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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Meepsa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qUG1OCB AerG-01Adult (f)4,5128301
Ealbs(Ealbs)Adult (m)4,0528501
pw9LP(pw9LP)Hatchling (F)7332892
aZSpW(aZSpW)Hatchling (f, F)2,2146610
BjF4rCB AWyv-01Adult (m)3,5497414
RQLWjCB AWyv-02Adult (m)4,8979230
Dp4eVCB AWyv-03Adult (m)5,0169143
SWHnOCB AWyv-04Adult (f)5,0649282
Hx7dhCB AWyv-05Adult (m)5,0709282
qmHMYCB AWyv-06Adult (m)5,0489171
DH0kCB Alb-01Adult (m)3,3435033
M8rmCB Alb-02Adult (m)3,0175791
sfCrQCB Alb-03Adult (f)1,8607781
h14h3CB Alb-04Adult (m)3,7521,0614
UlDDeCB Alb-05Adult (m)3,7011,0990
ON8v1CB Alb-06Adult (f)2,9359511
cTptSCB Alb-07Adult (f)3,9611,2522
2kb8ZCB Alb-08Adult (m)4,0531,2781
INAtRCB Alb-09Adult (f)2,6549442
nIRCdCB Alb-10Adult (f)2,3298661
oGc9eCB Alb-11Adult (m)2,2069340
LdqMkCB Alb-12Adult (m)2,5498931
GqJnvCB Alb-13Adult (f)2,5629442
QdRj9CB Alb-14Adult (m)3,3051,0121
3nLr0CB Alb-15Adult (f)2,3357900
Von4SCB Alb-16Adult (f)2,2226850
lhN8YCB Alb-17Adult (f)2,8118604
ihPbwCB Alb-18Adult (m)1,5386707
BBsHrCB Alb-19Adult (m)1,5726611
TNphZCB Alb-20Adult (m)2,2457842
LrC9eCB Alb-21Adult (f)1,2935931
oMbCbCB Alb-22Adult (m)1,7627620
MkFGACB Alb-23Adult (f)1,6337500
Y5yzbCB Alb-24Adult (m)1,8766544
JjNb6CB Alb-25Adult (f)2,6318890
sKtnKCB Alb-26Adult (f)2,6959212
KigF7CB Alb-27Adult (f)2,7038652
Rmu4z(Rmu4z)Hatchling (f, F)1,4456591
HRZzr(HRZzr)Hatchling (F)1,2825340
nD8qu(nD8qu)Adult (f)1,5557853
iI2OI(iI2OI)Adult (f)1,5727501
jVqADCB AvaPyg-01Adult (m)3,0037792
i3u8ZCB AvaPyg-02Adult (m)2,8297760
Rb1OCB Bal-01Adult (m)2,3124937
I6pMdCB Bal-02Adult (m)4,0061,4132
00SVqCB Bal-03Adult (m)4,2631,4512
H1UopCB Bal-04Adult (m)2,8149894
mN2ZRCB Bal-05Adult (m)2,9141,0363
Moe3YCB Bal-06Adult (f)2,8851,0805
MBC5iCB Bal-07Adult (f)2,2558470
UcnARCB Bal-08Adult (m)2,2018952
SB9g5CB Bal-09Adult (m)2,3621,0082
0IA5sCB Bal-10Adult (m)3,0518733
HX72mCB Bal-11Adult (f)2,4379122
dF1LACB Bal-12Adult (f)2,4248380
co0OnCB Bal-13Adult (m)2,2968501
Y6qVqCB Bal-14Adult (m)3,2379351
X5HOJCB Bal-15Adult (m)2,6878662
ZERKoCB Bal-16Adult (f)2,3718900
Ub2M9CB Bal-17Adult (m)1,4676712
C03qFCB Bal-18Adult (f)1,8036901
HHaPQCB Bal-19Adult (f)1,3146131
WSXWTCB Bal-20Adult (f)1,6957650
tHy3uCB Bal-21Adult (m)1,4066281
