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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MedievalWyvern,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Cl73Baby BonZHatchling (F)4,7189906
dVh7ZI Want DinoCaveAdult6,1811,3373
YlEWmWhen The World Was NewAdult5,2859153
nCqvThe Fascination ContinuesAdult5,1531,3489
euAUExtinction SucksAdult4,8041,0644
G1A3Ancient DigsHatchling (F)5,9551,0567
OaRXrCB Big BehemothAdult4,2061,0641
VboRmI'm Long GoneAdult4,3368896
RMEIBigger Is BetterAdult5,8961,2264
msKlBack In The DayAdult10,1181,65810
iXalAncient BonzAdult2,1947426
YKmtCreatures UnsurpassedHatchling (F)3,7669476
jRuaJAncient Sky LordsAdult6,6371,0016
MTG6Quetzalcoatlus SupremeAdult7,2721,3729
FMkOGod's HumorAdult5,7161,2203
VR2QLittle FossilAdult1,9017764
EbB6Fuel For ImaginationHatchling (F)4,2191,2476
Xpl3Lumbering GiantsAdult10,4041,5079
rLo7Unfortunate LossAdult9,1961,65612
F4QDA Lost TimeAdult6,5531,4087
dspkPaleontology RocksHatchling (F)4,8871,1634
hjWR6Old Foe Of T RexAdult6,5229002
f0NBTar Pit TragedyAdult3,9691,0927
5VdcCovered By AshAdult4,8741,1494
AQPSPrehistoric LoveAdult2,7179242
Ak9rDays Long GoneAdult3,6741,02911
IzfbX(IzfbX)Adult (m)5,6171,0470
CNe0zMakeAmericaGR8Again CBAdult (f)5,3558532
2ZA3pWeDidn'tStartTheFire CBAdult (f)5,1371,0914
VHSVOBlackFyre G2Adult (m)3,7598472
OqtZ9Torrid Aura CBAdult (f)3,9528332
wOHOjDragonGlass CBAdult (m)5,0311,0922
QeZFPPyro Light My Fire CBAdult (m)4,5779873
FI87TValyrianSteel CBAdult (f)4,6799752
vXFzzTrumpNation CBAdult (m)5,8768632
2SanD(2SanD)Adult (f)5,7269001
Ha6xeAstrapi Slink CBAdult (f)6,6459771
re0pZLightning Rod G2Adult (f)3,2927391
Mz1euUnpredictable CBAdult (m)4,0168931
NiW2rLightening Show CBAdult (f)4,2369603
dLjnEAstrapi Strike CBAdult (m)4,3029474
tEtmXSheBitMe G4Adult (m)5,5699851
nMb0VWildWood G4Adult (f)5,3731,0373
fmzoqMagicalForest G3Adult (f)4,5217863
c3xVtFoodForest G2Adult (m)6,7309062
fmSDrSprout G4Adult (m)5,7109251
dmr4pAntirrhinum G3Adult (f)4,7829062
hOXzJAcantha G2Adult (m)5,9561,1752
9JYTSFructify CBAdult (m)3,8628753
TMQWrHowDoesYourGardenGrow CBAdult (f)4,8591,0413
1WPXuGaia Go Green CBAdult (m)4,5229890
IeTGdSnowflakesMelt CBAdult (f)5,6488223
C9mxqTimeForChangeInTheUSA CBAdult (f)4,8299813
n28T1GodBlessTheUSA CBAdult (m)4,6089771
95XEgTimeToGrabTheRaid G3Adult (m)5,4261,0392
nZcY0LetsDoTheTimeWarpAgain G2Adult (m)5,3901,1174
0FhvHThroughTheWrymhole G3Adult (m)4,6729115
MRb6STime Travel G2Adult (m)5,6758031
rtUDOTimeWarp CBAdult (f)4,7961,0271
HLTVqChrono Time Machine CBAdult (m)4,9211,0471
TsM97NoCommonSense CBAdult (f)4,1541,0011
