f)1,62664212
pydJR(pydJR)Adult (m)7,5421,2592
6UduW(6UduW)Adult (m)7,7201,2064
uchNQAudentia Uchno IAdult (m)4,4878521
Z5k6VAudentia Almera IAdult (f)4,4718371
ZNoftAudentia Zonoft IAdult (m)7,9641,1001
6OISIAudentia Almerio IAdult (m)6,4289375
ZU2oDAudentia Zuod IAdult (f)7,9341,0094
X9mMyAudentia Xomyi IAdult (f)3,1794191
9ByunVulexrida Hall IIAdult (f)6,8311,2123
YfLIaAudentia Yfla IAdult (m)6,8311,1911
cehth(cehth)Adult (m)10,4861,3882
B1EdUAudenta Angalli IAdult (f)6,9311,1733
qqJuRAudentia Geoseppe IAdult (m)6,6441,1893
c9KQ4Audentia Mark IAdult (m)7,2721,1983
6pRSdAudentia Parsed IAdult (m)7,3411,2075
IPi2NAudentia Ipina IAdult (f)7,0511,1855
lX787Audentia Fahalra IAdult (f)7,4301,2245
zs73MAudentia Zesmo IAdult (m)6,6121,3345
vdMACAudentia Macy IAdult (f)6,4451,1106
ElPp5Audentia Elpo IAdult (m)6,6031,1745
btpWOAudentia Brent IAdult (m)6,4781,0561
KbvetAudentia Kbvet IAdult (m)6,4721,0711
SlQmKAudentia Farhinda IAdult (f)6,0621,2215
8FGoBAudentia Gobba IAdult (f)8,0321,2132
RM69eAudentia Parseggo IIAdult (m)7,5991,1399
z57owAudentia Mipps IIAdult (f)7,0831,1008
qQKeEAudentia Gio Seppe IIAdult (m)7,2061,0977
1thB8Audentia Bleimelda IAdult (f)6,7451,4422
NSERhAudentia Nesereh IAdult (f)7,1491,2332
N8VngAudentia Rudhina XMAS IIAdult (f)7,6871,2251
ffhD8Audentia Galliss IAdult (f)8,7361,3064
BduB9Geolane Silvers IIAdult (f)5,7579582
Ht2UIAudentia Hutuie IAdult (f)9,1091,3094
CtB2EAudentia Ceased 2 BeHatchling (m, F)5,9801,2673
hshsJAudentia Antera IAdult (f)4,1898802
0bHNGAudentia Arthur IAdult (m)4,3108842
rKXMDAudentia Rixmid IAdult (f)5,9591,0514
W96PjAudentia Pharao IAdult (m)6,2061,0513
HXKyNAudentia Haxyn IAdult (m)5,5071,1742
F0gMVAudentia Ishma IAdult (f)5,8161,1572
0XSnbAudentia Oxnob IAdult (m)5,7621,1324
wx7yUAudentia Ishmir IAdult (m)3,4478455
v8taeAudentia Vitae IAdult (f)6,4101,0282
dWew3Audentia Andrew IAdult (f)6,8891,2955
F32Jl(F32Jl)Adult (m)4,5857182
cm2gY(cm2gY)Adult (m)10,0371,5393
99UwR(99UwR)Adult (f)4,1427311
RQS71Audentia Rosqit IAdult (m)5,5129822
ZeajQ(ZeajQ)Adult (f)7,2311,1203
xmO1j(xmO1j)Adult (f)7,3801,1482
Gyc45(Gyc45)Adult (f)5,5401,0765
AlJ3hNalvioza Hall IIAdult (f)6,7981,2071
FVXvvWubmus Hall IIAdult (m)6,5431,1891
a1PlKAilpick Hall IIAdult (m)6,8141,1621
v4zlWAudentia Anteria IAdult (f)6,8071,1182
dlLyGAudentia Daellyg IAdult (f)9,3171,1923
SRP3hAudentia Sephora IHatchling (f, F)2,9743851
kL8zLAltarian FrezHatchling (f, F)6,6531,1022
mX4wfAudentia Mafwaxis IAdult (m)8,5721,4154
0lDPhAudentia Aqualia IAdult (f)8,9531,4222
39ecbAudentia Shimceb IAdult (m)8,5381,3771
JD4u8Audentia Judesku IAdult (m)8,0211,3631
h4ZSQAudentia Hazaqua IAdult (f)8,0901,4023
cziaGAudentia Ciaziga IAdult (f)8,1001,4071
17CEnAudentia Sevien IAdult (f)8,5811,4141
odXxTAudentia Oddixy IAdult (m)7,4361,2942
VB8jAAudentia Vabjana IAdult (f)8,6241,4132
4boez(4boez)Adult (m)9,6641,4833
qqpMf(qqpMf)Adult (f)8,0861,3321
fqpe1(fqpe1)Adult (m)7,7851,3302
oGNAHAudentia Fulualia IIAdult (f)7,8211,3251
KNhY3(KNhY3)Adult (f)6,7431,2351
lhdhhAudentia Aquilliyn IAdult (f)8,9451,2711
vR0inVroin Feedback Loop Hall IIAdult (f)6,6591,1104
0bhgG(0bhgG)Adult (f)8,4631,1333
tMvDB(tMvDB)Adult (m)8,5141,1585
meqpG(meqpG)Adult (f)8,4391,1343
8lOlt(8lOlt)Adult (m)8,2481,1274
INrm4(INrm4)Adult (m)7,0031,1361
9Gu3E(9Gu3E)Adult (f)7,0181,1843
bKv60(bKv60)Adult (m)8,1061,2184
TGUUl(TGUUl)Adult (f)10,6371,2473
GvYqx(GvYqx)Adult (m)3,9624853
9S71BAudentia Arrana IAdult (f)5,2388853
3sRoGAudentia Arsirog IAdult (m)8,0281,2744
9DLrOAudentia Delero IAdult (m)13,8021,7372
e6Ca8(e6Ca8)Adult (f)7,6611,1803
lOakAudentia Pinkie IAdult (f)1,64676281
PcymAudentia Pcym IAdult (f)2,6681,04813
ioaULAudentia Ario IAdult (m)7,2841,3194
CPEcQ(CPEcQ)Adult (m)5,3601,0635
iiWMP(iiWMP)Adult (m)6,1071,1025
yqD49(yqD49)Adult (f)5,5651,0634
XXmx5(XXmx5)Adult (m)6,4431,0652
HPjtL(HPjtL)Adult (f)7,1389997
A1vdQAudentia AIliviq IAdult (f)10,9331,4002
Sp93wAudentia Spyro IAdult (m)5,5371,0192
3vQqb(3vQqb)Adult (f)7,2391,1141
Uodh2(Uodh2)Adult (f)8,6451,2792
1MtTE(1MtTE)Adult (f)8,1621,1741
W6HKU(W6HKU)Adult (f)9,4901,4654
7bhMl(7bhMl)Adult (m)9,0761,4173
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