Hk3GrCB BCT-01Adult (f)2,3271,0489
MqyciCB BCT-02Adult (m)2,2621,0293
sY1SNCB Blac-01Adult (m)2,6039484
ne4TACB Blac-02Adult (m)2,1569070
QgpmNight CrawlAdult (m)2,4947805
il6OX(il6OX)Adult (f)4,1221,4269
RXfBk(RXfBk)Adult (f)2,5581,1432
EUuuu(EUuuu)Adult (m)3,2441,2785
6ITpv(6ITpv)Adult (m)2,7231,0361
Wp56s(Wp56s)Adult (m)2,8448809
ckeC0CB BTea-01Adult (f)1,4827561
fXCvrCB BTea-02Adult (f)1,4537510
ZgVoLCB BTip-01Adult (m)3,7294082
urhVACB BTip-02Adult (f)3,9454563
upUitCB BlMo-01Adult (m)2,8228621
XLNkPCB BlMo-02Adult (f)2,6938960
hhQDgCB BlMo-03Adult (m)2,5938781
i1tlfCB BlMo-04Adult (f)2,7039121
ITQ9tCB BlMo-05Adult (m)2,6988770
mmB1mCB BlMo-06Adult (f)3,6037441
Y2UP1CB BlMo-07Adult (m)4,4858001
LNgow(LNgow)Hatchling (F)2,7655481
1YN2BCB BBD-01Adult (f)4,3908763
7gOlq(7gOlq)Hatchling (f, F)2,8247203
FHZtUCB BSan-01Adult (m)2,2318553
HHWUHCB BSan-02Adult (f)2,5647404
fWz89CB Bolt-01Adult (f)4,3598622
9IZnaCB Bor-01Adult (f)3,6537341
9KBroCB Bor-02Adult (m)3,6317191
J06ax(J06ax)Hatchling (m, F)2,6397302
YkZrKCB BBW-01Adult (f)1,7746963
tNRt0CB BBW-02Adult (m)3,1251,0796
JdIjvCB BBW-03Adult (f)2,0848670
vd3uXCB BBW-04Adult (f)3,6129912
ERpIiCB BBW-05Adult (m)2,7239040
n4svqCB BBW-06Adult (m)1,9497251
33KPmCB BBW-07Adult (m)1,9437102
ZO8JaCB BBW-08Adult (f)1,8937060
Qp9MtCB BBW-09Adult (f)2,2528070
cJI45CB BBW-10Adult (f)2,2998140
JWBQcCB BBW-11Adult (m)2,6178491
JOfhJCB BBW-12Adult (f)2,6758510
E29fICB Brim-01Adult (f)4,1118695
EA8dCCB Brim-02Adult (f)4,7698834
nEfcoCB Brim-03Adult (f)4,6978139
pVNrYCB Brim-04Adult (f)5,22785810
SmhdLCB Brim-05Adult (f)5,1947472
HT1CtCB Brim-06Adult (m)4,9957252
Wq4C2CB Brim-07Adult (m)5,1647662
MgvY2CB Brim-08Adult (m)2,3948281
IHCmLCB Brim-09Adult (m)2,3338431
UY5aiCB Brim-10Adult (m)2,9648194
crXkcCB Brim-11Adult (f)3,0698440
Jc7aaCB Brim-12Adult (m)3,1268880
Y5lNPCB Brim-13Adult (m)2,8598492
2jVghCB Brim-14Adult (m)3,1068883
dBSRWCB Brim-15Adult (m)2,8978280
ULSCCCB Brim-16Adult (m)2,9288492
jiLgtCB Brim-17Adult (f)2,6528031
sLH3MCB Brim-18Adult (f)2,6517934
fMp1XCB Brim-19Adult (f)2,9158612
RkYLWCB Brim-20Adult (f)2,5459231
2pD09CB Brim-21Adult (m)2,1649011
X3Z65CB Brim-22Adult (f)2,7379212
GTihICB Brim-23Adult (m)3,1489153
uafDQCB Brim-24Adult (m)3,0888652
Ws1WACB Brim-25Adult (f)2,9238781
LWP7YCB Brim-26Adult (m)3,0318991
XviLRCB Brim-27Adult (m)2,5109271