S3NXFBeautifulMind G2Adult (m)3,8782663
9FiWsAlchemy G2Adult (f)5,4088001
3eFrWExpect To Win G3Adult (m)3,3077521
jqKMvIt Is Possible G2Adult (f)5,8681,1272
w7tUZWord To The Wise CBAdult (f)5,2681,0302
icDngWords Of Wisdom CBAdult (m)4,7361,0144
UggsHSapient Being CBAdult (f)4,5849733
mo1YQMagia The Wise CBAdult (m)4,2069833
1lZp8TrumpWon CBAdult (m)4,9109852
9fzJjDances With Water G2Adult (f)5,6851,1572
bsKEcEbbAndFlow CBAdult (f)4,8581,0102
xxHEmThalassas Water Wizard CBAdult (m)4,5981,0522
oNpUSGolden Fronds G2Adult (m)5,5321,1901
CwJBKBianca Royal Immortal G5Adult (f)5,1331,1574
QwW9b(QwW9b)Adult (f)3,3104911
sAgPFDressed In White Silk 9Adult (m)2,8056771
0cVnKDragon Magic 4Adult (f)4,3929753
tdh1vWhite Silk 8Adult (f)4,4699654
srClcSilk Sheets 7Adult (f)4,8016260
AM3MLI'm Snowy 2Adult (f)5,3806701
SfiWUWicked Dragon 3Adult (m)7,6301,1276
XFv0BGodBlessTheUSA 4Adult (f)4,8537362
YrGQ1Poison Sugar 4Adult (f)4,7627502
ILig5Clean Laundry 6Adult (f)4,7097361
4b1rKNaughty Naughty 5Adult (m)6,0351,0804
7JDjkYing And Yang 2Adult (f)3,7578388
ZQEmTFuzzy Men 3Adult (m)3,9048413
LpDrUMallowmint Tea 2Adult (m)4,8141,1645
QAbP2Seven Warm Butts 3Adult (m)4,2309814
lss1gFacePalm 4Adult (m)5,1431,0696
0QWhgSoft Moonbeams 4Adult (m)2,8488126
fFhrIMan On The Moon 3Adult (m)5,7831,0304
qdtX5Peaceful White Dragon 3Adult (f)4,5881,0765
BpSnCPeace BabyAdult (f)3,9071,0635
4FPOHSeven Snow White Dragons 2Adult (m)3,8151,0335
uM5FUAshera Soul 3Adult (m)4,8529643
6ngDUKnights Soul  2Adult (f)3,5821,0574
0GNhkThoro Ashera  2Adult (m)3,5051,0036
TDkMGLucky Sugar 3Adult (f)4,7661,2284
itE7PLove Not WarAdult (m)5,4921,2393
GFD3cSnow White And The Seven DragonsAdult (f)4,1001,2113
7OB2iCall Me Doctor LoveAdult (m)4,5131,3613
GpnXSYou Can Call Me Dr FeelgoodAdult (m)5,1711,4616
4hTlFThe Men In White Coats 2Adult (m)4,9121,2833
hgjFFDoctor Heal ThyselfAdult (f)4,8768443
b1T21Go Towards The LightAdult (f)6,3459053
n42ZdWhite Wedding David BowieAdult (f)4,1684913
gGcaVArchangel Of White LightAdult (m)6,8521,2491
ImBI0Gold DippedAdult (m)5,1581,1374
MeAvgWhyte BoyAdult (m)6,2021,3941
qEUT9The White KnightAdult (m)5,3091,2493
h4sN8The Gentle SoulAdult (f)3,8177544
HNN5BlindedByTheWhiteAdult (f)4,5569854
RHTcHalogen LightsAdult (m)5,1351,1908
EHT8White Lightning BlastAdult (m)2,0667323
rTU1CB White PearlsAdult (f)1,90269210
pLQmFrozen Iced FlameAdult (f)6,5301,35049
OcOZUZoooom ZooooomAdult (m)5,8951,1531
F5LCHZiiiiingAdult (m)5,9981,1892
mNEtBFaster Than The Speed Of SoundAdult (f)2,8748933
plGaISpeedometerAdult (m)5,2801,1273
DIbGaYou Just Whip It Whip It GoodAdult (f)4,8541,1693
lcMuvFast EnergyAdult (m)6,4818893
fYmPIGo FastAdult (m)6,2451,2622
ulaiuSound BarrierAdult (m)6,2351,2553
ALdljOutrun The WindAdult (m)4,9971,1713
GYbJmSpeeeeeeed RacerAdult (f)5,1041,2094
kq6MQTurn On The SpeedAdult (f)4,6871,1395
AhN8Dulche' FreezeAdult (f)2,57031315
e3pdB(e3pdB)Adult (m)6,4358941
6Db07(6Db07)Adult (f)5,3249352
bUH7TDancing With FrogsAdult (m)8,1651,3986
GS6bgChillin' On Lilly PadsAdult (f)6,2331,2893
5VuHLittle RipplesAdult (m)2,4184907
fZEsHypnotic JadeAdult (m)4,83885634
4ICdDOozing SlimeAdult (m)5,6129270
lV8E4Looks Like A HorseAdult (f)5,5849402
jpqPuI'll Slime YouAdult (f)5,5959131
fjh4YThe Big OozeAdult (m)5,4228613
G44W5(G44W5)Adult (m)6,3511,2733
uj0Gs(uj0Gs)Adult (f)5,0369052
klhAr(klhAr)Adult (f)4,7808652
2VRHIndigo BluAdult (f)5,08389639
Hlgm1(Hlgm1)Adult (m)4,6977984
igcVeI Vant To Bite Yor NeckAdult (f)7,7091,4596
GhdlDeath LivesAdult (f)3,3451,07711
ijlgI Love GothAdult (f)3,2078097
8YWAUnderworld PrinceAdult (m)4,0251,0137
MQBbThe Devil's PetAdult (m)2,9687017
nIShImmortality RocksAdult (m)3,6861,04512
ZQ2pNow You Die CAdult (f)4,3531,11110
6YUGDeadly Intentions CAdult (m)4,2131,16711
dIC9Immortal Life ForceAdult (f)3,13460613
abDaUndead BeautyAdult (f)3,36049411
BbfEImmortality Awaits CAdult (f)10,6541,29115
HARrF(HARrF)Adult (m)6,2351,2671
DlTR7(DlTR7)Adult (m)6,2281,2771
q4h1k(q4h1k)Adult (f)5,0881,0671
Ga9Wv(Ga9Wv)Adult (f)4,9571,0542
nShH7I'll Hook You Up CBAdult (f)4,1179821
NloZyBlind Date CBAdult (f)4,1349952
2nqQk(2nqQk)Adult (m)3,9469062
oDdPJ(oDdPJ)Adult (m)5,0421,0832
Rx6FG(Rx6FG)Adult (m)5,6201,0321
PHTvC(PHTvC)Adult (m)6,4468942
4BZ92(4BZ92)Adult (m)6,6438844
xUzlm(xUzlm)Adult (m)5,0669823
ws78H(ws78H)Adult (m)6,1119145
fRpxH(fRpxH)Adult (m)6,0889223
LMeFi(LMeFi)Adult (m)5,9659203
Vyble(Vyble)Adult (m)5,8889622
i8PBvMarieur CBAdult (m)5,1161,1422
FMaV4Casamentero CBAdult (m)5,3271,1032
LMNdD(LMNdD)Adult (f)3,8538711
stmhd(stmhd)Adult (f)3,9948781
cF8vA(cF8vA)Adult (f)5,7991,0201
rdb5T(rdb5T)Adult (f)6,0889303
lOYzF(lOYzF)Adult (f)5,2599490
OSYHG(OSYHG)Adult (f)5,7339601
pgCCW(pgCCW)Adult (f)3,5878812
YebZTWinterFuzzies G2Adult (f)3,4799172
m2RJWStormyLove G2Adult (f)3,5579152
GZyEzGuardYourHeart G2Adult (f)3,9051,1352
zgbPaVelveteen G2Adult (f)4,8771,1951
zASMjHeartfelt G2Adult (f)6,2301,1423
OLD5VHeartless G2Adult (f)6,2991,1605
YhaIFQueenOfHearts CBAdult (f)4,5309123
UcYJxThiefOfHearts CBAdult (f)4,4159315
5unERLovefest G2Adult (m)6,3821,1723
m58IFKissMeNow G2Adult (m)1,5978282
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