kJF2GCB Brim-28Adult (f)2,8368191
oZUD2CB Brim-29Adult (m)2,8768852
rplGvCB Brim-30Adult (m)3,2498782
efABZ(efABZ)Hatchling (F)2,7195682
pMk27CB Brute-01Adult (f)4,4107801
2ipvSCB Brute-02Adult (f)4,4318170
GfKxy(GfKxy)Adult (f)4,1347351
6lvM3(6lvM3)Adult (m)2,8807682
lCni7(lCni7)Adult (m)3,5348063
LpLtp(LpLtp)Adult (f)3,6368636
vPsyU(vPsyU)Hatchling (F)2,1612311
bT1kU(bT1kU)Hatchling (f, F)3,9367231
a94DCB Cano-01Adult (f)3,7191,0503
rudjaCB Cano-02Adult (m)2,2478042
lLpcNCB Cano-03Adult (m)1,9417711
umKBPCB Cano-04Adult (m)1,8227111
JchgVCB Cano-05Adult (f)1,8866923
K7gUSCB Cano-06Adult (f)2,2388612
PhhPLCB Cano-07Adult (m)2,1797141
LjJ7JCB Cano-08Adult (f)2,4937771
IJg6OCB Cano-09Adult (m)2,5268190
AX3bdCB Cano-10Adult (m)2,6468502
qdcL0CB Cano-11Adult (f)2,6048583
dj3CgCB Cano-12Adult (f)2,5758011
WkdfJungie FevahHatchling (f, F)3,8001,1043
Vah3s(Vah3s)Adult (f)1,9857952
WokhC(WokhC)Adult (f)2,0477522
mIQGl(mIQGl)Adult (m)1,8147381
mHuVoCheese - 01Adult2,9848793
hN9jICheese - 02Adult2,5217571
yCa5VCheese - 03Adult1,4523405
nJe9CB CoWa-01Adult (f)2,8984555
pUl82CB CoWa-02Adult (m)2,6548722
DsUtmCB CoWa-03Adult (f)2,9689423
DfELkCB CoWa-04Adult (m)2,7938131
TqoV2CB CoWa-05Adult (m)2,6588543
g1XpQCB CoWa-06Adult (f)2,9628842
njfJWCB CoWa-07Adult (f)2,9318631
J7TUpCB CoWa-08Adult (f)2,2988110
joFW7CB CoWa-09Adult (m)2,2848591
VFda5CB CoWa-10Adult (m)2,7138710
jvkbRCB CoWa-11Adult (m)2,0667103
74qBJCB CoWa-12Adult (f)1,9697151
SKjB2CB CoWa-13Adult (f)2,2456980
GjTEZCB CoWa-14Adult (m)1,6696371
kX1R8CB CoWa-15Adult (m)4,0941,1302
KwX8DCB CoWa-16Adult (m)4,6494480
qJGx1CB CoWa-17Adult (m)3,5824080
i9qJCB Pyg-01Adult (m)4,1203004
uNCXCB Pyg-02Adult (m)4,1791,1664
cTHIrCB Pyg-03Adult (f)4,1491,4262
s0PE0CB Pyg-04Adult (m)2,4139273
Db6bVCB Pyg-05Adult (f)3,0181,0553
KdgOZCB Pyg-06Adult (f)2,4538950
XEN4ECB Pyg-07Adult (f)2,3938843
d1T4iCB Pyg-08Adult (f)2,5399071
K6e41CB Pyg-09Adult (m)2,2858351
JmSSCCB Pyg-10Adult (m)2,3308762
56iOoCB Pyg-11Adult (m)3,2839271
9jNeLCB Pyg-12Adult (f)3,3449533
I72ZXCB Pyg-13Adult (m)2,4038000
Ao8pOCB Pyg-14Adult (m)2,3519241
kTrrRCB Pyg-15Adult (f)2,5158241
HCFkmCB Pyg-16Adult (m)1,6526281
cqBsmCB Pyg-17Adult (m)1,7116241
JV5WbCB Pyg-18Adult (f)7,4871,4703
T8uHuCB Pyg-19Adult (m)2,6978120
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